Awake 10

Michael continued the assault a few moments more, wanting to enforce the need to obey. When he was done, he emerged from the ground "Will she obey?" Morgan asked, trying to tidy up.Michael caught a support beam as it fell and fixed it as he said, "We will know when she awakes in two days. I will perform the mental attacks again tomorrow."When they were done, Morgan said, "I must get somethings soon. This form, while vile, will help. Stay hidden for now."Michael nodded and both went to their own sleeping chambers.
May I ask why no one has seen your dragon? If this ability is so useful, would it not be even more so in your dragon form?

He felt her stiffen now is not the time to get to know me, in our line of work it’s best not to get to close to others she said licking her wrist closed. She shifted into a large wolf may you hunt with honor she said before lunging into a full run. She was fast, really fast. Landon sighed and resumed his wolf form. He began running to his destination. There was a cave that had housed a vampire recently. He growled, knowing that this was the same from the collapsed cave, but the vampire was long gone. He cleaned the earth as best as he could. Nothing but an old resting place, he said. No answer came from scarlet but Erik spoke nothing in the south cave, I’ll make sure to sweep the area while I make my way towards you two, anything from scarlet

Nothing, he said. She has blocked her mind. She was going to the old society hideout. If she closed her mind, she may be in trouble.

lets go there then, I have already called for assistance just in case since we don’t know who the vampire is

Landon made his way to the hideout. As he did, he felt something. He stopped right outside the ring of fire and waited. He didn't have to wait long "I smell them," he said. "Scarlett left us a barrier as evidence. Why she is not here, I don't know. Something must have called her to a more immediate concern for her to leave like this." Erik landed next to him “we take this one step at a time, we can’t make any mistakes, I have already sent word to micheal about scarlets disappearance” he said bending down to examine the ground “I didn’t know scarlet could do magic, this is strong, it’s called the ring of fire, anyone who crosses it will burn unless it’s the one who made it” he said and then he sniffed the air “did you feed from her?” He asked with no judgment "Yes," he said. "It's how I knew to stop right here so that when you arrived, you would know not to go any farther."

“Then you will be able to cross it, wait until I break the ward, the goal is to go in silently and grab your woman. She will need to drink from you in order to cross the ring” he said examining the ward “once she is safe we will bring justice to them” he said in a dark tone “but you must do this quietly, if something happens and your cover is blown put up a ward around you and your woman and I’ll cover you, you can’t fight with your woman in the stage of the conversion she is in, it will be a weak point that they will use, also keep her asleep, we don’t know what compulsions they might have put on her”

"Okay," said Landon. He stood by, waiting. Though it only took a moment, to Landon, it felt like a lifetime before he could walk into the compound. To the naked eye, it looked like rubble. But he followed a scent and, turning into mist, went into the chamber below. An old woman slept on a makeshift cot. The scent told him this was the same woman who first took Alissia away. She would pay, but first, to get his woman. As he neared the chamber he felt Alissia was in, he paused. A vampire is in the room with her, he informed his father. He flew into the room, seemingly along a natural draft. He cursed to himself. There is a chain on the wall that is going into the ground. The society is working with mages, father. They made the chain unbreakable. The way it looks, it is attached to Alissia some how.

how close is the vampire to her? If he is far enough away place a ward over her and we will begin, we can kill the vampire but the prince wants the mage since she has been identified as the one who is responsible for the cave massacre, she is too weak to be a danger, she will be easy to take, leave her to me

He is right next to her, said Landon. And there is an old woman here. Wasn't the mage young? Also, there is no feel of magic coming from her. Just from Alissia and the chain.

i remember her smell, that’s her, it was all over Annabelle, she is weak which is why she looks like that, I will get him away from her wait for my signal, he said after a moment the vampire sprung from the ground, he didn’t recognize him but he seemed young now! Landon quickly got close to the floor and put up a strong barrier. As soon as it went up, the vampire hissed in frustration. Did he try to get Alissia or fight the intruder outside?

