Landon woke up. He had to talk to his woman, convince her that she should live with him as a Carpathian and that Carpathians were not evil. He woke her as he laid her on the bed.

"Good evening, Alessia," he said. "Shall we talk this evening?"

“About what?” She said with a annoyed tone

"Your misguided views of our people," he said. "How you believe we are evil when it is only our fallen brothers who chose to become vampires. We hunt friends and family to rid the world of evil, our men losing more of their soul to do so with each kill. Yet you condemn us all, myself included, of not aiding is destroying such darkness."

“If your kind didn’t exist at all there would be no vampires, that’s common sense” she said plainly

"We don't just protect humans from vampires," said Landon. "We also protect them from the society, a group of humans that attack innocents for being different. They claim to hunt vampires, but they kill all they deem unworthy of living, even normal humans."

“I do not want to spend what might be my last days bickering over our differences in opinions...” she said sitting on the bed. When she sat her shirt rose up a little showing the delicate skin of her tone stomach

He sighed and said, "You will not be dying, Alessia. I will not allow it. If I must, I will force you to feed. Now, if you do not wish to talk about your opinion, then what do you wish to talk about?"

“You will find forcing me to do something will not be good for your health “ she said with a growl “ and what’s the point in talking? It will not take back the things I have done or the things your people have done”

"That is why we must talk," said Landon. "In two day, there will be a council to determine your guilt or innocence. The prince will decide, but he must see evidence to your decision. If you were unclaimed, it would be easy to just destroy you as any evil being is. However, you are my lifemate. If he passes judgement upon you, then both of us will parish, otherwise, you and I will live together, get to know each other, and I will be in charge of giving you a proper education on the Carpathian people so that you learn the truth."

“Sounds boring and pointless, how about this, you let me go and we never have to see each other again” she said laying down on the bed, her shirt rising up to show the bottom of her round soft breast

Landon said, "Yet, you are tempting me so blatantly."

He heard her heartbeat speed up “it’s just a body....what is it with men....” she lifted up her shirt completely showing her bare beautiful breast “see they are just boobs nothing special, so can we.....” she said trailing off when she looked at him because had removed his shirt, just as she had.

"If it were only your body I wanted," Landon said, "then you would not be distracted from your rant. Your nipples would not be hard," he went to her and cupped her right breast, "begging me to suckle on your breast, and feast there until you are dripping and ready for me." He placed her delicate hand on his engorged member. "I want your love, Alessia. Your heart in exchange for mine."

He saw her jaw tense as her body heated up “that’s not your heart I’m feeling....”she said in a low distracted tone “ see a woman’s breast and your hard” she said gripping it without thinking

"It is only your body that can entice me," said Landon, gasping. "But if you are saying that you are not wanting my body as well, then why are you stroking my member while holding it so tightly."

She let go “I wasn’ put my hand there...and” the smell of her arousal filled his nose stop looking at me like that she growled in her head unaware he could hear. The way he looked at her like he wanted to devour her was setting her body on fire

How am I looking at you? he asked, his tongue teasing her hard nipples.

Her body was very sensitive to his touch, he felt her shutter as his tongue touched her dont...get out of my... she moaned and gripped the bed

I am just trying to please my lifemate,, said Landon. Despite her unwilling to share anything about herself. His hand found her wet core. I am just going to have to guess where the best places are that please you.

She arched with his hand and moaned, covering her mouth with her hand to try and keep quiet. He could see in her mind she was scared of the thought he could know all the best places, if he did she would not be able to stop herself from begging him, his beast roared as he felt the submissive part of her in her mind, she wanted to beg him, she wanted to be devoured by him, she was craving him

His finger slowly entered her, instantly hitting her g-spot, as he said, I wonder if this is a good spot.

She cried out and gripped his wrist “D-dont....”

"So it is good," he said, kissing down her body.

Once at her core, he began to feast upon her, savoring her flavor and taking his time to drive her insane.

