Awake 3

Landon awoke and went to his lifemate. When arrived, he found her sleeping and the unmistakable touch of something dark. He had to find out what it was, and if a dark mage had gotten his hands on Sia. With her asleep, it was easier to slip into her mind.

The second he linked there mind he was consumed by the nightmare she was having, through her eyes he found himself hanging by his wrist, he cold feel the cold, hard metal that held his wrist, he was looking at the ground, blood pooled at his feet, he felt weak and cold and pain ravished his body like a deep fever "Alright insert the serum, make sure to log in for number 721106 so we can keep track of what we give her" said a male voice from behind "yes sir" said another. A sharp pain in the right side of his neck sent fire into his veins, when he yelled out it was her voice that came out, a cry of pain and anger. He was suddenly forced from her mind and kicked to the floor by her "Stay out of my head!" she yelled down at him

"That is impossible," said Landon, standing up. "Besides, how else am I to learn about you? You refuse to talk to your lifemate, so I must do this instead. It is the only way I know how to find out how to best take care of you and your needs. I had no intention of looking into your memories, but this nightmare was far stronger than anything I have ever felt before. It sucked me in before I could prepare for such a thing."

"there is no need to get to know me since i am sure to die tomorrow" She said in a tense tone. She looked away from him and exam-ed the room, a classic sign of paranoia. He saw her gaze linger on certain parts of the room and he knew like a warrior she was strategically memorizing the room and the items around, that let him know she was planning on fight and not submitting to him or his people.

"Alissia, you will not die," he said. "Yesterday, when we made love and bound ourselves together, not only did I accept your fate as my own, but I learned enough to tell the prince why you should be allowed to live. You do not have to fight them or me, and you will come to me in your own time. For now, examine the room. There is no escape unless one of my people will it, and only from the outside. We are both stuck here, the Carpathian Assassin and the Second in Command. Rumors are already spreading."

Her eyes went back to him "made love?" She said with a cruel amusement "that is what you think we did? " She said and he cold feel the coldness in her tone like a knife on his skin, her face held no emotion except for the coldness in her eyes. If he didnt know any better he would have sworn he was looking at a vampire

"That is what I was doing," he said. "How you describe it at this time will be up to you. I saw a passionate woman escape from within you. I would very much like to see her again. If you prefer me not to touch you, then show her to me another way, but at this point in time, bringing our bodies together in fiery desire is the only way I know how."

She frowned “you..” she began when she stopped and looked at the door, she was out of the bed quickly, without another words she turned and went into 5e bathroom, the moment she closed the door a hunter walked in “where is your mate?” He said in a tense tone

"Performing human rituals at the moment," said Landon easily. "What has happened now?"

He set down a plate of food on the table “this is the only meal she will be getting “ he said “later someone will come to examine her” the hunter said “since you have willing bonded with her, you are responsible for her behavior during the exam” he said in a tone that let him know he did not approve of him claiming her

"I cannot control her," Landon said with a smile. "Nor do I wish to. My woman is a warrior, willing to die for what she feels is right. I respect her for that, not for what she did. As for an examination, that will be impossible."

“It will be very possible, the prince himself will be doing “ he said in a dark tone and left the room. He heard the shower in the bathroom start

"Not even the prince can get in," he said, knowing the hunter would hear. "But I will do my duty."

“Damit” he heard her cues from inside the bathroom

Landon went to the door and said, "Alissia, is everything alright?"

The door violently opened and she stood naked and wet “it would have been nice for someone to inform me that Carpathians know how to put up magic wards, I don’t appreciate being shocked like I just was”

"I told you there was no way out," he said. "Besides, those are safeguards. They are put in place for your protection as well as the protection of others. They don't use magic, though they are based on ancient spells. The weaves have been changed over time due to the person using them, but still, they are different. Our safeguards use elements around us, not just energy."

“Well the shock sure as hell felt like magic “ she said in a anger filled tone. When she turned to go back into the bathroom she stopped “wait.....I can’t use magic in many days have we been here already?” She asked without looking at him, yet the change in her tone concerned him.

"Today is day three," he said. "Tomorrow is your trial. You have not lost any time, unless you count the times we made love. You seemed insatiable during those times. Almost wore me out, and I'm a famous hunter."

He saw her stiffen, her strong back muscle made her back look even more feminine, she was silent for a few minutes before he heard her sigh “I’m going to take my shower now” she said in a almost defeated kind of tone

He took hold of her hand gently, but firmly, so that he could make her look at him as he said, "Do not look disheartened. Talk to me."

He saw her eyes change once more to look cold, she smirked “I’m not disheartened...that would require me to have one” she said with a cruel expression, yet he could hear her heartbeat had quickened “I just want a shower so I can get your smell off of me before I leave this place” she said trying to break his grip on her, she was strong for a human but her strength was not any where near where it needed to be to break his hold

He pulled her closer to him and said, "Your expressing is cold, my dear, but your eyes and heart speak the truth. You fear what my claim on you means, and hearing the news on top of learning about the safeguard means all plans, if any, have been destroyed." His other hand came up to brush her hair from her neck before cupping the back of her head, his eyes hooded and dark with desire. "Know this, little warrior, you will not escape me should you run. I will always find you. You will always have me, a prisoner to your raw magnetism. And God help me, I do not want to be free. There is no rescue, for either of us."

