To Save A Wolf 2

Zandar slammed into his cousin, and grabbed Luna, saying, "Kela, we will get you from his control one day. If you had told us, you wouldn't be here, but you were always so stubborn." He started to fly away with Luna in his arms, tears threatening to form in his eyes and not caring if she heard his rantings, as he licked her neck to close the wound. "Kela De La Cruz, you are still fighting alone when you have a whole clan behind you. Adopted or not, it isn't blood that makes us family, you are a De La Cruz by your heart. And we will save you."

Zandar was slammed out of the air, dropping Luna in the process, she fell into the icy water just below Dont! she cant be in the moonlight! I am not alone. Do not keep her in the school long, it will not be wise, until we meet again brother And just like that he was gone.

Zandar grabbed Luna once more and placed a blanket around her before going on. With the sliverstone still in her, the moonlight would do more than just weaken her. He had thought his speed would have minimized the burning, but he smiled, realizing that he should have done this from the beginning. He took her to the infirmary and began searching.

"Deseray, why can't you just be organized!" he said to himself.

Serilda, I need you, he called to his lifemate. I can't find the cure for Silverstone Wolfsbane in this mess and a young girl, possibly one boy's lifemate, is dying while I search through this mess! I know you know what it looks like, so please come to me.

In less then a minute she was there "Luna?" she said in almost a disbelief tone

"Serilda," said Zandar, "we don't have time for this. I can feel your shock, my love, but she is in great pain, and we are losing her with every second we waste. Hurry!"

The first thing she did was close the curtain that was above her bed "The silvertone is already into her bones the cure wont work....her lips are blue....focus on healing her wounds, I know a herb that can help warm her, she needs heat Zandar, hypothermia has already started, if we cant warm her soon she will die" She said while looking around the room

Zandar set to work immediately. He healed Luna as best as he could before turning to mist to surround her. He heated up his particles to warm her up. This is the best I can do for now. It's up to you now, Serilda.

"its not enough Zandar...didnt you say she might have a lifemate? do you know who? if so we need him" She said as she started to mix some herbs together

Anton, come to the infirmary, Zandar called.

Almost instantly, Andros and Anton appeared. Anton ran to Luna and took her hand.

"Come on," he said. "Let me in. We can fight this together."

"Take off your clothes and get next to her, she needs your body heat.." She said turning around to give him privacy while she mixed the herbs

Anton didn't wait. He thought his clothes away, along with hers, and laid down next to her. He wrapped his body around her, covering her up with his arm and leg so that others wouldn't see what was his, but also allowing heat into her body from Zandar.

"What now?" asked Anton, determination in his voice.

He doesn't sound like the child he is, said Zandar approvingly. He sounds like a man who will fight until his last breath for his woman. Andros, your ward will be a good hunter one day.

We shall see was all Andros replied

"Zandar I need you to cover them up with the blankets, the herbs are almost done but...." He could feel she was worried about something

Thick blankest covered the both of them. Anton raised his body temperature so that she would soak up more heat.

"Please," said Anton. "You have to live, Luna. I haven't proven what you mean to me, and you still have so much to do. You are a hero, not the Hellhound they have named you. You are beautiful and kind, always thinking of others first. Only your enemies should call you a Hellhound, as you bring justice to the vampire and human butchers. But, to me, you are not someone to be feared. You are a hero, a warrior goddess without match. I am humbled that fate chose me to be by your side."

Serilda walked over with the crushed herbs in her hand "theres a fifty fifty chance this will work because....this needs to be mixed with blood and silverstone thrives on blood, this might kill her faster...or save her.." She said in a worried tone

"She will live!" Anton declared. "She is a fighter. She won't give up so easily. And, if I have to, I will force my way in to help her. She can't die. I just found her. I haven't claimed her yet. I know, if she dies, she will be reborn, but... I need her. I don't think I would survive losing her. Our scars match."

