Hiding out

Bethany sat up. She couldn't believe they had been hiding out for so long. She was even beginning to show a bit of a baby bump. She was excited, but also scared. After everything that had happened, with the raid on the camp, she didn't know what to do.

"You finally awake?" Danielle asked. "Erik wants to talk to you. Now that everyone thinks we are dead, he wants to discuss what we do now."

Bethany said, "Of course! I'll get dressed right away."

Danielle nodded and left. Bethany put on a simple dress and walked out of the room. The hammock near the fireplace was a bit small, but Bethany knew Danielle was just happy she didn't have to share it. Bethany and Erik had the one bedroom all to themselves. On the makeshift table, Erik had paperwork and hand-hand drawn blueprints of the house set up.

"Are we really staying here?" Bethany asked. "We are super close to the school, and far from the village. None of us have been to the school since that day, Erik." She hugged him from behind and Danielle went outside to give them alone time. "I know you will do what you can to provide for us, but I don't want you to get stressed out over fixing this place up."


He pushed her away "what have I told you about touching me without permission" he said in a cold tone "and are you questioning me Bethany? That's two reasons for me to punish already " he said standing up in a threatening manner

"I'm sorry," she said, kneeling down submissively. "I won't do it again. After three months of comforting you, I forgot your new rule, and I gladly take the punishment. And I was not questioning you, just worrying over the father of our child and my wonderful boyfriend. I would never question how you take care of me."

"Do not make it a third or I will punish you" he said sitting back down "I am sending you out to get some supplies since we will be here a while, I have where you will be going programed into the gos in the car you are to go straight there and get only what's in the list and come straight back, do you understand?"

Bethany stood up and said, "Yes, I understand."

She put on her shoes and went to the car. It always made her nervous, driving the car, considering that it was stolen. But Danielle had managed to get a forged license plate to throw off anyone who would think to look at it. Bethany went into town and bought all the supplies. And began her drive home.

When she got home there was a note on her door telling her to put the stuff away and start setting up the place, making the beds and things of the sort. He made it clear he was not to be disturbed and from the other room she could hear Danielle moaning through Erik's door

Though unhappy to hear those noises, heartbroken even, she did as instructed.


Danielle went back inside after Bethany had left.

"After so long of treating her like a girlfriend, you demoted her," said Danielle. "Any particular reason?"

"That is none of your concern" he said in a cold tone. He looked at her up and down "strip" he said in a demanding tone

Danielle sighed and began taking off her clothes, saying, "Matter of time before this happened. At least tell me why your mind is in chaos."

He slammed his hand down on the desk "are you back talking me dani? Have I been to lenient with you" he said in a threatening tone "I did not tell you to speak and I definitely didn't tell you to back talk me"

"Erik, I'm grateful that you saved me and I'm willing to let you use me as you see fit," Danielle said. "I liked that you never treated me like a slave. I am trying ease your stress, not add to it." She got between his legs and kneeled. "I am here as more than a cock sleeve, Erik. I am here because you are my friend and because I want to be. As soon as we emerged from the tunnels, I didn't try to run. I know what would have happened if I had. I'd have died or been found by the enemy. I simply want to still your mind so that you are yourself once more."

"Dani....your mouth is not doing what I need it to do...fix that now" he said in a tense tone after a moment but was less cold towards her

She nodded and pulled him out. She licked him all over before engulfing him completely. She moved hard and fast. She didn't touch him otherwise, waiting for his instruction. She could see in his mind much better now, and not having direction and control was making him hostile. She could understand that. She had played the slave since she was 16 for that base camp. If that is what her friend needed, she would be that.

He gripped her hair guiding her head. He used her mouth to build himself up, his cock grew in her mouth "play with yourself dani, I want you moaning on my cock" he said in a low husky tone

Danielle wanted to roll her eyes and groan. Instead, one hand went to her core, her fingers going in and out of her in time to his cock going in and out of her mouth. She forced believable moans out, causing his cock to vibrate. She noted she was more sensitive, and with no pills, she had to get him off fast before he tried to go any farther.

