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Michael rose and dove into the water. He wasn't going to leave Scarlett, not after how big of a moron he had been and the lies he told her. He had to explain to her.

He found her at the bottom, floating peacefully

Scarlett, I need to talk to you, he said in a soft voice.

He saw her open her eyes and start floating to the top. When she reached the top she sat on the side on a rock “what?” She asked

"It's about yesterday," he said, "and all the awful things I said. Look, I noticed how you responded to certain things, and I thought that if I acted that way, even if what I say is false, you would open up. I hated saying them to you, and I went too far because we are still a new pair and I have yet to earn your trust. I used to be a Lycan, so when Raul saved me, I had to learn a new way of living. He told me to ask, and other Carpathians will gladly share information. But you didn't follow those rules. The truth is, I'm a moron and I will make mistakes. I know this about myself, but that doesn't change the fact that I will shoot first, and ask questions later. That's who I am. I know that this doesn't change what I said or how it felt to you, but I thought you should know that I don't believe any of the hurtful things I said to you."

She was silent for a moment and then met his gaze with a sigh “I believe you...we are knew and there is not a strong ground of trust between us yet...I think the worse part for me is you saw me like that” she said looking away

He took her hand and said, "What I have seen of the woman you are, I love deeply. I know it's fast, but it's how I feel. It makes me sick to think that I wasn't ever there for you when you needed me, when this monster was hurting you. But there is one thing I said that I stand by." He brough her fingers to his mouth. "We are stronger together."

“I don’t feel so strong right now micheal” she said watching his lips on her fingers “to be honest I’m scared...how do I fight someone I don’t remember” she said in a stressed tone

"You plan and study," he said. "And I will help. There has to be an area that you are always told to go to, right? Since the day I claimed you, that's when you said this all started. From that day up to today, can you mark all the locations you went towards or the direction you were walking away from in your mind? If we can make a map, we can stop the prince from arresting the wrong man."

She shook her head “I’m to stressed....I’ve tired to think about “ she said with a sigh

"If I had his scent, I could let my wolf out to hunt him," he offered. "I'd need it to be untainted by my scent or that of the earth. Know where we might find that?"

“Yes...my old clothes...my underwear” she said looking away from him

He growled and said, "Okay, he is going to die slowly and painfully! You are my woman and he has committed a crime against you and slighted me!”

“Micheal...please” she said holding her head “don’t be like those other males....I’m angry your angry I get it but right now I don’t need anger” she said in a tired tone

He pulled her in close and said, "I'm sorry, Scarlett. I just... don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm almost 700, but I've only been a Guardian for about 200. I have all this anger in me because I was unable to protect you."

“Your anger does nothing good right now...save it for your enemies” she said and rested her head on his shoulder “take me into the water Micheal...” she said softly

He picked her up out of the shallows and took her to the center of the spring. He laid her on her back and let her float before do the same with her.

“Sometimes I imagine that my taint is being washed away by the waters...taint could be bad emotions...pain...anything that makes me feel tainted, visualize it” she said “let the waters take it from you”

"When I first became a Guardian," he said, "I felt that flying was like that. Then, I got adopted by the De La Cruzes and lost my emotions soon after. My family had been killed by a Sange rau while I was away in South America and I didn't know until I returned. Since then, I lived with some form of taint. This... feels calming. Thank you for sharing it with me."

“Mind over matter...your mind is your strongest weapon” she said in a low tone “ how are you feeling...any better ?” She asked

"Yes," he said. "Now, let's go talk to the prince. They are arresting Mr. Murphy tonight."

She sat up “no they are not” she said in a serious tone “he is innocent, that I’m sure of” she said confidently

"He announced it yesterday," he said. "I tried to convince you to go talk to the prince, but we got into our argument before we could go."

“Then let’s go now, because I won’t let that happen” she said going to get out of the pool

He followed her out of the pool and they took to the sky. It wasn't long before they arrived at the school. A large crowd had gathered. Four hunters lead Mr. Murphy through the courtyard to the holding cells.