"Zandar here..I cant do it my blood wont work" she said setting the herbs neck to the bed

Zandar became solid and cut open his wrist so that Serilda could mix them and give them to Luna.

"Here Anton make her drink this" she said handing it to him

Anton put the mixture to Luna's lips, forcing her to drink. Meanwhile, Zandar closed the wound on his wrist and held his lifemate to him.

"You were wonderful," Zandar said. "Now, it is up to them."

Anton felt Luna jerk slightly underneath him, she was still as cold as ice. After what seemed like minutes had past. He saw her start to sweat even though she was still cold to the touch. Suddenly her body arched and started to convulse violently, reopening the still fresh wounds on her neck and body "Anton, Zandar hold her down!" Serilda said in a urgent tone

Anton held down her left arm and leg, while Zandar did the same for the right. Anton growled.

"What is happening to my lifemate?" he asked, looking at Serilda. "What did you do to her?"

"I told you there was a chance, I dont know whats happening, Silverstone was used as torture for some of us, they gave us this herb to make sure we would not die from it but they never let us get this cold, they would always give it before it reached our bones....unless they wanted us to die a painful death" She said in a uneven tone.

"With it being in her bones, it's the same as a human going through every chemo treatment all at once," said Zandar, picking the information out of his lifemate's mind and knowing the boy would listen to him better than his lifemate. "Many humans don't survive their treatments and those are far between, or the cancer kills them anyway. But, half of the people who take the chemo therapy live. This is the same thing we are facing."

"Oh," Anton said, wanting to weep. "Will she be okay if she survives?"

"Well, she will be weaker for a time," admitted Zandar. "But she will get strong again if she trains. Besides getting information, bringing her here will allow her to train safely."

"I had only heard her voice before....when I was....where I was before this" She said in a uneven tone "She said that she would rescue us, she gave us hope...the night of the massacre we could hear the fighting....I saw her then" She said "I dont know what happen...only a few people know she was all happened so fast..." She said in a struggling tone "The vampires just kept trying to get her outside....the last time I saw her four of them were fighting to get her outside" She said shaking slightly

Luna suddenly threw up. It was black but it was not blood, Zandar knew the smell of ghoul poison and that was it.

Anton held her hair back as Zandar destroyed the blood. Zandar cradled his lifemate to him.

"So, she brings trouble with her," said Zandar, informing the other teachers. "If she is going to stay here, then the students will need even more protection. But, at least there will be some excitement now."

Serilda shook in his arms "I don't all happen so fast but something didn't seem right...They were more concerned about getting her outside then killing her...even though she was trying to kill them and help just doesn't make sense" She said in a confused tone.

She cant go into the moonlight Kela words echoed in his head as a memory

Luna went still, her heart was slow and her breath was shallow

"Then, she must be protected," said Zandar.

"Please," said Anton in a pleading voice, "don't leave me, Luna. I need you. Those human psychic, they need you. So many people kidnapped and hurting, they need you. If not for yourself, fight to live for them." He looked at Andros. "She still won't let me in. What do I do, sir? Please, tell me what to do to help her live."

"We need to get her to the healing caves, Anton pick her up and lets go" Andros said in a urgent tone

Anton did as he was told, clothing them both so other wouldn't see his woman.

"Take her through the underground," said Zandar. "Just to be on the safe side."

Anton nodded and waited to follow Andros.

Andros shook his head "We cant the prince has blocked it off, Something he said would be fixed soon, I have a feeling it has something to do with the recent attacks, we have to go outside, why is there something wrong with going out on the grounds?" He asked Zandar

"She is unable to be out in the moonlight right now," said Zandar. "She is more sensitive to the full moon than normal so something else must be done."

"I can hide her from the moonlight" Serilda said in a shy tone speaking up out of no wear "where I get use to hiding, you become quite good at it" she said looking around the room "we could use some things here but it can not be too heavy on her stomach, the baby is barely holding on as it is" she said as she started to look around the room

"What do you mean, baby?!" asked Anton, angry. "Are you saying someone touched my woman and got her pregnant?!"

