Trouble 2

"what freedom? you travel and camp and are constantly on guard because you know at any moment you can be attacked, Dom you are not free you are running and alone. Can a lone wolf sleep peacefully? no because he has no pack watching his back. your people make you free, everyone works hard and works together so families can be together, so our race can continue" Xavier's voice said behind him "I hear everyone's voice and do you know what I find, those hunters who travel alone talk to me the most and do you know why? because even when they lose their emotions they do not lose their family, the closer they get to falling the more they want someone to remember them as they were, and I always do. Knowing they are not alone in their struggles and even in their happiest moments is essential to our people to continue living, with all the struggles our people go through do you think if we had to shoulder it alone we would survive? No. our race would long be extinct." he said stopping in front of him "in my years of being prince I have never once felt I was caged, I have lived a thousand lives through our people and I will give my dying breath for every single one of them just as they would or me, As your prince I am commanding you to return home , as your friend I am telling you to listen to your father and your people, really listen to them and maybe you may see things differently, if you still decide after that you do not want this responsibility I will find someone else more suited for it" he said in a stern tone "you leave tomorrow" he said turning and walking away

Dom said, "I understand. I never thought of being a leader like that. I've never really been alone, and I guess I equated the feeling of having so many people around me to a cage. I will try to see things threw new eyes. Thank you, Xavier. I will keep your words in mind." He looked at Ion. "You may actually like my village... pack." He smiled. "I guess I never was a lone wolf. You were with me from the beginning. Let's get you a room, Ion."

"I know where my room is im not senial, you go find that woman of yours and make it so you leave on good terms, you'll regret leaving the ways things are now besides maybe she will throw you around some more and knock some of that ego out of you" he said with a smirk walking past him

Dom chuckled and said, "I'll tell her you made it a request."

Dom began to follow his woman, going in the direction she did. However, he couldn't find her. He asked around and described her, but no one knew where she was. He started to get angry, feeling she was in trouble and his own stubbornness was the cause.

"Where are you, golden eyes?" he asked

Storm clouds roared above and it started to rain heavily, all the students went inside as the storm grew. Rain was not ideal for tracking, more so then usual since the wind was blowing as well, a female ran passed him bumping into him "sorry " she said as she continued to run, he could tell she was coming from the stables.

"The stable!" Dom said. "She's a De La Cruz! She would be drawn to this place!"

He ran inside, took off his wet shirt because it restricted his movements, and looked around. He had never been around horses during a storm before but that didn't stop him from looking in their stalls. However, one stallion didn't like his invasion. Dom calmed the horse down before looking around the stall.

"Where are you?!" he yelled, making the horses jump. He calmed many of them down, but the stallion wasn't having it. He went to his head and, calmly, put his hand on its nose. "It's okay. Calm down. I'm sorry." He projected the picture of his mate to the stallion. "Have you seen her? I must talk to her."

The horsed memories flashed of her brushing him, the soft smile on her face was peaceful "would you like an apple today or a carrot?" she asked in a soft voice "an apple huh? good choice i just picked them" She said handing him the apple, She pet his mane as he ate from her hand "is it a common thing for De La Cruz's to prefer company of animals?" a males voice asked"if so how about I keep you company in my room tonight? " another males voice said teasingly "I have something you can stroke" at those words she stopped petting the horse and turned towards the voices "I do prefer the company of animals but not low life beast" She said in a plain tone "now why dont you boys run along before you embarrass yourselves even more" She said turning back towards the horse "hey you dont have to be such a..." and male hand looked like it was about to grab her arm when the horse jumped onto its hind legs scaring the boys "freak!" the boy cried and they could be heard leaving. She looked up at the horse "thanks..but now you messed up your hair...oh i see you just wanted me to brush you again" She said rolling her eyes and smiling as she began to brush the horses hair again.

Dom smiled and said, "She is a good person. You like her a lot. She is my mate, and I wish to say goodbye to her properly. I said something that upset her and want to make it right. Have you seen her recently? I need to find her."

The horse shook its mighty head, howls could be heard in the distance outside the school, the howl was the alpha starting a hunt

Dom sighed and said, "I have to find her before I leave tomorrow. I'm going to become an alpha... maybe. I wanted her to stay and wait, saying that I'm going to try and see if this is right. I just wanted to see what it was like without the responsibility of leading and I ended up acting like a spoiled child. She helped me see that, but the prince helped me see a different side of things. Can you tell her that I thank her?"

Lighting flashed in the sky making the horses uneasy, but it was not just the lightning, he could feel they were uneasy for another reason, the sense danger.


