Serenity nodded "ok...." She said in a defeated tone "but....can you really still want me? after knowing what he.....what I did" She asked

Maddox looked like she had said something strange and said, "How can I not? You did nothing wrong. You did what you had to in order to survive." He placed both hands on either side of her head and began a long and difficult job. "You are my beautiful, pure, clean, difficult, button pushing, smart, brave lifemate. Compared to you, I am nothing. Without you, I am nothing. You are my light, Serenity, for all eternity."

Tears rolled down her face and she closed her eyes, as he went into her mind he could see the memories that broke her. Her father never touched her sister, only her. How much he degraded her went beyond anyones limits, the strongest memory was the moment he could see she truly broke. He was making her look into a mirror as he took her from behind "Look at yourself serenity, look at the face you are making, remember this because Im going to be making you make that face till the day you die" he said into her ear as he made her look into the mirror its not me! its not! "you will never get away from me, your mine, without me you are nothing, no one else will ever love you not after how much you enjoy being with me" Maddox knew compulsion when he heard it "Say how you love being with me" he commanded "I love being with you.." She said in a weak tone. He left her after he finished inside her.
Once he was gone she pulled a sharp weird looking knife out from a hidden floor board. It had markings on it the Maddox had never scene. Maddox was seeing this all through her eyes as she took the blade and stabbed her stomach, her cry of pain echoed his ears. He felt her mind shatter with the pain, felt her desire to die as she continuously stabbed her stomach until she passed out

Maddox growled. In front of Serenity, his features became scarier than any vampire she had yet seen. He finished with that vial memory and stepped away, needing a break. He didn't want to hurt his lifemate. He destroyed many, if not all, the stalagmites in the cave in his rage. When his energy was spent, sweat dripping from him, he looked at her.

"It is no wonder you came to hate our people," he said. "Your greatest demon compelled you all your life, coming one step shy of utterly destroying your mind," his fists clenched, "of destroying the woman I love." He punched a hole in the ground once more. "Though my voice is compulsion personified, it has no effect on you, and other Carpathians must work at making you do things. I don't understand your ability at all." He looked at her, the man she had come to love staring at her once more. "But you no longer need to worry about it. I will destroy him. Do you want to finish dimming your memories. We still have many to go." He looked away, though his anger at Derek Stone filled the cave instantaneously. "Too many. No woman should ever have to endure such things. Especially not my lifemate."

"I didn't hate.....I didnt feel.....not really....sometimes I get these strong waves of emotions but most of the time I felt...Empty...Broken" She said sitting up "But after I became what you are...it became to much. I started to feel again...I cant ...I cant feel...I dont want too" She said as she slowly stood up on wobbly legs "you dont deserve this...your a good man...you deserve better then used and broken" She said leaning against the cavern wall "I dont understand what my abilities are, maybe Im just broken and I dont have any but...I do know this" She said meeting his gaze. He saw heart break in her eyes "All I have ever want was to die but he wouldn't let me...nothing will ever fix me and I will never be clean...you dont know what it like slowly feeling your self being erased....you claim to love me but I am nothing, I died long ago and what I am now is what he made me, I don't even know who I was, I cant remember anything before him " She said walking towards him "In my head you will not find me, only him....in my heart you will feel nothing....and my soul? well what use do I have for a soul? I am just a hollow puppet. So no don't waste your time with my memories anymore because.....thats all I am" She said standing right in front of him

"If that were true," Maddox said, taking her in his arms, "then I wouldn't have had any reaction to seeing you, I couldn't have tied us together, and we would both be existing in a world not worth living in. You are not the human he tried, and failed, to destroy and reshape. Yes, you have been used, and have had your essence stripped from you. I must relive the memories with you to dim them. I want to know, Serenity, not to torture you, but to understand. You need these memories dimmed. You have a second chance at life now, to start over." He made her look at him, cupping her check so tenderly that it brought tears to her eyes. "When you were converted, the human you were died. In a sense, the headmaster killed his toy. You are my lifemate. You protected me by pretending to still be his, but that woman is gone. You are Serenity Stone-Daratrazanoff, far stronger than anyone I have ever met, far braver, more humbling, more beautiful, more enchanting, more..." he chuckled. "More everything, really. I want to finish so that you can learn who you are, what you are capable of, and so you can finally live the way you should have all along: loved."

I"I dont want you to see... I" But she trailed off, his smell filled her nose and a hunger unlike she had ever felt consumed her. Her body acted on its own and her fangs sank deeply into his neck

He gasped, desire filling him instantly. But he set back to work. He dimmed many more memories, but he was growing weaker. Reliving the memories, feeling how she shattered several times over, how she would begin to rebuild only for his voice to torment her and her personal demon to find her to begin the process over again. He watched how Derek even had an ex-boyfriend tied up and made the man watch as he compelled Serenity to say and do awful things, how Derek had kidnapped her from a company retreat for three weeks so that he could "have fun" with Serenity in the forest, and even how he had her crawl on all fours and bark, a collar and leash on her neck, like a dog and force Serenity to perform for his enjoyment.

However, he could feel that Serenity was feeling like weights were falling from her, but she was shaking. Her worse memory, the one that would send her on the path that lead her to the headmaster, and ultimately Maddox, was fast approaching. With the last of his strength, he began his work, ignoring how good it felt to have Serenity close the wound on his neck. But he was unprepared for the brutality of the human man... no, human vampire. He could no longer call Derek Stone a man.

"Please...dont ....you dont want to see" Serenity said in a warning tone but it was too late

"You are a good girl, Seren," Derek said, watching Serenity ride him, her newly forming breasts bouncing as she did. "Always so tight. I love you."

"What is this?!" Lily yelled, shock on her face.

Serenity didn't stop. It was like she hadn't heard her own mother's voice, but Derek saw hope alight in Serenity's eyes. Derek smiled and the hope turned to fear.

"My dear Lily," said Derek, "you are home early."

"How dare you do this with our daughter?!" Lily said.

"Stop!" Derek yelled, using his power on Lily.

Surprisingly, the woman who seemed normal didn't do as he commanded. Well, not completely, she fell when he used his power, but she kept coming to take Serenity from him. He made Serenity get off of him and tied up her mother. He picked up the tired Serenity and entered her from behind, forcing her to hold on to him and letting her mother see him pump into Serenity.

He smiled cruelly and said, "Tell your mother how much you love your father's cock pounding into your tight pussy, Serenity. Tell her that you are my whore and have been for a while. Tell her every detail of how you begged me to fuck your brains out."


Landon go into the room first, act as prince I will be close Xavier said as they landed near by.

Landon nodded, and materialized behind the door. He knocked on the door.

"May I enter?" he asked formally.

"W-Who.. is it?" Said a weak female voice from behind the door. He could tell it was a human and sensed two people in that room

Landon said, "I'm from the school." Is this the top student? he asked Xavier. Have you ever met them?

I only know what she looks like, but if you listen one heart beat in there is fast, something is not right

"Are you the prince?" said the female voice in a shaken tone

"If I am, would you let me in?" Landon asked uncommitted. I agree, but I can't place my finger on what it is. Should I be attacked, you must leave. Maddox will become your second. I can be replaced, but you can not.

There was no answer, Landon had been with him long enough to know that meant he would not leave.

"He said I had to make sure it was you or...or he will kill her" She asked in a frighted tone

"Who are you talking about?" Landon asked. "Is anyone else in the room with you?" Should I open the door? From what I detected, there are three people in the next room, two men and one woman. I sense a fourth, but I can't get a read on them.

Ill take the room on the right you go in the one your in from of

Landon gave a mental nod and opened the door.

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