Want/Prince 2

Serenity was crying as she told her mother what he wanted her too mommy! she cried in her head, begging her to save her

Derek laughed and said, "Good girl. Here's your father's milk as a reward!" And he filled her so that she overflowed. He sat down then, his legs weak "now clean me off with your mouth " He commanded and she started to do so.

"Stop it!" Lily yelled, tears falling. "Fight him, Serenity! Please!"

"She can't hear a worthless woman like you!" Derek yelled. "You have no power!"

A ripple went through the scene, as if the memory had laid in wait for just the right person to come along and aid Serenity. A forgotten piece of it now clear and ready to be heard.

"I may not have a power like yours," said Lily, "but there is something I can do!" She looked at Serenity who cried as she was forced to as her father said. "Serenity, I can not make you do things, but I can create shields within your mind so that you can be free, shields that only God himself can take down. But you must escape and take your sister with you. If I do this... I will be exposed. There is a man for you out there, special like you, who has power stronger than your fathers. He needs you and you need him. My ability allows me to feel him through you, baby girl, and he suffers with you, though he does not know it. You are never alone. When you have reached the end of your endurance, go to him and he will save you, as you will save him from a monster as bad as your father. But please, take your sister and run."

Serenity felt a warmth in her mind. The first would be that her true love would never be able to use compulsion on her, that those who were good would not be able to... Another ripple showing the end of the hidden memory, showing why the other Carpathians couldn't compel her. Her mother never got to finish protecting Serenity's mind.

Derek filled Serenity once more as he grabbed a hunting knife and threw it at Lily, who screamed in pain as it stabbed her shoulder. Derek ordered Serenity to stab her mother. Serenity grabbed the knife, yanking roughly on it. Another ripple revealing another hidden memory.

"Serenity," Lily said, "I love you. I'm sorry I failed to protect you. It's not your fault. You are innocent, baby girl. Never forget that. It's not..." The final ripple, and end of the last hidden memory, "...your fault, Serenity."

Serenity continued to stab her in the chest repeatedly. That night Derek made her keep stabbing her until her arms gave out, long after her mother was dead. He then left her alone in the room with her body. Serenity curled up in her dead mothers lap, holding her cold hand. Serenity felt then as cold inside as her mothers body, all the warmth left her and she grew numb. She stayed there all night like that covered in blood and praying for death.

Serenity push Maddox away and stumbled back "I told you no!"

Maddox roared. His anger touched Serenity showing that he wanted to kill Derek for what he did to her, curse whatever gods that be that allowed her to suffer, and he cursed himself, not for reliving the memory with her, but because while she suffered and crumbled under a monster's hand, he had been so close to her, merely blocks from her torture chamber, chasing a vampire from the city. He had made a mistake that night, nearly losing his heart, because he had felt her pain, but he was an idiot for not realizing the truth. She had suffered and he could have saved her, could have saved her mother, and he left her to be in that hell hole for another decade!

When he was done shaking the earth with his anger, he fell to the floor, weakened from her feeding. Then, he went to her and hugged her legs.

"I failed you," he said, trying to sound strong when it felt as if his own heart were breaking. "I remember the day. My first mistake in centuries. I should have known you were close, and I did nothing. Your suffering is as much my fault as his. I could have ended it, and I did not. I am so sorry, Serenity."

"I...could have been saved?" she said in a distant tone

"Your mother tried," said Maddox, "And I was an idiot for not trying to. Yes, you could have been saved. I have no right to call you my lifemate."

She moved away from him "you say you have no right yet I am right? Im your lifemate?" she said turning her back to him

"There is no other, Serenity," said Maddox. "You are perfect. I never meant that you and I aren't meant to be. Just that my stupidity caused more harm. I wasn't a fledgling, a child just learning. I knew the signs and ignored them."

"then whats the use of being upset about it now...you should go feed" she said still not looking at him

"I will not leave!" he yelled. "Not with you upset, not when you just relived such atrocities! I will not fail you again!"


The room exploded with UV lights, the room to the right exploded with UV lights as well, Xavier's cry of rage and pain echoed the halls

Landon growled, ignoring the searing pain that went through his body. He killed one man in seconds and tore out the other's heart. The woman seemed innocent, but he no longer trusted that. He put her to sleep and went to the prince. Where are you hurt? And how bad?

five rooms to your right down the hall He could hear the strain in his voice

Landon materialized behind a woman. She had a shotgun pointed as an injured Xavier. He grabbed hold of her, knocking the gun from her hands in the process. It shocked him that he was tempted by her soft skin and her scent. But he had to protect the prince. He turned her and hand her pinned by the throat, a foot off the ground. He was shocked a second time by her beauty and hesitated. Something prevented him from ripping the woman's heart out, and he feared it was what he thought.

Her hands grabbed his wrist "go ahead...It wont save him" She gasped painfully. Her eyes met his and she looked surprised "Oh shit...your..."

Landon stumbled, dropping the woman. Colors swam in front of him, making him dizzy. Emotions hit him, hurting his head. There was no doubt. This woman, evil though she may be, was his mate. He got himself under control and placed himself between her and the prince.

"You cannot kill him," Landon said.

"Of course not" She said gasping and grabbing her throat and using the wall to stand up "But the poison that is now in him can and will"

"Landon the others are here, take her for questioning, by any means necessary find out what poison she used I'm going to the caves" he said as the hurter's helped him from the room.

"Can you not push the poison from your body?" Landon asked, taking hold of the woman with an unbreakable grip. "It should not be that difficult."

Xavier gave him a look, telling him how severe the situation was, they had know each other most of there lives and it was rare to see worry on his old friends face, but there it was "get that information Landon, everything depends on it" he said before he disappeared with the others.

"Let go!" the woman said struggling against his grip

His grip tightened, but it in no way hurt her. It simply showed that she was not getting away.

"That man is special to us," he said. "If he dies, who knows who the next prince will be. It could be his sister, or a cousin of his. It might even be me." He looked at the woman, pinning her to the wall, wanting to shake her. "Tell me what the poison is. I have not bound us together as of yet, but so help me, I will take the information I need and then tie you to me so that you die with us if he dies and no prince is found! Do you understand?!"

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