He groaned and pulled her up by her hair. He bent her over his desk and shoved into with a hard thrust

Danielle gasped, coming just from him entering her. She didn't know if it was from her preparing herself, her natural reaction, her sensitivity level, or him. And the places he was hitting! When was the last time anyone even tried to get her off? Or the last time she actually enjoyed sex? She couldn't stop the moans now. Everything seemed to be melding into one. She went to put her arms around him, but he slammed them down. Why did he have to do that?! Her heart skipped a beat. She liked dominant men, just not master-slave type doms. Erik wasn't that. He was just supposed to be a friend. She couldn't let him become more than that. But each thrust sent a bolt of lightning straight to her brain. It was like he was trying to tear down that barrier, and god help her, it was working.

He pinned her arms above her head and lifted her right leg up holding it behind her knee, allowing him to go even deeper. His warm breath warmed her breast as he took her stiff nipples into his mouth

"Erik!" Danielle moaned out. "Please!"

She couldn't believe it. She was begging for real, trying to fight to get free just to touch him. She wanted, no, needed more.

With a dominant groan he flipped her over on her stomach and thrusted even deeper inside her. He pulled her head back by her hair while his free hand gripped her waist tightly keeping her still for his rough thrusting. He turned her head and slammed his mouth on hers, his tongue demanding hers

She gasped into his mouth as she fell over the edge hard. A real orgasm. It often took several men to get her to come once, even then, it was never anything to talk about. This was mind-numbing. And he wasn't stopping! His grip on her hair tightened and his hand on her hip bit into her skin.

He slowed his thrust building her up again which drove her even crazier. He turned her on her side, lifting her leg up and rested it on his chest while his other hand played with her breast, in this position he was hitting spots she didn't even knew she had

"I'm going to lose my mind!" she gasped, but looked at him with at him with lust-filled eyes. "You can go harder! I can take it! Whatever you need to do, do it! Choke me, spank me, leave bruises! Hell, punish me for coming before you! I don't care! Just don't stop fucking me!"

He groaned in pleasure and started pounding into her harder. He suddenly picked her up making her wrap her arms and legs around him. He slammed her against the wall and began thrusting hard and fast, the tip of his large cock touching the back of her core.

Each thrust now had her dripping. It was almost too hard to think. Then, she felt him grow inside of her. She knew what that meant.

"Wait!" she said, trying to push him back. "Not inside! It's not a good day! Erik, please! I don't care if you shoot it in my ass, but not there!"

He pulled her head back by her hair making him look up at her "don't deny it dani ...you want to feel me fill you, my hot cum filling your pussy making you cum..say it" he said in a husky voice as he looked at her with desire

"Of course I want that!" she gasped, the look in his eyes and the pleasure coursing through her melting the last brain cell she had. "I need to cum so bad it hurts! Make me cum! Please! I need to cum!"

She felt the moment he came. His hot semen filled her to the point she couldn't feel the pressure in her core. She came hard, so hard her vision was blurry. He kept thrusting as he pumped into her. He held her against the wall, his hand biting into her thighs as he held her there. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her.

She had to hold on to him just to have an anchor. She was sent into another, smaller orgasm just from his cock twitching inside of her. She looked at him.

"The floor," she said, not recognizing the tone in her voice. "I know it wasn't enough for you. Take me on the floor."

"No....we will go to the bed" he said after a moment. With each step she felt his cock start to grow again inside her. Without leaving her body he gently laid her down on the bed and started a slow and gentle pace

She gasped and said, "Don't torture me!"

He licked up the side of her neck and nibbled on her hear before saying into her ear " you feel so fucking tight dani.....your like silk wrapping around my cock....I can't get deep enough" he said thrusting deeply

"That's because..." she gasped, "that's because I haven't been fucked in three months... and I've never been fucked like this!" She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I need more, Erik! I don't care what you do to me, I just need more!"

