Hiding out 2

"My soul..." she said, "I don't know about that. Erik, love is dangerous in our line of work. I may not have been a member of your society... hell, I was a target of it... still, love gets people like us killed." She touched his arm. "Letting someone get close... they always get hurt in the end. The man that first brought me to that camp... he said he loved me, said that he would always protect me. But the moment I set foot in that camp, he handed me around and let all manner of men use me. I vowed I would never love again. I let my heart die." Her hand tightened around him. "We are great friends and work well together. We could always count on each other. You would keep them from killing me or using me too much," she gave a dark chuckle, "and I would spread my legs to lull men into a sense of security so I could spy on their minds for you. That was enough for me. So why... why am I feeling this way? After so long, why are you trying to bring my heart back to life?"

"So I can give you back what they took" he said in a blunt tone " I'm a man that makes up for my mistakes....instead of trying to rebel I took the longer route and grew in power before I rebelled, I released even if I managed to rebel when I was younger I wouldn't be able to save or do nearly as much unless I had power. My hope is one day once you have healed you won't need me anymore and the life that was taken will be returned to you" he said in a serious tone

She laughed and said, "I didn't fight back for the same reason." She looked at him with a smile. "We were both outnumbered and outmatched. But, I accepted that I couldn't have some things, Erik. I remember you being one of the first ones to use me back then. You would visit me often because you didn't have any other outlet." She kissed his cheek. "Heal Bethany. I will be fine." She found she couldn't stop touching him. "Though, I must say... you definitely grew into a strong man. Very... alpha male looking." She found herself leaning into him. "You did help me remember I like dominant men. Strange for someone like me, huh?"

"What's strange with wanting someone to give you please and let you lose control" he said sliding his hands up her waist until his thumbs touched her harden nipples

She gasped and said, "Strange in that I had men hold me down and dominate me almost daily, forcing me to take them into my body. In the beginning, I thought that I wouldn't want someone to do the things you did to me, that I'd never want to be touched by anyone ever again." She took hold of his other hand and put it on her bare core. "After what you did... all these feelings are..."

"Don't fight them...explore them dani...your a strong woman, stronger then you think" he said sliding his finger inside her wet core "now...move your hips dani...." He said in a commanding tone

She couldn't sit still if she had wanted to. She rode his finger hard and fast, saying, "Erik... I can't be that child again. She died a long time ago. If I fall now, and get hurt like that again... I won't get back up." She looked at him. "I'm used to a day filled with men forcing their will on me. To feel innocent blushes... lustful desires... to want to make love and not just fuck... can I even do that?" She had him add two more fingers. "That's it. God, this feels good. Almost as big as you. I'll lose my mind again at this rate."

"You cannot go back dani you can only go forward" he said moving his fingers inside her, when he felt she was close to cumming he would stop, he did this repeatedly building her higher and higher

"Erik, please!" she begged. "Bury your cock inside me! Use a toy! Something! Just hurry or I'm going to lose my mind!"

"Your not a slave dani you do not beg for just anything, you will ask me personal as a sub to your Dom" he said in a low tone slowing his pace

"I was!" she moaned, trying to move her hips faster. "I am! Just... please! I want you inside me!"

"Slow your pace dani...there is no rush here...you are safe and you do not need to make this quick, take your time to explore what I am making you feel, close your eyes and focus on my voice"

She closed her eyes and, though she didn't want to, she slowed down.

Slowly she started to feel it more, the way his fingers moved inside her, the way his other hand travelled up and down her back, how warm his body was against his skin, the way her breast felt when they rubbed up against his chest. Even the way his breath warmed her skin "that's it.....just like that" his voice was like velvet to her, she never realized how muscular he really was, never took the time to really feel it

"Erik," she said holding on to him tightly, "I'm scared."

"It's ok to be scared dani...let your mind relax, your body know what it needs, dont think, give yourself into my care and give up your control to me and with it your pain and fear" he said moving them so she was underneath him on the bed "keep your eyes closed and tell me what you need dani"

She gripped the covers under her, her body on fire and moving on it's own. She wanted him to go faster.

"I..." she said, "I need..." his fingers hit a sweet spot and she gasped. "I need you! Please!" Tears fell as the flood gates opened and her hips went wild. "I need hard, fast, and rough! I need you! Erik, I love you!" Her eyes snapped open in shock. "I... It's just... you..." She covered her face in embarrassment, another thing she thought she had gotten over. "Erik, I..."

