Breaking in the Tool 2

Malachi sighed and said, "It would have been easier if you had let us break you."

He and the other vampire inside her filled her before moving away. about thirty young vampires swarmed her and began to drink a large amount of blood, leaving her weak. At the same moment, a woman came out, looking like a dark queen. She sat next to Victoria's head.

"Shields only work if they are well taken care of," she said, placing her hand on Victoria's pale head. "However, keeping your emotions hidden and blocking everyone out must be taking it's toll. Yet, these men can't seem to get inside. You must be stronger than Michael told us. This is why I need you as my obedient slave." The woman's hand grew hot and Victoria's head hurt so bad, she screamed in pain. "Lose your mind, become loyal to me. Most women would have fallen by now, but you have not. But this will ensure that you will."

The pain in her head was unbearable, it was all she could feel. Her brain felt like it was being fried with molten lava and the heat spread through her whole body. Her body reacted on pure instinct as she bit deep in the womans arm, the pain causing her to bite so hard she felt the woman bone crack under her teeth.

Morgan screamed, anger unlike anything Victoria had ever seen even in vampires causing the woman to physically shake. Malachi began to heal the woman's hand.

"You will pay for that, you bitch!" Morgan spat. Once her hand was fixed, Morgan made the vampires move away as she put her hand on Victoria's head once more with Malachi holding her head still. "You will obey me and be loyal!" Her hand seemed to pass through Victoria's skull and effect her mind, though it never moved. "Every time you disobey me or try to be disloyal, you will relive the greatest pain of your life, no matter if the offense is large or small!" She pulled her hand back with force, blood red energy fading from her hand. She placed her foot near Victoria's head. "Now, kiss my foot, slave."

"fuck off.....vampire...whore" Victoria said between breaths of pain as she tried to get her vision to come back to normal. Just as her vision cleared up she had enough time to see a smirk on the womans face before a wave of pain went through her. But this was not an ordinary pain, she remembered this pain, it was scared in her soul forever. This was the same pain she had when she was covered into a full Carpathian. Panic shot through her as her body convulsed with the wave

"Kiss my foot and apologize, and it will stop," Morgan said. "That's all. Kiss my foot and say, 'I'm sorry for disobeying you, Mistress Morgan."

As the wave subsided she knew it would not be long until the next one. She also knew it would be stronger. Her body was in full shock and her mind was in a panic. How was this even possible? she knew she needed to think this through and be careful but she knew she didnt have time, she could feel the new wave coming. The worse part was she was so weak from the vampires feeding on her she could barely move let alone try to escape "bring it closer...Im excited to hear more of your bones break you pathetic bitch" She said right before a stronger wave of pain consumed her making her arch off the table

One of the young ones couldn't hold himself back and jumped Victoria. Morgan sighed as Malachi and the older ones shook their heads, backing up. Morgan held her beautiful hand out towards the vampire, who started to scream, though he never stopped pumping into Victoria. Suddenly, his skin started to smoke as light enveloped him, but never touched Victoria. The smell of burning flesh filled the room.

"She called forth the light of the sun," said Malachi when the wave subsided. "This is why no vampire disobeys her, even ones as old as myself. Once aligned with her, it's best to do as she says. She is as powerful as the infamous Xavier, if not more so."

The vampire filled Victoria just as he turned to ash. Morgan looked back at Victoria with a smile that made Victoria shiver in fear.

"Ready to kiss my foot and apologize?" Morgan asked. "Say, 'I'm sorry for disobeying you, Mistress Morgan.'"

Victoria smiled weakly "I had a vision about you....." She said leaning over towards her foot, keeping her gazed locked to hers "Im going to enjoy watching what happens when you makes all this seem like nothing, your as pathetic as your parents" SHe said knowing she hit a sore spot by the look on her face "So I will only humor you until you meet a worse fate then them" She said grabbing her foot "Im sorry for disobeying you mistress Morgan" She said in a very fake tone as she kissed her foot. Never once taking her gaze away, letting Morgan see how she was laughing at her with her eyes.

Morgan kicked Victoria in the face, sending her to the floor. As a new wave filled Victoria, Morgan continued to kick her.

"You think this is enough, you whore?!" Morgan yelled. "I want a real, sincere apology! Now, say it!"

Malachi, having drank her blood, talked to Victoria's mind, Do you think anyone of us are here by choice, Victoria. With what you just saw, how quickly she killed Rolf, would you want your life taken in such a painful way? You feel it now, right? The pain of death. Give in. If an ancient like myself and a handful of others fear that, what chance do you have? Once the time is right, our plans will take place, but we play ball. We all want free, Victoria. Unfortunately, not even a shield like you can fight her. But, in time, your man will wise up and grow a pair. You say you have visions. As second in command, you will be answering to me as well. I can't go easy on you, but I can help you perfect that talent. But you must give in.

Rage and pain was all she felt, she thought it was dirty to have them violate her body but now she knew just how much more violating it was to have one touch her mind even slightly. His words were hard to comprehend with how much pain she was in but she knew she needed to gain her strength, her body was not what she needed to protect here, it was her mind and if the pain heightened to full conversion she knew her mind would break. But before she could do anything her body gave way under the stress and the damage Morgan's kicks were doing and she went into a Carpathian sleep

Malachi said, "Lady Morgan, that is enough. She can no longer feel your kicks."

"I don't care!" Morgan said, though she stopped kicking Victoria. "Take her to the slave quarters in your lair, Malachi. I trust you can use her now."

"Yes, Lady Morgan," Malachi said, picking up Victoria. "And Michael, who I claim as my son?"

"Let him play with her whenever he likes," said Morgan, walking off. "As long as that idiot lifemate of hers plays ball, I don't care. She will be in great pain upon waking up, and she will profess her loyalty to me and become a true slave."

"Naturally, Lady Morgan," Malachi said. "But using your magic on her cause wrinkles to appear around your eyes and on your forehead."

Morgan panicked and went to her room to make the wrinkles go away. Malachi put Victoria in the ground, vampire blood coated chains on her wrists to keep her from leaving. As the sun was about to rise, Malachi went to ground.

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