Awake 12

He heard his father chant with him and felt the area and soil become more pure. It seem like time stopped, neither of them knew how much timed had passed. It was only when Allisia woke up on her own that they knew she was getting better. She didn't speak she just laid there, when Landon touched her she flinched.

I'm not going to hurt you, he said. We can leave soon. I promise.

She groaned in pain it burns...please make it stop she begged, he should have been happy hearing her voice but that was not the voice of his woman but of a broken one

It is from the conversion by vampire blood, he said. When it is safe for you to be moved, I will take you to a place of healing and we will remove it from your body. I want to make sure you won't be harmed, Alissia. One more night and then you can leave this place. Okay?

my burns...make it stop please....I’ll so what you want...I’ll drink it I swear it Occurred to him then she thought he was someone else

He wanted to roar with anger, so he said, Alissia, this is Landon Daratrazanoff. I'm going to look at your neck. It is probably from where the vampire bit into you. I will try to heal what I can. Just don't touch me, or I will be brought back into my body and do more damage by mistake.

kill me... Her voice sounded weak and defeat. Not the woman he had met

I... I can't, he said. Alissia, I can no more kill you than you can kill me.

He heard her cries in her head, she had lost hope and the will to go on. There was no anger in her, no spark of life like before, just devastation and hopelessness.

He reached for the collar to take it of but cursed in five languages. Your neck hurts because of that damn collar! It's coated in vampire blood! If I get this off of you, will feel more like your old self?

you can’t take off the collar yet, not until the transformation is complete and scarlet removes it. Mix some of your saliva with dirt and stuff it inside the collar, it will ease the burn and help her heal a little. Put her to sleep as soon as possible said his father

She needs it off now! Landon said.

calm yourself! his father snapped and he rarely snapped i know you are still getting use to having your emotions back but you must try harder to control them for her sake, you know what I told you to do is the best option so instead of wasting time by letting your emotions get out of control, do what I told you to do

Landon gathered some dirt and purified it some more before mixing his saliva and tried to get it between her neck and the collar. It was difficult but he refused to let the burning in his fingers stop him. He had to heal his hands when he was done, but collar no longer touched her skin. How is that, Alissia?

She was already in a deep Carpathian sleep once more and he felt a sense of happiness and accomplishment that he had helped her good job son

Landon couldn't help but feel more pride go through him. He twisted his fingers through Alissia's fingers. I just get emotions and instead of being able to spend time with her and guide her to me slowly, everything has been turbulent. The thought of never getting a chance at a life together...

i won’t let that happen it was a simple statement yet he knew his father well enough to know he wouldn’t have said it if he was not a hundred percent sure he could back up his own words. Being the dark one you never make promises you can’t keep, it comes with the job.

Thank you, Landon said. In... more ways than one.

He didn’t answer him and Landon knew that was ok, he could feel his father happiness. Neither of them were good with the emotional shit, that was all mom ive finished here, I’ll be back tomorrow night for when she wakes up, she will be hungry so there is blood for you both on the table, I ward the place when I leave, rest well

Father, I... he began but changed his mind and said, Rest well.

A hand busted through the soil and grabbed Landon shoulder giving it a comforting squeeze see you tomorrow his father said. The hand disappeared and he felt the ward go up.

Landon once again put himself protectively around Alissia and went to sleep.


He saw the water vibrate around her because she was shaking, he knew it was from the fever and that it was fainful for it. He knew she must being feeling extremely cold. Even with as sick as she was he could see she was trying to keep an eye on the surroundings, the warrior in her would not rest "you should go...he knows your with me" she said in a tired tone.

Raoul said, "No. With your health like this, I cannot leave you. If an enemy were to appear, you are vulnerable. You need more blood as well."

“You have a lifemate brother, you have done your job, go home to her” she said “I will need you tomorrow for he is sure to try again, this time you must let me get closer...before you leave you must wipe my memory of our time together” she said

"You will feed from me first," he said "I want to exchange blood. That way, when our people come to take you from this monster, they can use me to connect better to you and counteract his compulsion." He bit open his wrist and put it to her mouth. "As much as you don't want to, your own lifemate needs you to survive this." He growled. "Hurry. I believe our man is coming this way."

She only took a few gulps, as did he. He became a bird and wiped her memory. As much as he wanted to see who the man was that could compel a Guardian, he had to return to his own lifemate.

Allistar walked out and said, "You disappoint me, Scarlett. You are not in my home, laying in my bed, screaming with pleasure. I believe it is time for a punishment."

She could barely see him , her vision was blurry and she couldn’t move

He picked her up and flung her over his shoulder and carried her to a bolder. He pulled out a pocket knife and cut her clothes off of her. He then pulled himself out and shoved into her backside hard, thrusting into her like he was trying to rip her in two, at least, that is what if felt like.

"You feel so good," he said. "Now, should I have you call Michael here? I'm sure I could convince him to join in."

