Want/Prince 3

"please stop yelling I have a headache.....and...I just...watched my mother die again...I need sometime" she said and he saw her hands clench into fist at her side "go feed..ill be here" She said swaying slightly

"All the more reason for me to stay," said Maddox, standing so that he could help her sit. "I lived it too. I understand. Your mother was a good woman, and I would have been honored to have met her. But we found out that she allowed me to talk to you, that she knew we would meet. I cannot leave you to cry alone. Let me share your grief, for it is also mine to bear."

"I have grieved enough for one day, the memories might seem distant but the pain is not and Im not crying Maddox I.....dont know what I am" She said and suddenly started to take off her clothes. Her bare back was feminine and frail looking. Even in the low light of the cave her skin seemed to glow

He held her to him and said, "You are Serenity Daratrazanoff. You are strong, loved, and beautiful. You can be anything you want."

She was silent , her skin was warm to the touch and he felt her shiver in his arms and very slowly he felt her lean into his arms. She seemed small and fit perfectly to his large frame. Her arm cam up and move the hair from her neck to one side, exposing her neck to him "if you insist on staying.... feed from me...Im not good at this, I dont know how to offer it properly but....just hold me while you do it" He could see from her mind she was seeking comfort and her body as his lifemate was craving it in a more physical form, but he could see she was not ready to go so far again yet.

Maddox said, "If I were to feed from you, I would want to make love to you as well. And we both know it is too soon for that. I will feed before sunrise, I promise. For now, I will sit next to you and simply hold you. Will that be enough?" He sat next to her on the bed, his arm around her waist and her head on his shoulder. "So, if you need to cry, do so. If you wish to remain here in silence, we can do that. But it is up to you. Tomorrow, we will discover who you are together. I know you want find yourself. It is what she would have wanted for you as well. But, for now, just be with me."

She curled up into his lap more, pain struck his heart when he realized it was the same position she had sat in her mothers lap. She took his wrist and brought his hand up to her face just like she had did with her mothers, shielding her eyes from the world around her. He felt her tears underneath his hand it will end this way too she thought as her heart started to slow

"Please, don't," he said, holding her closer as if he could keep her with him by shear will. "Why do you want to leave me, Serenity? Why? Your mother never blamed you. You saw that too. She knew you were not in control, that it was him. She wants you happy, not dying like this. Please..."

im not choosing to die...im not doing this...I am so tired...am I dying? she asked softly in his mind, he realized then she was going into a Carpathian sleep, her body needing the rest was giving her no choice. That why she felt the urge to strip naked as her body temperature rose and her body wished to be laid to rest

"No," he said, relief going through him. "After everything, I panicked. I don't remember ever panicking before I met you. Go to ground and sleep. I will feed and follow after you."

She closed her eyes and he laid her down. As promised, he fed well and fell asleep next to her, holding her close.


She looked at him with anger "Bound...as in...no thats impossible...your " She trailed off and looked like she was thinking. He saw a spark in her eyes "well then....at least we know it wont be you to be prince" She said in a harsh tone

"A disrespectful, traitorous lifemate never stopped someone from becoming prince before," Landon said. "You being human is nothing. Prince Mikhail, on of our greatest leaders, had a human psychic as his lifemate and converted her. They made many changes to our people that have stuck since then, and showed that we cannot lose hope." He looked her in the eye, his lips inches from hers. "Tell me, what is in that poison, before I volunteer to be prince and make you a leader among our women."

She met his gaze with a fierceness "No..." She said in a stern tone "and you wont be prince because I will never be your lifemate, you will die with all your kind" She said in a viscous tone.

"So, the prince's sister, his younger brother, and his six male cousins can't become prince?" Landon asked. "You don't know as much about my people as you think. I am a distant relative to the prince, descended from Gregori Daratrazanoff, lifemate to Savanna Dubrinsky, who was the daughter of Mikahail and Raven Dubrinsky. Their blood is in me. Yes, I could easily be prince if fate deems me worthy."

