Trouble 3

Maddox sighed and said, Serenity, go to the school. I need to see if there are anymore society members. Zandar is with me. I need you to fetch some bottles of blood so that we can feed when we get back to the cave. I won't be long. safe she said in a sad tone. It was the first time she didnt beg him to stay or to hurry back. She just turned and left. She knew this was the night from her visions, she knew what was waiting fr her at the school, but any vision she had where maddox was here ended in his death, she she was willing to face what was to come...her father


Ion walked around the school ground. He was worried about Dom. He headed towards the entrance so that he could see his friend come back.

He saw her walk onto the grounds and it was like a flood gate opened up. Serenity, he said in his mind as he walked up to her. She was alone which made this easier.

"Hello," he said. "I missed you, my dear."

She was going to end this once and for all, thats what she thought but when he spoke in that tone of voice that haunted her nightmares she felt ill "what...are you doing here?"

"My friend, Dom, is in the middle of finding his lifemate," he said. "Though, during my time with him, I had no memory of who I was or why I was here." He grabbed her arm tightly. "Because of you and your Carpathian. He brought me here to say goodbye to his woman, but now... he brought me back to you. Let's go. I know the perfect place to... catch up."

Everything in her wanted to cry out for maddox but the fear of losing him kept her quiet. She followed him silently

He lead her to the shack he and Dom stayed at simply because it was close. He also knew that Dom had created a door to the underground tunnel. Derek remembered that Dom had found some manacles on the walls. He had touched them the first day and they had burned him. Dom had destroyed the vampire blood on them, but they were still strong and knowing Serenity, they could hold her easily. He chained her to the wall.

"The sun is almost up," he said pulling out a knife. "That means, I get to enjoy what happens next." He made a cut in her arm, just missing the vital vein. "I will have to weaken you first, but you need to be punished for running from daddy. You even tried to kill me." He gave her a cut on her thigh, showing he simply wanted her to hurt right now. "If I can't enjoy that tight little cunt, then no one can. I will slowly cut you into tiny pieces and let the wolves have at the remains." He leaned in close. "Then I will finally get to test out Megan."

Serenity bared her fangs at him "i wont let you!" she said in a angry tone even though she was hurting

He smiled and said, "You don't get a say it. You know I always get what I want." His voice became hypnotic. "You are going to beg me to punish you, right? You want to die for betraying me."

He took the knife and stabbed Serenity in the stomach, laughing as she was compelled to beg for death. He slowly sawed into her limbs, stopping at the bone halfway through and moving to the next. Her blood ran like a river, yet she never stopped. When he cut into her throat, he made sure she could still talk, just to hear her. He had left nothing undamaged. When she could no longer speak, he laughed.

"This is your final lesson," he said, the knife plunging into her womb, "don't disobey me. I will show your disgusting body to that man and he will know I mean business. Now die as the whore you are." He said and stabbed her in the chest aiming for her heart but missing only by an inch.

She cried out the pain was unbearable. Maddox entered her mind and said, I am here, Serenity! I'm coming! His voiced sounded strained. He can't have you! I will make him pay for what he has done to you!

no dont come! she cried but knew he was already on his way. She couldnt let her father hurt him, the vision she had saw he killed him. Panic consumed her and she felt anger boil in her veins. With a cry she broke the chains and leaped onto her father, in that moment she didnt care that this was the man who terrorized her, her entire life, up until this moment she had feared him the most and never fought back for Megan's sake, but now what she feared the most was Maddox getting hurt. latched down on his neck painfully and had no plan of stopping until there was nothing left of him, she had his arms pinned but he used his chest to hit the knife that was still in her chest. The pain was mind numbing but she didnt let go, she couldn't she had to protect Maddox.

Maddox and Dom entered the cave, Maddox bleeding but he did not stop. Dom recognized the place. Maddox went to Serenity while Dom became angry.

"It's alright," said Maddox. "You've done enough. He can no longer hurt anyone."

Dom pried Serenity off of Derek, trying to close the wound. Maddox knew what's Dom's power was and noticed he was holding his breath.

"How dare you...!" Dom growled.

Maddox caught Serenity and said, Use your ability before you condemn her, Tracker! Then, he set to work healing Serenity, entering her body as white light.

Dom growled and said, "Don't move, Ion."

Derek tried to stop Dom but it was too late. Dom breathed in. He collapsed and relived the scene. Derek threw Dom aside and attempted to kill Maddox with his Carpathian blade. However, Dom was out of the event faster than normal and plunged his hand through Derek's chest.

"The man I knew never existed," Dom said, emotionless. "A figment of a mind not wanting to see the truth, that his daughter who he had abused in horrendous ways had finally found a way to escape."

"For someone so old," Derek said, coughing up blood, "you are naive. So cut off, it would have been easy to manipulate you if I had kept my memories."