"I heard all of girls that were attacked said he was the one to hurt them," said one boy.

"Me too," said a girl. "I heard he laughed at them and said awful things. All of them want to leave the school."

Scarlet growled and they went silent “if you believe in gossip and have time to do it then your not fit to be here” she said in a serious tone making them shrink in submission with a guilty look. She then proceed forward and walked up to the men escorting him “what proof do you have?” She asked

"The prince said he confessed," said one hunter.

"It's okay, Scarlett," said Mr. Murphy. "It will all be okay."

“No it’s not, I will deal with you later for confessing for something you didn’t do....until then” she said going in ahead of him and slamming open the door to where the prince was “I have been nothing but a faithful guardian to you So I will give these moments to explain” she said in a serious tone to him

Michael followed and said, "Sorry for barging in but my lifemate has information that exonerates..."

He held up his hand , silencing them both “mr Murphy volunteered, it’s a plan to help bring out the real culprit but you two, do not know this, so act that way’ he said in a serious tone.

"Can she visit him?" Michael asked. "From the way she acted in front of everyone, they know he means something to her."

"No she can't and she should be upset about that" he said and stood up " while you both are here you may stay in the lifemate dorms, I will speak to you both tomorrow" he said leaving the room making Micheal grab ahold of scarlet to keep her from going after him. She fought against his grip, her body rubbing up against him in different ways

"Xavier wouldn't be doing this if he didn't have a plan," Michael said. "Mr. Murphy is helping with that. It means that the prince knows he's innocent. He won't do anything to him."

Scarlett, I require aid, Landon's voice came at that exact moment.

She growled "I never can get a break...." She said calming down in his arms " stay here and stay close to murphy please...I need to know someone is here protecting him " she said what do you need?

"I'll do what I can," Michael said. "I will make sure no one harms him."

My lifemate is chained to a wall, he said. I don't have the skills to remove it. It's been enhansed by a mage to never break and covered in vampire blood.

Scarlett sighed and nodded at my cheap " thank you....I'll try to be back soon " she said tell me where you are

The old society fortress we destroyed awhile back, he said. When you are close, I'll broadcast my location. I don't want the vampire to find her. She is... not well.

Without anther word she left.
Alessia groaned as she came too. The pain hit her first making her gasp and whimper. Her memory was fuzzy, all she could focus on was the pain. Her voice cracked as she moaned in pain “help...”

Landon was there instantly and took her hand, saying, "It's okay. I'm here. Help is coming. We are going to get the chain off of you and take you where you can heal."

She was burning up, he could feel how hot her skin was. She couldn’t focus her eyes, the fever was making her hallucinate “please....I did what you told me..” she said as all she could see was a white coat

Landon said in her mind, Alessia, this is not real. This is not what is happening. I'm Landon and help is coming. I won't let men like this touch you ever again, alright?

She felt like she couldn’t breath “please...make it stop..it hurts” she said shaking

I have packed the area where the collar is touching with soil and my saliva, he said. And I have been healing your wounds every chance I get. There is no trace of any new wounds, and your old wounds can only be found if one knows what to look for. I am even taking on any pain you may be feeling. I am sorry I cannot do more. God knows I wish I could do more. The sorrow in his voice, for someone so intimidating, was heartbreaking. I wish I could talk all the pain away, past and present.

She pulled on the chains “I don’t deserve this...I did my job...why....I didn’t fail...” she said “is this hell...my serum it finally killed me didn’t it” she said in a delusional tone

Serum? he asked, pulling her into his lap. Alessia, tell me about your serum. It is important and may help me take away the pain. Please.

“From birth...they give it too us...if we don’t get it our bodies break down....it makes us stronger...faster...more durable and makes us hard to mentally manipulate....” she said in a painfilled tone “if we go longer then a week without it...we die” she said “you saw...you saw my scars that was day five” she said coughing “please I need my serum it hurts..” she said not understanding she was no longer human

No, Alessia, you don't, he said gently. The vampire converted you. You are now a Carpathian. Your body is saying that you need it because it became dependant upon it. Now, that is no longer necessary.

