2 Weeks of Change Part 4

River and Draiden were working in sync, to anyone they were the deadliest things in this place, River was fighting a magic, dodging the elements he was throwing at her and Draiden was keeping her back safe from the ghouls and another mage. Gun fire and magic filled the cave with chaos. The cavern they were in start to crack above them, large rocks started to fall making the situation even more dangerous.

Dom was suddenly slammed into by someone, knocking them both into the ground.

Dom looked up and covered the person's body, putting up a shield. The rock bounced off the safeguard safely. However, Thomas attacked him when the shield was taken down along the sides, using a knife to cut into Dom, hitting a vital vein. Dom looked and saw the boy was broken as well, acting how any brainwashed slave would and protect their master. He put the boy to sleep and looked at the person that tackled him.

"Annabelle," he said, holding out his hand. "Time to go home."

She looked at him with empty eyes as she backed away from him, shaking her head. She covered her ears and rocked herself back and forth without saying a word.

He had grown weak from blood lost and he could not hold the shield any longer, it vanished just as a large piece of rock fell right above them. Dom pushed Thomas and Annabelle out of the way knowing he could not move. Just as it was about to crush him it exploded into a million pieces. Dom felt strong hands grip him and pick him up. As the dust settled Dom could see other hunters including Erik and Meghan Daratranoff coming in and a group of slayers. When it cleared even more he saw Xavier was the one holding him

"Found her," said Dom, weakly. "I want... Ion to have... a place to stay... while I heal. He has... helped me in many way... and is an honorable man... one I consider a friend."

“ you have no time for rest drink from me now and get the others out of here, I will meet this Ion later” he said as he hid them both in a corner

Dom took the prince's wrist and bit down. He explained how Ion had no memory from the before Dom found him a month ago, not even his true name. Ion had aided him many times, even caring for him after Dom used his ability. He respectfully closed the wound and sat up.

"Thank you, that is enough," said Dom, his wound closed. "We can't have you getting weak and get caught by the enemy. You shouldn't even be here."

“As prince I carry your troubles I will not leave you to deal with mine now get the other Carpathians to safety the sun is rising, there is a cave nearby already prepared, now go” he command and disappeared.

Dom nodded. He grabbed those who had been used and abused, flying them quickly to the cave. He told River and Draiden about it, and they told the other Dragonseeker. When all the prisoners were out, Dom went to the cave. Ion was placing blankets around the newer victims. Erik and Megan were crying over Annabelle, but she seemed empty. Just as the sun was coming over the mountain, Draiden, River, and the other woman entered. Dom busied himself with Thomas, one of the handful of males that had been captured. He handed them clothes to put on, but Thomas just stared into space, like he had lost who he was, just like Annabelle, though from what Dom could gather from his mind, he remembered it all.

Dom felt a prescience and said, "They killed his family, Xavier. There is magic on him and Annabelle that shredded their minds, but it was like Annabelle had been the test subject, and they perfected the method with Thomas. He remembers, but is so distant from him that it does not touch him. River can't heal this. Time will have to. But Annabelle... her mind was completely wiped of everything but how to speak, breath, and other necessary functions. The woman Erik and Meghan remember is gone for all time."

“Let them be with her we will take one step at a time, all of you go to ground and put your human to sleep, no one is to be awake is that clear?” He said not as a question but as a demand “wait we are missing one, where is Jacob?” Meghan asked

Xavier growled “to sleep now!” His voice boomed and they felt his power surge, they were not to disobey as he disappeared

Dom put Ion to sleep before going to ground.


"Victoria, get away from the vampire," said Jacob, sounding different from the boy she remembered.

"Nymphae, you cannot leave me," said Malachi, pumping into her more because her body would not let him go.

Jacob tackled the man, pulling him and Victoria apart. Both men fought but Malachi was more experienced and got Jacob pinned. This did not stop both men from punching each other in the chest, going for the other's heart. Both began pulling, hoping to kill the other first so that they could take Victoria home and care for her. Malachi knew that by killing the boy, Victoria would live a half life, but he would rather have her like that then to be alone.

This thought hit him. He was taking her lifemate from her, one who loved her deeper than he did, just as a vampire stole his family from him. He hesitated. This allowed Jacob to finish pulling out Malachi's heart.

"Victoria," Malachi gasped. "I love you. Be free and happy with your mate, live the life that was stolen from me."

Jacob paused. He kept a firm grip on the heart, despite the pain, unsure what was happening.

“Stop! “ she said running over to them and catching Malachi as he fell to his knee “ Jacob don’t kill him please!” She begged “please I’ll explain everything but first give him back his heart please I’m begging you!”

Jacob looked at Victoria, shocked. Without realizing he was doing it, the shock had him handing her the heart. He watched as she gave Malachi his heart back. Cracks formed in the ceiling above them and the eastern wall fell down the mountain, revealing the sky. Jacob managed to protect them, but he was having trouble because he was young.

"Why?" asked Malachi. "I saw the love in your eyes when seeing him. It is far deeper than what you have for me, though you try to deny it. His words, his actions, even how stupid he can be at times draws you to him. You should be with him, allow him to destroy me. I had no right to take you from him. I love you, and don't want you to be unhappy. You don't deserve to live like me. I could not take him from you."

“I may not love you the same but you do not love me the same as your lifemate either it does not mean it’s not real or strong.” She said sitting him down “you made me a promise remember if you die I die and vi versa, and I’m not ready to die yet so you can’t either” she said smiling sadly. She could feel he was ready to go to his after life “please....don’t leave me” she said in a heartbreaking tone as tears began to fall. She hugged him tightly, she knew she had to let go that he was in pain and not just physically.

"But I will be with you," he said, showing the flower mark on her left hip. "This mark, a birthmark for your children, is my gift to you. A part of me is in that mark. When you feel lonely, and you will at the beginning of your relationship with this boy, touch it and I will comfort you. It will tell you when a vampire is near, and if the men you meet are about to fall. Just like the Dragonseeker mark. Take it with my blessing to be with your man."

Victoria saw the sun coming up over the horizon and she laid her head on his shoulder “I’ll wait to meet you again and I promise when I do I’ll do everything to protect you and your lifemate” she said squeezing his hand “repent quickly ok... because I’m not the only one that is going to be waiting for you...” she said touching his mind and letting him feel the child growing inside her.

Malachi kissed her deeply, earning a growl from Jacob. He pulled back and saw the light. Even before the sun had rose above the horizon, he began burning.

"Nymphae, promise me that our child will be a better person than me," he said. "That they will follow their lifemate to the other world instead of seek revenge. I also need you to promise that you won't take your man for granted. Let him protect you and love you. There is no other feeling like that of a lifemate. Let him in. Stop pushing him away. Lastly, you need to tell the prince of my story, of what happens when a family is abandoned, left to die. You must end the cycle of suffering. Promise me all of this and I will be able to go with no regrets."

“I promise now go with honor and peace” she said and repeated the honor bound words in his language. Blessing him to a peaceful afterlife

Malachi smiled and laid his head on her shoulder. The light hit him full force, alighting him instantly. Though he felt the pain, he did not let her see or feel it. Jacob had to pull Victoria away, kicking and screaming and crying, as she started burning in the light. Malachi's ashes blew away in the wind. Jacob put Victoria to sleep and put her in the ground. They didn't have time to find fertile ground, but he did his best to cleanse it before he too started to burn. He then fell asleep, holding Victoria so that she would not run when they awoke.

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