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"Right," said Landon, taking the items. "I'll go patrol for now."

Scarlett grabbed his arm to stop him "we need that serum for your lifemate to survive....so no matter what you might feel just get it done and don't jepordize the exchange ok?" She said in a serious tone letting him know something wasn't right

"I understand that," he said. "You have no need to remind me."

With that, he left.

A short while later a message came through with a time and location. It was a alley behind a inn at the edge of town. As he waited he got updates from desary about Alessia. A good female came down the alley way a moment later. When she reached him he could smell how young she was, mid twenties at most " who are you and where is scarlett?"

He bowed to her and said, "My name is Landon Daratrazanoff. Scarlett is injured at the moment and she told me to come in her place. I know you must be scared but she wouldn't have sent another if she could have managed to come herself."

"I'm not scared I'm angry, I needed her blood, give it to me I can smell it on you" she said "hurry up and we will do the exchange"

Landon made a note to talk to Scarlett when he returned and pulled out a vial from his pocket, keeping it out of reach of the woman, saying, "Show me you have the serum."

She sighed in frustration and pulled out a knife. She then cut into her hand and he instantly could smell her blood was tainted heavily with the stuff that was in alessia

"Well, how am I supposed to transport it if you are the container?" he asked. "Where I must return to, I cannot take you."

"Not my problem that you didn't bring a container" she said closing her hand "I kept my end of the bargain" she said in a aggravated tone

Landon sighed and looked around. He saw a stack of old canning jars and went to the. He cleaned one out and handed it to the women.

"Please, put the serum in this," he said. "I was not informed of the need to bring a container. It was my fault for assuming. I apologize for the inconvenience." When she had put enough, they swapped. "Thank you. And," he handed her his card, "should you need aid, call this number."

When she took it he got a glimpse of her face, she was young, around alessia age. She had a similar scar on her neck like alessia had from her injections, she had the same coldness in her eyes that he knew grew from years of torment

"Hey," he said, "stay safe. Should you need anything, my number is on that card."

"I don't need anything from you blood sucker" she said turning away from him. He saw a flash of a gun as she did so

He let her leave, flying back to the school. He missed his woman's temper, but the thought of others having that same anger directed at his people was unsettling. Scarlett, I'm on my way back. But we have much to prepare for.

There was no answer from scarlett and he knew it was because she was in a carpathian sleep. When he arrived desary took the vial and went to work. She discovered not only did it have a trace of vampire acid to help it spread and effect the body but it had traces of silver to make it even more lethal to the guardians of all or lycans. But what really worried her was they were using extract of their healing herbs to make it more acceptable to their bodies so it would spread quicker and affect them on a stronger more potent level. She can find no DNA in the van prick acid which means they literally have weaponized vampire blood.

He went to Alessia's bed and took her hand, saying, "They made them walking weapons, cousin. They raped their minds and made them weapons directed at our people."

Desary started doing a blood transfusion on scarletts arm. Once the serum was out she would see about the damage and if the arm could be saved " yeah well what else is new...it's always something right?" She said in a angry tone "all we want is to live in peace but they never let us" she said and he knew she was just a very but not at him. He knew she hated to see people hurt like this " you know...if you would have fed her....and from the neck too..." She shook her head like she didn't want to think about it "don't be such a idiot in the future ok?! " She yelled at him

"Cousin, I was reacting as a lifemate," he said. "And I had no knowledge of the serum. I couldn't even detect it. I think that, because you said you found silver in it, Scarlett felt that natural aversion to it. She saved me by risking herself. But I will try to sense the unsensible from now on."

Deseray growled and said, "Don't make fun of me!"

"I would never," said Landon with a straight face.

"I feel your laughter!"

"Must be your imagination."

Just then, Michael and Xavier walked in.

"How are they doing?" Asked the prince as micheal went to scarlett

"Stable and healing," said Deseray. "However, until I can get in to examine the extent of the damage, I can't say if a few molecules stayed behind to cause problems later. The worse one should be Scarlett. There was silver in the serum, so there are multiple burns and silver may have attached itself. I started with her since the damage would be the most severe on Scarlett. Alessia has lived with this in her system for years..."

"She is not immune, Deseray!" Landon yelled. "They had a way of keeping the vampire blood dormant for a full week! If their victims ran, on day seven, they would literally melt and die!"

"Do you see her melting?! No! And this would be her ninth day without the serum. I'm guessing it was because she was converted " she said " but yelling at me isn't going to do anything! If you want to help then get me more information and the one that has that is your lifemate" she said crossing her arms

"Then, you know she told me that conversion was meant to be impossible and result in death?" he asked.

He saw by the look on her face that she didn’t know that “and how was I suppose to know she told you that” she said growling “enough” Xavier said in a loud tone but didn’t yell “she is still alive and if it was suppose to kill her we need to figure out why, landon without waking her fully go in her head and talk to her, desaray work on Scarlett while he does so, I will take your findings and the rest of the serum to a friend of mine, maybe they can figure out more” he said

Landon made it seem like a beautiful dream for Alessia. He put her in a field of wildflowers and walked up to her. He was wearing a opened button up light green flannel and fitting blue jeans. The open shirt swayed at his wait as he walked, drawing attention to his firm chest and abs.

