Awake 6

"But we didn't do any of that, the vampires did," he said calmly, trying to counteract the magic she was producing. "Or the society, or the dark mages, or the rogues. Alissia, little moon flower," he purposefully used his old nickname for her, "I want to understand why you hate us the way you do. I do not wish to fight you." He felt the dark magic flow through him, and felt Meghan's denial as she knew how he got when he did so. He could feel the need to destroy grow in him, but he remained calm and fought the desire, winning. "Alissia, I am sorry for what happened to you. More than you know. There was no trace for me to follow to rescue you. That shame and guilt have plagued me since your grandmother's death. She was like a sister to me and Meghan, even though we did not know her for very long." Tears began to form. "She saved me and my lifemate so many times in those few short years, I owe her a great debt. Allow me to talk to you, please. No matter what I do, it will never be enough to repay her kindness after the life of darkness she and you have endured, but I will do everything within my power to care for you." He stood up, noticing something about her. "I will tell you what she told us. For generations, your family had been part of the society. But when you were born, she wanted out. She knew you would be an experiment for them. She took you from your parents, who were going to sell you to the higher ups. She saved your life. Yes, your parents died, but only because they did not hand you over. She was put on a hit list when we found you both. Meghan and I secreted you both away, hiding and protecting you so that the society would never get you. In return, your grandmother gave us blood when we were injured, and let us rest in the house when we were too weak to go to ground. She gave so much to virtual strangers." He watched her, and got right in front of her, taking both hands and not being hurt by the dark magic, his eyes going a silvery-white color. "Yet, when she needed us most, she was attacked by a vampire. When we found her, she told us this history. She never once condemned us, never once blamed us. She was a good woman, Alissia. You are too. Moon flower, talk to me, help me understand why your hate runs so deep."

He was to close and his grip was like iron “let go of me...” she said in a warning tone “without your people vampires wouldn’t exist, every crime they commit you all are responsible for” she said in a strained tone. Something about him touching her was making her feel like she was running a marathon, her heart was racing, she felt like she was on fire and started to sweat. Something was awakening inside her, she could feel it.

"It's okay, little moon flower," he said, refusing to let go. "Yes, without us, vampires would not exist, just as without lycans, rogues would not be around, and without humans, abusers and torture would not exist. There is a balance, Alissia, one that has developed over time. Carpathians try to bring justice to our fallen, and we are not always in time to save the innocent, but we still try. Landon came so close to falling, so close to becoming the very thing he hunted. His own brother would have had to track him down and bring justice on him for any kills he had made. We all have to fight the darker side of our natures, and our species, but that does not mean that all of those people are bad. Would you condemn your grandmother knowing that, through the way she was raised as a child, that she killed many people? No, because you knew the kind, honorable woman she became. She was disgusted by her past, just as every male lives with the memories of every kill, and we lose a piece of ourselves even as we destroy the vampire. But know this, in getting rid of the cause, you open up a niche for some other being to step into, and they are just as bad, if not worse. I'm not saying this to anger you, moon flower, but to tell you where your actions would have led. There is always a balance to nature, a light and dark side. You cannot destroy one and call it good, for in snuffing out the light, you create continual shadow, and in lighting the dark, you create far darker shadows and greater threats. I know you thought you were doing the right thing, and no one can be upset for that. It always comes down to that, our perception of right and wrong. Tell me, is it wrong to love? If so, then it is also wrong to hate. You are at a cross roads, Alissia, and this is what decides the fate for you and Landon. Do you go down a path that would have you attempt to kill more innocents and kill you both, or do you take the path to try and see a different way? The outcome depends on your actions. For tonight, however, enjoy the moments you have, seeing what could be." He looked her in the eye. "I know you will do the right thing, Alissia. Choose your path, because there is more than just you now. You have Landon, Meghan, and me walking with you, and you will never be thrown away by us, never left to endure sadness or pain, and never left to shoulder your burdens alone." He kissed her forehead, as a father does to his child. "Despite our reunion, I welcome you to our family, little moon flower." He hugged her to him. "I am honored to have you as my daughter, Alissia. My son needs you, you bring back hope, and you show that even when something seems lost, it will always find its way back. Your grandmother would be proud of you just for that alone."

“I can’t breathe....I...I can’t breath, let me go..” she felt like all the air was being sucked from her lungs. His words sounded distant, like he was speaking far away, she couldn’t reach the trigger on her side anymore but right now that’s not what worried her, something was happening to her and she didn’t understand it. It had to be him, he was doing this, she focused and wiggled her arm just enough to almost be able to reach the trigger “let me go! There are enough monsters in she world we don’t need your kind! Your kinds extinction is already set, I’ll move on to the others...mages...humans...I’ll take them all with me!” She said in a shaking tone. Suddenly she started to have flash backs of the experiments. She flinched with each flash “let me go!” She yelled, he felt it then, the steal that was behind her ribs, it was a easy find from his years of healing, he didn’t know what it was but the device was connected to her heart

He stepped back and said, "Let me take a look. Please. Whatever the device is, it could be harming you in ways none of us know. After found you safe, we do not want to lose you again."

