2 Weeks of Change Part 2

Morgan produced a knife and said, "Then prove that loyalty. Stab him in the heart."

Malachi began fighting to get free, but Victoria knew it was all fake. They had planned for this. He growled and bared his fangs. The men holding him were unnaturally strong, showing Morgan had helped them with magic. Morgan's smile, however, was of sick amusement.


She took the dagger and walked over to him. without hesitation she stabbed him in the chest but missed his heart "there my queen I did it. did I do well?" asking like she didn't know she missed

"Yes," she said. "But I need more. Show me what he has trained you to do." She lifted her skirt, sporting a strap on. "I want to see what you can do."

She crawled over to her and started to suck on the strap on. letting her tongue touch her clit when she took it all in her mouth

Morgan gasped. She couldn't deny that Malachi had some skills when it came to training slaves. Now! Malachi said to Victoria.

Victoria shoved into her mind and took control. Through Victoria Malachi could take control of Morgans mind

Malachi began to shut off Morgan's ability to use magic while Victoria's body sent Morgan into one free fall after another. After a moment, the strap on disappeared, the men seemed to weaken, and the room took on a dirty appearance. Morgan screamed.

"What did you do?!" Morgan yelled. "Talk, you bitch!"

Malachi jumped up, wiping his immaculate shirt, and said, "What we planned. You no longer have power here. I do." He looked at the men. "She is the camp's new toy. Go break her in." He went to the boy and the woman. "You two, I am your master now. I want you to get some clothes on and be our butler and maid."

"Thank you, master," said Thomas, getting up and helping the woman stand. "Will we be..."

"No," said Malachi. "You are slaves, but too broken to be of real use. The men and women would pass you around, and that is a punishment, not a reward. It is reserved for people like Morgan. Now, go rest. I want you both in the ground for three days, only coming out to feed."

Thomas and the woman nodded. When they were gone, Malachi cleaned the room, showing it's true glory. He sat on the throne.

"Sit on my lap, Queen Nymphae?" he asked. "Today, we celebrate taking what rightfully belongs to us. Tomorrow, we plan how to kill the prince."

She sat in his lap "why kill the prince?" she asked kissing his neck "wait before you answer....i need to get her off me...clean me please I only want you on me" she said in a moaning tone

He tore her clothes from her laid her on the soft carpet. He began licking her body, exciting her. His hands inflamed her. However, even when she was cleaned, he continued licking, going to her core and feasting until she was writhing, gripping his hair tightly, and begging for release. He kissed up her body, now naked. He locked the doors so no one would bother them. He slowly entered her. When he reached the base, he began moving, a slow, agonizing pace.

She grabbed his back and moaned his name "deeper....feel me...and know my emotions are true...reach for my soul and live through me" she moaned and brought his lips to hers kissing him deeply

He began to go harder, and deeper. He merged their minds so she could feel everything. He could feel her opening up. My plan is to show people what happens when you abandon people in need. I have seen the prince place the needs of one over another, just as his grandfather did with my family. I don't care who takes over after that, as long as they get the message. Don't abandon a family, a fucking child, simply because of the dangers. The hunters train for the dangers, they battle it everyday, and yet my lifemate and daughter were left to die. I just want the Carpathian people to see what abandonment can do to a person left with nothing. He pulled back. I love you, Nymphae. If you leave me, I will destroy the world. There is no other course. Over our time together, we have entered each others minds, become one. I don't know when it happened or how, but I don't think I could go on without you. He suckled her breast and bit down. He heard her cry of pleasure/pain. He drank greedily before closing the wound and bringing her head to his neck. Feed from me, Nymphae. I need your mouth on me. I need to know you feel the same way.

She bit in without hesitation think about what your ways my love. You will be making others feel how you felt...dont do it...now that we have a chance to control them why don't we fight the darkness that took your family. We can make sure no one else has to go through what you did more then the hunters could. I know you have lost so much but if you went through with this you would be hurting more then doing good. I know you hurt but I am here. you are not alone but they are. those were once your brothers out there. Lost like you...in pain. When your lifemate was a live think of how different it would be if there was someone like us helping in the darkness. Maybe she would still be here but I do know this....She is waiting for you. Don't you want to greet her as honorable man? Let me help you and your fallen. Help me help your brothers and maybe we can prevent more people like your lifemate from dying

Malachi ran his hand down her body until he found her sensitive bean and said, There is no hope for those men to change, Nymphae. There are too many. It's the Carpathian's fault. You and I can try to fight a losing battle, but it is a lost cause. Half the vampires here are leaving, the other half and protecting their slaves. They see them as tools, not people. We can't force them to change. My army needs me to show power. Besides, my lifemate is long gone. I have you. My light is this darkness. His finger and drew on her skin. This flower, the one I named you after, hold a part of me. It will be passed on to your children, similar to the mark of the Dragonseekers. You will know when a vampire is near and know if they will join us, or if they must be destroyed. This is the only magic I cared to learn, in case... in case I found someone special like you. He sounded tired, but the things he was doing to her felt too good to ignore. My gift to you. But please, support me in this. The prince orders men to abandon their brothers in battle, they die for him while he sits safe behind walls. How can you ask me to aide a man who won't fight when all the hunters die for him? While women and children suffer in his name? He has not sent anyone to save you or the boy or the other woman. You could have died, and he would not care. Would you help someone like that?


what if your lifemate as already been reborn and is growing up right now? will you not try to keep the darkness from reaching her once more? you can do what the prince is not doing. If more people fall the bigger chance I have of being taken away from you. What if a older hunter falls one that is more powerful then you. You will lose me just like you lost your lifemate. He will make?you watch as he takes me...if I am your light then help me clear out the darkness so I can shine brighter for you. Forget about the prince and focus on the fallen. Make a better world so when you are reborn and find your lifemate you both can live safely she said going crazy underneath him. She closed the wound on his neck and kissed him deeply, using her tongue to drive him crazy

Malachi said, I had already bound myself to her, Nymphae. That means she can't be reborn to find me. After so long, she has do doubt moved on to the tree of life for her final rest. And there is no vampire as old as me. No one can take you from me. Not even... He paused his sentence. His movements became more pleasurable, making her go crazy beneath him. You cannot leave me, for any reason. I don't care for the reason, you can't leave me, Nymphae. Never.

