Bonding Souls

Zandar closed the wound, but left his mark. He used his nail to slash open his chest and pressed her mouth to it.

He said, "I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care." He held her close, showing she didn't have a choice in this. "Drink. This will finish the binding ritual, and bring you one step closer to my world."

At his words she felt something click, she thought the bonding would make her feel tide down but instead she found she felt whole, like a part of her she didnt know had been missing had been found. She put her mouth to his bleeding chest and moaned, his blood was warm and wild just like he was, her core wrapped tighter around him as she feed from him, he felt her canines break his skin as she let her cat out just a little so they would grow.

Zandar threw back his head in ecstasy. He began going harder and deeper. He had to reach her deepest core. He made her stop feeding, closed the wound, left her body for a moment (enjoying the sound of her bereft moan), and turned her so that he could bend her over the infirmary bed. He entered her hard and fast once more, taking her as he pleased while filling her with such pleasure that he was the only thing on her mind, the only person she associated with sex and love making.

"More, Serilda," he ordered. "Take all of me. I know you can."

She cried out in pleasure and gripped the bed, his words made her feel on fire, in her culture woman were just as strong as the men both physically and mental, a tribe full of warriors, by their laws and rituals it was because of this that when a man wanted to court a woman he had to dominate her into submission in a fight of brawl and mind. His dominance speaked to her very soul for this reason, the men who forced her did not win, to her people it would have been a act of weakness and dishonor to rape a woman. But Zandar was winning and she didnt mind, she let her chest drop to the bed making her body go at an angle, allowing him to go much deeper, with his neck thrust she felt him tip hit the back of her, kissing the entrance to her womb.

Zandar began chanting her name between his growls of pleasure. He took her to the edge and kept her there, begging for release yet begging for him to never stop. He loved how, in the throws of passion, she begged in her native language when she wasn't screaming his name. He filled her to the brim and laid over her a moment, propped up on his elbows to keep his weight from crushing her.

"Você é meu coração e alma, meu pequeno amor - You are my heart and soul, my little love," he said.

She fit perfectly under him, molded to his body like hers was made for his. Suddenly she started to chuckle between her breaths as she was still coming down from it all "Zandar....." she said in a laughing tone "I am honored I effect you so much that you do not care where we...let alone... be in ear shot of people" She said finally laughing as her breathing went back to normal.

"If it makes you feel any better, it was a lot worse for me to hear it then for you to be heard" Said a female voice a few bed curtains down.

Zandar clothed himself and Serilda with a growl and said, "Shouldn't you be in class by now? Or taking care of Natasha?"

"you know this poor girl?" Serilda ask Zandar...thank you...what we just did...I feel better then I have in a long time, I feel whole She said in his head as she took his hand.

"Shouldnt you be doing that in your room and not here?" Said Victoria, still not showing herself

"We were alone about an hour ago," said Zandar. "She is Jacob's lifemate. "She was also used badly at the same place you were, only she managed to escape before the massacre. Now, what are you doing here? Didn't the prince explain why you are to be near Natasha at all times?"

You are welcome, little love, but something isn't right here, said Zandar, keeping Serilda behind him. The door to this room was closed, and it was being used as an operation room, so no one should have been in here besides us. With Anton, Andros, and the Hellhound no longer in here, we should have been alone. So, why is she suddenly in here?

you dont think its her? I feel your suspicion..Should we call me help just in case? we cant see her, it is possible to mimic ones voice with practice

"Natasha is with Raoul at the moment, I guess I chose the wrong place to find some peace and quiet." Victoria said

Zandar rounded the bed and saw blood. I need you to get the healing herbs and start burning them. Then, I need you to see the healing chant in my mind. She is heavily injured, by the amount of blood here.

"Why did you need peace and quiet?" asked Zandar. "And why is there fresh blood following you to the cabinet?"

"Oh was here when I got here...anyways you should take your lifemate back to your room, I have to head back anyways" She said in a low tone. The closer he got he could see her feet, letting him know she was sitting on the floor against the wall, but he could not see her fully because she was sitting behind a large medical cabinet.

Zandar I am not a healer, I dont know what to burn if I dont know what wrong with her

"You cannot lie to me, Victoria," he said. "You have kept my secret about Jacob, and you are family. You are injured. Allow my lifemate and I to aid you."

If I am right, little one, she is pregnant and trying to abort the child, Zandar told Serilda. Or it could be worse than that, her body is trying to naturally rid itself of the baby. Both are sad cases, one our people cannot afford.

She was silent for a moment "I dont want to come out Zandar....please just leave...if you are truly are grateful to me for saving Jacob then please leave and dont ask anymore questions" She said in a shaken tone.

Zandar.....I think its already to late....

I see, he said sadly. Serilda, Jacob is my son, as you know, so this girl is our daughter. We just lost our grandchild. We must comfort her somehow. And we need to know what happened.

"Victoria," Zandar said, "you are my son's lifemate, and therefore my daughter. I can do no other than give aid to you. Once you are healed, we will leave, but we must know what is wrong first."