She placed her hand on her side “it’s not harming me, but it will kill us all, if it makes you feel any better, any carpathian that survives this will be barren and will die alone” she said. But right as she was about to press it a sudden pain in her head made her clasped to her knees and grip her head with both hands. Her ears began to ring, she knew what this was i didn’t see any human psychics on the list of students or is there on near...

Erik didn't waste time. He entered her body and took a look at the device, and then her body. He returned, swaying. He looked at her.

"Alissa, I want to disarm the bomb and remove it from you," he said. "I could not find anything wrong with you otherwise." He entered her mind and saw her ability. "Psychic detection? You are feeling the students, aren't you? There are hundreds here. They were brought her because they were targets of vampires, mages, and the society. For their protection." He took her hand. "Allow me to remove the bomb. Do those children deserve to be tortured too?"

“No....not yet... as much as I want to kill you I can’t..not yet” she said pushing him away “your touch hurts me...I can’t handle anymore pain then this...go enjoy the last days you have with your vile family...Your days are numbered” she said as sweat started to cover her body from the pain. She looked up at him and met his gaze “my time is limited just like yours, but I will take you all with me..” she said with a pain filled hatful tone “I have no time for your sweet lies...” she said and he could see tears form in her eyes which could have been from the pain

Erik looked at her, the magic now too much to hold back. He already regretted what he was about to do. He warded the door, and instantly got Landon trying to break it down. Erik looked at her. She would be hurt, but he could at least do something good with his dark past.

"I tried being nice," he said, stalking to wards her as she backed away from the dark energy coming off of him. "I even shared a difficult time from my life, one you shared. I will no longer play games with a child. My family is at risk, and the last time this happened, the prince's mother learned how far a man would go to save his woman. Death was never a price too high when Meghan is in danger."

With that, he began to attack the ward on her mind with the magic while also going to the bomb. He could not remove it like this, with her writhing in pain, but he could get rid of the poison. It seemed to take forever. Every mechanism was delicate, and deadly. After what seemed like hours, he finally was able to remove the poison and keep the bomb from detonating. With her in pain from his mental attacks, taking the poison out through her pores and healing as he did so did not prove too difficult. With one threat gone, he started hitting the ward harder until the memories played before him.

Years of torture. At first, she would fight back. Those were the darker times, with medieval methods used, and practices long since stopped even by humans for their inhuman use. They always called her "721106", as if she were not even alive. Just as she was about to pass out, she often heard how her torturers talking. One time, it was even that they couldn't control her power and it needed to be removed. When she stopped fighting, there were more experiments done. This time, however, instead of awakening her power, it was to suppress it.

With the dark magic gone, he left her mind quickly. Both were breathing heavily. He removed the ward. Landon burst through the door and went to Alissia, holding her to him. Erik left, not saying a word. He took Meghan's hand. She knew it all then. He felt her squeeze his hand. He looked at her once, and she saw how much it hurt him to do that.

"Alissia, please, little warrior, open your eyes" Landon begged, his world crashing down around him. "God, please open your eyes!"

She was breathing but was not responding, sweat covered her body but he could find no wound or anything that was keeping her unconscious so he decided to take a loook inside

Landon looked carefully and found the now useless bomb. He looked it over but his fear eventually caused him to be thrown back into his body. The way he was now, after what happened, the surgery would kill her.

"Alissia, please," he said, "give me a sign that you can hear me, that you are fine."

A dark presence filled the room, like heavy smoke that weighed on him. He had felt this sometimes from his father and his fallen brothers and even some dark mages he had encountered. He felt her suddenly grip his shirt hard, he could hear her heart beat quickened and her body stiffened like she was in pain, she looked like she was having a nightmare, before he could say or do anything she yelled out and nearly tackled him to the ground, clinging to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she buried her face into his neck. Yet he knew she was still not awake

He smiled and slowly drank his bottle, though he wanted to chug it. His arm that was wrapped around her pulled her closer so his hand could find her velvet folds. He inserted his fingers and moved them slowly to build a greater fire within her.

She moan “that’s not what I had in mind...I was simply going to feed from you” she said softly “but...” she said before taking his member into her hand

"I though you feeding from me as I pound into you would be more fun," he said. "You do seem to enjoy it."

She growled softly against his neck as her lips teased his skin “I want it slow...torment us both with a slow pace that will eat us burn with the rising sun” she said before biting in

He downed the last few drops before lifting her so that he could skewer her again. He set a pace that was pleasurable torture. The fire built in him fast, but he stayed in control, to build an equally intense burning in her.

Each bounce made her teeth pull his skin adding to his pleasure. She left her mark as she closed the wound and tightly wrapped herself around him “micheal...” she moaned

He took her hard nipple in his mouth, but didn't change the pace. He suckled hard, showing her that it was difficult for him to stay slow when he wanted to go fast and deep.

