2 Weeks of Change Part 5

Jacob woke Victoria up after checking to see if there were any enemies around. He held her tight, in case she tried to run. The prince was waiting out of her eye line.

"Victoria," he said as she looked around. "Please explain. What happened, how did you come to care for a vampire, and why you would rather die with him then be with me?"

She moved away from him , tears fell from her eyes as she looked back where the sun had taken him. She walked over and kneeling down where he had burned. As she kneeled down her back was to him revealing the deep scars that covered her back from the beatings and whippings.

Jacob put his arms on her shoulder and said, "I need to know what happened, Victoria. The prince wants to see us, but we must know what he did to you."

Zandar appeared then, Serilda by his side, as he said, "Little one, this place is too dangerous to stay." Zandar didn't leave her any room to argue and carried her from the room. "Calm down. We will get everything settled."

Victoria fought him, kicking and screaming but it was no use.


Xavier searched the memories of the survivors for the truth while he waited for Jacob and Victoria to come out of the cavern and sent out a message to all Carpathian to be aware of Morgan, he showed them what she looked liked and smelled like and about her abilities and what crimes she had committed and told them to kill on sight, given them an execution order. Later he would have some hunters he trust scout the area to find her or her body. He went to the school to explain to the teachers what occurred and to get it ready for the freed prisoners.


Dom awoke the next night. The humans had been busy, Ion leading them. He went to his friend and said, "Now this is where you shine. Lending a hand feeding people, giving out clothes. Much better than fighting or thinking. You know you should have never left without me. You wouldn't have gotten captured if I had been with you."

“ me getting captured was part of the plan” he said simply “you getting stabbed by a child was not “ he said picking on him jokingly

"We need to move out," said Dom, making sure everyone heard, even the Carpathians just rising. "The best place is the school. The prince is there and waiting to lend aide."

Everyone started to pack and leave. Just as they exited the cave, Dom caught a scent. Annabelle and Thomas were nearby, but it was not them. It was the woman fighting Zandar. Everyone saw Dom collapse.

After a moment, his eyes opened and said, "That woman, Victoria is a shield, right? I was on the outside of the event instead of in it. Nice change, but still exhausting. Her ability kept me sane, I can say that. She was tortured by Morgan with the conversion pains. I believe this is what harmed Annabelle's mind, but in a more concentrated form. Like I said to the prince, they used Annabelle to test the spell, and perfected it on Thomas, though Morgan used a more direct route unknown to anyone. I couldn't make out what she did, but it looked like it hurt. Right now, her mind is conditioned, Zandar, but can be healed with time, the same with Thomas. Still, Annabelle is damaged beyond repair. She will need to start over."

Jacob growled, his anger causing a tree nearby to explode. Erik punched a rock while Meghan hugged her daughter. Dom saw Ion put his hand on Thomas's shoulder in comfort since the boy's family was in the other world.

"These three suffered the greatest," Dom continued, getting up. "They need the most attention. But the other victims need to be examined as well, just in case."

Suddenly everyone smelled blood, it filled the air, the scent was sweet and alluring. They were all tired and exhausted and needed to feed so it called to them even more “help me....” a faint cry from a female could be heard of in the distance. Victoria suddenly broke from Zandars grip while he was distracted and ran off in the direction of the voice.

Victoria ran as fast as her legs could carry her, when she reached the clearing she saw her “Sophia!” Victoria cried out. The injured woman looked up, she was holding her right arm and was bloody and had burn marks on her. The woman started running the best she could towards Victoria. When they were in arms reach they embraced each other “my arm...it’s done for....” Sophia said “it’s tainted as well Vic I need you to severe it before it reaches my blood stream, please hurry” she said weakly. Victoria nodded “look at me ok” she said as she took her arm in her hands. Sophia met her gaze, her breathing quickened because of what was to come. Victoria didn’t have to put much effort into it since the arm was hanging by just a few few muscles. She bit down deep into the joint connecting her shoulder to her arm and bit threw, serving her mangled arm from her body just as the others arrived.

