Prince/Find a way back

"Desaray leave us" he commanded, when she was gone he shut the door "Zandar your son is looking for you and I his lifemate, have you seen her?
He asked. Zandar knew the prince well enough to know he was giving him a chance to confess, knowing that his illusion of blocking her scent was not fooling the prince.

"Not recently," he said, looking at the prince and knowing she had left. "She was here in the infirmary in pain, but she left."

He did not look pleased by this news, he looked at Serilda and back at him "The next time you decide to be intimate with your lifemate do so in a more appropriate place and find" He said in a dark tone, leaving the room without another word.

Zandar sighed and said, "I'm going to have to go look for her."

Serilda stood up and touched his had "Be safe and hurry back to me" She said softly

He smiled and said, "Always."

She squeezed his hand "Zandar before you did the prince know we um...made love?" She asked in a embarrassing tone

"My scent is all over you," he said with a smile, "just as your scent is on and in me. Also, the smell of love making is heavy in the air. Plus, he is connected to every Carpathian, so through him, the whole of my people know."

Her mouth dropped open and she stepped back looking horrified "Everyone?! " He could see she was highly embarrassed

"Well, not everyone," he admitted. "Just the ones at the school, but if someone comes close to us, they will be able to tell you were claimed."

"Thats....embarrassing..I mean...I guess its the modest part of me...if other females know you claimed me then their thoughts could linger to how you might be during sex and..." She growled "I dont want any other female even thinking about you" She said unsure of this new emotion she was feeling, was she jealous?

He laughed and said, "That's not what will happen. It means that they stay away from me, as the men should stay away from you. Not all men have honor, but the Carpathians who do will protect you. What happens to you happens to me, and vice versa. Now, no more jealousy. I have a job to do. I will return to you before sunrise."

She nodded "fight with honer love" she said giving him a kiss

When Victoria heard the man speak of the location she knew she had to act. She had had a vision a few days ago about the place he described and she knew now where to find Michael. She also knew it would not be enough, if they were to find him or even kill him the kidnapping and killings would not stop because Michael worked for someone. She could not sit by any longer, Michael favored her and she planned to use this to get to his boss/ Taking Avantage that she was blocked because of Zandar she snuck out of the room. Once outside she ran as fast as she could.

After running and walking for about an hour she finally reached the place, she found the hidden passage the hunters didn't find. She took a deep breath, glancing once behind here "Maybe this is why all this has happened...maybe...this is what Im meant to do" She said to the wind. She sent out her secret hop that everyone at the school would be alright and hoped the prince had not placed his trust in the wrong person. Without another thought she went in "Michael? Michael where are you?" She said in a desperate tone

Suddenly, he was there in the dark of the caves, his back to her, saying, "You know, I really did you love you, Vicky. Willing to sell out the society for you. But you picked them."

He moved so fast, she couldn't see him move. His hand was at her throat, pinning her to the wall. His eyes were red and he now sported fangs. He was squeezing so hard, she couldn't breath.

"It's because of you that Malachi turned me into a freak!" he said. "On top of that, you smell of him! You sicken me, Vicky! And I will make you pay for what you did! I'll make your Carpathian," he spat the word, "do everything I say! You will be my personal whore, and he will be my bitch! But I have to break you first." He licked his lips, hunger and pure hatred in his glowing eyes. "I think we should start now."

He bit deep into her neck. Pain unlike anything she had yet felt shot through her. He growled with satisfaction. He carried her away to his lair where he chained her up with chains coated in his own blood. It instantly burned her skin.

"It will be so fun hearing you beg for me to make you bleed," he said, evidence of his desire for her body showing through his pants. "So, why were you looking for me, you traitorous skank?"

"because i never betrayed you...." She said in a pain filled tone "They took me there when I was weak...when I recovered I planned to come back to try and find you...but then I heard they were looking for you and the others and they started to ask me questions...I thought if I gain their trust I could throw them off track...." She said trying to control her breathing "It worked.....but then someone else..I dont know who started telling them the right places.....I knew they started to grow suspicious of me...but they couldn't read my mind to prove anything but then...." And she looked up at him with tears in her eyes "Micheal that boy...he bound me to him! I kept refusing him....he even raped me when I was hurt and could barely move! He was so close to getting into my head because of that stupid bond I could not risk staying there....I didnt want him to get in, it would put you in danger so I came try and find warn you they were getting close...and it hurts you thought I betrayed you when thats not true!"

He punched her hard enough to break bones and said, "I can hear the lie in your voice, you stupid bitch! Don't even try that shit on me anymore! It won't work! Why were you really out there?! Trying to find your place, to be of use somewhere after you found out you can't have kids?" He smiled at the shocked look on her face. "Oh, yeah, my abilities got a major upgrade. I can easily break into your mind right now. This is going to be fun. Should I scramble the memories in there? And unlike your lifemate, I won't have to fight you to do it. I'll just go in and..."

