Time on the Road/Lifemates/What Now?

Dom rose from the earth. It had been almost two and a half weeks since finding Ion, yet now, he could not fathom how he had planned on traveling alone. Ion was good company, which Dom needed.

They were currently in an old shack. He didn't like the basement, but using an abandoned society hangout was better than nothing. He had closed of the exits and fixed the hole in the floor so that the hut could be used. It was close enough to the school that when they were ready, they could go. But he had to get Ion used to the idea, though it was mostly to prepare himself. The prince had need of every hunter and, though his father went to help at the monastery days ago, Dom wanted to be sure no one from his brother's pack would rat on him.

He went into the shake like vapor and said, "You were busy. This place looks habitable in here now."


""you can do a lot when you have no memories to think about" he said still sweeping

"I suppose you can," said Dom. "As you know, we are within walking distance of the school and most of my village have left, save for the children. The school is fixed and life goes on while the gravely injured continue to heal." He sat on a stool. "You also know that we have been preparing you to go in and how to act. Do you think you have everything down? If not, we can stay here a bit longer. Tension is still high right now, and two strangers appearing my cause... issues."

"thats understand able. They did just lose people they cared for" he said sweeping the dust out of the room.

"So, we wait some more," Dom said, sound relieved that he came up with his own conclusion. "Besides, do you even feel ready to go?"

He shrugged"some days I just want to get out. I'm bored" he said shrugging "I also feel like I'm supposed to be doing something"

"Like what?" Dom asked.

"I don't know but I feel it is important" he said with a shrug

"I promise, my friend, we will find your memories," Dom vowed. "So, let's figure out our next move."

"what's on your mind"" knowing he had an idea

"I though we could stay outside the perimeter of hunters and look around," said Dom. "You were coming from this direction, so perhaps you saw something that frightened you. You could have been hiking in the area and attacked, causing you to slip and fall, resulting in your amnesia." He smiled. "You are a well built man, and physically strong. This leads me to believe that if you are attacked, you could hold your own against another man and unafraid of the wild animals. It would also explain your ripped clothes and lack of backpack. If you fell backward, hitting your head in just the right spot, you could forget everything." His face fell. "There is also the possibility that you had your memory messed with, but losing all of your memories means that the person was either stopped part way into it, or that they were young. The only reason for this is that you did something horrible to my people, but I have gotten to know you and do not think that is likely."

"If I didnt know any better I would say you were coming on to me lad, but I dont think Im your lifemate even though you would be damn lucky to have me" He said hitting him playfully with the broom

Dom played along and went to tackle him for the "insult". However, he heard footsteps outside and a growl. He made a motion to be quiet. Carpathian, he said after a moment. Stay quiet.


Landon stirred. Hunger beat at him. His fangs exploded in his mouth. Silken strands played along his arm. That shocked him. He turned to see her. Alessia. His woman. He opened the earth, his parent waiting for him.

"I fed well this night," said Erik. "I offer freely."

Landon staggered forward and drank from his father. As he did, memories flooded back. He closed the wounds.

"Thank you," Landon said. "She is going to be a handful."

"You always said you wanted an interesting lifemate," said Erik. "What's more interesting that one who tried to destroy your people."

"One who actually listens when the truth is revealed."

"You cannot force her to see the truth. But enough of that. I have to talk to your lifemate, you have a need to claim her, and Annabelle is still missing. She was one of the best maidens there, and I fear for what she is experiencing. We will need your aid in this."

"I have yet to inherit the title of the Dark One. I am not suited to the task."

"That's not what I have heard. You are said to be the scariest boogeyman since my grandfather, Gregori. Young children are both in awe and in fear of you."

"That was not my intention."

"I know that, but that is beside the point." He looked at Alessia. "Wake up, daughter. We need to talk."

Alessia stired and coughed she crowned and when she moved she groaned in pain. She was pale very pale. She tried to sit up up but found it difficult. Her mind was hazy and she didn't know where she was for a second "grand mama...i don't feel well" she said covering her eyes with her hand

"After going through the conversion, it's no wonder," said Erik, reaching down to her. "Come join us. We have much to discuss." When she looked up in shock, he thought he saw recognition color her eyes. "Do you know me?"

She moved away from him and touched the side of her neck "No...this can't be....no! No! No!"" she yelled. Her fangs bared "you bastards! you turned me!" she said with ragerage. The ground started to shake and they could feel power form around them. It suddenly stopped and she swayed and started to fall

Landon caught her as Erik said, "It was to save your life. As my son's lifemate, there was no other course. And it was not us, but the prince. We cannot lose you both." Landon sat her down on the ground and Erik looked her in the eye. "Do you know Agatha Springs? You look like her in so many ways."