Sophia screamed in pain and fell back onto the ground holding the now open wound, she let some of the blood flow to rid the toxin before she focus and slowed the bleeding, still crying in pain.

Victoria was use to feed on vampire blood but without Malachi it was much more painful. The was definitely vampire blood tainting the arm and she had got a mouth full, she grabbed her throat with one hand as the other held the detached mangled arm.

Jacob went to Victoria, everyone talking. Some, mainly the Carpathians, condemned Victoria while others, mainly the humans, thought she did the only thing she could. He took the girl's arm and handed it to her.

"We need to reattach it," he said, sounding older. "The healers will remove the vampire's blood from it and reattach it. It will be fine. You may not have full use of it, but you will have it." He looked at Victoria. "What were you thinking? You know our healers could have fixed it. We also need to get the vampire blood from you." He exposed his neck and cutting her wrist. "Feed from me. We need to replace the vampire blood in you with mine. It is the only way."

Zandar healed them both and said, "Not here. Desaray will not be happy about this as it is. Let's get everyone to the infirmary before things get worse."

Jacob picked up Victoria and Zandar took Sophia and her arm. They flew back to the school. Many were going in and quickly being sent to their dorm, healed of minor injuries. Others were told to stay for future examinations. Then, there was the private room for the severely injured. Inside, Dom and Ion sat next to Thomas, who slept fitfully. Next to him was Annabelle with her family, though she didn't appear to be sleeping, only staring. Jacob put Victoria next to Annabelle while Deseray set to work on Sophia on the opposite end of the room.

Erik hissed and said, "Meghan, look after Annabelle." He went to Victoria and made her look at him. "You fed from the vampire. Your lips tell me the taint of it is strong in you." He sliced her wrist at the same time he did his own, forcing her to feed. "My blood is ancient and will heal you quickly. Feed."

Erik entered her body and looked at the damage. It was not so bad, but the new blood she had just taken in was awakening the blood that flooded her system, and it began to attack her body, but as she could not help but take in Erik's blood, his blood was forcing the black sludge out of her system, healing as it went. As he watched, he soon found something else. A child, life just starting, in her undamaged womb. There were safeguards around the child, protecting it. There was no sign of vampire blood in the baby that Erik could see, but it was still early. When he was too weak, he returned to his body. At the same time, the last of the vampire blood left her system. He closed both wounds.

"You are with child," he said. "It appears to be natural. There were no marks indicating that this child was artificially created. Victoria is the first female to ever naturally conceive a child with a vampire. This will bring hope to those who lost their children, but it will disturb them if it is known that a vampire created the baby."

"As she grows closer, the child will be mine," said Jacob. "My blood will replace the vampire's tainted..."

"There is no taint in the child, now or before."

"What are you saying?"

"He protected her womb, and therefore, the child within it. When she is up for it, she can tell us how this occurred. But if it gets out that there is a female that can have children with vampires, she will be a target for them. Deseray..."

He walked off. Jacob looked at Victoria, his hand over her stomach, reminding her of Malachi. He laid his forehead against hers, telling her without words that it didn't matter to him who helped her conceive of the baby, he would love them all the same, just as he loved her.

"Do me a favor, Victoria, and don't leave me again," he said, sounding like the boy she knew. "I don't think I could live through you being taken from me and used like this one more time."

She growled at him “you must think I don’t know what you have been doing....should I tell Erik how it’s your fault his daughter and the others were taken....”she said in a disgusted tone

Jacob said, "She was at the monastery, not the school. Michael took her. And everyone knows. Uncle Zandar forced his way into my mind and showed the prince. He has yet to tell what I have to do for my crime, and Uncle Zandar chewed me out big time, telling me that I should have told the hunters sooner and so on." He sat down heavily. "I've kicked myself over it. People's lifemates suffering and I didn't try to stop it. Some even looked at me in disgust. I've isolated myself from everyone, haven't really fed properly, and tried everything I could to punish myself. I just... I'm young, and stupid, and a moron, and..."

