Broken/Healed/Agatha/Prisoner 2

Though it was not his intention but because of what he was, when he bit down on her neck, Victoria screamed in pain. Malachi filled her as he drank from her. He took very little of her blood as Victoria was weak from feeding so little. He also felt her forced climax, which he had gotten used to as a side effect of the act and not because she truly enjoyed it.

Morgan walked in, meaning Malachi could not let Victoria rest. He turned her around so that she had to hold on to his legs as he continued to pump into her. Because of her sensitivity, the look on her face mad Morgan smile.

"Looks like you have fallen," said the witch, putting her foot in front of Victoria. "Say, 'I am sorry for disobeying, mistress. I am a cock loving whore will do as you command so long as I get a dick in my defiled slave pussy. I beg you to watch me fuck Master Malachi until I come.' Now, kiss my foot like the good slave you are."

Victoria growled in defiance in Malachi head, he could feel her anger "I am sorry for disobeying, mistress. I am a cock loving whore will do as you command so long as I get a dick in my defiled slave pussy. I beg you to watch me fuck Master Malachi until I come" She said leaning down and kissing her foot

Victoria, that's not meaning it, he said as the wave started to build. I'm sorry. We can not wait any longer.

He began pumping harder as the wave hit, causing Victoria to scream in pain. For a moment, the pain was too much and her mind went blank.

"Try again," said Morgan, forcing Victoria's face to her crotch. "But now, instead of kissing my foot, you must get me off."

Malachi could not watch. He closed his eyes, as if he were concentrating on pounding into Victoria. In her mind-numbed state, Victoria said the apology, the pain not allowing defiance. He could hear her eating out Morgan, who gasped. Lucky for them, it did not take long for Morgan to be satisfied, having had fun earlier.

"Good slave," said Morgan, standing on wobbly legs as Malachi filled Victoria, who could not move but only gasp in pleasurable pain. "Malachi, you have three months to shape her. Don't let me down." She touched Victoria's head and removed the spell. "Now that she's trained enough, I have no need of this much pain. Know that she will still feel much of the conversion pain if she disobeys, but she has had it toned down a degree."

"Naturally," said Malachi with a salute as the witch left.

He gently pulled out of Victoria and healed her enough so that she would not feel too much pain, but enough discomfort to make Morgan not as questions.

"I am sorry," he said when she awoke. "I could not take the chance of her using dark spells to take everything from you. But I can now tell you my plan. I want to get rid of Morgan. And you are the only one who can. Do you think you can fuck your way to her good graces? Once close to her, you can make her the slave. She is already a cock hungry whore, but she has too much power. Your ability could take that power away and then, we can be free."

"I will need you help....first you have to make sure I don't become pregnant....second" she said getting up and crawling over to him until she was in his lap. She gentle touched his face "stay in my I think to much of whatever they will have me do I will fight, hearing your voice....just talk to me ok" She said and slowly dropped her hand "third....dont sleep with anyone else, your in my mind and im in yours, you made it so I cant break that connections so at least be mindful of it, im not saying im jealous...." She said looking away from him "I.....just dont want you to be with anyone else ok...I will please you and I will feed you, I can take care of all your needs so there is no need for you to go to others " She looked back at him "I can please your mind and body, I can make you feel much more then that bite.." She said in a low tone "If I am to be are to be mine" She said in his ear in a seductive tone "I feel your obsession over didn't like me touching her..." Her hands played with his chest "do you want me to be only yours?" she asked "tell me what you want Malachi" she said sucking the bottom of his ear teasingly.

Malachi made her lay down next to him and said, "Vampires can't have children, nor can ghouls. As for the mages and humans, you will not have to worry because you won't be ovulating for a while. And my focus must be on you, I'm your trainer. I always give training my full attention. So there will be only you and me, always touching minds. And, unfortunately, I will have to be one of those who will be doing those things to you, so that means that I can protect your mind. However, I will have to distance your mind from your body so that you sound convincing like I did to day, only you will not be in actual pain when I do it." Stroked her cheek. "You let me feel what it would have been like if my mate had lived, Victoria. I will not lose that connection. Even if it's pretend, I want that experience and only you can do that. So no, I did not like it." He kissed her neck. "Now, let's get you fed. Then, we can get to work." He helped her up so that she was comfortable as he pulled out more bottles to feed her. "Feed as much as you want."

She looked at him surprised "Really?" She asked in a soft tone like she was afraid it was a joke "and what about what I said about me filling all your needs? will you agree?" she asked picking up a bottle of blood

"That is a given, Victoria," he said. "But for my needs to be met, you must be strong. Now feed. You aren't going to like this next part, but I will keep your mind with me at all times so that your greatest asset is protected. I will feed from you, use your body, and be a shield. You simply have to play a part."

As long as you keep your word and met my condition I can play any part I need too" She said and downed every last bottle. She didnt realize just how much she had been starving. She had lost a lot of wight, her ribs were beginning to show. When she was finished she turned to him "before we do this I want to do something for you...for the blood" She said stepping towards him. He felt her touch his mind gently, being respectful as always. She concentrated hard, so much so sweat formed on her forehead but after a minute it finally worked. She thought of the happiest memory she had and filled him with the emotions from it. Letting him feel what it was like to be happy, with no hatred or anger, just happy. She couldn't hold it for long though she was trying too.

