Awake 5

she refused to give in though “that’s a lot of talk from a guy who is fucking me like’s not a real choice..I either tell you or the prince, and I know if I tell you that you will tell him anyways...” she said trying to break his hold, but with each hard thrust she felt her self starting to lose her thoughts again, he had slowed the pace when they had started talking which had allowed her to think again “what makes you think you can take down those society member's when you can’t even control m.....”

"You think that it was my choice?" he asked. "Fate, destiny, whatever you call it, it decided to pair us together. There was no choice for either of us. And why would I want to control you? Where is the fun in that? You are a passionate woman, Alissia, and I never want to tame that side of you."

just keep him talking she thought to herself, the more he kept talking the slower is pace became and the easier it was for her to think, she needed him to be distressed just enough to make her move “says the man pinning my arms above my head” she said in a moaning tone

"Don't act like you dislike our battle for dominance," he said, moving harder. "It is better than any other battle I have ever faced, but I still do not plan on losing, little warrior." Then, he took her breast into his mouth, suckling hard.

She cried out and once more tried to break his grip “I will not bend to your vile creature” she said in a breathless tone but the second she felt his fangs brush the skin of her nipples she almost lost her mind "Again, why would I try to do that?" he asked. "That would the be the same as cutting my own throat. Not a good idea. Dominating while making love is not the same as bending you to my will. If anything, it is me worshiping you." He bit into her breast, but not taking enough for a full exchange. "You saved my soul, Alissia. I will not turn vampire because I have you." She refused to acknowledged that she liked when he bit her, it was a vampire thing to do and she wanted to part of it and she would keep thinking that way, even if her body screamed otherwise “I find no difference tweet Carpathians and vampires...and if you were actually doing a good job of dominating me then I wouldn’t still be trying to break your grip.....” she said in a strained tone "That's the thing, my dear," he said after closing the wound, but leaving his mark, "I like this dance we have. Should you break it, what would you do? We both know that this feels too good to stop, and with both of us still unsatisfied, stopping would be a bad idea. It would drive us both crazy until our bodies came together... explosively." He felt her clench around him at the thought, he saw her eyeing his lips and the way she looked at them was like a she-wolf that was ready to pounce, just as she started to lean in he heard the door to the room open “Landon your parents are here to see you, get out her” yelled a hunter. Landon kept all noise from leaving the room he thrust feverishly as he kissed Alissia, driving all thought from her. He wanted her tired and satisfied. He captured each moan until he sent both of them over the edge. He rested a moment and held her. "Sleep, Alissia," he said. "I will return in a moment." He regretfully separated their bodies, put her in bed the sleep, and went to the hall."Yes?" he asked.They both stood there looking concerned “what do you mean yes?” His mother said going up to him and touching the side of his face “are you ok? How’s your lifemate? Have you eaten? Have the touched you cause if they have I’ll..”

"Mother, I am not a child," said Landon. "I am fine, but Alissia won't confide in me. With the examination tomorrow, and the scars of her tortures now for all to see, I fear it will cause her to hate us more, and refuse to see a different view. I have not fed yet, but I will." He looked at his father. "She will not say it, but she was conditioned to hate. I believe they kept taunting her with the fact that you could not find her, making it sound like you wouldn't come and that you refused to help a human. With that and the torture, it is no wonder she hates us the way she does. She was taught no other way of life. She survived that way, and she will continue unless something changes."

“Have your father talk to her, he needs to face her as much as she needs to face him, you will stay out here with me, and I don’t care how old you are, you are always my child and next time you say otherwise I’ll give you a good Walloping” she said in a caring tone, it was fully believed by everyone she did not have a mean bone in her body, even if his father said otherwise "She is sleeping now," said Landon "Perhaps this should wait," Erik said, but one look from Meghan made him change his mind. "I will help her go back to sleep."Erik walked into the room and sat on the side of the bed. He commanded her to wake gently "Good evening, Alissia," he said, a tone she remembered all too well. "May we talk?" Alissa saw red, she kicked him hard in the side, as hard as she could, any normal man would have falling but he didn’t, though he did make a grunting sound. She found herself out of the bed the opposite way of him and was ready to fight “what the fuck are you doing here? Came to finish the job so your friends won’t know what a monster you are?” She said in a hateful tone "What are you talking about?" he asked, staying on the bed. "Finish what job? Please, tell me what you mean, because I remember being a countries away with my lifemate and I felt her pain. We were too late in returning, and have had to live with that regret and guilt from that moment to this one."