A deep growl came from her "Don't...say...that..name" there was something dangerous in her eyes

"Why not?" asked Erik. "She was a dear friend of mine and helped our people destroy many of the sites owned by the human butchers. She managed to get her granddaughter away from them, but her own child refused to follow. She raised a lovely little girl who cared for everyone. She even told me about her being psychic, the first one of their line in generations, but that her granddaughter's ability scared her."

"your people killed her!" She said and and suddenly she burst into flames. Her whole body was covered in a violent fire. Her hair floated in the flames and her eyes burned with the same intensity "regardless vampire or Carpathian they are your people you all are the same! a vampire killed her and no Carpathian saved her! you all are as guilty as your fallen!" She yelled "without your race the world would be better off! you create monsters none of you have honor! you all have murder on your hands before you even fall!" she said taking a step forward but suddenly stumbled and callsped to her knees and the flame slowly went out and her body was covered in sweet "I will kill you all.." she said in a weak tone before she passed out

"So, she is Agatha's granddaughter," said Erik. "I can see why she was frightened. But what did she mean? I went to give aid, yet I arrived too late to save Agatha and her blood was there as well. I could not find much of Alessia's blood and there was no trail to follow to look for her. Agatha died in Meghan's arms, begging us to find Alessia and that she regretted not telling us everything." He held his mate, who began crying at the memories. "The society did more than try to raise Alessia. They used science to create her, to bring forth her ability to use as a weapon against us. This was the last memory she gave us, telling us to find and care for Alessia, but we had no place to start and no way to find her."

"No wonder she hates us....erik just the thought of what they would do to a little girl..." Meghan couldn't finish the sentence.

"Yes, I know," said Erik. "We searched for a decade, but found no trace, Landon. We knew she was probably a prisoner of a vampire, and that was our hopeful thoughts. We feared she was dead. After a decade of not finding a clue, we waited for news of a woman rescued from a vampire, but it never came."

"You never told me any of this," said Landon. "While on missions for Xavier, I could have looked. I may have missed clues because I didn't know to look."

"We were the only ones who knew about Agatha," said Erik. "We hid her away after her escape, and told no one because her past would have been enough for the prince to pass sentence upon her. We knew she was an asset and a good person. We grew to care deeply for her and it hurt seeing her so broken. Just as it hurts to see your lifemate so angry, even if we do understand."

Alessia stired "so...hungry " She moaned. She turned in Landon's arms. The fire had burned off all her clothes. As she turned it revealed her body was covered in scars and needle marks all signs of experiment s and torture. She had surgical marks as well. A large scar on her lower stomach.

Landon vowed to learn what each scar was and make whoever did it to her suffer for it. He covered her in a blanket as he put her head on his shoulder.

He then said, "I offer freely. Take what you need from me."

He felt her new fangs graze his skin. He felt her fighting it "no" she said in a weak tone

"It will get worse," Landon said. "If you do not feed, you will eventually attack someone. As your lifemate, it is my right and my pleasure to provide for you. You are already upset over the conversion, I would not want you be distraught over accidentally hurting an innocent."

"she didnt seem distraught yesterday when she did it" Meghan said out of no where with a growl.

"none of you are innocent" She said in a weak tone

"Those children where! and so was anyone else you murdered" Meghan growled and stepped towards her.

She was suddenly out of Landon's arms and hand Meghan by the throat up against the wall. Her fangs were out , her nails were long and her voice sounded almost demonic "I probably saved countless of people by making sure these monsters were never born!" She snapped

Meghan gripped her wrist and she cried out in pain as she released her neck but Meghan kept a hold of her wrist "I have lived to long, endured to much, to sit by and tolerate your ignorance." She said making Alessia go to her knees "its time you learned what really makes someone a monster" She said as she made her feel all the pain every single mother, baby and lifemate and Carpathian felt that day,what she caused "this is how monsters make others feel...as far as i am concerned your the only monster here!" She said breaking her wrist


Maddox woke up early. He wanted to prepare for what he was about to tell Serenity. He wanted everything in place for every outcome. He woke her up, his face set in stone, telling her he had grim news.

She opened her eyes and sat up. When her gaze met his he saw her begin to cry. Suddenly she ran towards him and threw herself in his arms and cried loudly into his chest

Maddox touched her mind and the felt the wind get knocked out of him. He sat her down and held her.

