2 Weeks of Change Part 3

Two vampires carried the unconscious man between them, placing him in a cage. They laughed when he woke up with a groan from being thrown.

"Don't show that you are in pain, old man," said Morgan, who sat naked in a cage next to him. "They feed off that. How have I sunk so low? I had power, slaves, everything. Now, that vampire and his whore are in my room, using my things! Even my slaves abandoned me! When I get out of this, I will make them pay! And Alicia, that harlot, choosing a man over me! How dare she?!"

"Shut up!" said one of the vampires. "I am tired of that voice!"

He dragged her out of the cage and took her to another room. From the sounds, you couldn't tell that the woman was being raped, but Ion new that she was not letting them know they were hurting her.

Don sighed He knew it was going to be a rough time But he also knew by this time Dom should be up and then he was already tracking him. As he waited he took notice of everything around him looking for anything he could use to get out of the cage. He noticed a woman a couple cages down, it didn’t look like she was breathing. She had a tattoo that look like a dragon on her lower stomach and her black hair was covering her face. By the look of the place he could only hope that his plan had worked and that help would be arriving soon.

Moron, came Dom's voice. Why would you risk your life in such a way? You are human, not Carpathian. You could have died. If you had not been around me, letting me feed from you at time, you wouldn't have had my scent. You are bait for me. And fool that I am, I'm heading into the trap.

are you?and you call me the moron, look don’t come, let me get the lay out first, I can be your eyes , let me make a blueprint for you so you have an advantage he said in a sincere tone.

You are locked in a cage at the center of the camp, said Dom. You slept through the important stuff. Just stay put. No trap can hold me. Now, if you can, try and get the others in the cells to break free. If there isn't some chaos, this will be harder. Wait for my signal. Draiden and River, two legendary warriors, are coming here to help. River is known to be able to heal souls and Draiden is lethal. He growled. A woman's lifemate is coming. He is young and stupid and liable to die, but he feels he has to save her after... after letting the vampires around you kidnap those girls from the school because they had her.

A man suddenly appeared in front of the cages “run save yourselves and help those that can’t” he said opening all the cages and then disappearing

i think he was just here, my cage is open , I’ll help as many as I can out he said getting up, all the others and already left he room going toward the exit, all but one. It was a female badly injured and unmoving. When she wouldn’t move he picked her up and headed down the way everyone else went “Hey!” A male ghoul yelled as he saw them, just as the ghoul was about to attack when a woman stepped in front of him and he stop with a growl “go” said the woman. He recognized her as the one he had saw early with the dragon mark on her. He left, knowing he had no choice, he was human and she clearly was not. He heard the fighting as he ran with the woman in his arms.

Dom arrived just as River and Draiden appeared. People were running, and they destroyed vampires and ghouls as they exited. When Ion appeared, carrying a woman, Draiden took the woman and Dom pulled Ion to him, pinning him to the wall.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" Dom said, fire in his eyes.

“I’m not useless Dom and I was tired of seeing you suffer now stop wasting time and go kick some ass I’ll help those I can out here” he said with urgency.

A loud roar from inside the cave made even river stop “there’s a dragon seeker? He didn’t say a dragon seeker had been taken” she said with an angry tone and rushed towards the cave

Draiden handed the woman in his arms to some others who were freed before following River. The roar of his dragon shook the mountain.

"Great, now this," Dom said. "You get the prisoners to follow you. Gramma Bronnie passed the Dragonseeker line to me, and I can't even sense my kin. Some tracker. Just stay safe, Ion."

Dom ran inside. River and Draiden seemed to be everywhere. There was another in the cave somewhere, but he couldn't see them through the smoke from tents and makeshift homes burning.


Dom woke up and flew out of the ground. He shook his head and landed. He followed Ion's trail until it disappeared, a single drop of blood telling him everything. However, Dom collapsed as his ability kicked in. The woman had been here, used and abused and used for food. He kept silent, but he wanted to scream. She no longer knew who she was, what it was like between lifemates, or even what life was like outside of that hell. When it was over, Dom could not move. He sent out a call to give the woman's location and her condition to River and Draiden. He wanted to pass out, but he stood on shaky legs. He had to get Ion, who had no doubt gotten captured. He jumped into the air and headed for the most dangerous, most frightening mountain in the area.


Magnus rose, his head hurting. He growled. Megan, he said in his mind. He wanted to destroy the world, had to find her and connect with her. Draiden held him back, though not easily.

"Is she ready, River?" Draiden asked.

