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Dom nodded and said, "You need about another two days to fully heal your human way, so you will have that time to learn about me and my ways. If you decide it is not the life you want, you may go another way and will never see me again." He created clothes for the elderly, yet muscular man out of thin air. "Put these on. Your clothes seem to have been ruined after whatever happened to you. The backpack will be for when you go to town, no matter your decision." He put a large stack of cash in the bag. "That is roughly $2000 to buy supplies. Now, get changed and then lay back down. You were injured badly, though I think it was mostly falls and running through brambles."
This outfit.

"thank you" he said and slowly got dressed, minding his sore body "So where are we?" he asked

"The Carpathian Mountains," said Dom, "most northern part of Romania. The village about five miles from here is my hometown. We don't actually need a hospital because of our abilities. Everyone living there is a Guardian of All. It is also not on any map and hidden by the trees from above. Carpathians, Lycans, Guardians, we are all secretive and can't let humans know what we are. The few who do know give blood so they can reach and be reached by their Carpathian friends, as well as to monitor them for their saftey. I took yours to monitor you the same way, in case of a vampire attack."

"and these vampires...are there a lot of them?" he asked stretching a bit

"More than we would like," said Dom. "You see, when a Carpathian reaches 200 years, they lose color and emotion. Once they find their lifemate, he will get them back. As a Guardian, I can see in blues if I wish to, and have a small amount of emotions, but they are a mockery of real ones. When I find my woman, she will return full colors to me and I will have real emotions once more. I mostly see a gray world, and tend not to feel anything. But there is only one lifemate for every male. If he does not find her, A Carpathian will have two options, suicide by greeting the dawn or turn vampire by giving into his darkness. Guardians turn into a Senga rau, which is far worse." He smiled. "I will not turn yet, and you will be long gone if I do. So don't look so fearful of me, Ion."

"Im not looking this way because of you, but the thought of my soul relying on some woman, now thats something to be upset about" he said in a disturbed tone

Dom said, "It is far worse to feel trapped by a family obligation. I'd rather take my woman over that. I want freedom to do as I please. My woman will understand that. I want to travel, not be a leader. Me and my other half... I want that more than anything. This existence, where I can never feel love for my family nor see true colors, is not a life. If we should become friends, Ion, I would not be able to feel that friendship without her."

"what if you dont find her?" he asked

"I will return to my brother and ask him to kill me before I turn Sange rau," said Dom as if he were talking about the weather. "But I still have centuries before that becomes and issue."

"A century? how old are you?" he asked shocked

"I stopped counting after 675," Dom said.

The man looked pale for a second "Wow no wondering your emotionless, your bored" he said after a minute

"If only," said Dom.

The rest of the night the two talked until sunrise came and they both slept


Landon flew through the air. He had to get to Maddox. He had been busy with a vampire, but they had just turned so it was nothing too serious. His new sister seemed to be having problems and it was Landon's duty to help. He landed outside of the caves at the school and stood there, letting only Maddox feel his prescience.

Maddox was almost instantly at the entrance of the cave, gripping his brothers arm in a warrior grip thank you for coming

"Of course I came," said Landon. "Is mother still here?"

yes but her and father went to be alone for a bit, please come in, my lifemate still sleeps but I hope you would look her over for me

Landon said, "That would be upsetting if I had emotions. I had hoped mother would help me find my lifemate, and if father was here, then there is no need for me to look at your mate. She was attended to by the best healer our people have."

yes but I fear father was very distracted during his look, I will explain later, please brother it would mean a lot to me

"That does not sound like him," replied Landon. "Fine. I shall look at your woman. But if there is nothing wrong, then I will go out and hunt for you. Your hunger is beating at me, brother, and she needs you strong."

Landon walked into the cave. Without hesitation, he went to Serenity.

The moment he touched her mind her eyes opened and she grabbed his arm "He is in danger......but your in more....the one you wish to protect the most.......can you save them both? now......not the way you must change....or both will die" She said in a weak and broken tone. He could feel the child in her was strong but she was weak. He could feel the barrier his father put up. It was holding but she was still growing weak.

"Her essence is going to the child," he said. "She needs good, clean blood to take in and she needs to go to ground. Your blood is best, but she needs several feedings a night. She is hoping that by feeding her essence to the child and causing it to grow at an accelerated rate, she will die and end her suffering. It is not mage magic, but a side effect of a broken mind. The child still needs time to develop and is healthy, growing at a normal rate." He looked at his brother. "Take a firm grasp on her, brother. We can not lose any of you, so these thoughts of dying must end. Compel her if need be. The Headmaster did it with some work, so can you. When I find my woman, she will know her place. Do the same with your mate or there will be only one outcome, one I will not accept."

Maddox nodded "Wake her fully for me please..." He said with a heavy tone out loud. It had been years since his brother heard him spoke, it was sad it was with such a tone

Landon woke Serenity up, and not gently. It was instantaneous.

"Nice to see you again, sister," said Landon with a bow.

Serenity's sweet scent filled the room instantly catching Landon by surprise, his hunger rose to a new height. It was not until Maddox grabbed his shoulder that he realized he had taken steps towards her and his fangs were out

Landon left, leaving Maddox to deal with Serenity.