Then, he kissed her hard and rough. His breathing was ragged and soft growls escaped.

She tried to fight him off and how her body was reacting, she bit his bottom lip but that only caused another growl to come from him and have her be pinned against the wall. She couldn’t use her magic or even the simplest of her abilities, yet she didn’t need too, to know he was dominating her, not in a supernatural way but in a pure dominating male way. Even normal humans can sense when their is a bigger predator in their presence and right now he was the biggest that they came and he was claiming her as such. After everything she had been through she hated how quickly she wanted to submit, to enjoy this feeling, to let him devour her he is one of them! she said trying to mentally shake herself but the sound of his growls shook her to her core and sent fire through her, she tried one last time to push him away but he gripped her hair and she cried out against his lips and she knew she had lost, she knew he heard her and would know what that cry meant, that he had found her weak spot, that she had a submissive side. She felt herself get wet, her sweet juices started to run down her leg “it’s not what you like...get..let go” she said in a shaking voice

"No," he said is a rough voice, "you let go. Are you afraid to learn the truth about me? Never mind my people. We have this last day. Learn about me, of the man I am." He smiled, her heart skipping a beat. "Well, after I devour you, anyway. Wrap your legs around my waist, Alissia."


Michael closed the door to allow Eric to sleep. Goodness knew that the old man needed it. Still, it felt good talking to him Michael and he talked about how Michael found his mate, Scarlett, and had learned that other men had used her, even causing her to abort the children she had with them. Michael's nature caused him to want to find every man that had thought to use his woman, but Scarlett wouldn't let him into her mind enough for him to see her attackers. He felt at odds between needing vengeance and needing to aid Scarlett during this time. Eric told Michael that, when she felt ready, she would reveal everything and to simply be there for Scarlett until then. Michael then changed the topic to much more pleasant things before leaving.

Now, he was on his way back to Scarlett, hoping to be the rock she needed.

Scarlett was dressing herself when micheal walked in, she knew she still had a fever but she needed to get out of here and she definitely needed to get away from him "how did you find me?" she asked not even remembering how she got here herself,

"I followed our link," he said. "You also invited me in. You must have been tired and hurt for such a thing to slip from your mind. Your friend, Claira, allowed me to leave once you were asleep to collect myself. I talked to an old friend, and he told me to be patient and wait for when you are ready to reveal this trouble to me. I will do my best to support you, Scarlett, and won't force you to tell me anything. But I will not leave you to face this alone."

She couldn't help a growl that escaped her lips "I have a fever, nothing more, i am already recovering" She said and he knew she was testing to see how much he knew

"I've rescued and found justice for enough people to know when they have been badly used, Scarlett," he said. "But you are recovering, though slower than other Carpathians, especially for Guardians. But, as I have said, I will not force you to tell me anything, trusting you to reveal them to me when you trust me enough. At this time, you still view me as a duty, and we do not know enough about each other for me to have gained your trust. For now, act as the warrior you are, alright? After such an event, keeping busy is best. I heard that there may have been a vampire sighting in a village to the north. Do you wish to hunt with me?"

She stiffened and then slowly turned around, her shirt was slightly opened, he could see bruises on her collar bone and could make out a rough and dark hickey on her left breast "I would be a danger to you hunting while I am much as I would like too" She said in a disappointed tone. She finished buttoning her shirt , he could see the sweat covering her skin, she was pale and he could feel the fever taking its tole on her

"Than, let's go to a cave or do something else," he said. "We will find a way to take your mind off of the event, and I will not try to seduce you. I do not wish to be put into the same category as your abuser, even if you do not mean it. What do you wish to do?"

“If there are rumors of vampires you should go, I will be fine, I need to check in with my post anyways” she said and walked until she was standing in front of him, he could feel the heat coming off her body “since you are leaving to possible fight I will not ask of you want my body desires but to give your mind some ease...” she said and grabbed ahold of his collar and brought him down so her lips were at his ear “i want you to know I crave the taste of you more then I crave the hunt or the air I breathe, I can choose to ignore my duty...but I can not choose what I feel for you, so quit saying that is what you are” she said in a soft silk like tone

He smiled and said, "That is what you do not understand. You come first, and always will. I must see to you. I will ask about the situation once I have cared for you." He leaned in and whispered in a sultry tone. "I feel the same, Scarlett. You are my world, and I do not wish to see you in pain. You are not a duty to me, as you have said I was to you. You are an angle I have no right to touch, a goddess and me a mere mortal. How will I ever be worthy of one such as you?"

