Time on the Road/Lifemates/What Now? 3

Dom said, "He is the vessel of our people. He ties us to each other and the earth. I know no other way to describe him. That is why we call him our prince. He leads us, often battles beside us, and listens to our troubles no matter how small. Yet, we put our lives on the line for him, often telling him to stay inside the safeguards like a child to keep him safe. He feels the weight of us on his shoulders, from new life being brought into this world and when we lose a hunter. But how those ties work, I have no idea."

"That seems like a heavy burden on both sides....I wont try to understand because even you dont...though i do wonder how you know who the next prince is" he said

"That's easy," he answered. "They display the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff connection early on. However, should the prince die and there is a relative that can replace him, the say it is like what humans call a migraine, all those voices at once."

"Voices?" he asked

"Voices of the Carpathian people," Dom said. "It takes time to learn to quiet them enough to function. When they grow up and are destined to be the next prince, their father helps them by training his son to deal with them. But... Mikhail didn't get that training, so when his father died, he was unprepared, but he had practiced with it on his own when his brother disappeared. It allowed him the ability to be one of the greatest princes that our people have ever seen. He passed his knowledge and practices to his son and grandson and so on."

"I see.....and why was someone so important here?" he asked

"My guess is that this girl can no longer be heard and he wants to learn why," said Dom. "When a person goes to the next world, their voice fades out, but if someone is cut off, it is a sudden quietness that is unnerving. No one just disappears. In this way, the prince knows who is in need of aid, who was destroyed, and even who has turned vampire. At least, that is what I understand of it. No prince tells us how being the vessel works, only passing their knowledge on to the next prince."

He just shook his head "i think you all live to long" he said

"It feels that way without our lifemate," said Dom.

"Then why dont we go find her? ill help in anyway I can to find her for you" he said in a sincere tone

Dom smiled and said, "If only it worked like that. No, she will appear when fate decides, when I am close to falling. Not a moment sooner." He helped Ion set up his tent. "It is nearly daylight. We should get some rest. Tomorrow, you being your first assignment as a human ally to the Carpathian people."


Landon was shocked and said, "So, if I had not been the one to appear, you would have attempted to kill yourself and the Carpathian who entered? You do realize that it wouldn't have worked unless you..." He laughed. "Ivory's book. You were the human that broke into the prince's house. I should have known. You also found a way to hide your scent the natural way. I grudgingly applauded you then, now, I am in awe. How did you do it?"

She met his eyes "your asking the wrong questions" She said in a dangerous tone "what you should be worried about is the fact that I was in the princes house and now you are trapped in here with me and cannot leave " She said with cold eyes. Yet under his touch she was warm, he could feel her skin warm where he touch and saw her fight the need to move with his hand, he could hear her heart beat starting to go faster

"Oh, I found your traps," said Landon. "We moved the prince and his things from the house before setting them off our way. Then, we searched his possessions to find the others. I believe he still holds a grudge about a piece of jewelry that belonged to his mother you rigged. We had to destroy it. He vowed to get you back for that one."

"Well he has....he turned me" She said in a disgusted tone "and now you...." SHe trailed off and he could tell she was struggling to keep composed "will you quit rubbing your hand on my skin!" she yelled

"I can't help it," he said honestly. "Your skin is so soft and begging to be touched. But what made you spare me? You know nothing about me, so it can't be love. Even if it was, you and I would have been in the other world together if it had worked. So, why me, the boogeyman of the Carpathians, the second in command to the prince, the Dark One?" His smile reminded her of a wolf. "Why save a man who is feared by his own people?"

"Im not going to answer anymore of your questions until you put space between us.." She said not admitting it was because him touching her bad it hard to think. She moved underneath him trying to break is hold, her hip brushed his member and he heard her heart beat faster in her chest and she looked away from him "fuck it" She mumbled. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around his waist and used them to pull him on top of her, her body felt like heaven underneath him and her face was now inches from his "In told you to stop rubbing me" she growled. He could feel her harden nipples against his chest

Landon's clothes vanished as he said, "You were the one telling me to do as I please. I'm over 1300 years old, Alessia. If I were a weaker man, I would have already made you scream my name in ecstasy. Instead, I have waited for you to come to me." His hand teased her entrance to test her readiness. "Just know, you asked for this. I simply wanted to talk."

She wiggled trying to out of his grip but couldn't "I meant kill me or something...not this..." She moaned out the last part as he touched her. His body was intimidating and it made it hard to focus.

He began moving his fingers in and out of her soaking core as he said, "You cannot deny that you are enjoying getting to know me. I'm stubborn, and I never give up." His fingers moved faster. "You also like that I'm kind of scary to the others." Even if it happened due to me nearly being shredded by your slivers, he thought to himself.