"How are you feeling?" Maddox asked.

Serenity closed her eyes "Tired" She said and he instantly knew she was lying, he could feel her hunger and how much her head and body hurt "What....wait my father ! where is he?!" she asked in a panic tone and tried to sit up almost falling

Maddox caught her and said, "I was worried and he got away before I could destroy him. I am sorry, Serenity, that I failed to bring justice to him and end your suffering. I do not know where he is, or if he is alive and looking for you. We will hunt him together, I promise you that."

She moved out of his arms "D_dont...dont touch me" She said hugging her knees. She felt dirty, it was one thing to have to suffer alone, it was another to have people know how she suffered, that she was defiled by her own father. Also he smelled so good, it made her ache in many ways, She wanted to be close to him but the thought he knew about her father made it so she couldn't even look at him

"It was because of your distress that I was able to find you at all," said Maddox, giving her space but staying close in case she needed him. "Serenity, he used your body, that is all. I see you, your soul. You are so pure, it almost hurts to look at you. He can never take that from you, little love, that I can promise you." He knelt down so she could see into his eyes and know he spoke the truth. "I know that my words mean little after such an ordeal, but I will never leave you to face such demons on your own. Never again will you be alone. I will be your rock when you need me, a shield when danger rises, and your home always. Just as you are to me."

Serenity looked away from him "Im not safe anywhere or with anyone....." She said thinking about how he found her here and even Maddox could not save her from him "Im not pure...Im dirty...I wish I had never been born" She said and he could see blood tears running down her face and could hear her heart began to slow "If I just focus I can feel my heart....I could just..." he felt her thoughts in her mind how everyone would be better off without her even him, how she just wanted to stop the pain. He felt her using her new Carpathian abilities to do damage to her own heart

"Stop!" Maddox begged, his own tears flowing. "You die, I die with you! There is no other course for me. There is no life without you, no light, no color, no joy, nothing!" In that moment, he looked defeated, not her strong Carpathian. "There is no Serenity without Maddox, no Maddox without Serenity. That's how it has always been. One can not live without the other." He looked at her, a man at the end of hope. "I... I don't know what to do to keep you with me, Serenity. I don't know what to do to help you see what I see. But I can not lose you. Never you. I would sacrifice anything and everything just to spend an extra second with you, let alone eternity. Why am I not enough, Serenity?"

Serenity was silent for a moment and then she looked up at him "take it away.....take my memories away....please...I cant live with them Maddox" She said in a broken tone "And promise me we will kill him, even if I dont remember him"

He looked at her for a moment and said, "I can not." Before she could protest, he said, "It is not that I want you to suffer, it is that they are so ingrained in your soul that it would change who you are. I will dim them so that they will feel like they happened to someone else if you desire, but I can not take them away."


Landon took a moment to breath in the night air before heading to the school. Without fail, he found the prince. No surprise, Sara was with him.

"Good evening," Landon said.

The prince looked up "Landon...Im glad your here" The prince said

"nice to see you Landon...I will let you two talk" Sara said and left. Once they were alone Xavier looked at Landon with a serious tone "We need to talk"

Landon nodded and said, "About many things. My brothers lifemate is not in the best of shape and is quickly killing herself due to her past, but I will intervene if necessary. What is it you need me to do? You always have a task for me, but you should not give me small problems to deal with. I will not turn. My honor will not allow it."

"Unfortunately I cant spare you concern this time, the school was not only broken into but students were take and now I am sure there is a spy here" He said in a grave tone. One of the students is a shield" He said knowing Landon knew how rare that was and that it meant she would be impossible to track

Landon's eyes darkened as he calmly asked, "Does she have a mate? If he can't find her, then he is our spy. It is the only logical conclusion, especially if he is still young."

"Ive thought of that and have been having people keep an eye on him, his name is Jacob you can find him in the infirmary. I fear there is more then one, we have many students here Landon, some are have very powerful gifts, we cant have them in danger" He said very seriously "I want you to do a wide search, not just the student but the staff as well and then take some hunters and do a wide search of the area around the school" He said standing up "We have pregnant lifemates here, they are all in the north wing, heavily guarded. I need you to interview them as well, spare no one. If any male as a problem say it was an order from their prince" He said in a commanding tone. As for me I have to check in with someone, our top student here knows everyone and I think she can help, She will be coming back today from vacation so I will be leaving to go pick her up personally."

"I do not advise going alone, Xavier," said Landon. "For all we know, the top student is the spy. Take your sister and secretary with you. We can not afford to lose you."

Before he could answer there was a knock on the door "Sorry to bother you but there is a letter for you sir" a woman came in and handed it to him and left. Xavier looked at the letter and his face showed anger "Come with me now" he commanded and jumped out the tower window The top student I was just talking about has been spotted sent that letter, she says she is trapped in her hotel room by a hunters, its not far from here

Landon nodded and followed the prince. It did not take them long to find the hotel. It looked peaceful enough, and he could not detect a large group as suggested. He felt danger, but it seemed as if it were from a small number, if not by one single person. Still, his guard was up and he would not fail his prince.

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