There was silence and suddenly river came flying through the wall, she landed hard a few feet past them, unmoving.

Draiden went to River as Magnus went to the new doorway.

"Megan?" he asked.

She sat up in the bed, her hands covered her mouth and tears were in her eyes “I....I didn’t mean too....I was scared.....I don’t...I don’t know who she is and I didn’t feel you....”she said in a uneven tone.

He pulled her to him, connecting their minds and putting them both at ease, as he said, "All that matters is that I have you back."

Draiden looked River over and eventually woke her up. He had her feed from him before suddenly leaving.

“Who was that...she was inside of me...I didn’t like it...where were you?” She sobbed

"It had to be your choice," he said. "I held on until the last second. Then, for it to be your choice, I had to let you come to me by yourself. That was Riverlynn Dragonseeker, but everyone calls her River. She is a warrior without equal and a healer of souls. She felt that you needed her help. Now, she has gone to get the other women who were captured over the last month. She is a good friend of mine. Both her and her lifemate suffered at the hands of monsters, their souls broken, but they healed each other as only lifemates can. Now that River has brought you back, I can help heal you the same way."

“What do you mean my choice? Magnus what’s going on? I don’t understand “ she said in a upset tone

Magnus explained everything, keeping nothing from her. From what she experienced, to her stabbing her sister, to the loss of their child. He sat there, holding her.

"You chose to return to me," he said. "That I will forever cherish, but what happened to you should have never taken place. I want to rip the woman apart for what she put you through."


The spell would be ineffective, the mages words played through Victoria's mind. When she walked into the lavish cave, Malachi was standing at the window over looking the camp.

"So, how did it go?" he asked, his voice monotoned. "I assume you had a good reason for leaving me in the ground while I slept. After professing everything to you and loving you, imagine my shock to see you gone."

“I’m sorry, I went to Marcel to see about my shield and body. All is well but no luck on the shield part” she said telling half the truth. How could she be pregnant? She had learned in school vampires could not conceive children and even Malachi said so the other day he could not bare a child. She didn’t understand and she was scared. She walked over to him and hugged him, she needed comfort “ Malachi have you thought about what I said last night” she asked kissing the side of his neck and felt the wave of pleasure go through him

"You ask for the impossible," he said. "We two alone will not be able to do a thing. This army, the ones who left are beyond helping us, or too young. The ones here, still taking slaves, there is a chance, but it is slim. I will have to make a show of my power or I will be over thrown as well, and you will be taken from me." He touched her tattoo/birthmark. "That's why I gave you this. It is a spell, to tell you about the vampire you face. It will be passed to your children, but it will only serve as a warning for danger for them. Now, let's go ensure the loyalty of the troops. How good are you at pretending to be evil?"

“They need to think it was all you...I will be your slave like I have been, if they knew I helped then they would try to take me more.” She said and her clothes vanished “now master.....how do you want me?” She said seductively as she ran her hand down the side of her naked body, knowing it would set him ablaze.

"Every way I can get you," he said, lifting her up and shoving inside. "All night, every night." A vampire walked in. "What do you want, Conrad?"

"We captured a Carpathian spy," he said. "A human male."

"You set up the trap?"

"Yes." He licked his lips as he watched Victoria bounce on Malachi's cock, begging for more and moaning in pleasure.

"Good. You can train the Dragonseeker woman. You love challenges. What better challenge is there than a Dragonseeker."

"That woman has killed every man that has come near her cage! I don't want her!"

"Then take the blonde next to her."

"Will do!"

Conrad left and closed the door. Malachi said, No modesty for the wicked. But you didn't even notice the visitor, did you?

He turned her so that he could sit down in the throne. She continued to bounce on him, her juices free flowing. She kept riding him, even as she watched other men enter the room. She didn't even stop when Malachi had to destroy a vampire for touching her bouncing breasts. Not once did he act like his attention was divided. In fact, it was like it was his mission to keep her insane with pleasure. In truth, she was so out of it, she couldn't think, couldn't see anything but him. His seed was soon forming a puddle around them, mixed with her juices, and yet, neither one stopped.

Before long, it was hard to tell who was out of their mind with pleasure more, Malachi or Victoria. He had locked the door, taking her every way imaginable, loving and rough and unconstrained. They professed their love so many times, they lost their voices. Malachi even promised to try and help protect the women, and Victoria agreed to help build their army.

Then, the sounds of war reached them. The door burst open, and Malachi's world crumbled. Jacob was at the door, yet he and Victoria could not stop their hips, even as he filled her once more.

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