"Im not lying!" She yelled "you were also so quick to judge me but how many times did I prove my loyalty to you Micheal..." She said in pain filled tone "And I dont wont to bare their kids anyways! but...they made me lose yours!....when the forced converted me I was pregnant...and it killed the child!" She yelled "I hate them! I hate them all and I came back because they were close to finding this place...Im not lying micheal im dont know what it was like there and the only reason i stayed was because I thought I could better protect you from the inside...." She said trying to calm her breathing

He got into her face and said, "That pained expression on your face looks beautiful." He unshackled her. "Well, then prove it. I won't tell you how, or even if you are doing a good job. You should know me enough to know what I want."

She dropped to her knee, the pain of moving was mind numbing since one of her ribs was broken. She grabbed onto his thighs, using them to help her sit up. She undid his pants and took out his large member. She looked up at him "please think back on before I was loyal I was to you and how good I made you feel, please dont let those carpathians come between us micheal....I endured so much to come back to you....I dont care what you are....I want to be like it was....we helped each other. protected each other" She said before taking him deep into her mouth like her liked

He smiled and said, "Oh, I remember a lot. I remember you leaving me in the tunnels and not coming back, how you tried turning me into your slave, and so much more." He forced her to take him deeper, to the point of pain and being unable to breath, and held her there for a moment. "Feel that? How you can't breath? That's how I felt when you didn't come back." He let her go, watching her continue. "But now, I can breath freely thanks to Malachi, even if I am a vampire now. Seems you remember somethings too, but have forgotten others. I seem to recall you wearing less clothes and was totally sexy. Should I retrain you?"

She saw the gleam in his eye. He wanted her to say yes, but he also wanted her to say no. No matter what, she knew he planned on hurting her.

"I didnt leave you in tunnels...that when the caught me, by the time I had woke up it had already been days....and I have not forgotten...but I did not have broken ribs when I was pleasing you and I never made you my slave Micheal you are to strong for that...why do you keep doubting me.." She said in a upset tone "I want to be yours and only yours....I want us to make them pay...I want you to trust me so we can protect one another and kill them for what they have done" She said in a angry tone.

"I don't care if you have broken bones or not," he said. "However, you have to earn my trust again. You sound sincere, but how do I really know? You aren't doing anything like before. It's as if you aren't loyal to me anymore."

"I was always loyal to you...Ill admit I messed with your mind a little but it was only because I wanted you to stay with me...I couldn't leave the room and I wanted you...craved you all the time and that Erik" She said with discuss "Always undermining you.. I didn't trust him, I thought if I kept you near he wouldn't be able to pull anything or harm you" She said in a sincere tone "they told me something at that place, they said I was something called a shield, thats why they couldn't read my mind, thats how I was bale to keep where you were a secret...If I really was not loyal to you then tell me why did I come here? I found you, I came to you micheal" She said as she started to take off her clothes

He said, "You could be controlled, little whore. All it takes is a foot hold into your mind and they can make you do so much." He ripped off her clothes and cupped her breast painfully. "Coming back to your master is natural for slaves, but you waited weeks to return. In all that time, there had to be many opportunities to come home, but you did not. Now, why is that?" His nails cut into her skin, causing her to bleed. "You deserve to be punished for that after you prove your loyalty. So far, I'm not impressed, Vicky."

"They could not get into my mind!" She cried out in pain "And I couldnt come, there was not one time I was not being watched or locked in someone...until today....One of the hunters whose trust I gained hid me....I didn't hesitate then" She said in a pain filled tone

"Yet, your efforts to prove your loyalty is lacking," he said as he gave her a sharks smile. "Tell you what, you have an hour. If you can't prove your loyalty by then, I get to play with you and break you, branding you forever a traitor. Deal?"

She looked up at him and glared "Does it not bother you at all? that they shot me, that one of them fucked me, and they killed your child? not only that but forced me to bond with one of them, they took me from you and yet here you are mad at me? I came here to warn you that they were getting close, I suffered while you gain power and didnt even once come looking for me, maybe I should take my loyalty somewhere else, you told me we were in this together I guess you forgot that" She said in a defiant tone

She felt him grow in her hand as he said, "There's my woman. And I lost much in becoming a vampire, emotions being one of them. Well, except with someone is scared or in pain. I love the rush when drinking their blood. And I was forced to heal in the ground and learn to control my new instincts." He lifted her up as his clothes fell from his body. "This woman I missed. However, they can't just go claiming women. The words do something, and you are bound to him. I have cameras all around the cave. I will start with a picture, work my way to videos. Your lifemate will do as I say, but we need to make it convincing." He removed her hand from his member and slammed into her. "But first, a reunion celebration."

He began moving his hips. He hurt her slightly, but it wasn't like it would have been if he truly thought her a traitor. More like reminding her body what he felt like. He moved hard and fast, needing to feel her clench around him.

"I've missed this feeling, Vicky," he said.

