Awake 7

The moon seemed to set the land a glow. The trees seemed ethereal, other worldly. Lakes showed like perfect mirrors. And the colors! So bright and vibrant. Here, he let her fly in a dreamy world. This is what you gave me, Alissia, he said. Now, I give it to you in return. Enjoy this dream, little warrior, but know that if you choose me, to live with me, this is just one of many things I can give you. With that, he let her sleep peacefully. He did not go to ground, instead, closing the shutters and bolting them before covering them with blackout curtains. He would not leave her alone this day. He held her to him, to comfort the both of them in their sleep.

Allisia woke up filled with panick and anxiety and she didn’t know why. She found herself in a strong embrace and by the manly smell she knew it was Landon. It was so dark in the room she couldn’t see anything. She felt like her whole world was falling apart, she felt like her soul had been torn from her, she felt empty and lonely to the point of madness. Tears started falling as she started to hyperventilate and she had no clue why she was feeling like this

Landon, fighting the lethargy of the day, touched her mind. He didn't have the strength to talk to her, being at his weakest during this time. But he had to comfort her. It was an effort to that little thing for her, exhausting him, but he held on. If she went back to sleep, all would be well. It was still six hours until sunset. However, he knew his touch was not effective as her heart rate did not slow, and the tears did not stop. For the first time in his existence, he cursed what he was.

She ran to the bathroom after breaking his embrace, she started a cold shower to try and help the anxiety. She stayed there until she felt like ice but it still didn’t help, she tried a hot shower, but that didn’t work either. She was so stressed she could barely dress herself. She couldn’t take it, she started slamming herself into the door, not caring about the pain the ward was causing her. She felt like she was going crazy and for some reason not being able to see Landon made it worse, she needed to hear his voice, so fell him touch her but no matter how much she touched him or begged him to say something it didn’t happen. Her mind went haywire did I kill him, is he dead? she should be happy if he was yet she was panicking over it “wake up! Hit me! I don’t care just do something, anything!” Nothing, not a word. She went back to slamming against the ward. Something snapped inside her and on the last bit she slammed clean through the door. Her arm broke on impact but she didn’t care, she ran, ran so fast and so hard her lungs and body screamed at her. She didn’t understand why the further she went the worst it got. She found herself in the middle of the school yard. The sun was low in the sky but she didn’t register it. She couldn’t live like this, she had never felt anything like this before, it was pure hell that out weighed anything she had ever been through. She ran towards a tower, breaking down the door, her blood trailing everywhere she went with her scratched up arm. She went to the top that Opened up for the large bell that was connected to the clock on the tower. She went out to the side and gripped the rail. Everything in her told her to jump, needed to end this suffer. In defiance she cried out in pain and anguish. Had she not suffered enough! Why was this happening? Flashes of her life came to her as cruel reminders of what she had to endure, her grip on the rail tighten “I won’t break.....I won’t....I’ll take it....” she slide down until her knees were to her chest but her hands held the rails. She watched the sun and the sky change colors. She wanted to jump, her very soul cried out for her too. She started slamming her head into the metal rails, she didn’t stop even when her vision turned red. She didn’t stop until her world went dark

A woman appeared out of the shadows. She scooped up Alissia just as Landon appeared, though the sun had another hour in the sky. He growled.

"Release my woman," he said.

"I think not, hunter," said the woman, her voice sickeningly sweet. "I believe she would better benefit me."

With that, the woman disappeared. Landon could find no trace of either of them. He roared and told the prince. She was taken, he reiterated. She was suffering from the separation, and her grief was too much. She is injured, suffered years of torture, and now this. We have to rescue her.

feed and wait for the other hunters to wake, your father has already offered his services and so has a female guardian said the prince

Landon knew Xavier was right, and he did it, but he didn't like it. Alissia was captured by a stranger, going through her own personal hell all over again. He would find her this time, however, and nothing would get in his way. The mysterious woman with no scent, she was already dead.


The woman sat Alissia on the hand made cot. She got to work on bracing her arm and bandaging every wound. When Alissia started to wake, the woman moved to a shadowy corner.

"How are you, my dear?" she asked, her voice dripping with syrup. "Did they hurt you?"

For a moment she had forgotten what had happen, but it came back to her quickly, her head was throbbing “who wants to know...” she said gripping her head. Her body was stiff and she felt sick to her stomach

"I believe I am the one who bandaged you up and got you away from them," said the woman. "All I ask is you give me one small thing after you have healed. For now, rest. You are far too injured to even begin to take out the Carpathians, and know very little about the man that claimed you against your will. He is the Dark One, the most feared Carpathian, a boogeyman." She looked towards Alissia, the light of the karosine lamp illuminating her deeply scared face and blind eye. She looked to be a ghost from a horror movie, not a living woman. "This is the man forcing you to be his mate, to anchor his soul to this world once more."

“What do you want from me, I don’t think your the kind to do something without purpose” she said in a aggressive tone

"In time," said the woman. "For now, you need rest." She brought some tea to Alissia that gave off a purple smoke. "This will speed the healing. Drink it all. If you are to get revenge on the Carpathians, you need to heal quickly. I managed to mask our scents, but just barely."

She didn’t take the tea and looked at the woman like she was crazy “start talking or I start walking” she said in a stern tone

The woman growled and said, "I'm a magicless mage. In other words, I can no longer live as I once did. I need magic, and you seem to overflow with it. In return for getting you away from their influences and helping you to heal, I want some of the magic you have building inside of you. Do we have a deal?"