Dylla was s upset she felt like she was a trapped animal and couldn't breath so she needed to go for a run, but if she would have known it was going to ran like this she would have stayed closer to the school. She took cover in a large oak tree. She leaned back and closed her eyes listening to the storm and the world around her, feeling the animals. It was peaceful until she felt fear and not fear from an animal but from a person, human by the smell of it. Instantly she became suspicious, what was a human doing all the way out here? She hid her scent and turned into a bird and waited. After a moment a male human came running by. He was injured and bloody, she heard the wolves in the distance and felt the mans fear spike and he tried to run faster though she knew it would make no difference, he would not be able to out run them. But that's not what bothered her, what bothered her was the way the other animals were reacting in the area around her. They were not only quiet but they were hiding and not because of the rain. She let out her senses and realized what ever was spooking them was to the west, the way the man had been coming from. She saw him trip and tried to get up but his leg was injured, as he grabbed it she saw the wound on his leg and her heart sank. She knew it was to late to send out a call, it would give her away. She tried to remain calm but when she heard the running of the Sange Rau she felt fear pierce her heart. When it broke the tree line it went straight for the human, she cursed herself and leaped from the tree, landing on top of it in human form just as it was inches away from the human. They rolled, the sange rau trying to throw her off, she held with all her strength knowing if she let go she was to close to get away from it unharmed Uncles guide me! she cried out to them on their private link, knowing she could not call for help because it would be heard by a vampire if it was near by

You must weaken him, Dylla, came her eldest uncle's voice. We sent you to the school to learn and socialize, not to race horses. You know what to do, so do it.

She knew he was right but she was scared and if this was the last time she was to hear her uncles voice she wished his words would have been different. With everything she had she called the animals too her, big and small it didn't matter, she called for their aid. She heard wolves howl in the distance, she heard the trees rustle around her. The Sange Rau finally was able to throw her off biting down hard on her shoulder. She cried out and grabbed both of its claws so it could not shred her with them. They continued to roll. She used her legs to throw it off of her. It bounced up and went to attack but was attacked from the side by a two wolves. She didnt waste time, with a cry she jumped on it just as he threw the other wolves off. She managed to injure its left arm by breaking his forearm. It cried out and threw her off, it rolled and got on its feet, only this time it was in its human form. Its long black nails were sharp and it bared his fangs. It ran at her and she did the same. They hot each other at the same time as lightning cracked in the sky. Claws for claws they went at it, both got in good hit and both were getting equally injured. The wolves attacked when they had an opening and birds swooped down to blind his view. She could only link to the minds of a few animals at once, she was at her limit. But when they started to get to hurt she told them to run. They retreated hesitantly and she found herself alone with the beast. They were both bloody and tired i don know if I can do it uncles....I dont want to let out that side of me she said as she fought to keep the creatures fangs from going into her neck as it had her pinned to the ground

Her youngest uncle said, Little one, you do not have a choice. I know that it is frightening, but you must let it out. My lifemate and I are anxious for you. We have told Zandar, who is on his way.

I am with Dom Hunter, Maddox Daratrazanoff, and his father, Erik, Zandar informed her. The horses are stampeding to get to your aid.

She didnt want anyone to see her like this but she didnt have a choice, he was getting to close to her neck. With a cry she started to change, her bones cracked under the pressure, she lost her grip and the sange rau clamped down on her throat, She grabbed each end of his mouth trying to pry it open but with her bone reforming she couldnt, She screamed from the pain in her head, unable to scream out loud. She could hear the hooves in this distance. She could not do as her uncles asked now that the creature had her neck. She used her legs and started to squeeze the rib area as hard as she cold, she heard a crack and the creature let go with a howl. She grabbed her throat, she felt her blood seeping through her fingers and she started to cough up blood, she could feel herself started to lose consciousness Fight Dylla! get up and fight! her uncle yelled in her head. She rolled as the creature tried to pounce on her, She rolled to her feet and met the creatures gaze and it started to run after her. Her eyes flared and started to glow a molten gold do it now Dylla! yelled her uncle forgive me she said inside her head, knowing her uncles knew it meant she refused to use to let out her other side.

Dylla, you will fight! said her uncles. Now is not the time to let fear rule you! If you do not destroy him, he will attack the school and the animals, trying to get to the prince. You must let out your dragon and fight!