"Stop!" She cried out as she wiggled violent underneath him "stop ....I cant...." She gripped the bed and he felt her clamp around his fingers tightly as she came. The sound she made when she came was like ecstasy to him

He kissed her deeply. His long hair brushed against her cheek, exciting her even as it tickled her. He kissed down her body, using his mouth to lavish each erect nipple with attention, before finding her core and stabbing deep with his tongue. Her juices were so sweet and tangy, he knew he could feast on her for a lifetime and never tire of her flavor.

He heard the bed post snap under her grip as she cried out. Her hand suddenly grabbed his hair as she came inside his mouth and the bed collapsed from an unknown energy. He felt her body was n fire and demanded more, she was at the peak of her frustration.

He kissed up her body until he blanketed her. Having caught a few glimpses of her past, he knew her body had been used and abused in many ways. He wanted to show her what it was like to be a lifemate, a real Carpathian woman. He entered her, moving so slowly that it would drive her mad with need, but he had no intention of speeding up until she had taken all of him. When he reached the base and she was out of her mind with desire, he set a slow pace. He suckled her breast before biting down, feasting on her. He closed the wound, but left his mark. He used his nail to cut his skin. Knowing that she was out of it from his teasing, he had no trouble getting her to feed from him. He made her stop after a moment and closed the wound. Then, he became pure instinct. He pinned her in the submissive, reaching her deepest core, sending her over the edge to the point she couldn't tell one orgasm from the other. He growled, unable to speak. He filled her twice before they stopped to rest.

"The ritual is complete," he said when they lay in each others arms, sated. "We are officially lifemates. To humans, married but more. And there is no escape, Alessia. For either of us."


Maddox carried her to the now clean cave and said, "Wherever we are, we are home because we are together. Now, I need to know what happened. That was not normal. If I upset you, I am sorry. I don't like being cut off from you."

"I.....I sometimes go somewhere...I dont know......Its dark...and cold....I hear voices of people I dont know and they tell me things" She said in a shaken tone "I dont feel safe Maddox...." She said looking around the cave

He hugged her close and asked, "What do they tell you? If you tell me, I may be able to stop it from happening."

"They speak in images sometimes...or sometimes what they say does not make sense...but the place....its so dark...but yet the voices...the feel good, I dont know how I know but they are good but its like they are waiting for something" She said hugging him back curling up in his lap

He sighed with relief and said, "So it is not the voices of the other world. But it is strange. When we have a chance, we will talk to the prince. I think you may be hearing the voices of the people, just as he does."

She looked up at him "dont move" She said and moved her body until she straddled him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and met his eyes "you said....that lifemates cant be without each other right? that they need to touch and be in each others minds?" she asked in a shy tone

"Yes," said Maddox. "Not doing so is uncomfortable. Our minds reach for each other constantly. What are you thinking?"

"that we might be worse then all the others...." She said kissing him. She let one hand slid down his chest until it touched his member. She flinched slightly when a memory forced itself into her mind but Maddox eased it away. She guided him to her core and slowly lowered herself onto him

"You don't have to do this," he said, gasping at how tight she was. "If it is too much for you, or you are tired, we can just hold each other. That is intimate too. I do enjoy just sitting next to you and even our arguments. There are many ways to be intimate. But tonight, we can make love until we can't move if you want."

SHe looked up at him with a nervous face "im....not good at this....im sorry....I want to please you...but....I dont think im any good" She said sounding shy and disappointed "I was always told what to do but...I dont want to do that with you...I dont want to use those experiences to try and please you" She said in a sincere tone

"You think I know what I am doing?" Maddox asked. "I am following what your body tells me. We will learn together, like we will with everything. It's okay."

"what my body tells you..." she said and started to move her hip, he could tell she was trying to feel him, he could feel her in her mind but the pleasure his body was giving her was making her unable to focus.

"Just go by instinct," Maddox gasped. "You learn the best things when you don't think and just feel."

"instinct.." she moaned. Suddenly she pushed him down onto his back, pinning his hands above his head. She used her legs to lift up and down, taking him out of her core all the way to his tip and then slamming down. Her hair teased his chest as she bit into his shoulder dominantly

Maddox growled. His own instinct telling him to put her beneath him. They fought for dominance back and forth. He could not deny, he enjoyed it greatly, but he preferred to be the one on top more. However, having her in control wasn't bad, rather enjoyable actually, but different. He looked around the room and laughed.

"We destroyed the cave again," he said breathlessly. "We need to go to ground though. Are you ready?"

"can you hold me?" she asked in a tired tone

He held her close as he floated them into the ground as his answer.

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