Fated Chance

Dom sat in the tree top. He enjoyed laying around the branches in human form. The way the moon shown through the leaves was beautiful to him in ways he couldn't describe. It was the one thing that still remained though he lost emotions.

"This is what freedom is," he said aloud to a sparrow in her nest. "To do as I please. This may seem a simple thing to others, but I'm glad I can still appreciate the beauty of the night."

Then, he heard a sound and saw a man collapse on the ground, his clothes in rags and he appeared near death. Dom sighed and jumped down.

"Great," he said, "now I have to deal with this." He gathered water and placed it to the man's lips. "Drink."

The old man did so, coughing a little but he managed to take a good amount "t-thank you" he said in a weak and tired tone

"It's nothing," said Dom. "Who are you? Not many people come this way."

"I...I dont know....I cant remember anything...I dont even know where Im at" he said coughing again as he tried to sit up but was to weak to do so.

Dom sighed and picked the old man up, "I'm camping in a cave nearby. You can stay there and heal."

"A cave? isn't that dangerous" the old man said in a slightly surprised tone

"It's just the entrance," said Dom, walking through the forest. "It's safe. Sleep."

When the man had passed out, he ensured that he could take the man's blood without waking him so that he could monitor him. Once at the cave, it looked to be a camp site inside the large cave system. He laid the man on the cot and put more water to his lips.

"You need to drink," said Dom. "You are severely dehydrated.

He did so and fell back to sleep almost instantly afterwards.

Dom groaned. This man's mind seemed empty, except for some basic things. He didn't even know the man's name. Dom placed the man under compulsion to sleep during the day and placed safeguards around the cave so that the man could not leave should he wake up. Then, Dom went to ground.
The next day, Dom woke up and began cooking food for the man, who he allowed to wake.

"You slept a long time," Dom said, handing him some scrambled eggs. "I was afraid I'd have to take you to the hospital."

The man took the eggs "thank you...and you should have, better then being a burden on you" he said as he began to eat

"I'd rather stay away from people," said Dom, knowing the nearest town was the Guardian pack. "I was going to be moving on today, but if I let you go on by yourself, I'd loose my honor. No, as much as I dislike the idea, I will stay here with you. It's not in a Carpathian's nature to leave the injured behind."

"A Carpathian?" the man said in between bites

Dom cursed himself and said, "Sorry. That's what my people call ourselves. We are in the Carpathian Mountains, after all. I usually say Romanian, but I seem to have let a bit of my guard down around you."

The old man started to feel uneasy "I see....well look I am not feel so well and I think it would be a good idea for me to go to a hospital, if you can just point me in the right direction..."

"Not happening," said Dom with a growl, his eyes turning red for a moment but looked normal after he blinked. "You seem to be well, but it will take a few more days. I stand by my word, and I will care for you."

The man stopped eating and looked at him "sounds more like Im a prisoner then a patient boy" he said in a unhappy tone

Dom sighed once more. He had felt like a prisoner his whole life, now this man showed he was doing the same to others.

"That was not my intent," Dom said. "My name is Dom Hunter. Just... the nearest hospital has been know to kill people due to negligence." He discretely took down the safeguards. "The last thing I want is for my hard work in saving you to go to waste."

Dom got up to stand at the mouth of the cave when the foul smell of the undead hit him. He cursed again. This man was about to be thrown into a world unknown and it was too late to keep him distanced. The vampire jumped onto Dom and began clawing at his chest to get his heart. Dom remained calm, but couldn't get his hand up to remove the vampire's heart.

There was a loud thwack sound and the vampire hit the wall. Dom jumped up and, using his preternatural speed, quickly dispatched the vampire. He looked at the unnamed man, completely healed and clothes fixed.

"You seem well enough to me," said Dom. "Let's start over. You tell me as much as you can about yourself, and I will tell you about myself. I will keep the cave between us so you feel safe. I will even start if you wish. However, know I can find you no matter where you go, and if you run, I will have no choice but to dispatch you to keep my people safe."

"Its not that Im well boy but if i have to take chance with you or that thing Id rather pick you, at least you seem willing to talk" He said sitting down again "I dont remember anything about myself so its best you start talking before I feel the need hit you to" he said in a tired slightly joking tone

Dom couldn't help but smile, though he didn't truly feel the humor. "Well, I'm a Carpathian. I only tell you the truth because I have taken your blood and can monitor you at all times. I live off blood, but I am not a vampire, that beast that attacked me. But I am also lycan, what humans call a werewolf. Because of the mixing of these species, I was born a Guardian of All, as I protect all species from the dangers around them. I was born into the Hunter clan, a natural alpha as the pack calls it, but I do not wish to be so. Because you aided me in battle, which saved my life, it is my honor at stake if I did not extend my protection to you. Should you wish to still leave, I will have to remove your memories, which would put you back to where you were before we met. Since you don't know your name, how about I call you Ion Popescu, the name given to unidentified males in Romania?"

"this is a lot to think about and to be honest im wondering if I have a major concussion but just in case that is not the case here Im going to need sometime to think things through" He said honestly

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