To Save A Species

"The blood," said Landon. "The one that has the blood should be the one I go after. As it would be proof that the myths are true. I cannot have that be leaked out. I'm sure a deadline on when the proof is needed is why they would purposefully hand over the serum. Destroying the evidence would mean that they can't send in the proof, and funding from any gullible government would dry up." He smiled. "Plus, I have some pull in one particular government myself. With this information, I can return them back to the lable of murderers and kidnappers they were in Mikhail's time."

“What ever you need to tell yourself” he said with a cold smile “you’ll find out soon enough. The facility is in Debrecen, your woman knows where it is and since I don’t need her anymore you can have her boring little mind back” he said with a smirk "You'll be surprised what money can buy in today's world," said Landon. "While I normally don't play the political game, I know several who do. In less than a month, they will be nothing more than the fanatics they are." He stood up. "Now, do you wish to go to the next world or..." He stood up so quickly that landon was taken by surprised and immediately went into a fighting stance “Jumpy aren’t we brother” he said with a smile “you and me won’t be fighting tonight unless you want a child’s death on your hands, she has a few more seconds to live so make your choice , me or her?” He said with a smile. Landon growled but did nothing more. His eyes promised that they would meet again. The vampire smiled “the lake below us, mind the rock they are a bit sharp there brother” he said with a emotionless tone. Landon didn't hesitate. He jumped off of the mountain and into the water below. There were sharp rocks that cut him, but he healed them fast. He got to a wooden box held down by a boulder. Landon told the child he was coming to help and to not panic. He used every bit of strength he had to move it. Now, he had to work fast. The boulder had covered the box in such a way that no water had gotten inside. He ripped the box open and swam to the surface as fast as he could before the child ran out of air. Once on the shore, he looked her over "Are you alright?" he asked once the child got her breath back. She started to cry, she was about six years old, healthy but scared. She started crying for her mother and was shaking. As he tried to comfort her while still checking her out he froze when he moved her hair and saw the needle mark scars on her neck right below her ear "I need to take you to a friend and they will help you," he said gently Deseray, I have a child here that has been experimented on, he said. I have checked her over and found disturbing things. She has had a hysterectomy, She also has the serum and a tracking chip. Taking her to the school is a risk and the chip is set with an explosive if removed without deactivating. Do we have anyone who knows how to disarm bombs this small?

I’ll find someone, take her to a safe house She said in a upset tone. Landon found a house hidden away so that no one would be nearby if someone came looking for the child. He laid her down and pulled out a stuffed bunny from his back, awing her with his "magic" But when she went to reach for it she frowned and shook her head and moved away from him like she was suddenly scared of him I have someone coming, when they get there come back and deal with your woman, she is fighting me every step of the way and keeping her under is getting difficult

That sounds like her, he said. When the hunter arrived, Landon told him to be cautious as the child was afraid and the bomb dangerous, speaking to his mind so that the child didn't hear and become more frightened. He then flew back to the school and to Alessia's side Be calm, Alessia, he said, taking her hand. It is alright. I am here. He felt her want to wake up, she was fighting for it, she was scared and angry And she needed to know what was happening to heR, the more awake she became the more different she felt and that scared her, it also let him know she doesn’t remember him telling her she had been converted Alessia, you need to stay asleep, he said gently. You suffered so much in the last few days. We are trying to heal you now. Rest. We will talk more when your wounds have been healed.
He couldn’t help feel like she was cursing at him but he also knew his influence was working and she was getting tired please...

When you next wake, we will talk about it, he said, letting her feel him kiss her forehead. I promise, you are still you. Sleep and heal. That is all that is asked of you at this time.

Ass....hole She said before he felt her go under “ok so I have done a thorough exam there’s no signs of a lobotomy or hysterectomy on your woman just torture“ desaray said “why is that?” She asked him like he would know "I don't have the answer to that," he said. "My guess, she made them think they didn't need to do any of those things. However, I'm not god, and I'm sometimes wrong." He looked at the prince and gave him the information he had learned. "I was unable to find the vampire again, and I have no idea if what he said is true, but it is worth looking into. I will know him the next time we cross paths and I will bring justice to him." He nodded “he said your woman would know, keep her calm don’t let her leave that bed and only talk to her on your mental path, but wake her up, we need answers, desaray stand by with a sedative just in case she fights the compulsion to sleep if we need to put her under again” he said “I’ll ward the room so she can’t be tracked” he said walking out and they felt the ward go up. Once more, he went into her mind and created the dream field and clothing and sat next to her, saying, "I found a little girl. She had a labotomy, and she is steril. However, you are not. Why did they exclude you? She looked towards him im not telling you anything until you let me wake up She said in a stubborn tone"I can't do that because it will cause you extreme pain," he said. "If I do not have you sleep, trust me, the prince will make you and then..."