He smiled and said, "Don't waste your time, Victoria. Your happy memories make my own emptiness greater. If I were 2ooo years younger, I would have caused you pain for trying. But I'm far older than most. I appreciate the attempt but... it won't help me. Just give me the lifemate experience for now, alright? Now that you look healthier now, we have a performance. Give me your mind and we will begin."

She met his gaze "if you betray me you will regret it" She said in a stern told that made her look like a warrior. He felt her mind brush his, because she was a shield it was not enough to to control her or even gain memories but just the surface

He took hold of what he could, knowing that it this could be difficult, but Victory looked complacent enough. He placed a dog collar and leash on her.

"You will have to walk like a dog outside of the room," he said. "Clothes are not allowed. I don't like it, but she wants you paraded around to show even that the mighty fall to her. You will need to bark instead of talk and be a bitch in heat. Are you you ready?" He had the door open, which allowed the men to hear her bark. He began walking, leading her. It's just your shell, Victoria. Don't worry.

The women that had been kidnapped during the past week, all scared, scarred, and broken, followed behind her, also treated like dogs. But one was in a cage, curled into a ball and bleeding. When you were in pain from the shards, this woman was "rescued" by some mages she won't tell us her name. We don't know her family, her abilities, or anything. Morgan doesn't care about her mind, and continues to torture her. She would have been on a leash as well, but for the lack of a name. She is broken and listens well, but... it is the one thing she has yet to give us, her name. I fear she is broken beyond repair and that even this Carpathian woman no longer remembers who she was or her name or her precious family. Victoria knew he wasn't showing it, but she felt a memory long buried playing before his eyes and the tears he wanted to shed. She would never get to see them again in this lifetime in any case. No slave ever escapes alive.

That will change soon , you seem to be the only one here that realizes you are just as much slaves as the woman here. Her hand suddenly pressed down on a sharp rock and she cried out. It cut deep into her skin. She saw eyes on her and knew she had to keep acting. She turn around towards Malachi and held her bloody hand up to him in submission, the act showing she was saying her blood was his.

Malachi took her blood before continuing. I am afraid letting anyone go would be unwise. Like me, some have attached themselves to the slave. You too. You can't leave me.

I will not leave you but I do think the bigger problem we have is not Morgan, but the other person that keeps watching me, I keep feeling someone try to get into my mind, they are close, somewhere in this place, I feel them watching me, it makes me feel cold...

Malachi wanted to snatch her up and run, knowing an ancient wanted her, but as the eldest, he chose her and no other could steal her from him. He can't get in. He feels me so he will target me. You cannot aid me if he attacks.

At the army center, Morgan stood and said, "Show the men the extent of their training. And the bitch in the cave, I will give her another chance to tell me her name before she becomes a public toy."

"Beg for cock," Malachi said, wiping himself out. "Beg like a good dog."

Victoria could see other women performing, some like pigs and some like cats and there were a couple of horse girls, but only she seemed to be a canine.

Once she did animal tricks, Malachi let her start sucking on him. Because her mind was distanced from it, her battered body acted like a true slave, greedily feeding off of him. She turned after a moment and stuck her ass out to him, juices flowing. He mounted her, riding her hard and rough. She was "so well trained" that she never stopped barking in pleasure. She howled Nd collapsed when they came together. Malachi sat down, and Victoria kept riding him. Morgan laughed while the true Victoria growled in anger at the witch's glee. Not time yet. Let it play out. Once back in my lair, you can rest. For now, know it is just your body that is a slave. You mind is with me, safe.

I need to earn favor, she seems like the jealous type, if I want to get close to her like we want I have to make her think im the best slave here, I didnt want to do this around others, I wanted it to be just you and me, but your right, we have to act smart, trust in me and let me take care of you Her hands slid up and around his neck as she started to let him feel what it was like to be with your lifemate intimately. Though it only had been once she remembered like it was branded in her soul. To make it even strong she imagined Jacob in her mind and the effect instantly grew stronger.

"First, let's hear your plan, my friend," he said, knowing Ion had learned what an honor it was to be accepted by him as a pack member, even if he didn't want a pack. "If I find a flaw, we can work it out until we are both satisfied."

"what if you do that mist thing....cover your scent when we enter the school, if you show me what your father looks like ill keep an eye out for him" he said taking a bite of his food

"He would know I was there," said Dom. "I need to stay far from the school for now. In a month, we can look for the person who has harmed our children. I can find them, I have no doubt, but not with this much tension. Besides, if you go there, you will be kicked out. You are not a student or a parent, remember? You won't be allowed in."

He looked like he was thinking "I suppose you are the meantime why dont you show me how to protect myself from your vampires. you cant be the one to save me all the time if something should happen"

Dom said, "My friend, you got lucky this past week. But, should you be attacked when I am not here, call for me in your mind. However, you can't let him get a hold of you, and if he does, he cannot drink your blood. Fight him or die trying. That is all you can do until I arrive. And don't listen to them. Their voices are weapons. Block them anyway you can."