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and comfort your lifemate," Zandar growled, holding his own mate to him.

"See," he said. "But you... you suffered and found a reason to survive. I may not agree to it, but it was necessary." He looked so alone in that moment, reminding her of Malachi once more. "I understand you don't like me. But I will not abandon you, Victoria. All I wanted was to get you back, to hold you again. But now... I want to start over, to have another chance at everything. But I don't know what to do."

“I was forced to bond with you Jacob...we were not ready...you were not ready. I can not accept you as the man you are now, I can not trust you to make the right decision and be a good lifemate, that being said I will not run and I will my part but......you have a lot of growing to do before I accept you, That being said I need to speak with you alone”

Jacob looked at the adults, and Erik said, "She is of sound mind. She just needs clean earth and a few sessions of healing, and everything will be fine."

Jacob nodded and helped Victoria to stand. He put her in clothes that were comfortable and helped her to their room in the lifemate dorms. He let her sit and put the room between them, sensing she didn't really want his comfort.

"What do you want to talk about?" he asked, steeling himself for her to condemn him for what he did to those women.

“I need you to make love to me” she said plainly looking at him

Jacob nearly fell out of his seat. He looked at her with complete shock.

"You just... but aren't we still not ready?" he asked. "I mean, I want to but you are still injured." He went to her and cupped her cheek tenderly. "Despite everything, what made you want me now?"

“It’s quite simple, I’m a slave.” She said with a shrug “i have also been bonded to you and there for need the intimacy....I can’t deny that but....” she said meeting his gaze “I need to feel you inside me.....I need to hear you tell me what you want....for your body to tell me how well I’m doing.” She took his hand and lead it between her legs. She was wet and hot “I was tortured....I felt the conversion pains over and over again, I’ve been wiped, beaten and raped so many times I’ve lost count....I can’t break that habit over night.”

Jacob gulped. The heat coming off of her called to him, and he was instantly hard. But God, he couldn't do that. If he made love to her now, she would never heal. The way her hands moved over his body, made it even more difficult. He moved his hand away from her dripping core, though she could tell that it was a fight to do that.

"Until..." he gulped. "Until you are healed, and can come to me as Victoria and not a slave, I cannot make love to you." He backed up as she walked towards him. "It would not be good for your state of mind to continue to use you in such a way. So, please, take the time you need to heal your mind." He started for the door, but she was there in front of him. "Victoria, I care for you too much to use you like that."

“Do you not want me?” She asked running her hands up his chest “or is it because you saw him and me....his hands all over me....his body slamming into mine” she said gripping the back of his neck with one hand and pulling him done inches from her lips “don’t you want to hear me cry out your name? Feel me going wild underneath you?” She said seductively, her warm breath teasing the skin on his lips

He found himself falling onto his back as she straddled him, before he said, "Of course I want you, Victoria. But if I made love to you now, you would never heal. And you need to heal." He stopped her hands as she tried to undo his pant, his own hands shaking with need and with the effort to resist her advances. "And if you did heal, and I had used you, you would never forgive me."

“Erik Daratrazanoff himself said I am of sound mind...I need this Jacob...so either make love to me or leave this room right now” she said meeting his eyes.

Jacob sighed and lifted her off of him, saying, "He meant that you are able to be reasoned with, but this behavior..." he looked at her sadly, "it shows that your mind is just as bad as Thomas', and you need it healed." He stopped at the door. "I want to be with you, Victoria, the real you. Not what the vampire forced you to be. I'm sorry."

He left the room and locked the door behind him. He put his back to the door and slid down. He cried. The girl that he knew seemed to be gone, all because he didn't act fast enough, because he didn't ask for help, because he was stupid and made mistakes.

