Awake 2

I can do all you ask, Landon said, moving harder and faster. You dont have to hold back with me. Let go.

His voice only added to the pleasure, her mind was still very human and she was not use to the mental touch and the pleasure his body was bringing her was breaking her will to fight what he asked even though she didn’t want too give in for she felt weak into doing so. Her hands gripped his back and she moaned his name.

He moved deeper and deeper with each thrust. Let me in, Landon said, suckling her breast. Let me into your mind so that I may give you even more pleasure.

He felt her break and her mind was open to him as she went crazy underneath him.

He entered her mind, sharing how she felt around him.

She cried out as she became overwhelmed by the feeling, her core gripped him so right it was almost painful which only added to the pleasure.

Landon growled, pinning her by the shoulder in the submissive. He lost all control, needing to reach her very soul.

She could do nothing but hold onto him and go wild underneath him

He filled her and held himself off of her so his weight did not crush her. He closed the wound and kissed her.

"Thank you for letting me in," he said. "I got the information we needed to at least save our lives. Normally, we would have exchanged blood, but even when I lost control, I did not want to push you to hard too fast. Feeding from me willingly will come in time. For now, rest. Tomorrow will be our last day alone before going to council and determining our fate."


He moaned against her lips, his tongue demanding entry. His hands roamed over her body. His only goal was to prove this was no illusion but in touching her as a lifemate, he was quickly losing control.

Her tongue teased his lip until the cut closed, her mouth then started to kiss down from his chin to his neck, She bit in after teasing his skin with her lips and tongue. She moaned as his blood filled her mouth, her hands gripped his back making her body press into his firmly

"Victoria," Jacob said, "I can't make love to you when you are still needing to heal. But, God, you are making it hard to keep my hands off of you."

She released his neck, licking the bite slowly, teasing him slowly, she started to kiss down his chest, grazing his skin as she did so with her fangs ” Then you should not have made me feel this way...” she right right before she took his member inside her mouth.

Jacob groaned and said, "Victoria, please... let us heal you before I show what you mean to me."

As he said that she took his hard long length all the way into her mouth, her tongue massaging it as she did so, her hands gripped his waste, holding him still while she devoured him with her hot mouth.

He pulled her up to him and hugged her to him, and said, "I'm sorry I didn't save you in time. But I can't do this. This isn't the real you. Buried under all that pain, behind the woman they forced you to become, my Victoria is still there. So, no, I can't make love to you." He walked away from her, his back straight and his face stony with how he tried to bury his emotions. "I am afraid that we cannot be in the same room if all you are going to be is a slave. My woman is strong and brave. She would see the truth." He placed her sketch book on the table. "If you want to remember who you truly are, here is a reminder. Until then... this is goodbye."

He left, shutting the door behind him. Zandar sighed, but stood guard, Serilda beside him.

"Unless you are with her, uncle," Jacob said, "no one goes into that room or out of it. I left her with her greatest memories, so that she can learn. I will visit again tomorrow."

Thomas appeared and went straight for the door ”excuse me I am needed” he said to Jacob who was in the way of the door

"I'm sorry," said Jacob, "but she must be alone right now. She has yet to take a shower, and she needs time to heal by herself. As her lifemate, I cannot allow you to be alone with her."

”ive been alone with her longer than you have been her lifemate, now I do not wish to delay her needs further if you do not move willingly I will have to move you” he said said in a plain tone. Annabelle came up behind him and looked at Jacob with pleading eyes, she touched her chest like she was hurting in her heart

Jacob said, "I understand you feel that way, and that you may only wish to aid her, however it is my duty as her lifemate to see to her healing. I need her to have this one night to herself, to look over her past. I simply want what is best for her. If she chooses not to look at her sketch book, that is up to her. But for now, it must be done. Besides, the sun is about to rise and you two should be going to ground to heal."

Zandar said, "He is right, but I have a proposition. You both can sit on this side of the door and visit with me and my lifemate. I would like to examine your minds to see if we can help heal you both as well. As soon as you awake, you will be able to see to Victoria's needs. And, should she need anything given to her, I will let you both hand it to her. Still, in this case, you must respect the wishes of her lifemate."