I can take the pain! She yelled cutting him off I’m use to pain but what I can’t take is not being in control over myself...wake me up...just let me see my surroundings and feel my own body again, I’ll be calm and he’ll I’ll even be nice but I need this

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you," he said, slowly allowing her to wake. "Be as respectful as possible. The prince already knows what happened to you. He understands that you have gone through hell and have come out of it changed from when you were a child. He simply wants answers. If you start to feel uncomfortable, lean on me. I am right next to you. Alright?" She didn’t answer and when she opened her eyes desaray growled “landon what the hell do you think your doing the prince said....”

"She wanted to talk," he said, hiding his exhaustion after everything happened that night. "She said she will play nice and I will take on responsibility if she does not." She growled “one sign of trouble and I’m taking her down” she said and went and sat at her desk. Alessia eyes adjusted and she sighed , he could tell she was stressed “I can’t...I don’t feel right...why don’t I feel right?” She asked "A vampire converted you," said Landon. "He tortured your mind while the pain was at its worse. When we found you, you thought I was a scientist trying to experiment on you."

“So....I’m not human anymore...”she said in a low tone. She tried to sit up a little and welcomed the pain it caused “ head is fuzzy and I can’t remember things clearly “ she said more talking to herself “I want this to be a dream...I dont want to be a blood sucker” she said in a devastated tone "Why is it so bad to be Carpathian?" he asked. "We have human friends that we never feed from, we have jobs, we protect innocents... I don't understand why you won't see that."

“Because I don’t want to live forever!” She said suddenly “I know you don’t actually live forever but thousands of years...I can’t do that..I thought I was finally going to die days ago and now this” she said in a tense tone "We only live that long if we choose to," he said. "If we decide one lifetime is enough, then so be it. Hunters choose to either go vampire or greet the dawn. Lifemates like us, we discuss it and determine if that is what we want. Perhaps you have a purpose and that is why you were kept alive. What if you could put an end to the people that tortured you, bring down their organization and save countless lives?"

“So my choices are to live thousands of years or commit suicide? Instead of just dying naturally...I don’t care about the society you know how broken I am...the fact that I am so broken and know it says a lot...I didn’t want to live anymore but I refused to kill myself or go down willingly but now that doesn’t matter...” she said squeezing the blankets and looked over at Scarlett. She looked at her arm “there is a herb that helps with silver...use it it might save her arm” she said in a tense tone “now hurry up and ask what you want from me...” she said in a defeated tone.He took her hand and said, "We want to end this group before they do any more harm. We need to know how to neutralize the serum, why you weren't lobotomized and weren't sterilized, and where all their bases are. We can find out the rest after that." He made her look at him. "Personally, I have to know... is there a way to get you to embrace life with me?"

“It’s one collar to the next...I’m yours, do with me what you want, I dont know of their locations, only the one I’m from. I don’t know why they didn’t do those things to me, it probably has something to do with me being a breeder. As far as the serum I do t know how to neutralize it but I know a location of someone who has some” she said looking at her lap Then you have a collar on me as well, he said. I am yours the same as you are mine. The only difference is, unlike the ones who tortured you, I only want your happiness and the pleasure of spending as much time with you as possible. Deseray said impatiently, "Can you elaborate, please? Where is the facility you are from, what do you mean by 'breeder', and who has the serum? We already got some, but..." Alessia bared her fangs at desaray “Jesus fuck woman do you ever get tired of the sound of your own voice?!” She said in a Aggravated aggravated tone “Because I promise you I do” she said glaring “and I will talk to him but as far as I’m concerned you can fuck off the last thing I need right now is some fake feminist yapping her gums at me when what she really needs to do is shut the fuck up” Landon placed himself in between the two women, his face like stone as Deseray growled, "I thought you were going to be a good girl, but I guess everything you do is a lie!"

"She only said she would be nice to the prince," said Landon. "She never included you or even me." His presence was enough to make everyone go quiet “desaray go gather that herb now” he said in a tone that let her know back talk was not wise. The prince turned to landon “we will talk later about our definition of sleep” he said before going to alessia “take your time...explain when you are ready” he said in a softer tone yet was still stern. She eyed him for a moment before sighing “breeeders are either powerful psychics or mages that are breed to create more. It’s hard to find true psychics so when your resources run make more” she said “I personally have given birth twelve times but I’m young...there are some who have birthed more” Landon clenched his fists and gave off waves of murderous intent. He didn't want to think about how young she had been when she gave birth the first time, or even how that came to be. “No I don’t know what they do with the children, I never see them after I give birth and yes I prefer to be a breeder, those nine months are the only time I’m treated like a human being instead of a lab experiments and god for bid a woman isn’t able to get pregnant anymore...” she looked away as she kept a memory pushed down “I’m not telling you this as a sob story I’m a answering your questions, exbreeders...let’s just say they are never seen again but they don’t go to waste...” she said in a low tone “for a long time it was same species breeding and then they started to mix, they also used that time to learn more about the species, how they mated, they usually used a aphrodisiac of some sort so it was pure and natural. Humans with Lycans...Lycans and Carpathian...mages and Carpathian.... what ever they needed” Landon seemed to become darker by the second until the room itself became cold. Other men had been with his woman. His. And she welcomed them. He was filled with a rage unlike any he could remember ever having “Landon take a walk” said Xavier said “now” he ordered. Landon stomped away. Before he knew it he was in the gym. He found an enchanted punching bag and, without any humans noticing, changed into some training clothes. He began punching the bag with everything in him, his rage building. He touched alessia mind, needed to know No, I don’t know how that made the serum but I do know the children born had a natural form of it in their systems but sometimes that also caused them to be missed carried or a still birth, it wasn’t until my fourth child that they naturally adapted to it He began punching the bag harder and harder, even as he mused that over. They would be immune to the serum and have ways of getting around it so that they could still give birth, and even have powers that would not be weakened by it. Still, the thought of them forcing her to mate and give birth was abhorrent to him. im not sure, but in my facility there was one mage and two psychics including me, we had a Carpathian but they died and we had five Lycans, but because of the children we had multiple half breeds