"She shows the same scars as Serilda," affirmed Zandar. "You too, share those scars, and like your mate, you rose above that. You both gained strength, not let it bring you down. Are you saying that it is impossible for her to be carrying one of her attackers' children?"

"No, but..." Anton looked at his lifemate before wrapping her in a blanket. "How could I not know?"

"You haven't let yourself learn the healing arts yet," said Zandar. "You should, for her sake at the very least. You didn't know what to look for."

"But..." Anton began.

"We don't have time, boy!" Zandar snapped. "It's now or never! While you try to act the adult, your lifemate is dying in your arms! Man up or give her to someone else that will fight for her instead of playing pretend!"

Anton flinched and began running after his guardian.


After they left Serilda started to clean "Im sorry Zandar....I dont know if I helped...I thought he knew and..." He could see her struggle as she started to clean up the blood, he saw her hands shaking "Maybe fate made a mistake in making me your mate...I am not worthy of a De La Cruz...I.."

Zandar cleaned the room for her with a wave of his hand, saying, "You did nothing wrong. It was the ones who attacked her that were wrong. I know I already love the child you carry as my own, even if I am not the man to help conceive them. I angry at the men that used you, but never you. Besides, when I convert you, they will be mine as my blood will be in their veins." He held her. "You are more than worthy of being a De La Cruz, and my mate. The boy is just young and lashed out at you. You made the antidote, so it was easier to blame you as you were right here. But that does not make you less worthy of being my mate."

She looked at him for a moment"Zandar.....I...have been thinking...I do not know if I am ready to be what you are but...I think Im ready to complete the binding ritual of your people" She said shyly

Zandar said, "Serilda, you do not need to push yourself. The atrocities done to you are still fresh in your mind. When you are ready to give yourself completely without fear, then we will take the first step into my world together. I know you still have nightmares. Once you trust me to care for you properly, once you start to see yourself like I see you, and once your trauma has lessened, we will talk about completing the binding ritual." He put his arms on her shoulders comfortingly. "It isn't that I don't want to take what you are offering. Every fiber of my being is telling me to take what you are giving and damn the consequences. But that would not be fair to you, nor would it be right. You still need time, and I will give that to you. So, don't rush yourself."

"I will admit Im not sure if I am fully ready but....I see how important it is" She said meeting his gaze with a look of determination "I dont want to lose you to darkness and look at what happened here...he couldn't reach her because they were not bonded....I dont want that to happen to us if one of us gets hurt" She said in a stressed tone, like the thought of him getting hurt stressed her out "I know you will not hurt me and I know I have not sorted my feelings for you out fully but I know that I do care for you deeply and I dont want to lose you Zandar" She said with a tender look in her eyes "so...if youll have me, Im willing to try" She said softly

"Do not worry for what has not happened," said Zandar. "We are not them. They had a blood bond, but she is not ready to trust others outside of herself. We have a blood bond, but I trust you with my life and you trust me to protect you. I will always let you help to heal me, and you will do the same. So we have time. If it gets too hard to hold the darkness back, then I won't wait. I promise, little love. But until then, you are to heal your mind from their abuse. Understand?"

She was silent for a moment "I I failed my people and you...I failed the moment they touched me.." She said in a self hating tone "I feel honored in being a lifemate yet I can not preform my duties as one" she said going to move away from him

"You are doing amazing after the atrocities done to you," Zandar said. "You allow me to touch you in comfort, you allow me into your mind when the memories are too close, and you have let me into your heart. I simply wish to give you the time you need to heal. You have not failed me, your people, or my people. Take as much time as you need." He kissed her deeply, taking her breath away. Don't be so hard on yourself, little love. When you are ready in every way, I will make it special so that the memories will seem like a bad dream.