He reached his hand under her firm ass and while still thrusting in her his finger slipped inside her ass whole, double penetrating her. His finger found the g spot in her ass just as his dick hit the one in her core "beg for me dani....tell me what you need from me"

"Don't stop!" she begged. "Never stop! God, I'm going crazy! I need to cum! Let me cum! Just don't stop!"

He lifted her up so she was bouncing on his lap. Slamming his finger and cock deep inside her "cum for me dani...now" he commanded and it was as her own body had heard him

She screamed as she came so hard, she was squirting. She couldn't move, couldn't think. She hadn't even realized that her glasses had fallen to her chin. All she cared about in that moment was the pleasure coursing through her. Her body wanted to shut down as he laid her on the bed. She heard him leave for a moment, only to come back. He flipped her onto her stomach and began playing with her ass.

"How... how can you still keep going?" she asked breathlessly, gasping when his finger entered her back door. "I'm so sensitive, Erik. If you do that..." She looked back at him, "do it. Fuck my ass. Please."

He flipped them so she was on top "I want to see you pleasure yourself with my cock dani..." He said folding his arms behind his head, his dark eyes running over her body

She started to put him in her ass, but... she looked at him. She put him deep inside her core. She set a hard, fast pace. She was so lost to the pleasure her head was thrown back, her breasts bounced enticingly with her hard nipples inviting him to feast, her skin was covered with jewel-like drops of sweat, and she was unable to speak. She never stopped moving. Just when she felt herself get close to coming, she pulled him out and then slammed him into her ass. She leaned back so that he could see the pleasure he was giving her. Still, it surprised her that he pulled out a dildo and shoved it in. She didn't need to be told. She instantly took hold of it and pumped into her. When she couldn't hold the position, she moved so that she bounced on him and the vibrator at the same time.

From his point of view, it was like when she first arrived at the camp. She hadn't yet learned how her body reacted and would easily lose herself. Watching her with both holes filled, letting her body take control so that she was like a bitch in heat as she thrust uncontrollably was unlike anything he could imagine. She didn't need pills to do it. Hitting just the right spots made her lose her mind and only think about letting her feminine folds swallow his cock. She screamed loudly when he filled her, finally collapsing, the aftershock visibly shaking her hard.

After they both came down from the high he held her just a little longer before gently letting her rest on the bed "rest and then go take a shower, I will need you later" he said in a more relaxed tone. Before he left he smiled at her, it was quick but it was more then enough to let her know she was appreciated. When he left the room he went to where Beth was. He opened her door " Beth we need to talk" he said in a serious tone

She looked up at him and it was clear she had been crying. She wanted to talk, but after the way he acted that morning, she was afraid to. She simply nodded and moved so that he could have the good chair, taking one of the makeshift stools intead.

She waited for him to sit before asking, "How can I serve you, my love?"

"I want your help in building our home, but not just for me but for other woman too. We have a opportunity here, I can create a safe place for all of you to live and raise children, I want to give back the numbers that were lost but I don't want to hurt you so I would rather you see the value in what I am trying to do" he said taking her hand "think of all those woman who died in the dark Beth, all those children as well, you could gain sisters and be surrounded by our children"

"Will they have men to take care of them?" she asked, telling him that she didn't like sharing him with Danielle. "I don't mind saving people, but..." she looked at him, tears falling again. "I don't want to upset you, but I love you. I don't want to share you." She hugged his leg, throwing herself at his feet. "I'm sorry for whatever I did, but please, don't make love to anyone else. No one else but me."

"Bethany listen to me" he said making her look up at him "you are not a slave anymore, you are going to be a mother and I care for you deeply, but do not forget I was in that he'll whole too, we are the only ones capable of pulling this off because we came from that he'll. Do not think of this is you sharing me think of this as giving those other women a second chance just as I gave you" he said softly rubbing her chin "I need you by my side Bethany " he said pulling her into his lap "promise me you will think about it" he said as his hand slid up slowly and gripped her breast

She nodded and said, "I'll try. The thought of you laying with another hurts, Erik. I heard you with Danielle. I constantly ache for you. If you..."

