Blood Rights

Michael looked at her and said, "I heard of a guardian at the summit but never found out who it was. That thought plagued me to no end. Now, I know why. Scarlett, it is always those who don't believe themselves worthy that are the most worthy. You will never take advantage of your title, nor would you take it for granted. Dragonseeker, daughter of earth, and Guardian of all. These titles you bear make me proud. And, again, he used you, but the blood is not on your hands. Scarlett, no one will blame you. Not I, not the prince, and not our people. They will see it all as him." He managed to take hold of her hands. "Scarlett, your soul is not tainted by him, your body clean. I promise you, I see only you, not his foulness."

She shook her head and tried to break his grip “you won’t understand and you never will..” she said in a dark tone. Finally she was able to rip her hands from his “I need sometime to think and I think it’s best if we separate for a while” she said looking away from him

"You don't understand either," he said, grabbing her arm and dragging her up against him. "I nearly lost you today. I don't know if I have it in me to follow you quietly after that. I want to rip the man apart from the inside out and make him watch." She felt him shaking with his own rage. "He dared to harm you to the point your instincts over ruled your mind and lives he placed in danger were lost. He made you feel unworthy and no one has that right. No one. If you find you are unable to kill him, I will gladly have the pleasure of doing so."

She knew this was going nowhere, both of them were to proud and stubborn to understand one another when the tension was this high. The storm raged around the and the rain poured down. 5e lightning lessened but the rain was still heavy. She turned quick with in human speed and ripped open his shirt with her free hand and then quickly grab the back of his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him hard and rough

He growled and lifted her up. No, he flew away with her as her shirt flew off of her body, allowing her breasts to press into his chest.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hand clawed at his back pressing him closer and her rough kisses intensified. Rage was replaced by pure lust that matched its aggression. She nipped his bottom lip, demanding everything from him

He matched her intensity. He growled as he not only opened his mouth butt forced her tongue to duel with his. His hands traveled over her sensitive skin, ripping her pants off of her. He brought her down to a natural above ground hot spring he found when he first came to the school. He laid her on the moss next to the water so that she was under him. Yet, he only kissed down to her neck, his hips moving so that his engorged member rubbed her through his pants. Care to help? he asked. I ache for you.

She growled and his pants burst into flames, burning off of him in seconds yet his skin only felt the warmth of the fire. She rolled so she was on top, when she felt him try to roll to put her under him she slammed his thick member deep inside her core, making them both cry out against each other’s lips

He cupped her firm bottom and rolled. The roll made him thrust into her deeply, instantly getting a response. He put his hand on the ground, noting that one more roll would land them in the water. Still he pulled away enough to thrust into her at a slow, but hard pace. He took her stiff nipple into his mouth. He couldn't hold her hips without pulling way, yet he could not help but feast upon her pale skin under the moonlight.

One hand came up and gripped his hair roughly while the other gripped his firm buttocks and his thrusted into her. The rain heightened the naturals smells of the both. She pulled his by the hair up to her face and kissed him roughly once more

He growled and used one hand to cup her breast a moment before he moved it down her stomach. He found her engorged clit and began rubbing it, hard. He brought her to the edge quickly.

She broke the kiss and with no warning turned her head and bit deeply into his neck, instantly bringing close to the edge

He began thrusting and rubbing faster. He growled with each thrust. His other hand gripped into the moss, trying to get better purchase so that he could go deeper, to reach her very soul.

She didn’t take his blood after the first sip. Instead she used the bite to hold on and bring him pleasure while showing dominance. She was not going to give in so easily. She forced them both into the water. Still locking her legs around his waist so he did not leave her core

He took them back to the surface only to pin her against the edge of the pool. He began to slow down, now aiming to drive her insane.

She released his neck with a cry but still managed to close the wound before losing her mind to the pleasure more...more Micheal....let your beast devour me she said in a begging tone that would have made any male loose his mind to lust and he was pretty sure he would kill any male that her her speak with such a tone

He suckled her breast again before biting down and thrusting into her like a piston.

Her core squeezed him so tight it was almost painful”micheal kiss me....kiss me now!” She moaned

He closed the wound and kissed up to her neck. Once there, he nibbled for a bit to tease her. Just as she was about to cum, he slowed down again and moved to her jaw. He kissed her deeply. If I give all of myself, you must give all of yourself.

what more do you want me to give she moaned in frustration

Everything, he said. I give everything to you and you give everything to me. We have merged our minds yet you do not share everything. I want all of you, Scarlett, not just the parts you think I will like.

your ruining the mood by asking such things... she moaned stubbornly

Then, what is the point of being lifemates? he asked, slowing down. You won't give your other half your trust, then you will be alone. I give you my trust and my loyalty. I have your loyalty, but where is the trust?

