2 Weeks of Change

Malachi pumped into Victoria from behind. He could not get enough of the feeling she gave him. She gave him the lifemate experience every night, even when forced to perform in front of people. Morgan began to trust Victoria, but tonight was the true test.

"My dear, are you ready?" he asked, kissing one of his many marks, causing her to gasp. "When she calls you to her balcony, you will need to show everyone that she is as much of a whore as the slaves she trains. The unnamed woman and Thomas... they are decorations, furniture for people to use for more than just sitting. Can you help me dethrone the witch-whore?"

"Are you ready? once she is gone, others will try to take me for themselves" She said in between moans

Malachi growled, massaging her breasts, saying, "I will be taking over, remember? With out her power, with you shutting them off, I can take command. You will be my queen, Victoria. Things will be different. Very different." He pulled on her breasts. "I love when you clamp down on me like that. Say it again. Tell me what I want to hear."

"I love you Malachi!" she cried out. He felt something new this time when she said it, he could feel she meant it.

Malachi gasped. Real feelings, and for him. It was not quite the same as with his lifemate, and she didn't love him like he was her lifemate. However, somewhere along the past month, they had come to genuinely care for each other.

"I love you too, Victoria," he said, tears in his eyes.

He kissed her, bringing her to his chest. He went deeper into her, stretching her nicely. Then, they fell together. He turned her towards him and hugged her.

"Thank you," he said, then smiled, "my queen."

"I dont need a fancy title ....give me a name " She said softly "I want you to give me a name......something personal to you " She said

"You are named after a queen already," he said. "But if you insist. You are now my Nymphae, a rare and beautiful flower." With her looking at him, he entered her sensitive core once more and moving hard and rough. "One I need to take again. I can't get over how you grip me. Besides, the look of pleasure on your face is delicious to see."

He kissed her deeply. She had nearly become used to the pain with him, even going so far as to exchange blood. He helped her through the pain, and yet, she still made him feel loved once more. He had to keep her. His woman, his slave, now, his wife and queen. He filled her once more, sending her reeling with ecstasy. He put his hand on her stomach, smiling. He dressed her in a white dress and him in a black suit, though she still had the dog collar and leash on.

"Anything you want before we go see the witch?" he asked lovingly.

She thought for a moment “I guess and answer.....lately...you have been touching my stomach a lot and very careful of it. Is there something I should know?” She asked

"Well, not that it would happen, but I am hoping for a child," he said. "I have been protecting your womb so that one day, if you happen to leave for what ever reason, you can feel the joy of holding your child. It is indescribable. I do not wish you to miss it just because your the slave of a vampire."

"I was pregnant when I got here...but I lost it due to they way my body was used...if you wish for a child there are mages here...."she said taking his hand.

"After our take over," he said. "It is too risky to ask for such a thing right now. Let's get the job done so we can be rid of the witch."

She stopped him before he opened the door "promise me something...if it goes wrong...we die together" she said squeezing his hand " I don't want you to live in a world without me and not I you" he could felt she meant it. She really did love him.

"If it is in my power to do so, I will grant your wish," he said. "Now, you remember the plan. She thinks you are a cock hungry whore who is trained on pain. You must do as she says, even if it means hurting me. You won't be able to harm me, as I have protected my organs for this day, but it will seem like it. If you disobey, the conversion pains will start again, and I die while you become like Thomas. Now, when she tells you to get close to her, that is when you strike. She will have you do perverse things to her, but while your body does that, you will go into her mind and block her powers like I showed you. Once done, I will end my charade and expose her. The vampires will take her and karma will get her from there. The unnamed woman will seem lively compared to her. The seal won't last forever, but by the time it degrades, it will be too late." He had her get on all fours, a practice they were used to by now. "Then we can rule. Let's go."

She nodded and began to crawl

He lead her to Morgan's lavish rooms. In the entrance, Morgan sat on her throne, using Thomas as a footstool.

"You are late," she said.

"As she is my slave, I thought it best to take the first round of the night," said Malachi.

"I see," she said before snapping her fingers.

Two vampires grabbed Malachi and held him tight while Morgan got up and took the leash from him. She made Victoria stand up.

"Who are you loyal too?" she asked. "Your trainer, who hurts you when you disobey, or the queen who commands him?"

She dropped to her knees and hugged Morgans legs "you my queen...please...dont give me back to him...please let me serve you"


Magnus growled and said, "Megan, it has been weeks. You have not spoken to me, you hold your stomach like you can still feel our child, and you won't let me touch you. I cannot live like this anymore. I need to know how I can help. I feel like I lost my child and my lifemate, because you don't do anything. It's a fight to get you to feed properly! Talk to me, Megan!"

She was silent as she at in the chair in the corner looking at the fire. It was rare for magnus to sound such a way. He was the most powerful magic user of his generation in Carpathian society

He knelt down in front of her and said, "Talk to me, Megan. I would rather not us my ability on you, but if you do not, I will be forced to." He put his hand over hers. "It kills me to see you like this."