Her hands dug into his hair and her cries grew louder. She came hard and her sweet juices flowed into his mouth

He kissed up her body and said, "Admit it. You are beginning to fall for me." She could feel him at her entrance, showing both of them were now completely nude. "After all, we have to begin somewhere, right?"

“Beginnings always have a end...” she said in a challenging tone

"Not with Carpathians and their lifemates," he said, slowly entering her. "Our love for our lifemates grows with each passing second, even in the other world."

His slowness made her arch and yearn for more “your talking to much” she said in a moaned tone

"Or am I proving a point while making love to you?" he asked as he buried himself deep.

She gripped his shoulders “quit talking or I’ll end this “ she warned in a gasping tone

Landon kissed her and began moving.

He could feel she was holding back, she was begging him to go faster and deeper in his head unaware he could hear her


Jake woke up and paced. Zandar and Serilda watched him, not sure what to say. Thomas and Annabelle had not left Victoria's side.

Serilda, my love, Victoria returning has me on edge, said Zandar. I cannot put my finger on it, but I am on edge. And this is not helping Annabelle or Thomas either. Do you have any idea on how to aid in their recovery?

I am actually on edge too...after what she has been through..twice now I can not understand how she is still sane...or seems that way.. she said in suspicious tone.

The door to the room opened and Thomas stood there “She wishes to take a shower....we will be returning to the infirmary until we are needed again” he said as he and Annabelle started to leave. Thomas stopped and looked at Jacob “We will be needed again tonight” he said as a warning it would happen again

Jacob growled and said, "She is my lifemate. Why am I not allowed to be with my woman?"

Zandar put his hand on Jacob's shoulder and said, "Due to the situation, all three need time to heal. They feel comfortable near each other, but they will eventually have to part."

As he shut the door, Thomas said, "That will never happen!"

“Thomas” Victoria was in the door way suddenly. She was pale and leaned up against it. She said his name in a low tone. He lowered his eyes and bowed and with that he left “please be careful what you say around them” she said in a weak tone “you all can leave I am going to shower and rest unless you need me for something?” She asked plainly

Jacob said, "I need you. You are my lifemate, Victoria. I need you just to breath. You are the blood in my veins, my reason for living. Go shower if you must, but I will not leave."

Zandar said, You are right, Serilda. She is too sane after what she has endured. But due to her ability, I cannot scan her mind to find out what is wrong.

is there anyway to find out? What if she poses danger, maybe if you talk to her, you knew her better then Jacob before she was taken

“I am alive Jacob and I won’t ask you to leave, I do need help with the shower my body is weak from the pain”she said plainly before looking at Zandar “you both should go rest Jacob can take care of me, we will call if we need you, thank you both” she said smiling softly, her fangs were long as she smiled catching them off guard.

Zandar could feel Serilda’s fear spike and her cat reacted like there was a predator in the room. She gripped his hand tightly.

"I think we will stay and visit with Jacob," said Zandar. "He is on edge. Besides, I want to talk to you later."

“Of course you are welcomed to stay but I am hungry, so much so I dare not feed from anyone directly, is there bottled blood I could have?” She said as her legs began to shake from trying to hold herself up in a weakened state.

Jacob pointed it out to her and said, "Drink as much as you need. But if you want fresh blood, you can feed from me. It is not possible to harm your lifemate, so feeding from me will not be a problem."

Zandar said, "Jacob, it is too soon to have her do that. Let her feed and bathe. Then, we can talk."

She drank four large bottles, for someone her size that should have been to much. After she finished the last one she used the wall to sit down in a chair “Jacob can you please do me a favor, can you go get some pain medicine from Desaray, my body is aching terrible” she said in a soft tone. He agreed quickly and rushed off, once her was gone She looked at Zandar “my shower can wait, talk, I can feel you uneasy” she said taking a breath like she was smelling something.