“That’s...impossible..we can’t be turned...they said it would kill us” she said shaking in his arms

"Okay, how would they even test that?" he asked aloud. "If one's psychic power is not strong enough, yes, they would die. However, you are one of the strongest I have ever met. There is no way for you to die. I don't think they were able to conduct any true experiments with real Carpathians, if they could even get vampires to help. I think they assumed it would kill you."

She shook her head “the serum...weakens our abilities...making us unable to survive the conversion and easier to control” she said sweating blood “it’s...been tested” she said in a scared tone “sometimes they cut out the part of the brain that holds the....abilities if they are to strong” she said

He watched in horror as children had lobotomies. Her being forced to witness it. He growled in anger.

"Those are not scientists," he said. "They are animals preying on those weaker then themselves and enjoying their pain. Abilities aren't tied to one specific place, Alessia. It works like the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain. Your ability is not held in one place, but many. They took out part of the brain, and the rest made up for what was now missing. They clearly don't understand a damn thing, and are disguising torture and mutilation behind science and medical practice."

“It still worked....many lost them entirely...” she said in low tone “mindless zombies for the cause...” she said moving in his arms “it was for the cause...I failed...I have failed I became the enemy I fell for the enemy...”

"I had a great-great-uncle who used to be part of the society," Landon said. "He learned the truth, that they killed innocents playing at being a vampire, and they marked him a traitor. Still, he never regretted that decision. He fought as a human for many years, until he could no longer do so. He was converted to save his life. Even after that, he worked to protect the Carpathian people, duty and honor and respect driving him, even when he aged a thousand years. He never regretted that decision, Alessia. He found his lifemate, he found love and happiness. We can too. Because, if you fell for the enemy, then me falling for you is the same, is it not?"

Before she could answer scarlet arrived “hold her down and be read to heal her” she said in a serious tone

"Be careful," he said. "She told me about a serum in her system. It should be burned out by now, but if any remnants remain, they could pose a problem." He removed some hair from her face. That may be the reason you survived, Alessia. The serum was no longer in your system this is day eight, after all. "She also said that those who do not take it in time die. We need to see if there is anything causing brain and organ damage."

“Then we will need to work fast since this collar is a a location device and is making the vampire blood in her system grow” she said and he watched her bite into the palm of her hands “ok ready?” She asked placing her bloody hands near the collar. When he nodded she grabbed ahold of it and instant he saw she was in pain. It was like she was being electrocuted. With a cry of pain scarlet ripped the color open. The sight and sound was sicken since allisia skin aphid fused with the collar. Instantly her neck started to bleed and scarlet remove the collar and threw it away from her

He quickly licked the large wound closed before entering her body and meticulously healing it so that no scar or imperfection would show. He also checked to see if her throat was still intact. He returned to his body, happy that she would no longer be in pain from the collar.

"Alessia, where does it hurt now?" he asked.

While he talked and worked on her scarlet worked on destroying the collar. Alessia didn’t open her eyes her body went into over drive trying to heal itself. Her hunger hit him like a train and she grabbed her throat with a groan

He pulled her up after cutting a line along the side of his throat. He put her mouth to it and said, "Feed, Alessia. Follow your instincts. You will know when you should stop."

“No!” Scarlet yelled and managed to just in time put her arm between him and Allessia just as she bit down making her bite down into scarlets forearm and she flinched “knock her out now” she said in a urgent tone

Landon made Alessia go to sleep and said, "No one can harm their lifemate, Scarlett. Not even if ordered to or on the verge of starvation. There is no exception."