She was to weak to answer, he could tell she was close to being in a fatal situation, She was slowly dying.

He filled her and said, "Go feed. Once you are done, go to ground for a day. I want you to be healthy the next time we meet up and fuck."

After he left she used her arm to fall down into the water. That was all the energy she had to do. She drifted in and out of consciousness. The next thing she knew she heard laughing and splashing. The smell of fresh blood hit her knows and all thought went from her mind and she knew something bad was about to happen micheal! she cried out his name out of desperation right before her hunger took her over. She latched onto the humans leg that stepped near her and pulled them under. She bit in hard and deep. She felt the heart slow just as their friend came over to try and help them. She didn’t stop and each one of them became a cry that echoed into the night and was forgot by silence

Michael arrived and saw Scarlett trying to revive the humans in a panic. He stopped her from giving CPR and shook his head. He pulled her close to him and hugged her. After he did this, she went still.

"It's okay," he said. "Cry. Cry for the lives lost here. Cry for the crimes committed against you. It's okay to cry at times, Scarlett. If only with me, cry. Any warrior can fight without emotion, but it's the ones that feel remorse after the battle that are stronger than any other. You are stronger than any I know. So cry and let it out while we are alone. I will be here for you."

She was quiet and still yet he felt a storm building inside her. He heard her low growls into his chest. When she pulled back her fangs were long, there was darkness and fury in her eyes “this ends tonight” she said in a dark threatening tone. He had seen this look before in other hunters. Their breaking point, the point were they became monsters so they could take down monsters, or die trying.

"Scarlett, the prince told me he found the guy," he said. "He told all of the Carpathians. It's over already. Rest and tomorrow, demand your right for justice. Tonight, heal."

She was up on her feet instantly. The body suddenly bursted into flames as she walked away.

Michael went after her and said, "Stop and think. If the prince was able to capture him, that means he knows how to suppress his ability. He will be dealt with when you are healthier, when you wake up tomorrow. You are burning up your energy that should be taking down your fever." He stopped in front of her. "And you could be carrying our child, Scarlett. This fever and the heat you are creating could be hurting them. You have every right to be angry, every right to want justice, but you must heal first."

Her fist clenched at her side “when did the prince make this announcement?” She said in a tense tone

"The beginning of the night," he said. "It is very late now, so I believe you have been out of it from fever for many hours."

She growled and pointed to the boulder by the lake “yet I was raped right there an hour ago” she said aggressively pushing past him

"Then, calm yourself and let's go talk to the prince," suggested Michael. "He should know that someone else is the true culprit."

A voice started playing in Scarlett's head but Michael took her hands in his and said, "Together, we can do anything. I felt a pain start in your head. I'm keeping a barrier up but I can't trace him." He turned white as a stabbing pain hit his mind, but he smiled at her. "He's not happy." Then, the voice and pain stopped. "Not good. We need to go to the prince now."

“You can go, I’m hunting him down” she said “move out of my way micheal”

"I will not," he said. "I will not lose you to some asshole! So either you come with me or we rest right here, right now."

It was the first time she had heard him use such a tone. He sounded... invincible, even to her.

He saw her leg move slightly, he recognized a fighting stance when he saw one. She growled and her eyes turned into her dragons.

"Scareltt, as powerful as you are," he said, "this man was able to find a weakness in your mind. What does that tell you right now? It tells me you need to heal and rest. You have not been feeding and that forced you to take four lives this night. I felt, felt, you dying and me too far away to help you in time. I will not play games on this matter. You want to hunt this bastard, fine, but you are not going to fucking die because of it. I will not allow such a thing."

“Don’t remind me of my own weakness! And I didn’t feed by choice! I would not be used as a weapon to hurt my own people! I was set up! No humans should have been this far into the woods which means he sent them here! “ she said fuming, her anger reaching a dangerous leave. She was having trouble not controlling her shifting and scales started to show up on random parts of her body. She felt weak and she hated it, it was painfully drilled in her head growing up that she had to be better, stronger, faster then everyone else because of her dragonseeker bloodline and when she got changed into a guardian during a fit the pressure became tens times harder

"All the more reason to heal, so you can fight him," said Michael, unfazed. "He has left no trace of himself other than what he left inside of you. Now, how did he do that, Scarlett? If he can hide from the prince and his second, he can hide from you when you are like this. Your anger and undeserved humiliation has clouded your mind. I promise you, he will pay, but you must gather your strength so you can fight his hold. His mistake is that he has underestimated you, and that will be his downfall. But, if you can't mentally fight him, he will win every time, keeping you tired and weak. You know I speak the truth. Without rest and feeding properly, you can't bring him to justice."