"Sure ill get right on that and old man like myself fight one of those things, I can see it now I invite him for a cup of tea and I hit him with my cane, Im sure that will take the bastard down" He said with a smirk

Dom laughed and said, "That's only a last resort, Ion. You won't last against a vampire because of you being a human. But you are my friend, so I am willing to protect you. Do not worry about relying on me for protection."

"So holy water, the cross, garlic all that is pointless huh?" he said in a humored tone

"Yes," said Dom. "But if you go to holy ground, you will have some protection. Vampires can't go onto holy ground, so they will use their voice to draw you out. And they avoid mirrors, but not because they don't have a reflection, but because they can't stand seeing the truth about how horrid they have become."

"I see, well I guess you better go eat what you really need, ill be here" he said cleaning up the plates.

Dom said, "I'll do that. Stay in the cave. Vampires have been looking for women as of late. I fear there is a bigger game at foot and you would be seen as an obstacle, one I can't afford to lose. Once part of my friend and pack mate, I will never betray you or let you die."

"I'm human ill die someday" he said in a soft tone "now go eat your cranky when you dont and you talk more"

All we needed to hear was that it was attacked, said Erik, showing that he and Meghan were already flying there. You tried to play the mysterious, little prince. And I have never doubted your judgement, only your lack of giving details when needed. You have a habit of keeping too much to yourself.

Erik..... he could hear the sadness in his tone your family was one of the graves that was disturbed, know you have my support in this and have your lifemate there when you see it, you will need her comfort

Most of my family there has already met the dawn, said Erik. My daughter, however, wanted to stay close to us. She is quite the opposite of Lucilia, and it has me worried for her. I thank you for the warning and will begin healing her upon our arrival.

thats what you dont understand....the resting places have been robbed Erik, couples are missing and these who no longer have bodies have had their urns broken, they were looking for something or someone and on their way ... he couldn't finish it you will see for yourself

What happened to my daughter, Xavier? Erik asked with a growl.

There was silence for a moment we dont know

Meghan shot past him and Erik said, She was taken, then. Someone must have taken her. I will begin searching for her.

you will go to the monastery like I asked Xavier's voice was deep and commanding

But.... Meghan began

We have to start there, my love, said Erik. That is where her sent starts. It will be buried under rubble, so we will have to fix the monastery before we begin looking. We will find her, Meghan.

lets not waste anytime then

Hurry and rest, little prince, said Erik. We cannot be without you. We will return when it is time for Landon and his mate to rise.


Alexandor stepped back and said, "What has happened to you? Why are you bleeding? You need a healer."

"they are minor wounds Alex, some of the males got rowdy and i had to interfere, please don't stop" she said in a tone that surprised him, looking at her now he could see her cheeks were flushed, he could also see the hand mark on her body from the other males.

He laid her down on their earthen bed and said, "Allow me to heal you then."

He found each cut and licked at them, sending waves of pleasure through her. He moved his hands over her to not only find every wound, but arouse her farther. Soon, he was over the top of her, nestled between her legs, his naked body glistening with sweat, and his impressive, though intimidating, endowment teasing her entrance. He slowly entered her, waiting for her to stop him.

She gripped his shoulders and met his gaze "I will not lie....this is not my first time, but you will be my last" She said as her tight core too all of him in

He surged forward and began moving. He wanted her to never regret their joining, his tender touch bringing tears to her eyes as he used his mouth to worship wherever he could reach.

He felt her start to tremble underneath him "I cant take it any more your driving me crazy!' She moaned and rolled them so she was on top. She began riding him fast and hard, her nails digging into his chest, sending waves of pleasurable pain through him

He kissed her deeply, losing himself in the feel of her. His control was quickly leaving him. He kissed her neck before biting down deep.

She cried out and clenched tighter around him Rough Alex...I like it rough so please stop holding back, I feel your so long you have held so much back, do not do so with me

I want to feel you feed from me first, he said, closing the wound but leaving his mark. I promise, once you do, you will be worshiped as you deserve. But I need to feel you feeding from me, Sara.

Sara bite down deeply on his chest, right above his heart

He threw back his head, his mind going blank. He pumped hard and fast and rough. He was running on pure instinct. He hit every spot, sending her into orgasm after orgasm. He pinned her in the submissive, pumping so hard that he left delicious bruises where his hands gripped her waist. He kept chanting her name in her mind, unable to think of anything else.

"The desk...take me over the desk alex" She begged. She had a very kinky side, he felt it and saw in her mind how the thought of him as head master taking her on his desk was a turn on. She wanted it rough like she was a student who needed to be punished

Alexandor picked her up, pulling out. He laid her on her stomach on the desk, shoving into her once more, pinning her in the submissive. He was rough and tender, despite being out of his mind with pleasure and utterly out of control, moving on pure instinct.

I cant take much more! Alex! she moaned his name in his head

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