"I'm so sorry, Serenity, that you suffered so much and I could not aid you," he said, choking back his own tears. "I panicked and could not aid you as you needed. I have no excuse for it. I swear, I would never leave you like that on purpose, nor do I want to. Never leave my mind, Serenity, never. That hell you suffered when I stood right in front of you, it will never happen again."

She sobbed and curled up in his lap, hugging him closely. She was shaking in his arms "I thought...i...i thought I wanted to die before.....but compared to that....that was.....worse then killing my mother...i never knew what wanting death felt like until.....until you were gone" she said in a heartbreaking tone "please...olease don't leave me I'll do anything....ill be anything you want just don't leave me she said in a panic tone "

Maddox felt as if he had been punched in the gut. His hold on her tightened as he said, "Just be you, Serenity. I've always said that. I will never leave you, not for any reason. Not even the Devil himself could make me leave you."

"but you did leave!" she said hitting his chest weakly "you left me! no matter how much I called you! and then when you finally heard me I felt so much pain! it felt like my chest had been ripped open" she said crying

"I was with you the whole time," Maddox said, sharing his memories. "You were in pain and I did what I could to help. Then, you attacked the prince. I talked to you and your sister, also affected by the slivers, stabbed you. It was not her fault and I am sure she suffered as you suffered. But I never once left you and I was still tied to your mind, though you did not feel it. When she stabbed you and you lay in my arms... I felt you dying... my world crumbled... everything was disappearing... there was no meaning... I couldn't think... couldn't breath... I couldn't save you from dying... I was helpless." He made her look at him. "You went through hell, as did I, yours far worse because I was right there, and you could not feel me."

She looked away from him and just continued to cry on his shoulder. After a while she stopped crying but she didn't move

"Serenity, talk to me, my love," said Maddox. "You are upset, and though I do not want to intrude when you are upset, I must know what to do to comfort you. Let me share your burden."

"I need to know your not going to leave....that your here...really here..its not enough..." She said shaking her head "im scared any moment you will leave me" she sobbed "don't leave....dont leave""She mumbled as she started to kiss different places on his neck. She turned in his lap until she straddled him and her arms were around his neck. Be for he could speak she slowly lifted her head. Her eyes met his and she looked like she was looking into his soul. Slowly she started to lean in. This was the first time she had ever came to him like this

"How should I prove I am real and would never leave you?" he asked breathlessly.

"I...dont know she said right before her lips touched his. it was the first time she had ever kissed him. Her lips were soft and she felt hesitate like she was waiting for his reaction. Unsure of herself.

He growled, his hand tender as their clothes melted away. He laid her down on the soft bed, kissing down her body. He found her core and began feasting, sending her body mad. After a few torturous minutes, he kissed back up her body as he positioned himself at her entrance. He slowly entered her, wanting her to feel him, to know he was real and not an illusion. When he was all the way in and she was nearing climax, he began moving. He wanted her to simply feel everything. He sent her over the edge so many times that she couldn't tell where one orgasm ended and the other began. He worshiped her the only way he knew how, and by all that was good, he felt like he was burning for it. Sweat covered his body as he ensured that no part of her body was left unaroused by their love making. I am real, he said as he suckled her. He bit down before she could answer, sending her in a free fall she would never forget. He closed the pin pricks, and used his nail to slice his chest. Feed from me, Serenity, then you will get your last piece of evidence.

She had seen too much blood in her life and in some way it bothered her he was bleeding even if he did it too himself. Her mouth went over the cut and she moaned into his skin, her core tightened around him. As her tongue lapped at his sensitive skin closing the bite and cut he felt her break. The wall that had been up came crashing down and she cried out as she felt the full effect of what it meant to be lifemates. Letting him fully into her mind for the first time.

Maddox lost all control, hitting her deep without mercy, but full of love with each mind numbing stroke. Just as she let him see her, he let her see him. He held her close with a whimper when dark memories hit her, comforting her, and roaring in anger at the deeds done to her. Her teddy bear with claws. When they finally fell together, neither wanted to move. He rolled so as not to crush her, but he was so out of it that he didnt realize what he had done and fell hard into the floor, knocking the wind out of him. He gasped, trying to catch his breath. The whole cave looked like a warzone, rubble everywhere and the walls holding claw Mark's. Even the ceiling though neither one remembered being up there.

"Maddox...I cant get down...or move" She said in a soft tired tone

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