“If it wasn’t for you and your kind in the first place my grandmother and my parents wouldn’t have been killed!” She yelled “and you were the one who started it all!” She said, he could see she was so angry she was shaking, he felt a dark power fill the room as she took off her clothes until she was in nothing but her underwear and bra, reveling all the torture scars her body held “nothing...nothing compared to the pain your kind has caused me!” She yelled "Please, explain," he asked. "Because, Carpathians do not torture."

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Your whole existence is torture! You took away my family....your kind kills innocent people everyday! And I have seen the files of the students here, broken homes, torture victims, orphans! All done by your own people!” She said and he could heart her heart beat was starting to beat extremely fast “since I am going to die tomorrow I will not have my last regret be not killing you!” She yelled and he saw her reach for her left rib case, he instincts told him something was wrong, all the hairs on his body stood up as his hunter instincts kicked in
Scarlet smiled softly “ go, I’ll rest here a little while more but someone should go check on those never hurts to have a guardian near by” she said in a tired tone. He smiled and said, "I already talked to them. My brother was among them. He said it was a false alarm. Someone wanting to start tourism in their little village, and pretended to have been bitten." He smiled. "Vargus will keep me informed. Don't worry." His face fell. "Though, he isn't a guardian, I have trained him well. I wanted to know my brother would have a fighting chance if I went Senga rau." He smiled at her again. "But you saved me. Thank you."Before scarlet could say anything there was a soft knock at the door “hey it’s me” said Clara. “I’ve just come to check on scarlet, can I come in?” She asked. Michael quickly dressed the both of them and said, "If you must. But we both are tired and must go to ground soon." She walked in and looked at the messy room “though it’s none of my business....she is in no condition for” she said seethe down a bottle of blood and a cup of herbal tea. She went over and felt her head “her fever is better but still high, have her drink this tea, there is blood in it, the bottle is for you” she said “you may sleep here tonight and you have my permission to ward the room so you feel safe, you don’t need to sleep underground, this place is natural enough to be safe and give you the same effect” she said and started to walk away, it dawned on him since coming here she had never asked for anything in return for her help, and she was unknown to the others, she was not on any of the records they kept as human family "Who are you?" he asked. "I don't really know who you are, other than a friend to my lifemate. As such, my protection includes you."

“My name is Claira, but don’t extend your protection to me hunter, I like my privacy and know that if you Acknowledge me you would have to put me in your books” she said in a calm tone “rest well” she said going to leave "This is more for historical purposes," said Michael, "not really to keep tabs. It is to show the human students at the school that, even if they don't have a lifemate, they can do as our human allies have done. So, while I will still protect you, I will not place your name on the list of allies. Does this satisfy you?" She stopped and slowly turned towards him “just keep me a secret entirely...and before I forget...your looking for a human psyche, not a vampire” she said gesturing to scarlet and with that she left "That narrows it down, thank you," he said. Scarlet looked at him “what did she say?” She askedin a tired tone "I am hunting a human psychic," said Michael. "He has harmed you in ways death cannot make up for." She sat up “we...we are hunting” she said in a upset tone "Yes," he said, bringing her back to him. "But not now. Not this night. I am used to hunting on my own and miss spoke. I am sorry. We are hunting a human psychic." She let him hold her “let’s sleep before I think to much..” she said softly "Alright," he said. "When your fever is gone, we will hunt."