Scarlet grabbed her forearm and sweat started to cover her body “true....not intentionally....you were blinded by her need and reacted as lifemate...but you didn’t check for the serum or allow me to check for...” she dropped to one knee “ check her mouth....” she said in a painfilled tone

He did and growled, saying, "A foreign substance put into her body. Most likely a failsafe in case she were to turn. I cannot identify what it is or what the effects are, but I would assume that it is meant to corrode the body, perhaps even induce suicide. Definitely cause pain. My guess, it's the rotten serum. It smells putrid."

Scarlet groaned in pain “get her out of here....make sure she cannot bite or scratch anyone..” she said in a urgent tone “you’ll need to filter her blood carefully over the next few days, keep her asleep so they cannot use her...ward her so they can not wake her” she said and he could see she was in a lot of pain

"Go to Desaray," Landon said as he warded Alessia. "She will need to test the substance on a molecular level in the lab."

"Shit....landon call my Micheal" she said falling on her side on the ground "cut my arm....hurry....I need you to bleed my arm" she said moving her hand and he could see the bite had turned black, it looked like her skin was dying and black veins were forming up her and "hurry...I can't push it out it's to aggressive"

Landon cut up high on her arm as he called for Michael. With how fast is was acting, he wanted to get ahead of the poison. Michael held Scarlett's arm out and away so that the poisoned blood wound not touch the rest of her. It was also turned so that it would steadily drip rather than run along her skin. Both hunters took to the sky with their women and landed on the infirmary balcony.

"Quickly," said Desaray.

"Tend to alessia first...keep her under and protect yourself" scarlett said in a pain filled tone " the blood leaking is helping it slow so focus on her, right now we don't know how much of a danger she is for herself or others....but I can say it's like acid, it's breaking down my muscles and bone"

"Then, it has vampire blood in it," said Deseray. "I have no doubt about that. No other form of acid would act like this."

She and Landon began to work on Alessia as Michael asked, "You are not fine, Scarlett. We may still be new, but I can feel your pain when they do not."

She grabbed his arm with her good arm and pulled him down to her " only you are allowed to know that...now pretend your feeding me" she said and buried her face in his neck, he felt her tears flow against his skin and she shook with pain.

He pulled her into his lap and held her there. He got a growl when she saw in his mind him taking the poison from her so she no longer had to feel it's effects.

listen to me...I know it is your instinct as my mate but you are the only other gaurdian here... We all need you healthy. Promise me you will keep that in mind

She could feel his smile as he said, And if I take the poison from you, the better Guardian would be the healthy one.

stop that...when are you going to realize how you use your abilities doesn't make you a good or bad gaurdian...it's your heart micheal she said and he felt her lips brush his neck and plant a soft kiss on his skin

Desaray returned to her body and looked at Michael, saying, "Don't let her feed from you! That could be how this spreads!"

"I didn't know you were in the habit of watching lifemates together, doc," Michael said.

Deseray blushed, and said, "Stop her from feeding now and take her to lay down on a bed!"

Michael put her on the bed next to Alessia so that her blood could continue to drip. He grabbed several bottles and put a straw into one.

"Well, if I can't provide for you," he said, "at least let me help with this."

She met his eyes as she started to drink and he felt like she bit into his neck as she took her first sip

Though his face remained like stone, she felt his smile straight to her heart. Tease.

She smiled tiredly a reminder.....you did good, thank you she said softly and finished the bottle. She laid back "I'm going to put myself to sleep to stop the spreading....I'll be fine here go update the prince" she said to micheal with a encouraging tone

He said teasingly, Sure, leave me to face the wolf in prince's clothing. Fine, but I expect you to do what the good doctor says... within reason. No strip teases. I heard she prefers women.

before you so did I she said and laughed when he fell from his chair in shock.

Woman, you are just plain mean, he said.

She smiled tiredly at him "go" she said softly. After he left she looked to desary "give her a herbal mix to help purify her body, that includes bone and muscle not just blood..." She said in a tired tone "landon I have a source who stole some of the serum....when they get here bring it to desary she will be able to examine it" she said "in my right pocket...it's their card...take my phone, they will call"

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