Thomas growled and Annabelle grabbed his arm ” I do not see a lifemate but a child you claim to want to heal her yet you torture her! You make her suffer the conversation pains more then she has too! ” he said pinning him to the wall ” if you will not ease her pain I will do so! I have been the one to aid her not you and since you seem to want her to suffer I will do so once again now ” an ankle looked at Sandra with frightened eyes ” she has tried hasn't she? Has she begged master Jacob for his body?"

A cry of pain was heard from the other side of the door and Thomas growled and looked Jacob in the eyes ”Heal her my want her to suffer like they did”

Jacob went to the door first and said, "I am not her master, nor will I ever pretend to be. I simply wish to heal her. Since this is not working, I will try another way. Making love to my lifemate while she is so far broken will be my last resort. And if you think I'm going to let you anywhere near her, an unclaimed male, alone, you have more than a damaged mind but..."

"Just go to her," said Zandar. "I will try to explain so that they understand. You are on edge not knowing how to aid her, and they are conditioned to think a certain way."

Jacob nodded and entered the room, shutting the door behind him.

The room was trashed, furniture was broken everywhere, He found her in the bathroom laying on the floor, the shower running but the curtains had been pulled down ”Malachi....please.....i need you....i can't bare another night of this....” she said in a broken tone hugging her knees ”i feel my mind breaking...please”

"I'm not Malachi," said Jacob, going to her. "I'm trying to help. I'm Jacob, remember? I don't know what to do. What do you need, Victoria? I want to end your suffering. Please."

She pushed him away weakly ”stop using him! I don't want to see him! I love Malachi not him!” She said backing away from him “why do you tease me with him I told you we have not even bonded yet.....he means nothing to me!” She said moving away by crawling

Jacob took her gently into his arms and said, "But we have bonded. You don't like me, yet you have given so much to protect me." He made her look at him, tears in his eyes, though he did not let them fall. "You humble me, Victoria. Allow me to make the pain end."

“Please.....stop making me see him...” she said touching the side of his face like she was saying goodbye. She sighed heavily “ok....mage, I know who’s work this is....” she said pushing him down onto his back and straddled him, her hand on his throat “my master would not have played this illusion this way, I know it’s you Micheal....” she said as her hands tightened but started to shake and she looked confused “why....” tears started to roll down her face “you always make me kill him...why.....” she said as her hands started to shake more

"It ends today," he said, cupping her cheek. "I offer any aid you require. I offer it freely. You can't harm your lifemate, Victoria. Before, that was the illusion, but this is real. I can feel how you fight it, your shaking gives it away. Just take what you need and I will not stop you."

She started to cry and shake her head “’s a trick...a new trick” she said trying to squeeze hard but was not able too “your not real...your not....I made sure they would never find us....I made sure...he would be ok as long as I lived that’s can’t be can’t be” she said has her hands fell from his neck and gripped the ground by his head as a conversation pain filled her, when it passed she collapsed on his chest, her breathing uneven “you ....can’t be can’t find me.....” she said in a weak tone

"We did," said Jacob, looking her in they eye. "We found you and rescued you. I regret that it took so long, and that my stupidity in playing Michael's sickening game caused you to suffer more than you should have. As soon as I saw the pictures of you and him, I should have asked my uncle to get the hunters together to rescue you. It is my fault that so many have suffered and I will carry that always, but the worse part was failing you as a lifemate and as a man."

She cried harder “I can’t be can’t be can’t see me....please...stop the trick stop the trick! Please just use me so I can rest!” She gripped his shoulders “Jacob....whoever you are please I beg you master let me please you...please I beg you! Use my body anyway you wish just please I can’t do this anymore” she cried as pain started to consume her again

He kissed her deeply and said, "I am not your master. But I am real. Do whatever you need to do to prove it. I will not stop you."