"I know more then you think but what I know and what you know does not matter, all that matters is soon your kind will go extinct. So either kill me or let me go, either way you will get nothing from me and if you let me go I might let you enjoy what little time you have left by not shooting you with my shot gun over there" She said as she slowly reached for her knife that was attached to her upper thigh. When she grabbed it she went straight for his chest but he moved back, her knife only sliced open his shirt, revealing his sculptured chest.

He sighed and said, "That's it. You don't understand at all." He cleared his throat. "Since you want to try my patience. I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care." He felt the threads tying them together. "My fate is yours. The information, now!"

She smiled "two birds one stone, thanks for playing my game" She said and raised the knife and pointed it at her chest

He did not move. He looked her in the eye, waiting. "At least it will be my lifemate killing me, letting me see beauty one last time. I'd rather that then greeting the dawn or turning vampire."

Without another word she brought the knife down with all her strength

He had not thought her serious and stopped the knife with his own hand. He didn't make a sound, taking the knife out and closing the wound. He destroyed the knife and every other weapon.

"After saying the binding words, if you were to die now, I would turn vampire," he said, his tone saying she clearly didn't study her enemy. "I would use my looks and voice for evil, not good. I would appear beautiful, but I would be the undead, killing without thought." He pulled her to him. "Would you want to unleash a monster without equal? Would you destroy honorable men and women simply because you deem us unnatural and evil?"

With her so close, her scent teased him. He could not help how his hand cupped her cheek tenderly. He needed this woman more than life itself, yet he had to violate her privacy. He kissed her deeply, linking their minds so he could find the information. The shock of him kissing her was enough to get her shields down, if there had been any. He got the information he needed and shared it with the prince. Landon also learned her name, but did not go any farther. He needed to learn about this woman in an honorable way, though his demon demanded he claim what was his then and there. He hadn't realized he had kissed down her neck and was feeding from her. He fought and won the battle, not taking enough for a full exchange.

He put the room between them, but made sure that she saw there was no way to escape him. She would not get far enough to do so, even if he had missed a weapon.

"Alessia," he said, "I demand to know why you have condemned us both to a fate worse than death. Why attack the prince, even knowing that another could easily replace him? Several, in fact. Even if you had killed him, you would have failed to kill the Carpathians. What was the point?"

Her hand covered her neck where he had bitten her, he could see her cheeks were pink and the skin where his mouth had been was pink as well, he could hear her heart beating fast in her chest, she had a look of anger on her face and then it hit him, the scent of her arousal, the sweetest scent her had ever smelled in his life "Im not that unknowledgeably demon, I know you all can read minds..." She said making him worry the information he got from her was false

"Ma petite, memories don't lie," he said. "Especially when one is untrained to maintain a shield during surprise attacks." He pulled out a syringe of her poison and moved his shirt. "It's easier to test this my way."

He placed the syringe to his arm and started to insert it.

She smiled "I have been planning this for over fifteen years and you think my solution was to poison the prince knowing he could be replaced? no... since he has probably already gone to ground ill tell you lifemate." She said standing up "The poison was not important, the antidote was" She said leaning against the wall, her eyes held pride and anger "Ever heard of slivers?well Ive found a very old kind" She said sarcastically

"So, you used magic," he said, removing the syringe. "You do realize that it is a soul used to make them, yes? That, now the healers know, they can destroy them, there by weakening the one who cast the dark spell?" He motioned for her to sit. "What happened 15 years ago that made you hate my people?"

She didnt sit "Just wait hunter, these are not normal slivers, I am taking everything away from your people before they all die" She said and he could see she was visible getting paler

Landon went to her and quickly examined her, saying, "The slivers take a toll to create. Your body is human, not mage or Carpathian. You can not heal the damage. But why? Why sacrifice your ability to have children? Why destroy our children? I do not understand. I have been kind by not taking your memories, ma petite, but this cannot stand. The children are innocent."