Change the damn subject already! he said in his head, forgetting that Alessia would hear. you were the one that asked me for information! She yelled back at him Woman, I'm on the verge of destroying an enchanted punching bag designed to withstand inhuman strength, he said. Right now, I am extremely dangerous. Everyone who has half a brain cell has left this fucking gym. What does that tell you? Now, change the fucking subject!

so when your upset you get to change your mind but when I’m upset I get this....suck it up because while you may be angry because Your possessive I’m the one that’s been getting fucked and tortured all my life! So fucking deal with it! You wanted the information well I’m giving it He growled, punching his hand through the bag, giving himself a fracture. He left the gym then. Still, one of the older Carpathians said, "Landon, could you please fix the bag? We can't have it leaking everywhere." He fixed it but glared at the man and said, "Spar with me. Now." The man held up his hands “I’ve lived long enough to know better then to do that when a male is in a mood landon...why don’t you go for a swim, its what I do” he said in a calm tone “and if all else fails find a nice Carpathian woman get naked and spare with her” he said in a suggestive tone "If I'm in a mood," Landon growled, "then being with anyone but my lifemate is out of the question. And you are supposed to be an ancient."

“What does me being a ancient have to do with anything. And until you find your lifemate there is nothing wrong with being with a woman, just because I don’t have the emotions to enjoy it doesn’t mean my body doesn’t find relief in it” he said.Landon felt disgusted in the man. No ancient after losing their emotion should be able to do anything with a woman. And being "in a mood" is showing emotion. The idiot didn't even seem to remember that, without a lifemate, Landon wouldn't feel any emotions. He made a note to check the man for the illness later. Right now... he just wanted to punch something hard.The man suddenly chuckled “I see it’s because of your lifemate your in this mood, no wonder you haven’t been around lately, what did you get? Broken? Child? Unwilling? Cause it’s very clear it’s not all you were hoping for” he said picking up his gym bag "Don't talk like you know me or her" he said, stopping. "She is the strongest person I know, living through suffering that you would never understand and still developing independence and determination. She didn't break like others have, but grew into her own, despite the mold they tried to make her fit into." He glared at the man. "She is more than I ever hoped for and the atrocities done to her will not go unpunished. If I must play the villain to bring justice to them, then so be it."

“ it. Look instead of breaking property go be efficient about it and go either get revenge for your woman or go to your woman and work it out, either way pacing like a lion in a cage ready to attack anything that moves helps no one” he said with a shrug “now if you excuse me I have somewhere I need to be” he said turning to leave "Quit trying to act all philosophical when you sleep around like you have the illness, brother," he growled. "At least I have an excuse. What's yours?" He stopped and turned around “it’s a muscle landon, like my arms or legs or any other muscle, I may not have a want or need for it but I refuse to greet the sun knowing nothing but death, those females I give pleasure to are what I’ll be think of as I wait to turn to ash, not my hand through my brothers chest, how I choose to live my remaining days is none of your Business “ he said and left the gym. Landon chose a different exit and walked out to the garden, then off of school property. He kept walking. He didn't want to stop. Where is it, Alessia? Because someone is going to face justice tonight.

i already told your am I suppose to just stay here alone then? That brought him up short. You are by yourself? I thought someone was still with you. He didn't like that she might feel tossed aside after everything. I'm coming back. If the prince knows then he has already sent someone to deal with them.

well if you count the sleeping woman on the bed next to me and the wolf sitting the the corner who I assume is some kind of guard for you people then no I’m not alone

Alessia, if you feel alone, even in a crowd, then you are alone. It is my honor and privilege to be there with you in those times. I will be there in a minute. To make it fun, you can even time me.

sure..though there is no clock in here so you can cheat and I would know it

Just count, he said with a chuckle as he got into a running stance. Should I go human speed, or one of my four-legged brethren?

what ever makes you tick I Landon began running, shifting into a wolf as he did. Even then, he used extra speed. When he got onto school grounds, he shifted into an owl to fly into the infermary through an open window. He landed on the table next to her. Two things, he said, not even a little winded. What was my time and where did the german sheaperd come from?

“56 seconds and I don’t know he came in after the prince left I thought he was supposed to watch me or something” she said petting his head

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