She looked at him with deep sadness in her eyes, a tear ran down her face even though her face remained blank. She slowly leaned down and rested her head on his shoulder, he could feel she was tired and wanted to sleep. He felt her hands grip his shoulders. It was the first time in weeks he had touched her. Suddenly she pulled her self towards him making him sit down and she curled up in his lap, clinging to him.

Magnus sighed, tears in his eyes, saying, "It's going to be okay. We can face anything together. But I need you to let me share your burden. This time, it isn't only yours, but mine as well. We both lost something precious. Please, let me in. I need to share your mind."

She was silent as she laid there with her head on his shoulder. She curled up even more and griped his shirt like she was in pain.

He gently went past her barriers, seeing her try to take them down for him. He saw it then, the pain of separation destroying her. He held her quietly for a moment, filling her with his light.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I still felt you in my mind at the time and did not know you were suffering. But I am here now, and I'm not leaving. Just rest and heal."

He vowed to kill the woman who did this to Megan, lifemate or no. She had to suffer for hurting Megan so deeply. She was forever changed, and he had no idea how to help her recover.

She clung to him as the pain subsided with his help, he soon felt her relax in his arms. She closed her eyes and he felt her want to shut down her body again. She had been sleeping a lot but not because she needed it but because she was trying to escape her mind.

"Please, don't," he said, making her look at him. "I have been in hell since that day. What you felt for one day, I have felt for weeks. Seeing you is a small comfort, but I cannot go on like this. Please, try to come back to me, even just a little."

She lifted her head and looked at him. He felt her prince in in mind more Magnus she said his name for the first time in weeks and mentally touched him.

Magnus hugged her to him. He couldn't speak, emotions preventing him, but he let her feel every one. Joy, relief, love, all the things he felt in that moment rushed at her, filling her with him.

She started to sob on his shoulder. she had not shown such emotions in weeks "Magnus..." she said his name in a heartbreaking tone. A memory from her enter his mind. He could hear her screaming his name begining him to help her

He growled and said, "If I had known you were feeling the separation, I would never played the bouncer! I would have stood there and got you to see me! I still felt your mind in mine!" The air thickened, their things flew around them as his anger built. "She will pay. I will make her suffer as you suffered! On this, I...!"

He felt her fear of him hit him like a bullet. She was shaking and trying to get out of his lap

He calmed himself and said, "I'm sorry. Seeing you hurt this way... it got to me. I will be careful. I never want to see you so broken, yet I am helpless to aide you. I am calm now. Please, don't leave. It has felt like a lifetime since I got to hold you."

She slowly stopped fighting him though she was still slightly shaking. There was a soft knock on their door. Magnus could since who it was and a warm feeling spread through him at the presence of his long time friend.


Dom gasped. That had been the worse one yet. Blood red sweat dotted his forehead. He was pale and felt like he was in pain.

"Ion..." he called out, his throat dry.

He was there offering his wrist and wiping his head with a towel "a bad one huh?" he said with a heavy tone

"This is where the vampires used her body," Dom said when he had taken few sips and closed the wound. "There were mages as well, who destroyed her mind. The Daratrazanoff woman is gone, and an empty shell remains. I felt what she felt, Ion. If I had of been just a century younger, I would have been lost as well." He smiled. "Don't try to give me anymore tonight. You are too weak from the last five events. You need to replenish what you have given me." He looked at the sky. "Let's rest tonight. I don't think I can move. Now that I've lived it, it won't effect me again so this place is decent for a camp out."

He nodded and started to set up camp while he rested "do you think we are close?' he asked as he worked

"Well, I think we are on the right track," said Dom in a worn out tone. "But I can't tell if we are right on top of them or miles away. Not yet. The next event... that will be the one to tell us for sure."

"I dont like what this is doing to you my friend" he said firmly

Dom chuckled and said, "I'm used to it. After all, I'm looking for a specific target, and to know where to go when they do not touch the ground, I must live through their memories. It is a necessary side effect that I use up energy. Do not worry, my friend. Tomorrow, our job will be done."

“I hope so...” he said building a fire

"Don't worry," said Dom. "It's just a nest of vampires, ghouls, mages, and human butchers. What could possibly go wrong?"

Ion chuckled "that's the spirit" he said. sitting down next to him

Dom chuckled and said, "Well, I'll go hunt. You put up your tent. I won't be long." He got up on shaky legs. "Don't get cocky, though. This is a nest of vipers and you are an appetizer for them. Once we get the location, we can never let our guards down."

"me cocky? never " he said poking the fire

Dom laughed and said, "That's what you said last week, but a newly turned vampire almost had you for lunch. If I hadn't come to save your ass, you would have been vampire chow!"

"I had him right were I wanted him he said confidently "you were the one that interfereed and almost got me killed...honestly you call yourself a warrior he said in a fake disappointing ton"

"You can't even beat me in practice, old man," said Dom. "Besides, I always kill the vampire because you are so slow."

"whatever you say boy go feed before your ego wears you down even more" he said shooing him with his hand.

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