He slammed into her hard taking all thought from her mind, he pulled her head back by her hair and started kissing her neck feverishly. He was raw and powerful as he slammed into her, hitting her deepest parts

She couldn't talk. It was all too much. Much more than the three rounds they had that morning. She didn't understand how that could be, but it was.

He suddenly picked her up and brought her over to the dresser mirror. He but her back to her chest and lifted her up from behind her knees and continued to pound into her "look dani...look at the beautiful string woman you are...there is no fear in your eyes just pleasure, look at the way my hands hold you, no bruises, look at the way my cock thrust into you, no blood just your sweet juices, this is not a slave but a woman in her prime, a woman in love and being cared for"

Dani couldn't look away, watching him pound into her. She loved that sight. She wrapped an arm around his neck and the other around the arm holding her.

"Don't stop," she moaned, even as tears fell. "Show me more, just don't stop."

He grabbed the dildo off the dresser and put it in her mouth, when it was nice and went he slid it into her ass, each thrust of his hips making it thrust into her

She threw back her head, unable to do more than beg for him to keep going, beg for release, shout his name to the heavens.

When he felt she was about to cum he gripped her hair and made her watch her face as she came and as he filled her "that.....is not the face of pain dani, remember that face"

She relaxed against him, breathing hard, unable to look away from the sight of them together. Slowly, he separated their bodies and let her feet touch the floor. She turned to look at him for a moment before kissing him hard.

When she pulled away, she said, "Break my heart, Erik, and hell will look like a vacation."

He suddenly grabbed her by her hair, his expression cold " do not speak to me of hell dani, and do not take my kindness for granted, the only reason I would break your heart is if you give me a reason too....you remember what I do to those who betray me don't you" he said putting his lips by her ear "you won't live long enough to feel your own caused heart break" he said and released her and let her drop to the floor. Without another word he left her room with a slam of the door

She smiled. There was Erik. Sweet and kind, but a demon when crossed.

"I love him," she said aloud to herself. Then she opened the door. "I saw what you did to Bethany at the school. Black eyes, bruises..." she went up to him, "things you know I'm used to and expect. Show me how you punish me, then."

He towered over her “ i wouldn’t have to do anything you would do it yourself, all I would have to do is leave you alone” he said in a cold tone “ Lock you with nothing but your own company, you willing opened your legs...begged for men to rape you just so you wouldn’t be alone ...is that what you want” he said stalking towards her to the point she was forced against the wall “want me to abandon you Dani” he said in a cold toney

"No," she said. "But I didn't beg to be raped so that they would bring me company, Erik. It was beg for it or die. I refused to die. That's all. Still... I do not wish to be alone."

“That not true and you know it, you didn’t care if you lived or died, but when you were alone all you were left with was your own thoughts and that was worse then anything they ever did” he said starring at her like he was looking into her soul

"At first, it wasn't loneliness," she said in defeat. "But it did turn to that, yes. Being alone meant..."

“Dealing with what you have become” he said suddenly slamming his hand against the wall making her jump “I’m trying to help you heal and become the woman you want to be...the next time you talk to me in such a way I will believe you are ungrateful and don’t want my help but you already know to much so I can’t just abandon you...so what does that leave me Dani?” He asked in a threatening tone

"W-well," she said, shaking, "the nice thing to do is put me in solitary confinement until I learn to be grateful or... d-death." She grabbed his shirt. "I don't want either option, especially solitary! Please!" She saw her hands and let go, horrified. "Sorry. I let my fear grab hold. I won't do it again."

He leaned back and tilted her chin up so she looked at him “You acted out quite a lot lately when all I have done was help you...how will you make it up to me?”

"All I have is my body and my heart to give, Erik," she said. "You have both of those. And I already use my abilities to aid you. I do not know what else I can do, but ask for it and I will do my best to grant your request."

He was silent for a moment “how about trusting me Dani, that you have not given me yet” he said

"I... I'll try, Erik," she said. "I promise, I'll try."

He moved back “good, now go rest, I will need you to help set things up tomorrow “ he said and started to walk away

"Erik," she said, "for what it's worth, I chose to stay with you because I trusted you a little. It wasn't complete trust but..." She blushed. "Maybe, a part of me already..."

“I need no doubt, until that day don’t do anything to make me think I’ll of you Dani “ he said and left the room

She went back to her room and went to bed.


Bethany knocked and said, "I heard yelling and woke up. Is everything alright, Erik? I can give you a massage if you like."

“Just go to sleep, we are moving tomorrow” he said through the door

"Okay," she said. "Sleep well, my love."

She laid back down and fell asleep.

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