Meanwhile, Morgan sat up, cursing. She got up and went to find Michael "We have been found," she said.

"No shit!" he said "We will escape! Bring her up!"

"You are useless! You can't even feel the barriers anymore! Someone got in here and has protected her!"

"I was so close to getting her magic! This plan was a bust! You deal with them, I'm out of here!" She pulled out a vial and just as she was about to use it, Michael stopped her. He bit into Morgan's neck and drank deeply. He also took the vial. Then he said, "I can't face hunters. I barely know how to be a fanged freak. So, I'll leave you to deal with them. Good luck, witch." With that, Michael burrowed into the ground to escape. Landon showed his father the whole scene. Morgan lay on the ground, the wound letting out large amounts of blood. Can he escape underground?

no, he will still get burned, I will take care of him, focus on your lifemate he said and he saw the woman’s neck heal though she remained unconscious He has a vial. Is there a potion that mages have to get out of the ring of fire? One that, while still injuring the escapee, would allow them to live? A black, almost tar like look? If the vampire escaped, the school would have to go on lock down. And if it was what he feared, the lock down could last weeks. With another family weekend coming up, this would spell trouble i said focus on your woman! he ordered Landon. Landon knew his father well enough to know when he used such a tone it was not optional. Erik knew exactly where the vampire was underground and he was not letting him get away. He called lightning to strike the ground, he knew he was young and this would break his focus and it would make him come up. Michael shot up through the air. At the same time, Landon opened the earth only to get thrown back by a psychic blast. Large amounts of magic were coming off of Alissia. Father, something is happening. I am trying to keep her asleep but... He got hit again. I need help in calming her down! This place will collapse if we don't get this power under control! She could destroy a good portion of the forest too!

Suddenly a large wolf ran in with Erik coming in behind it. The wolf instant went for the chain while Erik went to Allisia. But before he could do anything to her it all stopped and she went still i have spelled the chain, it was the quietest way said scarlet “she is too weak to move, we must cleanse the soil as much as possible and unfortunately she must rest here “ Erik said. Landon set to work with his father. It was easier than most other cleansing as they had not been there long, but still, the foulness of any vampire strikes deep. He wanted to drag Alissia from the tainted earth and hold her. It took a great deal of time but they eventually got the ground cleansed, but the sun was rising "Father, you should have gone to ground by now," he said. "Mother would be upset if you got hurt." When Erik looked uncertain about leaving scarlet shifted “I’ll finish up and make sure it’s all secure” she said and he nodded “you and me need to talk later “ he said to her and she did not look happy about that, he then turned to Landon “if something happens wake me” he said more as a order then a suggest “I’ll bring some blood here first thing tomorrow so just stay here” he said

"She won't be strong enough tomorrow," said Landon. "She will need to rest tomorrow as well. If it's too dangerous, we can if we must, but..." He moved hair from her face tenderly. "She is so strong, even unconscious like this. Despite her trying to destroy us all, I'm humbled by her." He looked at Scarlett and Erik. "We must make sure she lives."

“The blood will before yo and for me since I plan do work on her to tomorrow to make sure she has the best chance, before you sleep I need you to go in her mind and look through her memories, in order to heal her properly I need to know all that was done and out of respect I will not look so you must do it” he said before turning to leave “no one will bother you two, you are safe here” he said it in a dark tone that let him know he was serious, knowing his father it meant he probably used strong magic to make sure they were safe. When he was gone scarlet looked at them “I have done what I can, the chains will have to be necessary for now to keep her powers calm, I’m sorry. But the moment she is healed and awake I will take them off” she said it in a way like it was a fact, he knew she was trying to comfort him “rest well brother “ she said and started to leave.