Zandar came to see what was going on and saw Jacob on the floor. Zandar went to him and without a word, sat next to him and put a comforting arm around him. They sat there for a time, not moving.


When he left her heart sank, knowing what was to come. She rushed to the bathroom, locking the door and turned on the shower to hot. She stripped down and laid down just as the first wave hit her. She covered her mouth to keep quiet. Morgan’s spell was still active, she had perfected it enough to make it a permanent thing, everyday she was to endure the conversion pains, it would last as long as her original one had and for her that was hours because of how she was converted. She had felt the first wave when Jacob and her entered the room but hid it and knew she had to get Jacob to leave. Malachi being worried others would use it against her and take advantage of her in this state compelled her not to be able to tell anyone. She pulled in a towel into the shower and bit down on it just as another wave hit making her scream into it.

You failed your master, Morgan's voice echoed in her mind, the spell's effect for when she was away from Morgan or Malachi. You deserve to be punished. You want to be punished. You must find Morgan or Malachi, and beg for forgiveness. Look for them and swear your undying loyalty to them.

Victoria convulsed so violently the tub cracked, She couldn’t think straight with the pain, she started calling for Malachi in her mind, so delusional with pain she forgot where she was and of his passing. As the pain grew she could no longer think. The water turned red with her blood from her nails digging into her skin and her mouth from biting so hard on the towel Find them and beg! Morgan’s voice yelled in her mind. She crawled from the bath tube and crawled to the door but could not reach up to unlock it as another wave took her. This was only the beginning yet it was too much for her to bare. She arched her back off the floor and screamed so violently the walls shook and the towel dropped letting her cries not only be heard on the whole floor but her pain pushed through into the Carpathian mental link, Any Carpathian within miles heard her cry.

Jacob opened the door and held her too him. He rocked her back and forth.

"Put her to sleep," Zandar said. "Now!"

Jacob was about to when she was hit with another wave. He had to hold her to him.

"Victoria!" he yelled. "Talk to me!"

She couldn’t answer her body jerked in his arms and she cried out , this time the bathroom mirror shattered, the pain was so bad it was pushing her shield. Without Malachi or Morgan to keep her disconnected from the Carpathian metal link she was slamming into it with each wave, her cries of pain echoing to any near by Carpathian.

Her body was covered in sweat and her mouth had blood leaking from it and her hands were bloody and cut. Thomas suddenly appeared and rushed in, he grabbed Victoria from Jacob and held her in his lap, he used his legs to hold her down and his arms and legs to hold her torso and head still. It looked like something he had done before because the second she started to convulse again the way he was holding her made her not shake so violently. Annabelle came in, still an empty look on her face she knelt beside Victoria. She grabbed the bloody towel that was on the floor and started wiping off the sweat.

"What is going on?" asked Jacob as the others appear.

"They just left the room and came here," said Dom. "My guess, they felt your woman needed them."

"She is being punished," said Thomas. "All slaves are, but this one the most. She helped get rid of Mistress Morgan, so her betrayal is harder." He looked at Annabelle. "We have to find Mistress Morgan, beg for forgiveness. We have to."

Annabelle just nodded and continued to wipe the sweat from her as she went limp in Thomas’s arms “Thomas...Annabelle...remember your place...You are not to find her...that’s an order” Victoria commanded in a weak tone. She looked at Jacob “I want everyone to leave... but them....none of you can help me and I am not so freak show for you to stand and watch.....” she said as blood tears ran down her face

"No one thinks you are a freak show," said Jacob. "We want to help, to stop the pain assaulting you."

Thomas said, "Nothing you can do. We will help her. Leave."

Jacob growled, but Zandar said, "They know what to do. We will be right outside of the room."

They all walked out, Zandar dragging Jacob out. When they were done, Thomas looked at Victoria.

"You know we must go back," he said. "We have to. It won't end if you don't beg for forgiveness. We must find Mistress Morgan. She can make it end. Once the pain is over and before it starts again, we can start looking."

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