"I never thought id see you again...I was so afraid I would not find you " She moaned "Heal me Micheal...heal me so we can go rough like we both like, I want you so bad but the pain is keeping me from doing so. Ive missed you pounding into me Micheal" She said in a half moan and have pain filled tone

Michael said, "But you did like how I would hurt you. Though, it would be nice to do it while pounding into instead of punishing you." He put his hand over her rib and she felt a fire under he skin, causing her to scream in pain. "Sorry, Vicky, but I had to pool my blood there to heal it. But your rib is fixed... sort of. There is a rock hard nob on that rib where it broke, but it's healed." He began moving again. "What's wrong? You look sick. Not like you were just in pain, but physically sick, on the verge of throwing up."

"I was ill when I escaped and have not feed, it will past, I dont care about that all I care about is that Im finally back with you and yes I did like is when you were rough...pinning me, pounding into me I also remember how much you like me being just as rough" She said in a seductive tone as she wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him go deeper

He said, "But I also remember you doing what my former second said. You drained me, Vicky. You didn't fight him, you did as you were told. You saw he hurt me, and you did not save me." Anger was mounting in him, and she felt the pain inside her grow. "Why did you not kill him? I was your master, not him. I loved you, he did not. You didn't even try to help!"

"Still hurting over human wounds, I see," said a voice from the shadows. "But what prize is this, my son?"

Victoria's head snapped up and looked in the direction of the voice but only saw a silhouette in the shadows. His voice triggered a vision, her body seized up and her core clenched around Micheal, she didn't know it but her eyes started to glow as her vision took place. She saw a large shadow of a man, his hands where out holding mantles for puppets, she saw shadow puppets she couldn't make out but at the bottom there was Micheal. The puppets where arranged almost like a family tree, and if that was what the vision meant , it meant the person who had created Micheal is not the person she was looking for but a puppet himself.

Malachi smiled to himself. Michael, on the other hand, groaned and he pinned her to wall with his teeth. She screamed in pain as the vision ended, his teeth stabbing the bone. He began gulping her blood as he pumped into her painfully. Finally, he filled her so much that she ran like a river.

"Did you ensure her loyalty?" Malachi asked. "Get anything from her about how we can enter the school?"

Michael closed the wound and said, "She's good, Malachi. But she was lucky to get to us without being followed, so I doubt we can get in."

"Well, I am not satisfied with that," said Malachi. "Step away from the woman, Michael. I will take her to be tested."

Michael sighed, giving her an apologetic look. Then, a thick cloth covered her eyes and vampire blood covered handcuffs locked her hands behind her back. She was pulled away from Michael roughly.

"This is not only for your safety, son," said Malachi, "but also to the army's. We can't risk anything going wrong now. You go with your plan and begin blackmailing the boy with the pictures you have. I will get you some more."

Before Michael could say anything, Malachi dragged Victoria down a long hallway. When they had walked for some time, Malachi brought his mouth to her ear.

"You are a shield and that moron knows nothing of that," the master said. "But I know your true worth, and it is more than just as a fuck toy. Oh, you will be one, but you are also a tool for us to take over that school." He shoved her into a room so that she landed hard on rock floor. "Before I take you to the others, I think I'll try out that cunt of yours."

He made sure she couldn't break the handcuffs and that the blindfold would stay in place before he opened her legs so that he could see her core. Without preamble, he shoved in and began moving painfully.

She arched in pain "you talk about my worth yet you are depriving yourself, if you do not wish me to see you fine...but I am worth more then laying on my back and spreading my legs....if you want to get the full worth of my cunt alone then give me the chance to show you.." She said in a pain filled tone

"That will come after you become broken," he said. "As I can't see your memories, I can't scramble your brain before shaping it to fit our needs. You see, I can't have you walking free with your mind like this. You can reason and try to play a cunning game, but that means you are also able to give away our location. So first, I must break you in mind, spirit, and body. Well, have an army of about 200 vampires break you." He licked her taut nipple. "That means no breaks for days, only feeding on our cum and acidic blood." Suddenly, a white hot pain shot through her. "There. My little friend will tell me of your progress. When you become obedient to our cause, follow our orders without hesitation, and willingly tell us of your real plan, if any, then you will be allowed to see my boss. Until then, you are lower than dirt, a toy for every vampire in our camp." He shifted her a bit. "Now, scream for me!"

Every thrust sent wave after wave of pain through her. She couldn't talk, could barely breath. She could feel herself bleeding, but she also felt a searing pain in her womb, where the acidic blood burned to heal. It felt like hours before Malachi filled her. She couldn't move without blinding pain shooting through her.

"A pool of blood, coloring your hair and covering your porcelain body," said Malachi. "Well, no time to rest." He grabbed her arm and forced her to walk. "Time to meet the 200 men that will use you all hours of the night."

" of them will be smarter then you....." she said in a pain filled tone "and I know you lie, there cant not be as many as 200 hundred vampires, the Carpathians numbers are not that many to allow such numbers, so what is it, society members? ghouls? go on tell me what creatures you think can break me? yes break a useful wise" She said sarcastically

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