"Where were you?" Landon asked. "Why did you leave the ring of fire? What was more important than rescuing a lifemate?" He looked at her. "I am not condemning you, but I must know."
She stopped and stiffened “I was trying to rescue a woman who was being rapped by a powerful psychic....I failed” she said with a heavy tone. He could tell she was not saying everything but he could also tell whatever it was was weighing on her heavily “I did what I could I am sorry I failed to be here, you have ever right to see my failings here, not all guardians live up to the expectations that everyone sets for them, I will have the prince switch me with my mate, he will be better suited to help you” she said and left. He knew she purposely left before he could say anything else to her
Scarlett, came Allistar's voice just as she closed in on the destroyed society base, it is almost daylight. Come to me in need. Come beg for my cock like a good little whore. Scarlet felt the compulsion weight in her, her mind was heavy with it and she knew any second she was going to lose herself once more. She felt the ward around the base knew this was the place, before her mind slipped she put up a powerful spell on the earth, making it impossible for anyone to leave the area, the spell was called ring of fire and it would burn anyone who tried to cross it that was not her but Landon had take her blood so she knew he would be able to cross safely and she knew Erik would be able to sense the magic, so he would keep himself from getting burn to ash. She sensed the mage but it didn’t matter, she knew this spell could only be undone by her or if she died. Using such a powerful spell made her weak enough the compulsion set in full force and once more she lost herself too it. Scarlett found herself in her uncle's house again, no mask and stripping. He smiled at her "Why are you just standing there?" he asked. "We don't have much time before the sun rises. Lay over the desk and present yourself to me." When she had done so, he entered her hard and fast, feeling her squeeze around him as he thrust into her. "Tell me what you were doing."

“Hunting” she moaned "And the barrier that keeps us all in the school?" he asked. "It is right outside my house, Scarlett, and I can feel it if I try to walk in the woods. What is it's meaning?"

“Someone is assaulting woman at the school, so for safety reason we are warding the school” she said in between moans "Me, you mean," he whispered in her ear. "You were gone. I needed to vent. Now, I have you, I don't need those easy women. Even the vampire whores in the school were too easy and eager. You fight. Even now, you fight." He licked up her face. "You taste wonderful when you try. But it is useless." He turned her so that she was on her stomach and gave his orders. "If anyone asks why you left so suddenly, you tell them you felt sick. If they ask why you came here, it was to see if I noticed anything. You protect me with your life, Scarlett. After all, without me, you would be weak, dead in the streets. Your body is my prize for helping you." He pulled out and entered her anus. "This is a good hole too. I see I need to train it as well. It's so tight, I can't seem to get out. You keep sucking me back in." She felt sick, she wanted to vomit and the pain was making her feel even sicker. Her fever rose until she was starting to lose consciousnesses. When Allister came, it was hard and sent a painful jolt through her as he slammed into her bowels deep. He pulled out of her roughly. She felt him touch the area before putting his fingers into her mouth "That is what we taste like," he said as she sucked on his fingers. "There will be more tomorrow. You will escape your lifemate for treatment, and not accept any mission. You will spend the whole night with me. This is training, Scarlett, and missing it will make you weak. Do you understand." She weakly nodded. He walked away to dress while she shakily did the same. Before she left, he said, "Remember, they cannot find out it is me. Eric the Groundskeeper is an innocent old man who saw nothing and could not harm a fly. Protect me with your life, because, without me, you are nothing." When she got to the ward around the school she stopped, he sense came back to her and she immediately cleansed her body. Once again she had no memory of where she had been but she knew the direction she came from. She took out her phone and called desaray "This is Desaray," she said over the line.

“It’s scarlet. Listen carefully, it happened again, I walked from the north, it’s the same smell. I wasn’t at the school when it happened, I’m going to stay away from the school and I need you to do me a favor, go in my room, there is a book on my bookshelf, it’s called the garden of roses, inside is a vile of my blood, give it to Raoul he is the best tracker we have. I have a feeling it will happen again soon, I want this bastard caught” she said with a growl as she started to walk “desaray I need you to make me forget this conversation and compel me to think nothing happened” she said "I'd have to be with you to do that," she said. "Stay where you are. I'll come find you. Michael is with me as an assistant and would be helpful if we get attacked."