She growled and pushed him away suddenly, him swiftly leaving her core felt terrible. He felt her close herself fully to him, not enough for the separation but enough he was not in her mind to hear her thoughts “we are done here” she said getting out of the water

"It's true," he said, following her. "That is why you wish to leave. You don't trust how I will react and you don't trust yourself enough to give me a chance. Scarlett, I want to be true lifemates, not friends with benefits." He took her hand. "We are stronger together. When I was blocking him, you helped. That was how he did not possess you when I found you. Us, together. Neither of us is strong enough to take him alone, and he knows nothing of the lifemate bond. We have something he will never have: a true ally."

She ripped her hand from his. He flinched when he felt it in her mind she regretted what they just did and him touching her made her feel dirty and tainted. He felt her need to relieve stress, that’s she was angry and sad that he had to ruin it for her by talking about things she was not ready for and more so by bring up that man “you...disappoint every way” she said with a angry look yet her tone cracked like she was trying to keep herself from crying “I reject your claim of love, you can’t love someone you don’t know and clearly you dont know me...I wish I had never taken this job at this school” she said turning to leave

Michael was hurt, on many levels. He was also angry that his gentleness was taken the wrong way. His need to let her rest, but also get closer, had not worked out the way he had anticipated. She was so angry, it rolled off of her in waves. If she left like that, she was bound to hurt someone, most likely, herself. Fear for her filled him because of this.

He growled and dominantly said, "Stop!"

She stopped and he heard a low growl coming from her. Slowly she turned around and the look in her eyes reminded him of a alpha wolf that just got challenged and he was the challenger. He saw her fangs slowly emerge “or what?”

"Or you could get hurt," he said plainly. "You have not fed in days, you have barely slept, and you could be pregnant. All three of those things pairing up could lead to mistakes. In your anger, you have forgotten to not only care for yourself, but to think." He walked up to her. "You will be by my side this night, resting as you should after you feed. Your health is important, Scarlett. Without it, he will always win. You know this, so stop pushing me away and accept that maybe I can help you more. Everything I have said is true. We are stronger together. You are acting so bull headed, you refuse to see it. Open your eyes to what your mate is telling you. Heal this night, and hunt when you are better able to counteract his compulsion."

“In case you didn’t notice them back there I feed well tonight and you are the one causing my anger so stay by you will on.y make things worse!” She said meeting his gaze challengingly

"Think about it," he said, shaking. "You don't accept help hunting him, and you end up being used by him against your will. The one time I was there, the one time someone stood with you against him, and he doesn't get his hands on you. You are smart, Scarlett, so act like it." He looked at her, and she felt her wolf and dragon respond. "You know you need to heal, and you know that it causes your two assets to not be in top form. I'm not the one holding you back and making things worse, Scarlett. You are. By neglecting your health, your dragon and your wolf are weakened. My wolf is strong, but only because I take care of him. When was the last time your dragon or wolf really got to rest? When was the last time them were able to battle in top form? You hold them back by not healing." He stared in her eyes, almost as if he were pleading to her wolf and her dragon. "You know this to be true. Go rest. I will lay next to you to keep you safe. Should he try to take you, I will fight him for you. Because he will never get his hand on you ever again. I don't care if I have to give my life to ensure that."

“I weakened my self on purpose not out of neglect, not that it is any of your business but it was necessary because raoul was in charge of stopping me before I went to him. In perfect health not only would that have been impossible but I could have been used to kill him, it worked. Raoul got the information we needed and I was the one for compelled him to go back because I knew he was close and I was in no condition to help raoul against him” she said

He grabbed her by the arm and pinned her to the wall, "You seem to forget that it is my duty to protect you, my duty to be by your side. My cousin should not have been there. You are not his lifemate. You are mine. Because, even under compulsion, no one can harm their lifemate. In your bid to be alone in everything, you forgot that tiny fact because you have neglected your health far longer than you want to admit, since the time you started having abortions. You may not have seen it, but had used you before sending you to kill. Your dragon knew. Your wolf knew. They protected you the best they could. And yet, you weaken them." He looked her in the eye. "I know about it, Scarlett, because I found you that night. You didn't tell me, I found out. I have tried helping, I've tried being nice due to what is happening, but that time is done. I am now demanding it. Go rest and I will hunt this man with you tomorrow. If I have to, I will chain you to my side so that you heal properly." He put his free hand on her stomach. "Because it's not just you I am caring for any more."