"I want to see how you are doing," Zandar said. "I fear that something is wrong. You let me into your mind once, will you allow me to again? I want to see the damage done while you were held captive."

Her eyes met his “I am to tired to use so much energy I hope you understand it’s not that I don’t appreciate your worrying I just cannot do so right now, is there anyway I can ease your worry another way for right now?” She asked shifting in the chair resting her head on her hand. Her words were soft and sweet but her body language was that of a predator. Zandor knew one when he saw one. All of her movements were slow and precise, and the way she was sitting would allow her to react quickly to anything

Zandor stayed still and said, "I simply wish to understand. I sense something is strange, and I thought you may have seen something but not noticed it at the time. But, if you are tired, we will visit until you are well enough to allow me in your mind once more. You know that Jacob is my illegitimate son, and that makes you my daughter, so I am naturally worried for you."

“Thank you to be honest I’m just trying to deal with everything slowly but I will make sure to let you know when I am we’ll enough to let you in” she said and he saw sweat start to bead her forehead a little “though if you want I can answer any questions you have to the best of my abilities in the mean time, anything I can do to help you and the prince find those who escaped” she said tilting her head to the side. The way she did it made Serilda feel very uneasy, it was like she was a wolf analyzing her prey, Zandar could feel how unsafe Serilda was starting to feel.

Zandar quickly put Serilda behind him, the predictor in him needing to protect his mate. However, in doing so, this simple movement set Victoria off. He knew that this would happen if he moved quickly, and that is why he placed Serilda behind him.

Victoria was instantly in front of Zandar, inches from his face “it seems you both are tired and need some rest, I’m sorry if I had made you uncomfortable I know it must be hard for your lifemate to be in the room with me after all I’m sure I only remind her of a time she wishes to forget” she said in an sad tone. He could see her nails had grown into claws and as she spoke he could see her fangs peeking behind her lips “Jacob should be back soon so I’ll be fine because I have him, so no need to worry” she said in a soft tone. This close he could sense the darkness coming off of her, with her weakened state she should not have been able to move so fast yet she did.Everything in him screamed vampire

Serilda, wait outside and keep Jacob from entering, he said.

"Leaving you alone would not be wise," he said, touching her arm. "Sit down. I insist."

He heard his mate leave, allowing him to throw her into the chair.

She came down hard in it and cried out in pain and gripped the chair, she looked up at him, tears rolling down her cheek, her fangs were gone and her nails were normal “why?....” she said in a heartbreaking tone. When he moved towards her she flinched and looked like she was waiting to be hit

Zandar said, "You are giving off the feel of a vampire, of our fallen. This is why I need to examine your mind. Perhaps the vampire that harmed you placed a parasite, or the woman leading him has used dark magics on you that will cause you to harm others. If it is natural, then you will have to be separated from Thomas and Annabelle so that you can be healed properly”

“I knew it was a trick...” she said with her head down, her hair covering her face “I won’t fall for it again...just get on with it...just stop this fucking magic trick mage and tell me what you want” she said suddenly standing up. Her clothes disappeared “ my body?” She asked getting down on her knees and placing her hands behind her. He could see scars in her wrist that lined up perfectly for someone whose hands had been bound behind them many times “I have told you a thousand times I can’t control my shield so please stop this....I want to go back to my master please...” she said bending over placing her forehead on the ground at his feet. As she bent over he could see the deep permanent scars that covered her back from the whippings. Her arms legs and shoulders were covered in vampire bite that have scared over.

He sighed and clothed her, saying, "You can control it in times of great stress, Victoria. There are no masters here. You have suffered greatly at the hands of monsters. However, it was you who gave off the threatening atmosphere. I am simply trying to help you. Please, stand up and allow us to help you. That means telling me where the weak spot is in your mind so that I may enter."