“No!” She said surprised by her own tone “no don’t bring him...” she said in a calmer tone “I don’t know what I might have been compelled to seems there is no way around it, tell raoul to make sure he stops me once he finds out where I am going, if whoever is doing this gets me alone before help arrives I fear I will tell him of the plan...I’m leaving now” she said hanging up and shifted into a large wolf
Jacob turned the water off and said, "I can't wait for the day when this pain no long exists and we can be together without reservation. We both hold back" He kissed her. "When the pain is no longer there, we will see the truth. I know I want you, Victoria. I want you to love me. Right now..." She silenced him with her finger “don’t say such things...I’m not ready to talk about such affections, I do care for you but so much has happened...I need to heal before I would be able to be the lifemate we both deserve” she said dressing after cleaning herself up "Victoria," he said, taking her hand, not bothering to clean up yet, "I want to say this now. I won't have the nerve to later. Will you please listen?" He felt her tense but she nodded. He dressed himself to make her feel more comfortable and said, "I fell for you when you were strong and stubborn. I'm still falling for you." He looked away in shame. "I don't think you need to heal. That is why I hold back. I'm ashamed of my thoughts. You have changed due to your experience, but what is my excuse? I should not think that you are perfect as you are, because you are right, you do need time to heal, to find yourself again. You accept me now. I want the pain to leave you, of course, but how will you change after it is gone? Will you still want me? Will you still see me as the child I was before, selfish and stupid, and want to leave me?" He sat down on the toilet lid. "I'm ashamed of myself, Victoria, for wanting you to stay like this, wanting to be with me. I love you, and I want you healed, but I cannot help thinking that when you are healed, you will simply walk away from me." He put his head in his hands. "I am sorry. I know this is not what you want to hear, or need to hear. I feel as if, in thinking this way, I am the one failing you as a lifemate, not the other way around." He looked up at her, evidence of tears in his eyes. "I will help you heal and hope that, despite this failing of mine, you will still want and love me." She tried to fight what her mind and body were telling her. That he was just like them, he wanted her broken for his own gain “I....I need some time...go....feed” she said rushing from the bathroom. He left slowly. He saw the look Thomas gave him, and looked down. He knew how she would view it, but he wanted to be honest with her. It was his failing, not hers "Thomas, I know you heard what I said," he started. "You are just like them," Thomas said "Except I hate thinking it," Jacob said, not getting upset. "I'd think the same as you and Victoria." His voice dripped with honesty. "I don't want her broken. I need her to want me. I don't like that she's a slave to this pain and I do want her healed. Right now, she accepts me in her life because the pain gives her no choice. I want her acceptance because I'm her choice. I'm still a kid in Carpathian views, Thomas. I'll make mistakes, I'll say and do stupid things, and I'll act selfishly, but I'm also still learning. Just as she needs time to heal, I need time to learn. I'm not making excuses, but warning you." He looked up then, pleading for Thomas to understand. "I know I will hurt her without meaning to at times. During those times, I hope that you will be by her side to help her and comfort her when I do idiotic things." He smiled. "Maybe you'll even get to kick my ass for her." He went to the hidden door and stopped. "I tell you this because you are a brother to her. You are the only one I trust to be able to do this. I'm a child being forced to grow up. I've seen her hurt in so many ways, by myself and others. I saw what they did to her in photos, and the evidence on her skin. For me to think this... I'm either crazy or partially broken myself. Maybe both. I will be back before the sun sets tomorrow. There is something I have to do and hopefully, it will fix whatever is wrong in my mind." With that, Jacob left. Thomas looked at Victoria and Annabelle "Do you believe him?" Thomas asked “You know my answer because you are thinking it too” Victoria said with a stern tone “I can have sex with anyone to calm the pain, but I chose him but it does not matter anymore. I just want to focus on us” she said standing up “we are going to end this...are you red to get revenge Thomas?” She said with fire in her eyes. The same fire he saw back then when she had saved him and Annabelle "Wherever you need me, I will be there," he said with conviction. "Just give us your orders."

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