"Come on Zandar I just had to hear you and your know...I really dont even want to look you in the eyes let alone talk to you for like...I dont know, ever" She said in a half joking tone. He could tell she was trying to sound fine, even if she was embarrassed to speak to him now because of what she heard he still could hear her pulse was fast, indicating she was upset.

Should we call for Jacob then? you told me she was in the same place as me.... How was her mental state after she was rescued?

"Forget about that," Zandar said. "It never happened, okay? I mean, it has traumatized you, which means my job as a parent is done, but still, you are hurt. You are minha família - my family, and I cannot leave you like this with a clear conscience. I will not tell a soul, just as you have not told Jacob about me being his birth father."

She was silent for a minute.

Zandar? what about what I asked? Serilda said in his head in a worried tone

"You promise you wont tell...anyone?" She asked after a moment

I wasn't the one to find her, little love, he told Serilda. I do not know what she was like when she was found, only that she didn't seem to be as broken as you were when I saw her again. And calling Jacob will not be wise. If he sees this, he will go into a blind rage to find whoever caused her such pain. It is best to follow her example and keep him in the dark.

"Not until you are ready to share it," agreed Zandar. "This is obviously very tough for you, so I will not say a thing until you say it is okay, and even then, only to our family."

Ok I will follow your guide then Serilda said trustingly

After another moment he heard victory sigh "I.....cant move Zandar....and to be honest I dont want to....ever since I came to this school....So much bad I feel like Im going crazy and now this.....I wish...I had never come here" she said in a defeated tone

He went to Victoria, covering her in a blanket before sitting next to her. With a wave of his hand, he cleaned up the blood as well. Then, he said, Serilda, can you close the door and lock it? What we talk about should stay between us three.

"I know it seems bad now, Victoria," he said. "It is difficult to see the good in times like these. However, despite everything, there must be one thing you can be happy about." He held out his hand and her book bag came to him, letting him take out her sketch book. "You have this. Your art. You have learned how to enhance it beyond anything you thought possible, yes? I will talk with the prince, see if he will let you have a break from everyone. I will watch over you, and even keep Jacob far enough away to give you space to heal, but close enough that you won't feel the separation. But I need to know why there was so much blood. I have a couple of guesses, but I need to hear from you the reason. With you radiating so much pain and what you have gone through, taking it from your mind would do you a disservice. You are my daughter, and I will respect you as such, but I still need to know what happened."

He heard the door lock as Serilda did what he asked, She still stayed on the otherside of the room out of view so she could give them privacy.

When Victoria looked up at him he could see how sick and pale she really was. Sweat covered her body and tears stained her face "I......have visions...sometimes...when I have them I draw them....I had been feeling sick lately so I took a pregency test was possitive. After I found out a few night later I a vision about a flower, in my vision I was looking at it and then I looked down and I saw....I saw blood...everywhere around my feet...and down my legs" she said shakingly "I didnt know what it meant until...tonight I saw the flower from my visions and then the pain started in my stomach and I knew..." She said hugging the sheet to her. Blood from her had soaked into the sheet turning it bright red, all around her legs "I tried to make it here in time...but...but when I got here no one was here..I searched I called for help but no one came just like...back then and I then started to bleed everywhere and....and ...I passed out and when I came to your guys were here and I can take anymore...I just cant!" she She cried out as she covered her face with her hands as she started to cry

He cleaned the blood and entered her body. He had to stop the bleeding. Using what knowledge he had, he made sure she wasn't bleeding internally anymore, and that no sign of a child could be found. He reentered his body, weak from his work, but he put his arm around her, put the blanket over her almost like he was hiding her from the world. He pulled her close to him to comfort, though he felt out of his element.

Zandar decided that telling his own trauma would make her feel at ease, and said, "You know, in one of my few failures in life, I was captured and paralyzed by some vampires. Along with drinking my blood, they also forced me and a psychic woman to mate. She was controlled by them. She rarely ate, and by the time she was pregnant with Jacob, she was little more than skin and bones. But the vampires wanted to have an army of Carpathians who would protect them. If the man thought he was doing right, then they would stay Carpathian, or so the false theory went. Jacob would have been the first. She died during the premature child birth, and I was forced to watch as ghouls ate her body as a vampire tried to take Jacob away. If you pay attention, there is a white, crescent moon shape on his back, almost like a shark attacked him. The vampire was trying to experiment on him. I swear, it was his cries of pain that brought my brothers to us. They rescued both of us, and Zivon, the only one of us three brothers who had a lifemate, took Jacob in. Without a lifemate, I wasn't fit to be a parent. Now, I wish nothing more than to see him become a great man. However, due to the poison in his tiny body, we had to convert him and adopt him into the De La Cruz family only three days after his birth. Looking back, it is difficult to see it, but at the time, I was numb to that pain. In a way, I am glad I had no feelings because I could not feel the lose of my son, but now, seeing you like this, I feel that over again and more. I will not cry for the past because I know Jacob is a good man, even if he is an idiot. However, I can at least be here for you. You can come to me when you feel you can't or don't want to go to Jacob." He tilted her chin and made her look at him. "We both suffered at the hands of monsters, raped in ways that would sicken others, and lost children. I know you will never get to see your child grow into a wonderful person like I have, so this is harder on you, but you are stronger than you know. I will be here for you, my daughter, and nothing will change that."

