Awake 4

God help her she would rather die than submit to him yet her legs twitched for a second like they were going to obey "no...and what's the point of learning about you..we won't live past today" she cursed herself, fighting was one thing, she was used to it, pain, fear, anger, she was also used too, but this, this was new and she didn't like the intense feelings he was making her feel. His voice, his body, the way he was pinning her and speaking to her, it was all too much and she felt her control slipping.

Landon chuckled, manly amusement in his tone as he said, "You seem to forget one thing, little warrior. The first time we brought our bodies together, we also merged our minds. I learned enough about you to keep you alive. That won't mean you are free of a guilty verdict, only that death has been taken from you. Now, wrap your legs around me, Alissia. I have a need to be inside my woman and hear her scream in pleasure."

He saw the spark return to her face, those burning eyes that looked like they wanted to set him ablaze “I can assure you, you didn’t see everything....” she said in a strained tone “and I refuse to be your woman...” she was cut off when he tugged on her hair, exposing her throat. She moaned and gasped and she hated that she did so

He smiled before kissing and lapping at her pulse. I will show you that you are my woman, he said in her head. And I know we both will enjoy how I do it. Then he bit down, causing lightning to go through her to her sex, her womb clenching with desire.

Her legs buckled and is strong grip was the only thing holding her up anymore, she should be scared, disgusted, she tried to remind herself what he was, what his kind did to her only family. But she couldn’t think straight, the more he feed from her the more thought left her mind and her body was filled with such a intense desire she thought she was going to burst in his arms. He felt her hands grip his chest as her body relaxed against him

He closed the wound and, knowing that she was half out of it with desire, he clouded her mind a bit before using his nail to slash over his heart. He pressed her face to the laceration and letting her drink until there had been a real exchange. He closed the wound and quickly kissed her, knowing that if the flavor of his blood was on her tongue, she would fight him again. Using his tongue, he took the flavor away. When that was done, he pulled back.

"Wrap your legs around my waist, Alissia," he said. "I need to feel you around me."

This time she didn’t have what it took to fight him, her world was spinning with desire, she felt like she was drunk. She wrapped her legs tightly around him “I...don’t know what you did...but...” she was having trouble thinking, everything about him was consuming her every thought. His smell, his body, his voice “but...” she gave in, she felt her control slip and this time she was the one that kissed him. She was not gentle, it was rough and deep, he felt her tongue demand entry to his mouth

He met her kiss for kiss, running his hand over her bare buttocks. She felt him slowly enter her tight fold, showing he was likewise naked. When he was fully inside, her breasts jutting into his chest as she threw back her head, he began a agonizingly slow pace designed to drive her even more insane.

Tension built in her that made her kisses more rough, she was becoming impatient and she tried to start moving her hips to take control, this was a female that liked it rough, which matched him perfectly, he had never been a gentle male and never wood be and he knew if they were lucky enough to spend their life together, the fight for dominance would be constant

He moved her to the ground so he could reach her deepest core as he said, "This is my woman. The one not afraid let go around me, demanding what she wants. But I won't give up control easily."

With that, he moved instantly to a rough, fast, deep pace.

That did it, his words broke through the haze of Ecstasy, he saw the moment her lust filled eyes turned into that of like a wolf ready to pounce. Her punch to his face was hard enough that she managed to roll them both so she was on top. He cried of anger were mixed with moans as she tried to pin him, he never thought a physical fight could be so god damn sexy

He smiled. While he couldn't punch her with his usual force, or at all, he began to block her punches. At some point, he had her pinned to against the wall. He was surprised that she never took him out of her, as if it was vital to keep him there. That gave him an edge, as well as a weakness. While he could reach deep with every movement they made, she would squeeze him tightly.

The next push with her legs put them in the walk in shower, the water was still hot and was making their bodies even more sensitive, having her this way, wet in his arms was like heaven, he saw the fire in her eyes change as her punches started to stop, there was sadness in them and fear

"It's okay," he said, gripping her hips, keeping up the fiery pace they used during their battle for dominance. "Alissia, it is okay to be upset over the past, and it's okay to let others in as well. Let me in, if no one else. I will always protect you, always love you, and always be by your side. Do not shut me out, little warrior. Not me." He took the tears she refused to let fall. "Talk to me."

