He could tell by the look on her face it was even worse then what he thought “sit down I’ll make us some tea” she said going to the kitchen. Her cottage was pretty much a studio,He was old enough that it reminded him of the stories he would read about the old witches. Drying herbs hung from the ceiling, the candles and fireplace gave it a mystical feel to it. The smell of herbs and burning wood filled the air and made him feel calm. It was a cozy witches cabin if he ever saw one. Though it was hidden deep in the woods the placement made it more beautiful as it sat by a small lovely river with flowers and a garden surrounding it. It was also very well hidden between three large trees , two at the side and one in the back, unless you knew where to look the house was easy to miss. Judging by what was outside she did everything herself, from gardening to chopping wood. A handmade blanket separated the kitchen from the living room. He knew it was hand made because of the sowing machine in the corner and the thread that matched it. Now that he looked around more he could see everything was handmade. His attention was drawn to her bed that was by the fire, drawers sat underneath it and he felt a strange pull telling him to go open them. But before he could move she opened the curtain and stepped out with tea


“Here this will help calm you” she said handing him the tea. It smell sweet and nice, but it smelled mostly of lavender “so you asked me for help but what exactly do you want me to do?”

"I need help recognizing when is the right time to let up on what I say," he said. "I messed this up, and while help with that is appreciated to get started, I have to fix that on my own. I could not recognize when I needed to be calmer with her, rather than push her farther in her anger. I only wished for her to rest. As I said, we are still a new couple and mistakes are bound to happen at this stage. I want to fix this but I don't know how."

“To be honest your biggest mistake was speaking without knowing the facts or the truth and knowing scarlet as I do you messed up much worse then you even know. It’s not my place to tell you those facts though” she said taking a sip of the tea “you must be careful not to push her too far, scarlet holds back a lot and she can really hurt someone if she was ever to lose control” she said taking another sip of her tea

"All I wanted was for her to rest," he said. "She wasn't listening. She was going to get herself and our child killed. She even threatened another abortion." He sat his cup down. "I don't know what to do. We don't share information like other couples, and this means that I will go to far at times. If I knew more, I would not have over stepped the line. I didn't actually mean any of it. It hurt just saying it, and it killed me to see that pain on her face."

“Why say things that were not true? Why hurt her? These are questions you should be asking yourself” she said in a calm tone “why did you feel the need to do it the way you did, maybe if you figure out why then you can prevent yourself from doing it again”

"I noticed that by pushing her, she responded," he said. "I though that, by saying those lies, it would push her to the point that I could talk to her dragon or wolf. She wasn't seeing reason! I don't know how to get her to listen to me! When I was dominant and tapping into my lycan side, she responded but then it went down hill fast."

“You talk as if your wolf is separate creature from you, that is not the case. You were using that side of you to connect with her on the animalistic level. Carpathians are creatures of nature naturally, your sensitive and attuned to nature at birth. But scarlet is different, she was not raised by a Carpathian she was raised by a human and in order to live safely she had to hide what she was. For years she denied herself those freedoms and feelings you do naturally. While you had parents to show you what it meant to be a Carpathian, how to shift, how to fly, how to put up wards. She had to figure all of that out on her own “ she said taking another sip of her tea

"I was born Lycan," he said. "I have not been a Guardian for long, maybe a couple of centuries. Still, I see what you are saying. I've always had a pack. But how was I supposed to know any of that when she never told me? She won't let me in to see anything!"

“Would you let someone you barely know into your to see such intimate and private things?” She said still in a calm tone. Her voice never held judgement but was like a soothing guide

"I did once," he said. "It is how I became a Guardian. Raoul found me and demanded I show him my memories. He made the decision to save my life. I knew that no Carpathian would condemn me, as I had done nothing wrong, and yet, a bully in my pack tried to fight me to show why he was in charge. Raoul saved me, but caused me to be kicked out of my pack. I was 21."

“Yes but you were in a life and death situation and you only had memories of twenty one years while scarlet has a full human lifetime of them, not only is she older then you mentally and by experience alone but she has had a lot of things happen to her that you can’t even imagine. You are naive if you think you can compare your life to hers “ she said with a sigh “your acting like what you are asking is no big deal and that just because you are lifemates you are entitled to it, which is not the case. You demanded of her such a intimate thing in such a cruel way, proving even more you don’t deserve it” she said still in a calm tone “since you were born lycan I will let you know something you might have missed looked, you are not a Carpathian, your body might have Carpathian blood but you are not a Carpathian here “ she said pointing to her chest “you can not treat her like a liking and try to dominate her into submission and you cannot demand something from her when you do not understand it fully, my advice to you is if you want to connect with scarlet then you need to start learning more about what it means to be a Carpathian"

"I never meant for it to come out like I was comparing our lives," he said. "But how can I know something when I'm not told? I thought Carpathians shared willingly. That is what I've been told. I was going off of knowledge I have been taught." He put his head in his hands. "I didn't know she was raised by humans, or anything about her. All I know is that what I do know of her, I love deeply and hated the things I said to her."