She gripped his shirt, slightly deepening the kiss, after a moment she slowly released his shirt "If I had met you before going to that place I would have eating you up by now" She said in such a seductive tone, it caught him off guard

Zandar, for the first time in centuries, was at a loss for words, "I... Serilda... you... I mean..."

Before he could even get a complete sentience out, she kissed him again. Her learning curve was astonishing, but so was her healing. He doubted they would have to wait long to take the first steps towards converting her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling her body to his as she deepened the kiss, he heard a moan of satisfaction form her when he opened his mouth to her and their tongues started to dance with the deepened kiss.

You are making it hard to be honorable and give you the time you need, little love, He managed to say.

I trust you to stop if I am uncomfortable, but it does not hurt to see how far I have come, does it? I feel your need Zandar, I feel the beast in you begging to pin me up against that wall and..

Zandar pinned her to wall, a growl escaping as his hands lifted her up by her plump buttocks, forcing her to wrap her legs around him. His tongue began to duel hers as it turned demanding rather than soft and calm. It was as if he was trying to devour her. He doesn't beg, päläfertiil - lifemate, he demands.

His words awakened a intense feeling within her and she felt heat spread throughout her whole body, she moaned against his lips as her hands gripped his hair. She felt his hand slid up her thigh, making her silk like green dress rise, baring her upper thigh.

His hand made it's way to her core. He moved her lace panties aside and shoved his fingers into her. He felt her clench around around him, so he began moving hard and fast. But then, he felt it. The memories crowding around her, of them forcing their fingers into her core to get her wet, of men with alcohol and drugs on their breath holding her down as they spat out obsinities about her race, culture, religion, and saying she was in league with vampires. He felt how they stole her virginity from her so painfully, it stole her breath, how multiple men entered her body without a care for her or what they were doing to her. He shielded her from his anger, not wanting to frighten her.. Do you want to stop, Serilda? If this is too much, we can wait. Kissing you is more than I can ever have dreamed.

no...I am ok, Ill admit its hard seems right as well, I think its because that it is you I am able to keep myself at ease, I know it is you and not them that is touching body burns for you Zandar, you are making me things I have not ever felt before, that is what scares me now She said as her hands slide up his shirt, when she felt the muscles of his warm back more heat grew inside her. She loved his body, the cat in her was attracted to his strength in all forms and she was more then getting exited by the feeling of him demanding from her

He pulled back enough so she could look into his eyes to know that what he said was true. "You humble me, Serilda. But I do not wish for you to be uncomfortable in any way. My grandfather said that we have a darkness in us far darker than any other, including my own family. I fear that if I push too hard, I will lose you, just as he almost lost Mama Marguarita. I have yet to feel the darkness he did, but I never leave your mind to find out. He could only see in color when he was connected with her. So, let's slow down so that you can heal completely."

He saw her pout for the first time , making her look cute "the heat in my body is telling me you are a jerk for not continuing...but I understand, that being said this is to your beast.." She suddenly slid her hand over the harden length in his pants and got real close to his ear "your wish will always be my command" She said in that seductive tone again and started to walk away

He pinned her to the wall once more, kissing her deeply once more, ripping her dress away and shoving into her. Damn you, woman! I was trying to be a good guy and wait, when it is in my nature to simply take what is mine! It's too late to stop now, so this is all you. He kissed to her neck and bit deeply as he began moving hard and fast and rough.

He could feel how it reminded her of the society members that raped her, but what his hands were doing to her body set her on fire. The warring sensations running through her almost made him stop, but then he merged their minds, driving the atrocities from her mind completely. You know what I want to hear, little love. Now, do it.

She cried out his name, she didn't know how she knew thats what he wanted but she did. The world around them disappeared for her until it was only them and the pleasure building between them. She didnt realize how much she wanted this until it was happening, she thought she was not fully ready yet here in this moment she found herself wishing it would never stop, it felt more then right it felt necessary. She felt this bonding was important and they both needed it

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