She tried her best to look angry but she could feel her skin crawling as the elixir started to wear off, she knew it only lasted five days and because she was trapped in here and could not make another dose, it was wearing off. Slowly scars marks started to appear on her body, her wrist and ankles were covered in chain marks, her neck had needle marks scared into them, even her eyes had scars on them were needles had been put directly into her eyes. She looked away from him, she didn’t know why, she had never cared how she looked to others before, but she felt under his gaze they were a weakness and something to be ashamed of. More and more scars of abuse and experimentation started to appear. With a grunt she covered his eyes with her hand “if you look I’ll kill you” she said trying to take control once more.

"Why?" he asked, confused. "I saw your nightmare, the torture they inflicted upon you. I get to finally see your true beauty, Alissia. You are a fighter, strong and resilient. These are a testament to that, and I find every one of them beautiful." He made her look at him. "Know this, little warrior, I can not take them away, but I can make them nearly invisible if you wish it. Keep in mind, the prince will want to know of them and seeing them may help your case. A woman shaped by her environment, taught to hate and kill to survive, is understandable. A woman who suddenly hates based off of nothing is not. Right now, to my people, that is who you are. My parents know you as a grief stricken young woman, who hates those who did not save her, and even that can be forgiven." He kissed her wrist. "Wear these badges with honor. You fought hard and survived hell to find your way to me. How can a man not feel humbled by that?"

She recovered his eyes “these are not for you to see....I don’t care how others see me, I belong to another man” she said coldly in his ear.

"Tell me," he ordered coldly.

Just his tone told her that all fun had left Landon. This was a true predator, and anyone who dared to lay claim to her was as good as dead. She also knew he had no problems taking the answer from her mind in this state. To him, she was his. Simple. Primal. Barbaric. Suddenly, the room seemed cold, as if death itself had entered, and no amount of heat would ever be enough.

She tried to get out of his grip but his hold was like steel, she should have been scared, but she wasn’t, intimidated yes, very much so, yet even like this somehow she knew he would not hurt her which made this a more heart pounding moment for her. She had never really taken any time to really look at him, he had a warrior build, muscles rippled off of him in a endless sea of tan manly skin. His chiseled features would make any girl swoon and those eyes, those dark cold eyes that looked like they were burning through her to her very soul “no” she said in a defiant tone focus, don’t let what he is doing to your body make you careless she said to herself

He said, "Either you tell me or I find out tomorrow when I put you to sleep for your examination. Either way, I will find out every man who has abused you, tortured you, and dare touch you. None of them deserve to live for what they have put you through, and it is my duty to remove them. They will not hesitate to do the same to other children. Telling me is a nicer way, so that I can be prepared for the rage tomorrow. But make no mistake. They are all marked for death, and I will be the weapon used to deliver justice to them."

She believed him, that is what struck her odd, she never believed anyone, but she fully believed he would kill them “ I’ll tell you if you tell me what you did earlier, my memory is fuzzy “ she said in a mistrusting tone

"It the Carpathian way to share information," he said. "All you have to do is ask, and we give. I performed a blood exchange. Our second. I distanced you from the act because I knew how you would see it, not because I thought you could not handle it or know what to do. I drank your blood, then you drank mine. It will happen often when we make love. It is natural to my people. It is a show of trust to let someone other than a lifemate take your blood, and a possible death sentence for unmated males. We build connections through the blood bond, and if a male becomes a vampire, any hunter he shared blood with would be able to hunt him down. Unmated males rarely give or take blood from other males for this reason, even at the edge of death. Now, the names."

He could feel that angered her, she lead into him until her mouth was by his ear “only one name.....society” she said in a cold tone

"I want the names of individuals," Landon growled. "That way, I can let them see death come for them, to know what the crime for touching you meant. I promise you, not a single man will survive the justice I bring. Names or I have the prince examine you now so that I learn them sooner. Your choice."

Those words, your choice, spoke to Alissia. When was the last time she truly had a choice?


She put her finger to his lips "don't speak of such things..." she said with a heavy tone "its rare for a couple to both be warriors...but for the first time in my life I am happen to have this burden because it brings me closer to you...we both know what's at stake, so burn with me tonight we are greeting the sun itself"

He lifted her so that she was forced to wrap her legs around him as he removed the remainders of their clothing with a thought and said, "Always, Scarlett. It will always be that passionate, if not more so."

Then, he skewered her.

She came the second he went inside her. Her body was so sensitive from the fever, that was all it took. Her hot core gripped him tightly and pulsed around his large member

He began moving hard and fast, needing to get to her core. He kissed her hard as he found something to pin her against. He was so enthralled with her that he didn't know if it was a wall, a bed post, or a tree. All he knew was that he needed to go so deep, she would never get him out.