Sweat covered her body as she looked at him “I can’t lay with you....I have no choice, my master will not let me die, but I will die if I am forced to have sex with this illusion....even if we are not’s too cruel...I will not let you use his image to torture me anymore....your game ends now mage” she said and with one quick movement she sliced her throat

He quickly brought her down to him and closed the wound. He laid her down and then became healing light. He was still young, and knew it would probably scar, but he did his best not only allow her to talk, but also to live. When he returned to his body, there was a faint scar, as he suspected.

"Why, Victoria?" he asked. "Why do you do this? I understand that you think this is an illusion, but death is not the answer. I am here, willing to help, if only I knew how."

“Leave....she said hoarsely “leave and don’t come back” she said has another convulsion took her, Jacob heard the door break down and Thomas was there. He took off he shirt “Thomas don’t” Victoria said weakly “please ...I cannot bare to see you suffer any longer...” he said putting his shirt under her head “then get him out of here...” she said gesturing to Jacob. Thomas glared “if you refuse to end her suffering by laying with her then leave and I will do it” he growled

"You can leave," said Jacob. "She is my lifemate. I will not abandon her again." He looked at her. "I get it now. I'm still young and stupid, but I get it. I'll do whatever is necessary to make it all stop."

She looked at Jacob for a moment “Thomas go feed, I will have need of you later and need you strong, Zandar can be trusted to feed you” the way she said it seemed to make Thomas relax and he nodded and left. Once he was gone she looked at him “if you really are real....I’m sorry....I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect them....I’m sorry I couldn’t protect the don’t have to touch fact you don’t have to look at me...”

"You didn't fail, Victoria," he said. "I will always want to hold you, to touch you to know I have you back. I always want to look at you, because no matter what you look like, you are always beautiful to me." He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he laid her down so that she was comfortable. "What sickens me are my actions to your crisis, that I waited so long to ask for help, and that it has taken me so long to understand what you have been trying to tell me." He kissed her. "But now I understand. So, if you are willing, I want to show you how I feel. If you ever feel uncomfortable, I want you to tell me. Can you do that?"

When she nodded, he locked the door and began kissing her neck, making their clothes disappear. His way down her body, kissing every scar he found. These are badges, a testament to your courage in the face of evil. He found her core and began to feast on her. His one thought was that she was comfortable and started off slow, but quickly building. When it was almost too much for her, he kissed up her body, blanketing her. She showed no fear, opening up to him willingly. He slowly entered her.

As he did pain started to consume her, she clenched tightly around him as a conversation pain consumed her. She gripped his back and cried out into his shoulder, the pain was less then the one before and it subsided quicker then the last one as well. When he was fully in her head went back and she arched underneath him, making her breast push firmly into his chest,he could feel her sheild start to shake

He began moving as he kissed her. He still kept the pace slow, but every thrust went deep, showing her the love he had for her. He held her tightly, but so tender, it brought tears to her eyes. As he picked up the pace, he began to lose control. Despite this, she still felt him holding back, as if he were afraid of hurting her if he went too fast, too hard, or too deep.

“Jacob “ she said his name in a moaning tone “please I need you don’t hold back”

He couldn't hold back. Hearing her say his name, not in anger, made him lose what little control he had. He began moving his hips so that it hit her deepest core hard and fast. He couldn't help but to pin her down in the submissive. His hands inflamed her farther until she couldn't keep still. He brought her close to the edge but kept her there. One more time, Victoria. I need you to say my name one more time, knowing I am real, that I am here, and will never let you go again. Please.

She cried out as the pleasure he gave her was mixing with the conversation pain, making her body even more sensitive “Jacob!” She cried out as her core tightened around him, he felt her shield go down, he felt the full touch of her mind consume him.

He merged their minds instantly. In that moment, he was pure instinct. He sent her over the edge, but did not let her rest. He managed to give her two more climaxes before filling her. He rolled so that they could lay beside each other without him having to leave her body.

"Victoria," he said after closing her wound and catching his breath. "I love you."

Her body still twitched from her climax’s, her core pulsed around him , milking him and keeping him deep inside her “you shouldn’t....” was all she said as her shield went back up and he felt her pass out in his arms

He chuckled and said, "But I always will."

He then laid them both in the ground before following her as the earth closed over them.

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