"This is one of my favorite spots in all of the Carpathian Mountains," he said. "How do you like it?"

She looked around “how.....why are we here?” She asked in a confused tone

"To talk," he said, sitting next to her, her own knee-length dress drawing his attention. "One day, I hope to make this real and not a dream world." He ran his hand over her bare arm. "But we have much to discuss if I am to save your life right now. I will show you the treasure you are when you are more fit." He took her hand. "You said that the serum was meant to kill if not administered once a week and if the person underwent the conversion, yet neither of those things happened to you. What else can you tell us about it?"

She looked at him up and down and then looked at where he was touching her your making it hard to think.... She said in a low voice and looked up to meet his eyes

"Really?" he asked. "I was finding it hard to breath without touching you."

She bit her bottom lip i find it hard to breath with you touching me She said suddenly straddling his lap and pushing him onto his back It’s like your taking my breathe She said and kissed him deeply, her mouth demanding his open

He opened his mouth but rolled so that he was on top. He needed that information. He kissed down to her neck, saying, "The info, little warrior."

take off your pants and then maybe we can talk...your going to have to work for it She said in a moaning tone

He chuckled and kissed down to her breast. "I thought I already was. Is this not satisfying?" Then he took her stiff nipple into his mouth.

no....it’s not enough...I can’t get you close enough...it’s frustrating She said gripping his hair There is a feeling building in my stomach...I need something but I don’t know what She said unaware she was describing her need for him as a lifemate

He removed his shirt and lifted her dress. "Interesting. There is nothing under this dress but the feast you have laid out for me."

She grabbed ahold of his pants and ripped them open you want something from me I need something from you...now She said in a moaning and demanding tone

He pulled her dress up as he kissed his way up to her. He knew it wouldn't be completely satisfying, but he could bring her as close as possible. He lifted her leg once her breasts were exposed and entered her slowly.

"Even here, you feel so tight and hot," he said. "I will never get enough of you, Alessia." He buried himself to the hilt. "Now, I'm not moving until you tell me something new. Big or small."

She groaned in frustration But...I already told you the answer..you just haven’t realized it...only strong psychics can survive the conversion right?

"Yes," he said. "You also said that the society labatomized many children to keep their power levels low, which is stupid. That's not how abilities, nor the brain, works."

when the brain can’t function you can’t use abilities She said and knew when it clicked because he growled and looked angry

"Those sick bastards!" he said. "They handicapped so many people! I will make them see the monster justice brings them." He kissed her. "I know it couldn't have been easy to tell me these things."

Then, all thought left her as he began moving.

They came quickly, even though it was in her head he felt the emotions behind it, it was a different experience for both of them. When they came down from the high and she calmed down she said Mages are like a connection rod...we pull energy from the earth to do spells...if the rods broken we can’t use magic...same with psychics, if our mind is broken so are our abilities, that’s why they don’t survive the conversion. And it works...I’ve seen it. The society has Officially officially found a way to keep you from claiming anymore woman and we have groups all over the world scouting and rounding up any mages or psychics

"Then, how did it work on you?" he asked. "I'm a healer and hunter. I have done much research on human psychics without harming them, and I have found that true psychics with lifemates, they will be able to survive hell a thousand times over and still come out that shit pile smelling of roses. Maybe a few damaged petals, but still..." He looked at her. "They don't understand how lifemates work. Hell, Carpathians don't know how lifemates work most of the time. Like everyone else, we learn as we go. My guess, you may have been the only real lifemate among the entire group."

The conversion is physical landon...it doesn’t matter about lifemates at that point, I was t even converted by you and your thinking like this is something they can heal from, the take a spike and slam it into your brain and if that doesn’t do it they go in and take pieces out, there is a girl who had half of her brain taken out...she was a pyro mage, they literally took out the whole left side of her brain

"If I sounded that way, it was not my intention. I know that there is no going back from that. I just meant that the people who did those things don't understand, there is no way of knowing who a lifemate is until the man finds her. In other words, they hurt a bunch of people for no reason other than they were different. Still, how did you survive the conversion? You are still a Carpathian. Lifemate or not, if you survive a conversion with your mind intact, that is usually the outcome. Men filled with darkness turn vampire if converted, but women who don't lose their minds and have a strong ability, they become Carpathian. You are Carpathian, Alissia, yet you said you shouldn't be alive. I feel your breath even now. My miracle, my treasure. They believe that they have a 'cure' for what we are, but you prove that is built on falsehoods."

think of it like they are neutering any possible lifemates, that’s why they do it, they don’t need proof they are one, it’s enough they can be one and I should be dead....I don’t know why I’m not...but I will find out....wake me up landon, I’ll help you

He stiffened and said, "I expected more of a fight to get help. Why the sudden change of heart?"

because I’m alive...they have no hold over me now She said in a serious tone looking at him, she was calm, to calm everything I did was to survive...now that I have I want nothing more then to kill them all for what they did to me She said

"That doesn't sound like my Alessia."