She was still weak from the fever which meant he was in full control and that was new to her, as a warrior the first thing you are taught is control. She had never willing lost control of any situation, yet she found herself not only willing to let him be in control but she found she trusted him enough to do so. Tonight she wanted to let him take her as he pleased for she worried something bad was to come soon. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and started to nuzzle his neck, she didn’t wait for permission m she could feel his desire for her to do, she teased the skin only for a second before she bit in

He threw back his head and howled. A wildness surged forward and he didn't try to tame it. His wolf needed his mate as much as the Carpathian did. He let it merge with him, sending Scarlett soaring higher than she ever believed possible.

He felt the fire before he saw it, every candle in the room bursted with life, the flame had a green hue that turned the room into a sea of forest green shaped dancing on the wall from the shadows of the light. The room became warm and even more mystical. She closed the bit but he knew she left her mark, she pulled back just enough to met his gaze as she moved her hair aside, baring her throat to him

He bit down, sending another wave through her. He took his fill, sending her over the edge several times. Still, when he closed the bite, leaving his mark, he did not stop moving.

"Let them out," he said with a pleasurable growl. "Your wolf and your dragon, let them out."

She was worried on.y for a second, but she believed if she lost control he was strong enough to handle it. She let go entirely, he knew if she was not sick she would have been more rough, that they would have tore up this entire room with their passion, he felt both her dragon and wolf submit to him which caused her to be cling to him with need, which only made his wolf more dominant and excited.

He moved her to the bed, propping her on the edge so that she had to use her arms to support herself as he continued to pump into her. He didn't need to say anything. He growled, loving how she chanted his name over and over. When he filled her, his howl shook the roof, but it was nothing compared to the scream of ecstasy his woman and her dragon and wolf made. After a moment's rest, he looked at her.

"Again," he said in a hoarse voice. "I need you again."

She met his gaze as she laid there breathless, she moved slowly until she was on top of him, she kept meeting his gaze as she slowly reached between them and took him inside her. It was intense the way she did and and was holding eye contact. He saw everything, how her beautiful face changed as he entered her, how her lips had parted and her eyes filled with desire and longing

He held her hips, showing that he was still dominating her. He began to make her go harder, taking him deeper.

She still didn’t break her gaze from his, which made everything more intense “micheal...” she moaned his name

"Scarlett," he said through clenched teeth. "I love you. We barely know each other, and yet I love you more than anything else. God, malen'kiy, don't stop."

Her hands gripped his shoulders as she lowered herself until her chest met his, allowing him full control and to had him deeper inside her. She lowered her head and teased his chest with her lip. She suddenly bit down and he knew it was not to feed but to mark him. She started to do it in several sensitive spots on his chest

He began moving her faster until he found the entrance to her womb. He knew she was ovulating by the fact she had an abortion, but with that trauma still so close, he was careful and made sure she would not get pregnant, even as all sane thought left him with each bite.

“Don’t.....” she moaned into his chest

"What?" he asked.

“Don’t stop it....” she said moving her bites up to his shoulders

"Scarlett, you just aborted a child," he said. "Your body is still sensitive, and the cause of this child is still unknown. I do not wish to cause you farther pain. I want you certain that this is what you want, not an accident or a regret." He made her look at him. "I do not want you to think I used you as they had."

“Denying a soul to come into this world...maybe a lifemate...I can’t bear to do it’s is because of my lack of memory that I did so, I worried maybe a vampire or a dark mage is using me..but every time I felt a part of me die with those children...but a child with you....I will fight with my very soul to make sure it safely comes into this world” she said softly

"Is this what you want?" he asked. "You will be limited after a time, unable to be part of the hunt to keep our child safe. Will you be happy to sit on the sidelines, waiting for me to return while you sit at home? Scarlett, are you ready to be a mother when you don't even know if you are ready for me?"

“I will never be ready for you or to be a mother, no one ever is, but all I can think while having you in my arms is that maybe our child will one day make someone else feel the way you make me can I deny such a gift from being born? “ she said in a sincere tone “if I am meant to once more produce a child, I would not trust nor want anyone else but you do have it with” she said meeting his gaze with a soft yet sincere look “if you will have me...”

"Always," he said. "If this is what you want, then..."

He began pumping into her hard and fast. Once more, both of them were out of their minds with passion. Orgasm after orgasm, his and hers. When they finally rested, he held her to him.

"No matter what happens in the future," he said, "know I will always be here, Scarlett. I will find who has hurt you, and we will bring justice to them together." He kissed the top of her head. "YA lyublyu tebya, with all my heart and soul. I love you. And nothing will change that."

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