She looked even more upset "this was not the first time, I got pregnant while I was being held" She said looking away from him "but that not the point...this time...It was Jacob's" She said pulling her knees to her chest and hugging them "And some how that makes it so much worse" She said crying into her knees

"You're body isn't over the trauma yet," he said. "It still remembers and is trying to rid itself what it sees as something harmful. I'm not a healer, but I'm sure my lifemate will be more than willing to help as best as she can. I will not lie and say that this news isn't painful to hear, because it is, but we need you to stay with us. I've healed you the best that I can, so there is no fear of infection or internal bleeding, but we must have this checked out. If you allow me, I will also put a safeguard in your mind that won't come down until you wish it, this way, we can ensure that Jacob doesn't find out. That boy is far too sensitive." He smiled. "You may have to wear the pants in your relationship, as the humans say."

She knew he was trying to make a joke but she couldn't feel it "no one gets in my mind...even I haven't learned how to open it, the prince tried as well...nothing...and as for my relationship with jacob...we cant even stand to be in the same room with each other. what ever fight I had in me when I was taken is was gone once I came back and things kept getting worse, now I find I wish I would have just bled out here" She said in a broken tone "I just want it to go away....turn it off....just turn it off" She said , her voice slowly getting quieter.

Zandar she is a shield! they have powerful minds if she wishes to turn off her emotions she might be able to do it!

With Jacob being young, that might not be a bad idea, said Zandar.

"Well, that means you a special girl," said Zandar "I believe you can shut down your emotions for a time until you have processed what has happened. You and he fight because, unlike other lifemate pairs, he can't get into your mind and know what you need. He is more angry at himself. He is young and stupid. You are young and traumatized. Talk to him about it and see what he says. If my hunch is correct, he will try to talk you into keeping your emotions, but you need to find some peace somewhere and he can't give that to you when you don't even know how to take down your shields. This may give you that peace, but you will need to turn them back on after a time, when things aren't quite as fresh. Does that make sense?"

Zandar are you sure this is wise? Serilda asked in a worried tone

Victoria was silent, she just sat there holding her legs to her.

Suddenly the door handle if the room rattle "What? Why is this door locked? Desaray the doors locked!" a unknown male yelled

Desaray slammed into the door, yelling, "Whoever is in there, open this door or I swear, I'll call the prince and his sister here!"

Victoria flinched when she slammed into the door "Please Zandar you promised one else...I cant handle it right now" She said in a almost emotionless tone.

Zandar I have an idea, Hide her and ill be on bed naked you can tell desaray you wanted privacy because you were exaiming me, they never question lifemates like that and you hold a good reputation

Do it, said Zandar before he turned to Victoria, "Honey, you need to stay here. I'm going to mask your scent and that you are even in here. I will be on the other side of the curtain. My lifemate has agreed to make it seem like I was examining her. Don't worry."

Zandar left and, seeing that his mate had covered herself just enough to make it look like an examination, he unlocked and opened the door.

"What are you going on about?" he asked. "I was seeing how my lifemate is doing. She said she was in pain, and I'm wondering if they have harmed her internally."

"You should have just told me!" Deseray said, angry. "This is my area of expertise. Let me look."

Deseray went to Serilda and began looking. Zandar looked at the man and said, "What brings you here?"

Before the man could answer, Deseray was back in her body and said, "Well, I found something that might cause the pain she is talking about. The rough use she was forced to endure has made her human body unable to conceive. But, with two exchanges, she has already begun healing, so that might twinge every now and then. However, one more exchange, and she will undergo the conversion, which will allow her to have children once more."

Zandar had all but forgotten their first meeting, where they did their first exchange. But the news made him go to Serilda's side and hold her hand. She was more damaged than he had thought, and because she had only wanted him to examine her at the time, he had missed the signs. Now...

"I'm so sorry, little love," he said. "I should have insisted you come see Deseray, this wouldn't have happened."

She shook her head "Its ok I knew I was already night I was used to roughly and I would stop bleeding so as punishment for not being able to please the next person and to fix it the.....took a hot branding iron and.....stopped the bleeding" SHe finished not going into detail because she knew they would know what she meant

Zandar said, "How is the search for the men who did this to my lifemate?"

"Well..." said the man, "Victoria showed us where the tunnels were the other day. We found them blocked off. It isn't natural, that is for sure, but it is also giving us a hard time. The human butchers have started recruiting psychics, and those psychics use their abilities against us. Though, it seems three people have made their home in the tunnels, or are searching for anyone trapped. The prince recognized two of the three voices, naming them as Bethany and Erik, her abusive boyfriend. The other woman, Dani, isn't registered as a student. We also found a blood trail leading out to the woods, where it disappeared suddenly, which Jacob said belonged to Michael, which caused him to level a couple trees."

"Keep trying to get through!" Zandar said, anger radiating from him.

The man left just as the prince and his sister entered.

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