“I’m not a mage you hag and if I was I certainly would not give what is mine to a stranger” she said glaring at her “also you need to learn how to make deals..I didn’t ask you for help so using that after you have already done it, doesn’t count”

"Hag?!" the woman screeched. "Perhaps you are right. Shall I make it so that you know who you are truly messing with?"

The woman jumped onto Alissia, who's head still hurt enough to make her dizzy from the jolt. She felt something go around her neck and the woman left.

"I may not have magic, but I can still use a collar," the woman said. "I should have used it on Alicia Belle. Little whore escaped me once, but now I have a battery that will supply endless amounts of magic." She held out the cup. "Now, drink, you little bitch! I need you well enough to supply magic to me so I may regain my beauty once more."

Allisia threw the cup and it hit her in the face, causing it to shatter and cute her face “a piece of shit will always be a piece of shit, as much is a hag will always be a hag” she said spitting in her direction

The woman pulled out a button and said, "That was not nice. I made that to heal you. Beg your mistress for forgiveness."

As soon as the pressed, pain coursed through Alissia's body.

When it subsided allisia began to laugh hysterically “you...have no idea who your dealing with...that was like a vacation “ she said sitting up, her body covered in sweat

"Alissia Springs, kidnapped by her grandmother to be raised near beautiful monsters," began the woman. "Taken back by the society, and used to attempt to make psychic powers awaken. However, your ability was far too strong to be used without killing the society, so they attempted to shut off your ability, but left you with the ability to sense other psychic humans. Implanted with a bomb designed to kill the prince and all of the Carpathians, as well as anyone else within range." She brought her another cup. "May I add, you let Erik Daratrazanoff, the former Dark One, disarm the bomb and destroy the poison. He used the magic you secreet because of the experiments against you to not only rid you of a threat to the prince, but also take knowledge from you. You fell just as his mate fell, as my last slave fell, as all humans fall." She pressed the button again, this time the pain much worse, and seeming to grow. "You will drink this tea so I can have that magic, Alissia. I know everything about you. There is no secret you can hide, no crevice you can crawl into I can't find, no way to escape. I could turn you into a walking sex doll if I so desired. I am Morgan of the Mages, descendant of Xavier himself and worse than the Red Mage. I am one to fear above all others, and now, I am in charge of your fate. Now, drink."

“You think that’s all I am? Those are things that have happened to me, not who I am and you clearly have a ego problem as well as a delusion disability because you are nothing you just claimed to be, and from what I know of Xavier he would kill you on the spot for being so pathetic “ she said slapping the cup from her hands “do your worst hag, I will not drink and you will not break me, but I will tell you something that will happen, I will kill you” she said with a dark smile “also.... I decide my own fate you fucking cunt so back the fuck off and accept your nothing but a magicless hag, hiding from her own fucking shadow and get in your knees like the whore you are and accept your death” she said

Morgan pressed the button again, sending a strong jolt of electricity through Alissia, enough of on to force her to be unable to walk. As this happened, she grabbed Alissia by the hair in the most tender spot and dragged her to a wall. She proceeded to chain Alissia up by her wrists, a difficult thing to do without releasing the button, but she managed in the end. When it was done, she let go of the button and went to the fire and stuck a prod into it.

"I tried to be nice," said Morgan. "I tried to give you a gift. But no, you just had to be stubborn. I think it is time I try other methods." She pulled the glowing iron from the fire. "I don't like torture. Too much screaming. Hurts my ears. But for you, a Carpathian whore, I'll make an exception."

She methodically poked the red hot iron to Alissia's skin, finding what few places were untouched, and leaving large blisters there.

Allisia didn’t know how much time had passed, all she knew was that she was having trouble staying conscious, so if she was going to judge how long she had last the last time she had this done, it had been about an hour. Every breath hurt and so did every movement, telling her the burn marks were everywhere. The hag had tried server almost times to get her to drink the tea but she kept refusing, she didn’t know where she Wentworth so she didn’t care, she welcomed the break.

Meanwhile, Morgan went to a nearby cave. She not only had an herb garden there for potion and spell work, the latter being useless, she knew a great monster rested inside. She picked the herbs she needed to dry and turned as the vampire emerged.

"Michael," she said with a curtsy. "I have waited for you."

"What do you want, old lady," he said.

"There are human campers three clicks from here," she said, pointing to the south. "I have more to tell, but I wish to work with you. A prize awaits you, of course, but I need to know that you will be my partner in what is to come."

"Why should I?"

"Victoria. She betrayed you with Malichai, and now she has two slaves and her lifemate, Jacob De La Cruz." His eyes narrowed and Morgan continued. "Partner with me, and you will get your chance at her."


"Go feed, then. We will plan our attack."

Michael left and Morgan began the walk back to her temporary abode.


Scarlet woke with the call from the prince, when he told her the situation she agreed immediately im on my way she said getting out of the bed, which was a struggle because of what time it was, there was at least an hour left until night and she was still sick. Micheal slept soundly, she left a note telling him where she was going and covered herself with a large hooded cloak claira had and began towards the school, staying in the shade as much as possible

However, a compelling voice, one she could not fight, entered her mind. Scarlett, I have need of you. Come play with your uncle. Remember, only your human form and no mask once you enter my home. Allister was calling for her.

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