She didn’t move from her spot “I already told you I don’t know a weak spot and I already said I don’t remember the school or how to get there and I’ve never even seen the prince let alone know where he is so please...stop this and let me rest” she grabbed his ankles “I’ll...I’ll let you put me in the pit again or I’ll volunteer for the center just please end this illusion...I don’t want to be back at the school” she hugged his legs “I’ve told you all that I know I swear....” she used her nail to cut the side of her throat “here use blood magic on me again...I know you like that, just stop this” she said hugging his legs tightly as the blood flowed down her chest.

He closed the wound and knelt in front of her. He needed to know what she told them, even though he knew she gave up the last of her sanity to protect everyone she could. He made her look at him.

"I need you to listen to my words carefully," Zandar said, choking on his emotions. "You have suffered greatly to protect our people and the prince. Many others would have fallen, and gave in to the torture, but you stayed strong. I am proud you are Jacob's lifemate, and part of my family." He picked her up and held her like a child. "This is all I needed to see. We will heal you, pequena, so that you can finally be the woman you are meant to be. I wish we had found you sooner, so that you never had to make such a sacrifice, but no one, least of all the prince, can deny you are a true De La Cruz."

“Why....why are you so won’t let me won’t let me live...I have given you guys everything...”she said. Zandar felt her mind touch his weakly, a memory filled his head. She was laying on the ground in a pool of blood “you have two choices...get up or die” said a dark male voice in her ear, a human female clasped next to her “just stay down worth living like this” she said as she started to cough up blood “I can’t die...” Victoria said weakly “don’t...what could be so important you would get up for more?” Asked the woman “if I die....someone falls” she said weakly as she stood up. He could see the torture room they had found the cages in, through her eyes he saw her turn and grab a blood pillar, he heard the sound of a whip and felt the pain she felt as it sliced her skin.

He rocked her and said, "You saved so many lives, including Jacob's. You lived so that so that he would not fall, suffering for your selflessness. You gave up everything so that others could live. You make us all proud, especially Jacob."

“Quit saying his master will not like it” she said tensing in his arm “ won’t break this illusion then I will enjoy it....” she said grabbing his face and looking at him. He saw how tired she was of life through her eyes, how much she wished for death. She turned his head and bit deep into his neck

Jacob forced his way into the room. He growled and said, "Stop this now! She needs to heal, not to be further tortured by this interrogation!"

Zandar had Victoria stop feeding and said, "I am seeing the extent of the damage done to her mind. And it is far greater than it appeared. She fears that this is an illusion."

"Then, make her see it isn't!"

"That is not possible due to her ability. In time, she will see, but you will need more patience than our oldest warrior. "

Victoria was suddenly in front of Jacob, pinning him against the wall with her hands on his chest “you sound like him, as childish as I remember...” she said with a growl “Malachi won’t be pleased you had him in this game...” she said as her nails dug into his chest, sending fire through him. She sighed “Zandar why don’t you see yourself out before I have to teach your mate not to bare her fangs at something she can’t handle” she said in a threatening tone opening the door for him to leave.

Zandar sighed and began to leave, but stopped at the door to say, "He suffered with you. Never forget that."

Then the door shut.

When it shut she backed away from him and chuckled sarcastically “you suffered huh.....” she glance at him. She suddenly ripped off his clothes “huh no scars....not one...let me guess are you going with mental suffering? Oh no what I bet it’s the whole I miss my lifemate bit right? Well go on tell me how did you suffer with me? Huh?!” She said throwing a chair and it breaking against the wall

"I could not touch your mind," he said, "Not even a little, where as I could at least touch the surface before. But even with the separation on me, I fought my demon and won. No, my suffering is nothing compared to yours. My uncle was just trying to help." He looked her in the eyes, an air of seriousness around him. "It was not easy, but you had it worse. But this is no illusion and may this be the first step in showing you."

He brought her to him and kissed her deeply.

She pushed against his chest but it was no use , she was took weak to fight him. She bit down on his lip to try and get him to stop but the second she tasted his blood all thought went from her mind and she stopped fighting his hold.

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