Even though she knew he was right she snapped she couldn’t control her anger any longer. For years she had been fighting this battle alone and she had got close to catching him many times even one time going in so far as to take a really big chunk she would scar out of his side, near his ribs. And of course it bothered her over the years but it seem to bother her more now that she was paired with Michael. It was like a violation was even more because she had a lifemate. She roared in anger, she picked up a nearby tree and started slamming it into the ground until there’s nothing left but splinters, it started to rain and thunder lightning crashing down close by setting the trees ablaze

He stood there, his expression unchanging. She needed to vent and he did nothing more but protect himself as he said, "Scarlett, look in my mind, see what I see. I do not see you as weak, nor do I blame you. There is no violation. Your heart and soul are mine. The most important parts of you are mine. He can't touch those. Only me." He walked to her slowly. "This body? As long as I protect what is important, what does it matter? It is a tool, right? I love the woman you are inside, the one who can move mountains, the one who can fly higher than any other, the one who has the most beautiful heart and soul I have ever seen. I love my lifemate, Scarlett. Nothing, not even God himself, will change that."

“You dont get it!” She yelled and thunder cracked “ the raping didn’t start until I knew you were my lifemate! It was like you stepped on his perverted territory and no one owns me! Before you it was blood on my hands I woke up too, not semen between my legs! I am a weapon for my people not him and I am a lover to you not him! The violation runs deep! That’s why I did t approach you all those years ago when I saw you at the summit! I knew you were mine the second I saw you but how could I bring you into this! As far as I knew he would order me to kill you!” She said “that’s why I treated you the way I did that’s why I pushed you away, I didn’t want you to claim me! Not until I put a stop to this!” She said her anxiety reaching a dangerous height “I’m a guardian who can’t fly and can’t even protect her own mine I have no right to have this title or the blood that flows through my veins!”

"So be it, we will do it tomorrow night since raoul is with scarlet now, from what I have been told though she is not in good health" he said

Mordred said, "I need to see her! If she is sick or injured, I should be there for her!"

“Until we catch whoever is doing this it won’t matter if you are there for you, form what she said her mind has been tampered with and that is no small feet to do to a guardian. Which means whoever it is, is a powerful psychic” he said letting Victoria and the others be guided away by his second Sora. Once they were alone he sat down “tell me everything about your society, I want no surprises and no way for them to escape” he said in a tone that let mordred know it was going to be a long night with the prince.

"Those I command are all students or teachers at the school," Mordred said. "My brother also commands some of our group, but they are all students and all orders are supposed to come directly through me. Just as you have a second in command, Allister is mine. I have a teacher who gives lessens during the day and a student who takes night classes. Both of them work under me to pass my orders to my regiment. I give orders to Allister and he is supposed to them to the group that used to be at the compound outside the school. Those I directly work with believe as I do, that special abilities don't make monsters but intentions. It took some time to convince my brother of this view. He told me that some rogues in the ranks had attacked the school, but that your people had taken care of them. I directly hand him my orders and he meets a messenger in an empty classroom, exchanging the documents." He sat down. "I do not want to think my brother is capable of treachery or of raping his own niece, but it is looking as if he is the culprit the more we talk. He was always the more... aggressive of the two of us as children."

“I want the names and information of everyone that was working for you and with you, in and out of the school” he said sliding a notebook towards him

Mordred stood up and pulled out a leather bound ledger and put in front of Xaiver.

"Even I am in this book, to make it fair to those under me," he said. "The ones with lines through them were the ones killed at the stronghold outside of the school, the blue dots mean that they are alive from the stronghold but their whereabouts are unknown, and the rest are labeled as being in the school or village. There are about 25 in the village and 50 in the school, and as evidence of the last attack, we are willing to help your people protect this place."

“I already have the list of the school, it was not hard to spot the traitors in my home” he said with a dark tone “I want a list of the entire society that you know, their locations, their leaders and ranks. I do t know if it ever accused to you but scarlet is one of the ones in immediate danger from the society. As a warrior she is the one out their dealing with them, if you give me the information I want I will make sure she stays clear of those areas. If not you risk her being killed by your own kind”

Mordred smiled and said, "Did you look at the back cover? I never leave anything to chance." Xavier pulled out an SD Chip. "On it, you will find five pictures and names besides mine. Edward, Henrique, Johnathan, Jackson, and Melissa. They are all the same level as me, though Edward is the one who resides over us. I don't know anyone above use or who work under them, but I can tell you Henrique is in France at this time. I know this because my son works under him. We never know where the others are until a meeting at one of our bases. I am the newest member of this group, so I don't technically have a base at this time. But the big head of the society is unknown, other than he took on the name Morrison. It's an alias, naturally, and I have never met him. But I suspect he is a vampire." He held up his hand when he was Xavier about to speak. "A real one. When I found Scarlett, I opened my mind to the possibility to the truth. But it is because of my suspicions that I have yet to meet this person. I wish I could have been of more help. I want my son to be looked at, though. Lately, he has been acting odd and not been telling me anything on Henrique. And, naturally, I want Scarlett safe. I do not care what happens to me, but they should be happy and safe."

They continued to talk into the night until almost morning and made a decision to start their plan tomorrow night.

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