“I gave you my advice, you need to learn more about the Carpathian people because they don’t share willingly unless it is needed just like humans and Lycans. Their traditions and way of life are much different then Lycans. Give her some space and do what you can and learn what you can. You are not just a lycan anymore so you cannot act like one and scarlet needs you to be more then that, if you want a future with her then you need to learn but let go of your pass and focus on being the best you now”

"I'm still learning," he said. "I already said that! Nothing makes sense!" He slammed his fist down. "I only really know how to be a lycan. I get told stuff, and taught the new abilities, but... how to connect fully to my Carpathian... I'm as close as I can get! I don't understand what you are saying!" He looked at her, angry. "By Carpathian standards, I am still a child, a student when it comes to many things! I'm only a teacher at the school because I connect to animals!"

“First off you need to calm down, I am not yelling at you and I don’t deserve to have you yell at me” she said in a serious yet calm tone “also do not damage my things or I will not welcome you into my home anymore” she said “all I hear are excuses and if you refuse to be mature and open minded then there is nothing I can do to help you and you should leave, I am not a babysitter “ she said striking his ego hard

"I'm pissed at myself!" he said, standing up. "I didn't ask for more information than the Carpathians gave me. But I also didn't force my way into her mind to learn her past. I respected her enough to not do that. I can only be myself, Claira. I can't be anyone else. I would never ask Scarlett to change. I only asked her to give me herself, the same as I have done."

“First off you couldn’t break into her mind even if you wanted to, her shields are to advance for you and second you are young, you have still a lot of growing to do before you can even get a grasp of the man you are, people change every day, no one ever stops changing and growing” she said sipping her tea “if you wish to still be welcomed in my home, sit down and take a sip of your tea” she said

He sat down and took a sip. His mind continued to fume at himself. He just wanted to help and he messed things up so bad.

Slowly his tension started to subside and it became easier to think. He felt the tea warm his stomach and his muscles relax “feeling a little better?” She asked

"Yeah," he said, "but I still feel terrible." He took another sip. "It doesn't help that I'm a bit... dense at times, even when I have the knowledge. I guess... I needed to vent a little. Still, I will need guidance at times, even now."

“A troubled mind is like the sea during a storm, it hard to see clearly and you can get lost “ she said calmly “when you find yourself lost you need to relax and calm the storm inside you before you can see things clearly”

"All that sounds inspiring and all, but it doesn't help me actually get me to where I can fix this mess," he said. "Remember, I'm dense. I need things... um... dumbed down a bit more. Hell, even now, Raoul talks to me like I'm a complete moron at times, to the point I want to punch him in the face just to get him to shut up, but there are moments I just need it shoved in my face for me to know what to do."

“Then you need to grow up, scarlet needs a man who is mature and knows himself enough to not have to rely on others to tell him right from wrong and who she can trust to make good decisions. You need to figure out the best path for you to be able to grow as a man and as a warrior and a guardian. Nothing ever worth something is easy and quick, sometimes it takes years, just because you are lifemate does not mean you two should automatically sync and be a perfect couple” she said

"Okay, so how do I show Scarlett that I'm still learning?" he asked. "I want to try again, to start over with her."

“Trust me darling she already knows, the best you can do is give her space and focus on you, she will notice the change, but let her notice, don’t tell her or flaunt it, just do your best and she will see it” she said finishing her tea “finish your tea it will help”

He smiled and finished his tea, saying, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to read my tea leaves."

She chuckled “I don’t need to read tea leaves to see your future” she said in a teasing tone that matched his “I see your further self now, black smug on your face claiming the dragon lady is in a bad mood yet your smile is as bright as the sun “ she said chuckling

"I wish I knew if this was the near future or the distant future," he said. "Thank you for the talk. I told Scarlett I would return to the hidden spring before dawn. I plan on at least keeping my word on that. I will not give up on us. If we are to simply be a duty for a time, I will have to live with that. But I will not let this man keep hurting her." He got up to leave, but stopped in the doorway. "If she comes by, tell her of our talk if she is willing to hear it. Tell her the truth in my heart is that she is more worthy of being a Guardian than I am, and all Dragonseekers would claim her as their sister. She has endured far more than any Carpathian, human, and Lycan should have. I'm sorry I added to that burden instead of lightening it."

“Here is a piece of advice I hope you listen too, one, never say something you don’t mean to her, she takes words very seriously, two alway be honest with her, no matter what or how bad the truth is and three, never act without knowing all the fact” she said standing up and going up to him holding the door opening “this man and the situation she is is, it’s not all that it seems, you may think you are protecting her but without knowing all the facts you could end up getting her killed, talk to the prince about what you know and maybe he can lead you down the path you need to go down, remember you are in a different pack now and he is your alpha, he is there to help guide you when you are lost”

"I seem to have a habit of getting lost," he said. "But I'll take your advice. The sun will rise soon and the prince is still busy. I'll have to talk to him tomorrow. Thank you for the tea."

He left then and, in the form of his wolf, followed his scent back to Scarlett. He went to ground near to her, to protect her. He was not giving up on her, not ever.

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