With a roar in her head and one hand covering her throat she caught the sange rau by the throat and slammed it to the ground, she opened her mouth and let the hot flames from her dragon shoot towards the creatures head. The creature howled in pain and used its back legs and kicked her hard sending her flying, she let herself change in mid air. Blood pour from her bitten neck as she flew after the creature, her wings looked like the sun.

Four wolves stopped in the clearing, three cowering back. One looked at her, watching her. Still, they should have ran. Ignore them, Dylla, said her youngest uncle. They can protect themselves. Destroy the Sange rau. They will aid you if you get too weak. Zandar is among the wolves, telling them to stay away so you can finish the battle. throat.. She was losing to much blood, she aimed for the sange rau as she crashed to the ground. She shifted in mid air and crashed on top of it, with the little strength she had left she reached her hand through his chest and threw the heart towards where her uncle said zandar was as her and the sange rau rolled and crashed into a tree

Zandar went to destroy the heart when a gunshot rang. Dom managed to block the bullet from hitting Zandar. He yelped and lay on the ground as a bunch of humans entered the clearing. They were hunting the Sange rau, but seeing the dragon made them both afraid and excited at the same time.

Erik knew Dom had only been grazed and focused on destroying the heart, once it was he focused on the humans dom get up and help the girl, me and zandar will take care of this so cold Dylla said weakly as she laid an the ground in the wreckage of the broken tree, a piece of wood was in her leg but she could barley feel it, blood pooled from her neck, soaking her hair

Dom got up and shook his head, seeing that the humans were going to where the dragon crashed. Dom ran and blocked the humans from his mate. He growled.

"That is not a normal wolf," said one, a greedy look in his eyes.

Dom was not playing around with his mate injured. He shifted and said, "You are right, but none of you will live long enough to report what you have seen."

The men screamed, some in fear, others with delight. They began shooting at Dom, who was moving so fast that they could not properly aim. He snapped one man's neck, while the other was forced to turn the gun on himself. The third begged for his life, but after looking in the man's mind, Dom could not let the man live and quickly dispatched him. He turned to pick up Dylla. He looked like an avenging god on a war path to save her. Why did I think of that?! she thought to herself. Still, she had to admit, he looked like the alpha he was in that moment.

"I'm taking you back to the school," he said as he held her. "You need blood and clean earth to rest. No arguing that it's me and that I'm a child and all that crap. There is no time and you need to shut down your heart and lungs right now, or so help me, I will do it for you. Is that clear?"

Dylla saw the horses come into view and started to attack the men along side the wolves. The one she bonded with the most came up to them, her vision was fading , a birds cry above them made her focus more. With what little strength she had left she kicked out against the tree pushing him to the ground as the snipers bullet went through her chest and through the tree, she landed on top of him unconscious

Dom gasped and put his hand over her wound, trying to seal it so that she wouldn't bleed out. He focused on the sniper. Before he could do anything, Maddox said, Take her to the school. Do not waist your time on vengeance. We will deal with the other human butchers. She needs healed now. Dom nodded and took her to the healing caves, concealing them as he flew, not knowing how many society members there were.

back on the battle field Zandar was dodging a humans bullet when a large cat tackled the human to the ground instantly tearing out his throat, it was his lifemate.

The human sniper was thrown off the cliff and landed in front of Erik, he could just make out Meghans red hair up on the cliff.

Maddox could sense Serenity was near but could not see her

You are not ready to fight, said Maddox. Stay out of sight and safe.

Erik and Zandar smiled. Meghan would help where it is safe, but Zandar knew his warrior lifemate would always be at his side in a fight. It took no time at all dispatch the human butchers and the men could return to the caves for a good day's rest.

Once it was over serenity ran to Maddox and jumped into his arms burying her face into his neck as she wrapped her arms around him.

Meghan appeared next to Erik, wrapping her arm around his waist as he walked

Serilda changed from her cat form and was naked, she was still learning the basic abilities of a Carpathian


Dom walked out of the barn, letting his senses flare out. He growled and took to the air. He landed on the other side of the wall and began running. He had to find her. If he didn't... He didn't want to think about it. He ran, hoping to find a trace of her. He took on his wolf form. He heard a howl and he put on a burst of speed, praying that his woman was at the school and not being attacked.

Suddenly the sound of hooves were coming up fast behind him, the horses from the stables came running past him, going towards the west, followed by Maddox and Erik we are here with you brother, follow the animals, we feel it too

Zandar soon joined them. He noticed that Dom was leading them, not needing aid in getting to Dylla. That could only mean one thing, but he wanted more proof. It's not going to be an easy battle, Zandar informed the others.

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