Find the head

It had been three months since Alessia had come to the school. She was the top student here. After years of searching she finally found them, Carpathians, it took her fifteen years. Now she needed to find the prince, she has kept her ears open for months, even breaking into the headmasters office but no luck until now. During a break in a week ago she heard mention of the prince, she knew he was here, now it was only a matter of time. She just had to get to him before winter break.
She had been told the prince was personally coming to get her when she arrived, it was the break she had been waiting for. She had planned everything for a week before they arrived and once they did she put her plan into action.She arrived early and made the necessary arrangements, making sure no one knew she had arrived. She knew her chances of living through this were below zero but at least she would take him with her. Once everything was in place she had someone send the letter and now she waited.

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