She growled as the rain slowed to a slight rain fall instead of the storm it was “raoul is the best tracker we have besides myself and even if we couldn’t kill each other it does mean he couldn’t have mind fucked you too. One gaurdian is dangerous enough, two is even worse and with the school near by who knows what he would have had us do, I did what was Necessary and the safest option if you can’t see that fine but you will not make me feel guilty about my choices” she said meeting his gaze “ And don’t get to attached if I really am pregnant, it might not be yours and if it’s not but I’m gonna do what I’ve always done......get rid of it.” She said in a cold tone

"If it is not mine," he corrected, "then by exchanging blood with me will then make it mine. I would love them because they are part of you, and because I helped raise them, not because I didn't help conceive them. And I have a secret weapon he does not. You do too if you would wise up and use it." He leaned in. "I have you and you have me. Two minds beats one when working together. He is weak, so he tries to take on powerful opponents alone, where he feels comfortable. But us? We have our two minds and the powers of our wolves and your dragon to add to our small army. Why not use this resource." He spoke as if to her wolf and dragon directly. "You know this is true. You try not to use them. Instead of feeling ashamed of them, learn and merge with them. You are a Dragonseeker, of the strongest Carpathian bloodline. You are Lycan, a powerful animal that is more at home in the woods than in that school. With these beings in you, you should have stopped him long before now, yet you have not. Why is that, Scarlett? Are you ashamed to admit how special you are? Or was he the one that said you diluted the Dragonseeker bloodline, and you believed his lies, giving him power over you?"

She caught against his hold “let me go...” she said in a warning tone. He could tell she was about to snap, that he was getting to her

"Maybe you wanted to believe him," he continued. "You were a scared child then, just as you are now. And he came to you, spinning his web of lies. You didn't dodge his web, but embraced it. Now that you see what his lies have brought, you suddenly hate what he said, but still believe them because you have stayed that child. Perhaps you aren't suited hunting. If any enemy lies, how do I know you won't believe them as well?" He made her look at him, his anger and fear making his eyes glow. "Grow up, pup."

The blast that came from her was magic and it made the ground shake “you know nothing!” Her voice boomed as lightning struck the ground so close to him he could feel the heat from it and smell the burning grass “everything I did was to protect my father! You have no right to judge me! All you had to do was be like every other insufferable ignorant male of your kind and let me figure this out! Instead you make things worse on me!” She said and he could see her bone shifting under her skin as she fought to not shift

He looked at her, face made of stone, as he said, "The only ignorant one I see is you. Wanting his chains off of you, yet too afraid to take them off."

“You can accuse me of a lot of things, but I never speak or take action without knowing all the facts, something you should learn to do” she said and he could tears in her eyes letting him know he had hurt her “we should parts ways here hunter, I don’t need your assistance to feed or rest” she said in such a formal tone in stung him deeply

He clenched his fists and said, "You are no wolf, no Guardian. You are a trained pet. Admit it, Scarlett, you are afraid of who you would be without him, and this is why he still lives. But tell me, if you know all the facts, then who is he? Why can't you say who he is or recognize him? Why is it that you readily open your mind to him? Face it. It's not that you are protecting anyone. You are afraid to rid the world of him because you fell you would have no purpose. You don't even try to find one, which is why you are without a pack. And a wolf without a pack is useless in battle. You are more of a liability to our people than any other because you are too scared to do what is necessary." He steeled himself for the pain he would see in her eyes. "You are right. You are no Guardian and you are no Dragonseeker. They would have done what was necessary long ago, and not run to their tormentor. Perhaps you even prefer him to us, enjoying what he does."

The storm completely stopped, the area around them grew silent. Not even the animals were making a sound. He saw her emotions leave her eyes and felt nothing from her yet he knew she was still in his mind because he was not feeling the separation “consider our union strictly professional. I will bear your kin to keep the bloodline going, I will fight by your side in battle, but since that seems to be all we can offer each other I will draw the line there” she said in a emotionless tone. She looked at him with no emotion in her eyes and he knew he messed up “consider our union a duty and nothing more, if you can’t accept that we can greet the dawn together this coming morning”

"I have things I must do," he said. "You go to ground, but do not leave this area. The spring is special in that it blocks our minds from those outside this special hidden crater. It was a way to get you to finally rest and heal as you should. A gift so that he could not control you." He dressed and walked to the opening. "I will return before dawn."

He launched himself into the air. Half an hour later, about a mile away, she heard the anguished cry of a wolf. A male. The pain in the tone made one want to cry. It was the cry of male that had just lost his lifemate, her mind jumped to Michael.

She kept her emotions off and went into the natural spring and slept in the soil in the water

Michael ran until he could not anymore. His cry had been loud. He was still new to the relationship and he had hurt her so deeply, that he didn't know if he could fix it. He soon found himself at Claira's house. He shifted back to his human form.

"I need help," he said.

She opened the door “what’s wrong, is scarlet hurt?” She asked closing the door behind him

"I was trying to help and said things I did not mean," he said. "I went too far. As we are a new pair of lifemates, we are bound to make mistakes, but this one..." Rather than tell her, he showed her. "I need to know how to fix this mess and know how to help her in the future"

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