She moaned loudly “feed from me...” she said knowing if he did he might loose control and give them both the roughness they were craving

He bite down, and was instantly lost. His movements slowly built until she was bouncing on his cock like a mad piston. He closed the wound and rolled until she was under him. Even though he was rough and left love marks, he always put her first. She climaxed so hard and so close together, she nearly blacked out from the pleasure of it all. When he finally filled her, his howl broke a lamp in the room as she screamed his name.

They both fell asleep with their bodies still entwined and the sun rose.

"Victoria, there is no need," said Jacob. "She is gone, and I won't allow her return. Calm down. You will upset Thomas and Annabelle. They will try to attack anyone in their way to get here, and will get hurt. Take some deep breaths. She can't take what is no longer hers." He walked slowly to her until he could put his hand on her shoulders. "She won't take Annabelle from you. I promise. Your sister will stay with you. So take some deep breaths with me."

She finally met his gaze and followed his breathing, slowly he saw her anger fade to be replaced by sadness and fear “I’m sorry.....I’m so sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me....we...we were all alone, we only had each other and I...just to keep them safe...they were going to kill them both but I stopped them by claiming them...” she started to shake in his arms. She suddenly buried her face into his chest “I feel broken...I can’t price it together...”

"You created a family in a place of no hope," he said, making her look at him. "You created a bond that is so strong, nothing could break it. You are not broken, Victoria. With all that was done to you, of course you feel that way, and many of my words and actions have said so, but you are not broken. Just changed. And how could you three not be changed? Thomas has grown fast since the rescue, taking on your protector as well as Annabelle's protector. He will become a fine man, just as I hope to become some day. And Annabelle needs you to guide her. She is a child now, Victoria, and you know this. Both have accepted me because of you. I would still be the enemy otherwise. When we first got you back, I was like Lucilia, remember? But with their help, I found my way to you, my lifemate. I still feel guilt over not getting you out sooner, but you have shown me that I can still be your rock. You were afraid of your family being torn apart. They are a part of you, as you are a part of them. Our family will take one step at a time, in our own way. No one can push Annabelle into a mold she no longer fits, just as I cannot return you to the woman I first met." He walked her to the bedroom, and opened the closet, showing her the hidden door. "Have Annabelle and Thomas come in through this door. After what Lucilia has done this night, I'm sure they need you right now. You can comfort them, and be comforted by their presence. I know you want to see them and make sure they are alright."

“Jacob keep an eye on that woman I don’t trust her...please...and...” she leaned up and kissed him, it was soft and he felt her lips tremble slightly, but it was more effort the effort of intimacy that made it special. She turned and opened the door and Thomas and Annabelle came in. Thomas nodded towards Jacob in a greet and Annabelle went straight into Victoria’s arms

"You both can stay with us tonight," said Jacob. "Victoria is uneasy, and the woman who visited is strong. I'm not able to keep her at bay on my own. I would appreciate the aid in protecting our family."

Annabelle looked at Victoria. "Our family?"

Victoria looked at here and though no words were spoken out loud, Jacob knew they were still speaking to one other. After a moment Annabelle went and climbed into Victoria’s bed and laid down. Victoria looked at Jacob “it might be crowded tonight...but out of respect for you I’ll have Thomas sleep on the other side of Annabelle so he his next to her and not that ok?” He could genuinely see she was trying to not not talk normally but she was considering his feelings

He looked at the bed and, with a wave of his hand, the bed enlarged. He smiled.

"If this is what you need, I do not mind," he said. "We still have time before the sun rises. Thomas, can you come help me set up the safeguards? You will need to know if I get injured in the future. Annabelle's birth family want her with them, but she is far from ready, and Victoria needs her just as she needs Victoria. The woman from before is strong and if she thinks Annabelle is here, I want her to see she will have to go through all of us to get our sister."

Annabelle looked at Victoria again. The things Jacob said were strange to her. Wasn't he Victoria's master? Why did he call her sister? Why did he go from trying to keep them apart to wanting them together? Her grip on Victoria's clothes tightened in fear. Why? was all she asked.

Victoria explained it the way she knew Annabelle could understand. Afterwards she understood the Victoria was still her master but Jacob was broken too and was joining their family, that she should treat him like she treats Thomas. When she was calm she laid down with her and Thomas came and laid next to Annabelle, by habit they all touched one another, Thomas threw his arm over Annabel and his hand rested on Victoria’s arm. The slept like this because it made them feel safe, one night Victoria had men moved by a human mage who them proceeded to use her body and forced her awake, after that time Thomas and Annabelle always made sure to touch her before the slept so if anyone was to move her they would know.

Jacob laid next to Victoria, pressing her against him without causing their connection to break. He never thought this would feel comforting, but now that the four of them were like this, he felt safer than ever. Just knowing that they were all always touching was a kind of safety he had never experienced before, and he found he liked it. He buried his face in Victoria's hair as he followed them in sleep.

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