To Save A Species 2

Landon returned to his human form and sat in the chair next to the bed, earning a growl from the dog. He just chuckled.

"We don't use animals to guard people," he said. "We give them as gifts for companionship for children and to help our lifemates feel more at ease. My guess, this handsome devil is meant to act like a therapy dog and ease levels of anxiety."

“Right....and who sent me a therapy dog...I’m suppose to be a bad guy right? A villain awaiting trial”

"Our trials don't always work that way," he said. "Some are for villains, yes, but when it involves a lifemate, it's more to check on the state of mind and why they did what they did. If the prince determines that no aid can be given, which is rare, he will sentence both man and woman to death, starting with the female because a newly turned vampire is easier to destroy. But it is normally used to determine how much aid is needed to guide the accused from the dark into the light."

"Right and the dog means what exactly?" She asked in a suspicious tone

"It's mainly for humans," he said. "Some hospitals have trained dogs, cats, gerbils, bird, and even snakes that are used to make patients feel more at ease while staying for long periods. My guess is that some of the human staff has trained this particular dog to be a therapy dog and lent him to you so that you feel more comfortable."

"But why comfort me is what I'm asking" she said and for a moment he saw sadness in her eyes but it was gone quickly

"The one thing I've learned from human doctors is that, criminal or innocent, young or old, adult or elder or child, they don't judge. They heal anyway they can because it is the right thing to do. Same with any healer. Carpathian healers let go of all ego, all sense of self, all prenotions of who the person is in front of them. In other words, someone here felt your discomfort and loneliness, and sent you a friend. To them, it didn't matter who you were or what you did. They could make things a little bit brighter and better for you. There was no real reason for it other than to make you feel better."

She looked at the dog "if your really here to comfort me sick em boy...go on bite him right in the nads" the dog tilted his head and then laid back down " no...ok then" she said in a pouting face

Landon laughed and said, "Therapy dogs aren't attack dogs, Alessia. Mental note, if you ask for a pet, I'm getting you a harmless goldfish."

"You would be surprised what I could train a goldfish to do" she said crossing her arms looking away from him yet he could still see the hint of the smile she was trying to hide

"Fine. A butterfly." Suddenly, she felt a butterfly's wing tickly her ear. "One that only eats nectar. Not the blood drinking one."

She swatted at her ear and looked at him " you say butterfly I say poison spreader" she said with a smirk

"The only thing left is a pet rock," he said, "but that's a projectile waiting to happen. Guess I'm just going have to get a tickle bug."

She glared at him "try it and I will kill you" she said in a serious tone

"So, you do have one," he said. "Well, after what you have been through the last few days, it would not do well to make you squirm around, so I will do some exploring into that another time. For now..."

He leaned over her and kissed her deeply.

She pushed him so hard he was caught off guard "rinse your mouth put now!" She yelled in a demanding tone

He instantly went to a sink and rinsed his mouth out before saying, "Why haven't they tried healing you yet?! I'm going to have a talk with my cousin abou that!"

"Well I'm sure no one thought you try and make out with me! What's wrong with you, sick girl turn you on! " As she yelled he saw her cheeks were turning pink " I mean who said you could kiss me anyways...don't you have like a thing to do or something to punch"

"I have to examine you," he said. "I'm going to become energy, leaving my body vulnerable. You should feel warm where my light is. I cannot be aware of my body, Alessia. So don't touch."

He sat back down and became energy like he said. He entered her body, making her feel warm. He searched around her mouth and was so shocked he entered his body.

"We have a problem," he said, the weakness catching up to him from the night and causing him to sway. "You have venom glands. They are artificial, that is certain. In other words, we have to figure out how to remove them. The problem is that they are close to vital veins and your vocal cords."

" mean...." She looked away lost in thought it actually worked...that's why I'm not dead she thought to herself she looked back at him "you....should go rest"

He growled and said, "What do you mean, 'it worked.' Yes, I can read your mind, we established that much already. I expect an answer, Alessia. What did you mean by that?"

“What do you think they got what they wanted.....a weapon and no I don’t know how they did it...I was born in that place, and even then my knowledge is limited” she said in a low tone

"Lifemates can't lie to each other, Alessia," he growled. "Even then, my parents told me about your grandmother. So, try again."

She groaned in frustration but he saw her cheeks go red in embarrassment “ stop growling at me...” she said and sighed “look my knowledge really is limited I don’t know how they did it....and please don’t bring up...” she looked away from him as tears stung her eyes “this is a lot to cope with...I went from human to a snake thing” she said gripping the bed sheet and the dog tried to lick her hand but she moved away “please.....please just stop talking”

"Then, I shall put you to sleep," he said. "You need your rest. And you aren't a snake. You are a victim of the society. We will figure this out." His voice turned hypnotic. "Now, sleep, Alessia. Resting sounds nice, doesn't it? Resting and healing."

Her eyes grew heavy “no more mind games...I don’t like...being controlled” she said before falling asleep

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