“Or I can just eat you up “ she said nuzzling his neck playfully "Then, how can I deny you your feast?" he asked. "I wish to devour you as well. But Claira said you are not ready for such activities."She reached back and grabbed the bottle of blood and handed it to him, she the down the herbal tea “make no mistake once you finish that I will taste you before we go to sleep”
Lucy stood outside the room her twin stayed in. She had kept herself busy, avoiding seeing what Annabelle had been turned into. No matter the enemy, no matter the numbers, nothing could shake Lucy. Yet, here she was, shaking like a leaf at the thought of seeing her sister. Annabelle had been the light in all their lives, always smiling, always ready to turn everything into a game. She didn't have the heart to kill, so when their parents decided to ready themselves to greet the dawn, Annabelle went with them to care for other ancients who were also preparing. It would be this decision that would make her a victim to vampires and mages. Mages that destroyed the woman Lucy had grown up with.

Go in already, said Maddox. We all have seen her. Landon stayed twenty seconds before leaving. I bet him a premium bottle that you wouldn't even go half that.

Lucy growled and stormed in. Nothing irritated her more than the thought her family thought her too weak to see Annabelle. But actually seeing her twin caused Lucy to freeze. "Annabelle?" Lucy asked in a soft whisper, tears forming. Annabelle sat in a corner on the floor, she looked like a life size doll, she was unmoving and just stared at her hands that were in her lap “who are you?” Asked a man who sat in a chair in front of the fire place. She had been told Annabelle and a man named Thomas were inseparable, so she assumed this must be Thomas "Oh, I'm Lucilia," she answered, removing her mask. "I'm Annabelle's identical twin sister. I'm also a warrior and hunter. Um... thank you for staying by Annabelle's side during this time. I have been... busy." The mans expression looked as if he didn’t care less “don’t touch her, it’s a trigger” was all he said before going back to reading the book that was in his hands "For what?" Lucy asked. "I thought some healers fixed all that was done to her. As I've said, I've been busy so I don't know what has happened." Maddox came in and said, She would try to pleasure you, Lucy. There is no fixing her. Stay here and talk. He looked at Thomas. Thomas, is there anything that you two need? When the two of you have been properly reintegrated, we want you both to be comfortable for the men that will come to see if Annabelle is their lifemate. Lucy growled and said, "She won't be handed over to some stranger after this! Do you think she will even be able to be a lifemate?! She can't just trust some stranger!" Lucy looked at Annabelle. "Talk to me! Annabelle, I know you still exist in there! Quit playing the sex doll and come back!" Lucy fell to her knees, crying. "Please, let me know you are still there. I want my sister back."

“I need nothing, my healing will come when I am at lady Victoria’s side” he looked at Lucilia “your not a very good warrior or a Carpathian if you think a lifemate is a stranger and she should not be with him, you are more a stranger to her then a lifemate would be” he said in a harsh tone and slammed his foot down, the moment he did Annabelle looked up and crawled over to him, she sat on the floor by his legs and petted her head gently “your crying is upsetting her and so is your loudness, if you can’t keep yourself under control then leave” he said looking at Maddox “what you said about her triggers is true but only for her master does she get sexual and only when triggered a certain way, anyone else she will attack, Victoria is our mistress, we are all blood bonded, she only speaks when Victoria is around...if there is anyone you should all be cautious of here it’s her” he said gesturing to Annabelle “I know her do not and if she acts out only Victoria can stop her” he said looking at lucilia “crying is a trigger” he said in a warning tone. Maddox took Lucy to the hall and said, Compose yourself. At least we have part of her.

"I know," said Lucy, "but seeing her like that..."

Is hard, finished Maddox. For now, learn her triggers and protect her. But he is right. We are all strangers to her. Take this one step at a time. Go see Victoria. Perhaps she can help.

"How can she?" Lucy asked, anger filling her. "She has Annabelle..."

She was also a victim and became their master due to circumstance. She did not do this. Perhaps you can become Annabelle's new master in her stead, to help her come back to our family.

maddox.. serenitys voice filled his mind, just hearing her say his name was enough to fill him with warmth, he could feel she was in pain and scared, which meant she had woken up finally after being asleep for almost a week I will return shortly, Serenity, he told her. He then looked at his sister. Go.