She pulled back just enough so her eyes met his “remember this..whatever happens now and in the future, I was a dragon before a soul will always be that, my pride will not allow me to show the struggle I have to adjust to being a guardian and my choice to be one was not willing...” she said and in her telling him that a lot of things made sense to him, her distant behavior, the way she treated their union like a duty and how distant she seemed. She was not use to her wolf side, dragonseekers and Lycans were both very fierce and very duty bond when it came to certain things.

He stroked her cheek with his thumb and said, "And you handle it beautifully. I have seen some ancient hunters act like fledglings or human children when they learn they are turning into a guardian. You have accepted this new power and strength, and I am humbled by you."

The touch of his hand burned her skin, she felt cold from the fever and he was warm to the touch which felt hot to her, the burning made her eyes change into her dragons, emerald gems started back at him and he heard her heart beat quicken “touch my neck” she said in a breathless tone

He smiled and moved his hand slowly to her neck. He kept stoking her sati soft skin, as if his fingers could not get enough of the feeling. But his hand was soon replaced his mouth, gliding over her skin.

His burning touch spoke to her on a deep level, one she couldn’t explain, logically she knew she was sick, that this was not the right time, that he should be going to hunt and she should be focusing on the blanks in her memory but right now all she could focus on was the burning of his lips on her skin. She gasped soft and let herself get lost in his touch, this was more then just sexual, a unfamiliar feeling was growing inside her as she slowly slid off his jacket

He kissed up her jaw until he found her mouth. He knew that she needed rest and care, but something in him told him that part of her wanted him to remove the feeling of her attacker. He would help her feel like herself. Hunting could be given to another, and he knew that there were already three hunters heading to the village. He needed to care for Scarlett.

He gently removed her shirt as she removed his. Even his touch on her bruises sent pleasurable fire through her, his touch feeling as if it were healing her as well as building her desire.

The cold air only made his touch burn more, she had never been the submissive type yet she found herself clinging to him, wanting to be as close as possible. She became breathless and felt like she was losing herself to something she didn’t understand. He felt her grow warm under his touch until her skin was hotter then her fever, he saw random spots on her skin develops beautiful sea green scales

He pulled back and looked for a moment before saying, "You are beautiful. An earth dragon. A rare find even among Dragonseekers. It's official. I will forever be unworthy." He went to his knees before her, the act sexy instead of the humiliating act she was used to. "I wish to please my lifemate and care for her needs." he kissed her toned stomach, lapping at her belly button. "What is it you desire, Scarlett? Tell me and I will do all within my power to grant your wish."

In truth she did not know what she needed, the spaces in her memory worried her and made her feel like she was a danger to herself and anyone that was around her, yet the thought of him leaving this very moment stressed her out more then it should have “I am unfamiliar with the need that is taking all my senses away....logically I know I’m sick...I should rest...yet...” she looked down at him with intense eyes “I need to feel the burn of your touch....maybe it’s because of What I am but...the way your making my skin burn....I fear I might get addicted to it” she said in a almost moaning tone that made her feel embarrassed

He began to remove her pants as he said, "I do not mind if you are addicted to me. I know I'm already addicted to you. Perhaps, burning in our passion, you will get better faster."

He could feel her legs start to shake slightly “wait....” she said in a soft tone “I’m not sure I’m ready for something so....intense “ she said with a breathless tone “I’ve never had someone do this” she said in a serious tone as her cheeks redden with embarrassment “I’m a warrior...I never had time to explore any other side of me including lust” she said honestly

"You think I did?" he asked. "I had no emotions for centuries, and yet, now, I cannot help but feel a desire to make you happy and merge our bodies if fiery passion every time I look upon you. Care to learn with me?"

When her lips parts he could see the tips of her feminine fangs, her eyes were heavy with desire, she looked at him like she would eat him up if she had the chance, no one had ever looked at him that way before, with such longing and desire and heat. He had seen all of her intimidating faces in battle and her stern faces when she was on patrol, he thought those looks were intimidating and fierce yet this one made it feel like all the breath left him and his lungs were filled with a fire that spread through his entire body “take off my mask...”

He kissed up her body. When he came to her breasts, he lavished them with attention to bring them to hard peeks. Then, he came to her neck and pulled back. Every movement was slow and enticing. His eyes burned with desire. He licked his lips as he slowly removed her mask. When he saw the scars, he kissed every one of them, worshiping them almost. When he puled back again, the intensity had increased. Everywhere his eyes touched burned with need.

"Beautiful," he said. "More so than I ever though possible. I must have you now, Scarlett. The world could be burning around us, and I would not care. Just you. That is all I need."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands come up and slowly played with his hair “I never understood why my father would say a mated hunter is more dangerous and more I understand “ she said in a soft tone before slowly bring his lips to hers

"We have the world to lose," he said with a nod. "When our woman dies, the thrall takes us, we have a split second to decide, follow or vampire. So we fight harder because we want to return to the one woman that means everything." He made her look at him. "I will always return. Even if I am just a head, I will return with that flesh wound to be with you."

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