"your kind is not innocent!" She said using the wall to move away form him "And its not just the children they will target, I will take everything from you! your land so you will have no place to rest, your children your people! everything!" She said having to use the wall to hold herself up "I never planned to live through this but nether will you or anyone else. They will spread to ever corner of this earth and find every last one of you" She said in a weak harsh tone

"Did you also calculate that they can't discern Carpathian from vampires from lycans from mages from humans from animals?" he asked, picking her up. "They attack all. Even if you programed them to only attack my people, once you die because I claimed you, they will have no one directing them, and they will attack freely. In other words, you just killed the world."

She didn't fight him picking her up. "I told you I never planned to live through this...that's why I made sure they would continue after I am gone" She said unable to keep her head up anymore, "your whole race just got taken out by a human..." she said in a sarcastic tone. "Guess we are not just food..." she said weakly.

"Excuse me?" Landon asked, stopping cold. "My mother used to be human. My great-great grandmother was human. Many of my friends growing up were human. I have been saved by humans several times, more times than I can count. I don't think anyone believes humans are just food, except the vampires and Senga rau. I respect humans, as the ones I know have shown courage far beyond what was required or asked of them. My people protect humans. We have even stopped feeding from them unless we get permission, using the Savage Wining company to gain bottles of blood from those who have donated. In fact, when out hunting and unable to have Carpathian wine, we make sure to not harm any human we feed from, or to distress them. There humans that hunt and kill us simply because we exist, because we are different, when we have done nothing to them. Please explain how you came to this outdated conclusion."

"it...does not matter" She said and he could hear her heart growing weaker as she coughed a little blood formed on her lips " I can finally rest now" she said in a weak relieved tone

"It matters to me," he said. "You are my light, Alessia. My very soul. You are why I fought vampires, the same men I grew up with, for over a thousand years. I can feel for the first time in centuries. Without you, I may as well be a monster." He sat her in some dirt, showing he had not only carried her, but taken her through the air without her noticing and to a cave. "This is a place of healing for Carpathians." He looked up. "Xavier. This is my lifemate, the woman responsible for this mess. It's slivers. They attack everyone, even her. We must act fast."

There was no answer from the caves. Suddenly men and woman some very injured and some not came rushing from the cave "Healers we need healers!" One woman exclaimed as her injured lifemate was still very weak. Another male came up to Landon "Landon thank the heavens you are here, please help, some of them are not strong enough to be out of the ground but we were attacked and its spreading, we have to keep moving but some can not survive the move without help"

As soon as they entered, the people began swarming him. He stood calmly and directed everyone, humans and Carpathians and lycans, in an orderly fashion.

"The ones who suffered the longest and/or pregnant will be healed first," he said, eyeing his lifemate, anger flaring. "I will work my way down from there. I need every skilled healer, human or otherwise, to aid. There are too many for me to heal alone."

A woman, clearly human and elderly, was placed next to Alessia. She looked at Landon with pain stricken eyes. He gently touched her head and put her to sleep, though everyone could tell it was not easy. He entered her body and destroyed the sliver, coming into his body coughing up blood.

"Healers, they will attack you as you try to rid the bodies of them," he said. "Do not go to ground, or put anyone in the soil if possible."

The woman woke up and said, "Oh, Landon, thank you. My mate and I are indebted to you."

"Just live a happy life, elder," said Landon, hiding his own pain from her. "You and your mate will be missed when you both pass, but you have touched all our lives."

She smiled, reminding Alessia of her grandmother. A man who looked only 30 or 40 went to the elderly woman and picked her up, kissing her deeply.

"She was afraid of the conversion," Landon said as he saw his mate look after them and the next patient placed before him. "He is choosing to greet the dawn when she dies. They sleep in a basement with a dirt ground. They share a bed, but he has a blanket of dirt under him so he heals properly." He removed his own shard. "This is some mess, huh? Every species here to heal, yet even that was stolen from them."

Then he was at it again.

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