Lucy sighed and began to walk to Victoria's room as Maddox left to help Serenity. Lucy stood outside the door and knocked. Jacob answered "I want to speak to Victoria about Annabelle," she said. Jacob knew Victoria was still healing and did not want to be seen in her condition but he could tell she cared for Annabelle when she agreed to let her in. Lucy sat down and looked at Victoria, saying, "My name is Lucilia, but you can call me Lucy. I won't beat around the bush. I want to know how to help Annabelle. I want her to be part of our family again. My brother, Maddox, says that asking you to make me her master could work, but I want to explore options that don't make her a slave. I want to work with you on freeing her and Thomas from this mindset. Both of them deserve to be happy, but they also need to know who they are now. I know Annabelle will never be the same, no matter how I want her back to the way she was before. I need your help to do that. Please."

"You are a great hunter," said Jacob in awe. "How do you not..."

"Seeing the effects as you battle is not the same as having your own family effected," said Lucy. "That is the problem. I still see the woman who would always smile and dance, but when I saw her, a shell of her former self... I have to help her in anyway I can." She looked at Victoria. "I'm begging you. Please tell me how to help my sister." Jacob could feel Victoria’s discomfort “you can’t help her..the most you can do is work hard to make sure others don’t end up like her, besides her lifemate I am the closet thing that can help her heal” she said in a uncomfortable but calm tone "There must be something I can do for her!" Lucy said. "I felt her die, Victoria! The moment that they destroyed her mind, she died! Having her here, back where I can touch her physically, but not mentally... I know there is a way to help her! She and I, we share more than just a family, we were once one! She is the sweeter side to my warrior ways, but she is the stronger of the two of us! If she had it in her, she would be the greatest hunter our people have ever seen! So the power needed to do this to her is tremendous! So, I ask again before I go to the prince, help me guide her back to our family and our lives! I'm not asking to change her or bring back her memories! I just want her to be able to live with us and be comfortable! Is that too much?! One god damn step?!" Jacob placed himself between Lucy and Victoria, and said, "As much as I respect the hell out of you, you are too raw right now. I know, I've been there. Go calm yourself, and think of a better question. This is not easy for Victoria to handle. She is not like Annabelle, but I have to walk on eggshells in a mine field with her even now. You are upsetting her. She told you what you can do. I'm sorry she could not give you the answer you wanted." Lucy put her head in her hands and cried. She couldn't stop. She had enough of a mind to be embarrassed that two children, one badly abused, were seeing her break down, but she couldn't stop it “She is with her family” Victoria’s voice was soft but stern “you are right your sister died, she is no longer your sister, but she is mine, if you were to take her from us you will do more harm then good, you don’t know how to help her because you didn’t go through what we did, you are not broken like us” she started to raise her voice and Jacob saw her fangs come out “you are so selfish! You claim You are trying to help her but if that was true you would be thinking about what’s best for her not demanded she be with you and your family and definitely not saying keep her away from her lifemate! you feel guilty! And because of that you are what’s going to hurt her even more if your allowed around her!” She finished with a growl that remind lucilia of a vampire “and you threaten me with the prince was a major mistake” she said in a threatening tone. Lucilia was pushed off the chair with a blast of psychic energy “get out and take your pity party somewhere else, it’s obvious you don’t want what’s best for Annabelle you just want something to ease your guilt” she said in a cold tone as the door swung open without anyone touching it "Then show me!" Lucy said. "Show me what she went through. I want to know how the strongest Carpathian aside from the prince could be taken down." Jacob quickly shoved Lucy from the room, knowing that she didn't realize what she had asked. Lucy roared in anger. She could hear Jacob try to calm Victoria. Lucy sat in the hall, not knowing what to do.
He had never seen Victoria so angery “I’ll show her! I’ll take my time with it too!” She said fighting his grip

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