"Go to the other world," Dom said. "Perhaps there you will find mercy, for I have none."

Derek found fire spreading over him. With the last of his life, he managed to stab Maddox through the back, nicking his heart. Derek was ash, but Maddox was back in his body, laying next to a half healed Serenity.

When Dom turned to look he saw the blade was through Serenity's forearm and in Maddox's back, almost like she knew where he was going to stab him. With a whimper she pulled on the blade slowly, her blood flowing into Maddox's open wound. The pain from the wound started to fade, Maddox could feel a warm sensation going through him. Before his very eyes Dom saw the open flesh mend itself as she pulled the knife out

Dom was in shock, but had to pull himself out of it. He went to the couple.

"Allow me to make up for my misjudge in character," Dom said. "I wish to heal you and your mate. I have called Landon to finish what I start, as my skills are nowhere near those of the Daratrazanoff line."

There is no need, Maddox answered, his voice strained from hiding his pain. She has healed me. I will heal her.

"You can barely move," Dom said. "It is best that you let another aid you."

"Or someone who knows what they are doing just pick up where you left off," said Landon. "She will need to know you live."

Maddox smiled and said, Always so bossy. But I must concede as I can't move and my body feels on fire.

"Then, just talk to her while I heal her," said Landon.

Dom guarded the three of them while Landon worked. Maddox looked at Serenity and said, You are amazing. No other in our line could do what you have done this night. You saved me from death, even when you were nearer to it. Please, allow my brother to aid you and just talk to me.

it hurts....

Landon asked, Maddox, you didn't have time to heal her heart, did you?

Maddox growled and said, No. The monster attacked me before I could.

She shouldn't even be able to move with her heart so torn, let alone block a knife. She performed a miracle to save your life, brother.

Maddox was shocked, but said, She is special, Landon. Save her.

Landon finished his work, but carried Serenity. Dom insisted on carrying Maddox, who was heavier. Landon protested, but Dom told him that he could barely stand, so Dom would cover them while they all returned to the healing caves.

Live for me, Serenity, Maddox said. Fight. We need more time to heal you. Give your soul into my keeping so that we can stay together.

take whatever you need from tired but I can't feel anything...are you ok? I can't see you

I am beside you, Maddox said. We had to shut down your heart and lungs to stop the blood loss, but you are present enough to talk to me. You saved me in many ways this night. I will live, my love. Landon will bring me out to hold your spirit while he heals you for the next three risings. But I am completely healed, though extremely weak. I will feed when you feed, rise when you must be tended to, and sleep next to you everyday. For now, rest. You need to heal.

how do I know your really ok? I need to see... she said and started to force herself awake

Because one cannot lie to one's lifemate, said Maddox. I can tell you, your particular way of healing hurt like hell, but I will gladly live through it for the rest of my days, knowing that you heal properly and will return to me. I do not wish to compel you, so please, go to sleep. Tomorrow, you will see me, holding you as Landon heals you so that you may feed from me.

you can't compel me she said painfully opening one eye to search for him

As soon as they landed, Maddox jumped from Dom's arms and took Serenity from Landon. Both men were surprised by this as Maddox was too weak from his own blood loss to have been able to move. Yet, he carried his mate into the healing caves, despite how shaky he was. Both men stood on either side of him, catching him when he was about to fall. As he laid her in the ground and stretched out beside her, he said, I may be weak, Serenity, but you never have to doubt my word. I am fine and will live thanks to you. I will heal with feeding, but I cannot lose you.

i ......think I love you

Maddox kissed her deeply, showing her how much her words meant to him, as the earth closed over them and they fell asleep.


Maddox was just outside the healing cave. Dom needed air, and was not used to seeing someone other than Ion outside the cave. Maddox was about to enter into a conversation with Dom when Maddox doubled over in pain. It was white hot, almost too much to bear. He knew then that Derek had Serenity once more.

I will need your aid, Dom, Maddox said, taking to the air. My woman is in trouble and in need of me. However, while I tend to her, the one who attacks her will try to kill us. You must dispatch him while I heal my mate.

Dom gave a mental nod as he followed Maddox. It was a long and difficult flight as Maddox would suddenly dip, only to recover shortly after. Dom knew this was a sign that the lifemated pair were close to each other, and even if they kept the other out of their mind, they would still be connected. This usually happened with ancient couples who had been around for many centuries, but in times of great struggle and hardship, young couples could forge such a bond. He wanted that with his mate.

Maddox dipped down, again, his hawk wing getting clipped by a branch. Blood flowed from his abdomen, though he had sustained no injury to that region. Dom slowed down to aid Maddox, who did not care that he was now covered in cuts that appeared out of nowhere. Maddox only cared about finding Serenity.

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