"Dani hurts just as much as you do Beth. She is still broken from being a slave but with us as her family we can help heal her just like I will heal you" he said gently massaging her breast " I also did what I did for our child, I needed to be rough and that is not safe, but now I can take my time and treat you like you deserve" he said kissing her neck and his hand sliding down to rub her core through her panties "I need you bethany...so I need you to be open minded and really think this through, this is bigger then just you and me and you could gain so much...sisters, children, a safe life" he said neck to her ear

"Okay," she said, gasping. "I will be nice and... let you heal her the only way you can. Let's make our family bigger." She kissed him. "For you. I'll do this for you... just please, make love to me right now."

He undid his pants and moved her underwater aside and slowly skewered her on his hard cock

She began a slow and gentle ride. It was much different than Danielle, showing that the two women were total opposites. Bethany thought of him, while Danielle wasn't afraid to get selfish. Bethany kissed Erik tenderly, filling him with love. Danielle's kisses drove his lust even higher. Slowly, Bethany picked up speed, bouncing on his cock until she was moaning loudly.

"Erik, please, I want to feel your love more," Bethany begged.

He picked her up and gently placed her on her bed, he got on top and started to go deeper but with softer thrust, building her up until she felt like she was about to burst

"Please!" she yelled. "I need to cum! Right now!"

He brought her legs up to wrap around his waist and slammed into deeply one good time before they both exploded.

Bethany smiled up at him as sleep took her. After she fell asleep he covered her up and left quietly

Danielle looked out of the bathroom. She didn't like the feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. She heard a knock on the door suddenly "may I come in?" Erik's voice said from the otherside

"Yes, Erik," she answered, opening the bathroom door, sounding upset and she didn't understand why. "This is your house-slash-project. I cannot stop you from..."

He kissed her suddenly and pushed her up against the wall. When he broke the kiss she was breathless "not you to dani....I can't not have you be jealous.... bethany is soft hearted and pregnant it's understandable for her but you are my warrior. You of all people should understand what I am trying to build here...what I need you to help build...tell me you are with me dani...tell my your mine and I will give everything I have to you and every hurt woman,child and man we bring into our home, you will want for nothing you will be safe, loved and cherished...so tell me now dani...are you with me?" He said meet her her gaze with his dark eyes

"I'm not jealous, Erik," she said. "I told you a long time ago, I'd help you in any way I could with whatever you do. You are my friend," she said, holding her stomach like it hurt to say it, though she didn't know why she was feeling that way. "I'm sorry. I just don't know what's wrong with me. But I'll help, I'm with you. I can find those that need help like Bethany does. Women will be easier." She turned away to start getting dressed. "They will want compassion. Men should come later. We will have to break down their outer shells so that they realize that showing feelings is not unmanly, but freeing. Then, we can heal them as we do the women."

"Maybe you should learn that lesson before teaching it to others dani" he said grabbing her arm "when you can admit your feelings for me are more then what you say then maybe you will be ready to help me, until then... " he said forcing her against his hard sculpted chest "I'll just have to settle with you screaming my name out of lust instead of the love you hide " he said in a seductive tone in her ear

"Erik," she said softly, "there is no such thing as love in my world." Unexpected tears filled her eyes. "I had to give up on that. When you give your body away, and even throw people under the bus just to live... what right do I have to love after that? I'm happy we are friends... I don't know what's wrong with me..." She looked up at him. "Use me for sex, I'm used to that. Be my friend, I welcome that. Love? I don't even remember what that is..."

"Your mind may not but your soul does, when you have accepted come to me and tell me...until then I am here for you " he said and picked her up making her wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her into her bedroom and sat down on the bed with her in his lap, straddling him. He took a towel that was on her bed and started to dry her hair letting her cry out of his view

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