Want/Prince 4

Xavier took the antidote and went to ground, yet something didn't feel right, he had a feeling in his gut that something was wrong.


Serenity woke up with her body on fire, she was covered in sweat and the pain coursing through her was almost unbearable and it felt like there were things crawling under her skin. She cried out in pain and convulsed violently.

Maddox woke up, talked soothingly, but even he knew something was wrong. He had to take her to a better cave. Perhaps then, the prince would help. He sent a call to him, but found the same pain. This did not bode well.

Blood formed between her legs as she grabbed onto him, her body was hot, too hot, she was burning up "Please make them stop! Im sorry! Im sorry! " She begged

"It's not you," Maddox gasped, his own pain too much to keep him upright. "The prince... he is being attacked. I am... shielding the baby, protecting them... but the prince is... what keeps us... alive... Without him, we... we all die."

Serenity passed out in Maddox arms

Maddox put her in the ground, hoping that the earth could help. He set up safeguards and went to help the prince.


Megan woke up with a cry, she felt like she was burning alive, she started thrashing in pain

Magnus ignored his own pain, trying to take it from Megan, but it surrounded them. The prince was in danger, fighting an unseen enemy. He knew it, but did not know how to aid his mate.

The ground began to shake as Megan was using her power unknowingly because of the pain. Her blood filled the air and the ground burst from above them as megans powers unleashed, the second the light hit her from the cavern above he saw her naked body covered in sweat and red, blood pooled between her legs and suddenly she jerked and and grabbed her chest "my...heart..." She moaned out in a weak panicked tone

"Not yours," said Magnus, his eyes glowing. "The prince. We must save him."

Megan was still when Magnus rush to save the prince and to stop his lifemate from being in pain


Magnus and Maddox were waiting in the deepest chamber for the prince. Both were pale, worry on their ancient faces.

"Are you alright?" Maddox asked the prince. "I cannot take the pain my lifemate feels. It hurt too much. I swear by all that is holy, Xavier, every woman is in pain this night."

"Megan and her sister seem to be sensing your pain," said Magnus. "Tell us how to help."

"Slivers and it is not just the females, why you two are sparred I do not know, I have sealed the cave, we must save as many as we can, go to your lifemates first I will help the others

Maddox and Magnus quickly grabbed their lifemates. When they came to the cave, it was not hard to see that they were fighting their demons. Their lifemates lay as if dead in their arms.

"They lost the babies," Maddox said. "Serenity... she had misgivings about being a mother, but even so... this will destroy her."

"Megan as well," said Magnus. "I swear, I will destroy whoever has done this."

"you will have to get ride of the slivers on your own, i must help the others, at this moment there is no place safe to lay them, the best you can do is ward around there bodies so no new slivers can enter until we can cleanse the soil. Now hurry" the prince said and disappeared down the hall.

The men got to work. Maddox was used to seeing such deep damage, but not on the woman he loved. Magnus tried his best to be strong, but he could not enter Megan's body without being thrown back out in horror.

"I will do it," said Maddox. "You are my brother through your mate, and I do not abandon family. Link minds with me and you can see what I do if you wish."

"Thank you," said Magnus.

"You are welcome."

"Why do you not speak to my mind?"

"Do we really have time for this conversation?"

"You're right. Proceed."

Both women look like a meat shredder had begun working on their insides, and it was not hard to find the culprit. Sliver littered their bodies. It soon felt like for every sliver he destroyed, five more would appear to take over.

Amazing! said Magnus. The others, their screams of pain have slowly died down as they come here.

This is why we were unaffected! Maddox exclaimed. Our lifemates, their blood calls to the slivers!

So, they are saving everyone?

Yes, but at a great risk to themselves, and they aren't even doing it on purpose. Their blood is special in more ways than one. They are dying as they accidentally save lives.

The prince suddenly appeared throwing them both back into their bodies and back away from their lifemates. Just as he did both serenity and Megan stood up but there eyes were black. Just as Magnus and Maddox stood up serenity and Megan attacked the prince. The prince spared them any vital hits but kept them busy focused on him.

Dont come near, thats an order, get the others from the caves, when everone is out I will distroy the slivers that are left in your lifemates but you mus hurry before the slivers fully bond with them

"I refuse to leave," said Maddox. "She is my lifemate. If you were not the prince, I would be attacking you, but I must lend aid since your second is not present."

"I will keep others from entering," said Magnus. "But I must be able to see Megan. I will put up the strongest safeguards I know to protect the cave and Maddox."

make sure everyone is out first..that must be our first priority not me, despite what everyone says you all know I am replaceable but not our people Suddenly serenity grabbed a hold of Xaviers head "your weak....you know your not worthy to be prince...your a shadow...a place holder" Serenity's voice echoed unnaturally and Xavier went to his knees. Megan bit into her wrist but instead of the blood pouring out it formed a long sharp dagger in her hand and she slowly walked up behind he prince

"You havent told them how weak you are...your the biggest demon here, so close to your fall...you feel nothing , see nothing" serenity said as blood tears ran down the princes face "I will let you see her before you go, so you will know what you can never have"

Magnus went to help secure the cave, but Magnus stalked towards Megan and Serenity. He said, "Serenity, there are no monsters here. A good man to follow, and me. You know this. You are stronger than the shards. Fight them. Gather them in one place and burn them. You can do it. You are stronger than you know."

Megan turn towards Maddox, her blood blade ready in her hands, she looked like a true warrior right then

Serenity quit speaking and her hands started to shake, her eyebrows frowned and sweat coated her forehead and she dropped the princes head and staggered back with a cry "Maddox!" She cried for him in a pain filled voice. Suddenly instead of looking at Maddox ,Megan turned just as Serenity staggered near her and plunged her sword into her back, the tip coming out her chest in the front. A sickening sound echoed the cave as the sword was pushed deeper and megan grabbed serenitys shoulders to sink it in more. Blood flowed down serenity, pooling at her feet.

Maddox ran and threw Megan into the wall, knocking her out. He grabbed Serenity, fear flooding him, tears falling.

"Stay with me!" he begged as he began healing. "You can't die, Serenity! Please!"

He couldn't concentrate. He kept being knocked back into his own body. His lifemate was dying and nothing was going to save her. He was panicking. Xavier had never seen Maddox like this, a scared child, lost and confused.

"I... I don't know what to do!" he said, hugging and rocking. "I don't know what to do."

"Maddox get up!" Xavier claimed and pulled him up and away from serenity just as hundreds of slivers came into the area "Listen to me" He said forcing maddox to look at him "We can save her but we have to act at the precise moment but I need you to focus or we all die with her "They wont let their host die, they will heal her, we wait until they do and then destroy them but her blood is not only calling the slivers but other Carpathians, I am barely able to control myself so we have to get rid of the blood as soon as possible when this is done" He said burning the blood from Maddox's clothes. Just as he said the slivers surrounded Megan and serenity, after a few moments the both started to move "Now maddox" he said just as the barrier broke and the carpathians started to flood in

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