She moved away from him you act like you know me....well you don’t...you only know what I wanted you to see. Do you want my help or not?

"I loved the fire in my woman," he continued, standing up and stalking towards her. "I loved how she knew what she wanted and willing to take it. But, most of all, I love her conviction. She would die for a cause she believed was right. You act and look like Alessia, but you do not sound like her." He spoke in Carpathian, a command so strong, not even a master vampire could disobey him. "I command you to show yourself before me."

She bared her fangs and her eyes went black. It was for only a moment but he got his answer that was a stupid thing to do with me being so deeply buried in your bitches head She said in a cold tone

"Not so much," he said. "If you don't sound like Alessia, then that means you aren't deep enough." He smiled darkly. "I believe it's a time for a change of scenerey." Once more, he spoke in Carpathian. "I command you to reveal where you are, show me where your physical form rests."

He felt the mentally battle , he was a strong male, about the same age as landon, maybe a little older but not by much. He won this fight and remained hidden try to command me again and I’ll make her suffer for it, if you want to talk man to man I might be willing to do that

"I would like nothing more than to bring justice to you, since you have so kindly asked for it by invading my lifemate's head. Just tell me where you are and I shall meet you.

So quick to tangle with death but not to prevent it, so be it, I will enjoy watching your school fall then since you have chosen this path. The mountain to the north east

"Oh, I still want the info. You see, I like a good sparring match. While this game of wills is fun, I prefer to also do my duty. I shall meet you. You can give me info and then, we fight. Simple. I'm sure you miss having a decent battle, yes?

i was not a hunter in my last life but a healer so no I do not crave the violence like you...or I didn’t use too, She said with a cold and dark smile dont keep me waiting

Landon left then. He was exhausted and his head hurt. Sadness welled up within him, for his lifemate and the former Carpathian he was about to meet. After a moment, he shut out his emotions.

"I have something I need to do," he announce. "I shall return before dawn." With that he left.

It took him over a hour to get to the mountain pass but he knew it in a instant, this vampire was not hiding. He sat on a boulder that over looked the small town below, the moonlight reflected off the large river that ran through the small town. He was a tall male but definitely not a hunter, his form was smaller, his long arm hung over his bent knee. His hair was groomed back and was chestnut brown and his skin looked lighter then most males and he sported feminine features more then masculine “took you long enough...I was just thinking of what more I could do to entertain myself while I waited” he said and rolled something off his lap. With a thud a dead woman fell off the rock her was on and landed in front of him, her dead eyes staring back at landon

"So, care to talk or should I pry it from you as I pried you out of your hiding place within Alessia's mind?" Landon asked. "I'd rather you make this easy on both of us, but a good brawl never hurt anyone."

“You think you wouldn’t be doing her justice if you didn’t fight me” he said gesturing to the dead woman “what about her child I have hidden away?” He said slaying turning towards him “the only way to find her would be for this conversation to go the way I plan it to so...sit down and let’s have a chat while the night is still young” he said gesturing to a rock that was a few feet in front of him

Landon growled and sat. He could play the vampire's game for now.

“Let me remind you that we both are still of the earth, just because I didn’t greet the sun doesn’t mean I’m not part of your world brother” he said the last word with a hint of disgust “as long as your pleasant I’ll be too, let’s see if you have what it takes to be more then a killing machine” he said crossing his legs “so at this very moment treat me as you would a non fallen healer and ask me your questions “

"How do we destroy the serum?" he asked, clenching his fists. "I want not only remove it completely from Alessia, but make it so that it no longer works and won't harm anyone. Once I get that, I can go to the society, alter the file, and then destroy the facility that conducts the disgusting operations."

He laughed and he felt the coldness to his core “this has been years...no centuries in the making, it won’t be that easy, on top of the lobotomies they also perform hysterectomies making sure the women cannot bear children, they have worked to cover every detail into making sure our kind goes extinct “ he said folding his arms “and it’s not one facility but hundreds, the human government is even involved, our species time is coming to and end and your lifemate is only one of the ticking time bombs waiting to go off” he said in a emotionless tone

"I doubt that many in those governments know what the money is going towards," said Landon. "I can use that. Now, how do I heal..."

“You think all they do is give money?” He said interrupting him with a cold smile “why do you think a vial of blood was exchange for that serum” he said in a cold tone loo em on now brother I believe in that little brain of yours...put two and two together so I can watch it shatter you”

"No government would take a fanatic seriously," said Landon. "In this day and age, blood drinkers are myths told to scare children, and nothing more."

“Maybe so...unless they had actual proof, believe it or not, I’m sure it’s easier to lie to yourself and say it’s not possible” He said with a shrug “You’ll find out the truth and when you do the fact that you told yourself it was a lie will make it even worse on you” he said shifting his legs “I’ll tell you what I’ll give you the location to one of the facilities, it will be up to you what information you find “ he said “and what you choose to believe “

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