He filled her to the brim, but did not let her rest. He had to continue to show her what she meant, drive her insane with pleasure. He could not let her go. She gave him so much, reminded him of his lifemate in so many ways. He had her so full of his seed that she looked like she was developing a baby bump. It wasn't until the sun was close to rising did he stop, both exhausted, wrapped in each others embrace as the earth closed over them. He stayed inside her all day, not wanting to leave the heaven he had found in hell.


Without getting up, Magnus opened the door and said, "Come in, my friend. You look tired. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you this night, River?"

"There is no need be coy Magnus you know I can sense a broken soul miles away. I am here to help" she said putting her hand on his shoulder. It was rare for river to touch anyone but he knew she could tell he need comfort so this meant a lot to him

"Thank you," said Magnus. "This is my lifemate, Megan. She and her sister suffered greatly, though I fear that Megan had it worse because I listened to the prince and kept everyone out. Can you please help her?"

" I will do what I can but you know it depends on her will and it would have been worse if you had?not kept people out Magnus I saw the damage to the entrance they caused trying to get in. You both might be dead right now if you had not listened" she said picking Megan up

"I know, but she needed me and I was not there," he said, following his lifemate. "To me, that is worse than death. I failed her."

"you didn't fail her. the mind can be fixed but if she would have died there is no fixing that" She said laying her on the bed " when I come out I will need to feed. My lifemate is in the other room please aid him in finding food so I can do so" she asked and her eyes turned into her dragons

Magnus didn't want to leave Megan's side but said, "Alright. However, I cannot leave her mind at first. Her hold is fragile. If I cut myself off..." He shook his head. "Tell me when it will be safe to let go so she can choose on her own."

"I will now go"" she said and began to work. He saw river flitch the moment she entered Megan's mind., letting him know just how bad it was.

"Draiden," Magnus greeted.

"Magnus," Draiden said, stone faced.

"How goes the hunt?"

"When we get word, River and I will go to Dom. Erik saved River and we owe him our aide at this time. I am assuming that River will want to help his daughter if the news is true."

"Though unlikely, what if River cannot undo the damage to her?"

"We will do what we can to allow her, and any other broken soul, back into Carpathian society. As you have said, it is unlikely that River will fail to aide Annabelle. I assume you know that she was tending River and I at the time, yet we could not get to her."

"I heard that it was a great battle."

"Yes. We could not save any. The vampires carried the women away while the mages and ghouls kept us busy. River partially blames herself and has kept busy. As warriors, we could not save those women, and it is a heavy burden."

"With Dom on our side, we will find them. I pray their lifemates will be understanding."

"As do I."

Magnus let gorivers voice echoed in his head

With extreme effort, Magnus let go, doubling over as the separation hit him. Without hesitation, Draiden put Magnus to sleep to spare him as River worked throughout the night to aide Megan.


Dom chuckled and said, "Fine, grandpa, but don't come crying to me when the nighttime noises scare you."

He mimicked him jumping at a wolf call and falling, and left quickly as a cast iron pot flew at him. He returned an hour later, looking healthy once more.

"So, we have to plan for the day," Dom said. "I will sleep under your tent. Should a human come, you cannot leave the safeguards I have put up. They could be the enemy. You cannot invite them into the safeguards either. Understand?"

"yes mother now go to sleep""her said in almost a father like tone

"You only wish your mother looked as good as me," Dom retorted, opening the earth.

"she looked better since I'm better looking then you" he said walking him with his cane as he walked by.

Dom fell into the hole instead of floating, betraying how weak he still was. He looked up at his friend and said, "I doubt it if you treated her like you do me."

"that's what you get for faking " he said helping him out the dirt over him

"I was not faking," said Dom. "I'm just tired."

"lie again and I'll use this cane in a way very new your kind" he said still putting the dirt on him

"If I must be honest, then," said Dom, "I want to sleep a week, but we do not have the time for that. Every delay we have faced means those women taken are suffering. These last few risings have been especially hard. I find I cannot properly feed, I am so disgusted by the depravity of the vampire. I fear that if I truly rest as I should, I will sleep far too long and more women will suffer. I just want rest."

The way he talked was not of one wanting sleep, but to end the pain they endured. It was then that Ion saw the weight such a gift had on Dom. He had to live as the victim, endure endless tortures time and again to find the person deemed important. He could not think of the cost to himself, because if the person died, he would be just as at fault as the monsters that took the victim. In that small sentence, in that moment, Dom looked truly and utterly alone.

"rest well"" he said and finished burying him. When he knew he was asleep he packed a light bag and rested his cane on top of the soil he slept under as a goodbye. He then set off in the direction he knew the cave must be at. He was set to take this burden from him.

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