Breaking in the Tool

Malachi said, "Our leader wants you molded, but that means breaking your will. And you are right, there aren't 200 vampires." He removed her blindfold so that she could look at the cave before her. "There are actually a hundred vampires, fifty ghouls, thirty society members, and twenty mages. Still, the outcome is the same, thought the mages and humans and ghouls will use you during the day. Like I said, no rest."

A man taller and more muscular than she had ever seen walked up to them and said, "This the woman, boss?"

"Yes, Ethan," said Malachi, putting an o-ring gag in Victoria's mouth. "You may start now, but take her to the center of the room as you do."

Ethan removed his clothes. He picked her up and shoved into her bottom. With every step, he bounced her on his enormous cock. Then, he laid down so that another vampire could enter her core and a third entered her mouth.

"Your mission for now is to make it so we can mold her into a cock hungry slave that we can use in the coming battle," Malachi announced. "Do not let her speak, do not let her rest, and most of all, don't stop until she is willing to tell us everything and do anything to feel a cock pounding into her."

The men agreed as they all gathered around her. So many of them eager to use her. Ethan filled her, removing himself in a painful way. Then, the next man came and took over. It was like that with the vampires until the sun began to rise. Then the ghouls, humans, and mages started in. She couldn't rest, couldn't move, and couldn't escape the pain.

The next night, it was the same, but it started to feel good, as if her body was becoming use to the rough use. Malachi came in and joined in.

"So, tell me, are you ready to tell us everything?" he asked. "Tell us everything. Open your mind so that I can see everything."

"No" She said in a emotionless tone. She started to laugh then but she had no emotion "I told were stupid....half your army here and you put them all in a room with a physic" She said laughing at him in a taunting way "I don't think your boss will be happy with you for this and trust me....Ive learn a lot.....Malachi" She said his name with conviction and a dark tone as she met his gaze.

He smiled and said, "My boss was the one who suggested it. SHE is actually watching from somewhere. I helped her a while back, and she thinks making your mind go blank with lust and need for our cocks is good." He twisted her sensitive, yet raw nipple, causing her to gasp in painful pleasure. "Well, it seems you aren't reacting as most would. But perhaps this will help you see things our way." He produced a some large needles, bit into his wrist, ran the needles through them, and stabbed them through her nipples and one through her clit, all pointing away from the men. "There. That's sexy. The pain and blood painting your body is a lovely sight." He filled her. "My parasite says that, though your will is breaking, it's slower than normal. We need to mold you into our cock hungry tool. Though, with how you have Michael wrapped around your clit, we should just kill you and be done with it. However, my queen thinks it is best to stick to Michael's plan. He lead a raid on the school. Five women were kidnapped because your man left the gate open as instructed. He doesn't know that you are like this, legs spread for an army of vampires, gobbling cock like a pig-whore. I wonder, will he join us to fuck you too, or will he die trying to save you? I wouldn't mind seeing you covering in his blood as Michael fucks you to the music of everyone in the school dying." He leaned in. "All because of you."

"your boss must be broken to think this would work" She said in a emotionless tone "here is no point in molding me to be a sex slave...but it does not matter, I came back to Micheal because I wanted to and because I wanted to get away from the Carpathians, you had a chance to gain a powerful ally, but now not only have you lost it but you have made me realize you are no different from a feral dog which makes you all even worse then them. Your boss is a moron and a broken sex slaver herself, to force vampires to do this is a waste, Carpathians don't lose their mental state after they turn....they are not some mindless beast, you might have broken me a long time ago if you would have actually let them use their own knowledge and abilities but instead because she has some fucked up daddy issue and feel because I am a woman this is what will break me, she made everyone here seem nothing more then a pervert puppet who gets their rocks off on sloppy seconds " She said in a unimpressed tone "your all more pathetic then me and Im the one helpless here, now tell me does that seem like a good leader?" She said with a a sarcastic smirk "go ahead keep raping me, but I wont break, and no matter what pain you inflict on me ill still be laughing at the fact that you pathetic insignificant cunt that you choose to lead boss, not only cares so little about all of you that she doesn't care to use your full potential but she also makes you all act like a bunch of feral bitches in heat" She said and spit in his face

"But that is where you are wrong," said Malachi. "You see, this is our reward. The young ones want you to save their souls, while us older ones just want to hear you scream. With no emotions, it's a fun game to pass the time to see who can make you break emotionally. Besides, we like fucking almost as much as drinking blood and destroying the hunters. And you are making this a fun game. We get halfhearted screams because of your lack of emotions, so this is more of a competition."

She met his gaze "your all pathetic and also....Ive had better" She said with a smirk "do me a favor let me know when the real fun begins huh? because quite frankly this bores me, rape is rape nothing more nothing less and my body has already adjusted to the pain so if your small dicks are what you think will break me then i have to say your as dumb as your cunt boss"

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