Hiding out 3

Bethany and Dani awoke to the sound over furniture moving around, when the opened their door they found a bunch of men moving and packing up the house erik was with a older gentleman looking at some paper work, when he noticed them he said “get dressed and pack your clothes that you want to wear, three days worth, leave everything else it will be packed and shipped, do it now.” They both nodded and went and grabbed their bags and began packing when they were done erik had them wait in the car, after a few minutes he joined them and began driving “I have found our new home we will be going there now, check by your feet, you have passports and knew last names, out flight leaves in a half an hour” he said in a calm tone

"I'm Danielle Jefferson," she said aloud. "I'll think of a back story now, just in case it is needed."

"Bethany Ramond?" she asked. "Erik, where are we going? And why do we need passports?"

"If we use our real names, the bad guys find us," said Danielle. "They believe we are dead, Bethany, so if they find out we aren't, they will make us that way."

Bethany put a protective hand over her stomach, "But where are we..."

"Right now, you need to focus on remembering that new last name," Danielle said, losing patience. "If you don't answer to it, it puts all of us in danger."

Bethany nodded and sat back.

“All you need to think about is we are going home....finally home” he said in a distant tone. Before they knew it they where on a plane and taking off, they found out once on the flight they were going to England.

When they arrived from the airport he they drove for six hours, until they saw nothing but country, suddenly through the tree lines they could start to make out something “we are here” he said and their jaws dropped when they saw what they were looking at when the tree line broke and tucked below them was a beautiful English estate, surrounded by wild flowers and gardens


"Erik, this place is beautiful," said Bethany.

"Don't tell me this is your place!" Danielle hissed. "You were one of those snobby rich kids, weren't you?"

"Who cares, Dani?" Bethany asked, putting her are through Danielle's. "Erik is still Erik. And this is the perfect place to help people."

Danielle looked at Erik, looking him over like she was seeing him through new eyes. Then, she sighed.

"I'm still following you, Erik," she said. "This is just... not something I expected, least of all from you." She smiled at him. "I still..."

Danielle looked at Bethany, and clamped her mouth shut. Bethany looked at her.

"It's okay to say it," Bethany said in a softer voice. "We both love Erik, and here, we can build up our family. So, I don't..."

Danielle yanked her arm away. Now this, having his number one girl say she didn't mind sharing him...

"I... want to look inside," said Danielle.

"No" Erik said in a cold tone catching them both off guard "you can stay in the care like the ungrateful child you are acting like" he said with a cold expression. He opened the door to the car "now" his said with a tone that meant it would not be wise if she argued, once in the car he leaned down "strike one dani, disrespect me like that again and I promise you not even your powers can warn you of the pain I will inflict on you" he said in a threatening tone and slammed the door shut

"It's okay, Erik," said Bethany. "Perhaps I'm the one at fault. I'm sure it's different when you say those things. Maybe I sounded patronizing to her, even when I meant to be encouraging."

"Would you ever call me snobbish or sound as ungrateful as she did? " He asked her

"No," said Bethany honestly. "I know you are wonderful, Erik. I think the estate surprised her more than anything. Maybe she had been bullied as a child, but it is still no excuse. Oh! I forgot to tell you! My trust fund was transferred last night to the account you told me to send it to. It has been ten days, so we should be able to use it now to help others."

He took her arm as they walked "good and it doesn't matter , we are all trying to move forward from the past, I can not have her disrespect me or anyone we will bring here, imagine if she talked that way to a broken woman or child or man Beth...it would to a lot of harm" he said suddenly picking her up when they reached the stairs " and that is not something I will tolerate" he said. Once inside it was breath taking. It was in the style of a old english cottage yet the furnishings made is seem earthy and comfortable yet still fancy


"This place is amazing!" she said. "I've never seen anything like it!" She went to the center of the room and twirled around. "I think they should always see this room first! I can have a fire going in the fireplace, and some snacks with drinks!" She smiled at him. "This could be the welcoming room, where they can see that it is safe here." She went back to him. "Did you grow up here? If I touch something, will I see that? A small version of you?"

"This was not my families home but the orphanage that I grew up in" he said looking around "I thought it would be fitting" he said in a distant tone like he was somewhere else. He sat down on the couch "the movers will be here soon to help set up before they arrive I need you" he said pulling himself out, his cock already hard and throbbing

She knelt before him and said, "Then, let's make this a happy place."

Then, her mouth engulfed him. She looked up at him, letting him see how much she loved bringing him pleasure. She sucked hard, her tongue hitting every sensitive spot along his dick. It made him grow inside her mouth faster than normal.

He moaned and let his head rest back on the couch. When he felt like he was close to cumming he picked her up and lifted her skirt and moved her panties aside, he knew she would be wet for him. He slide inside her, his tip reaching the back of her core, he played with her clit and breast as he quickly built her up. He exploded inside her just as she came. he let her pushing core milk him dry before separating their bodies "clean me off and do not wash, I want you walking around with my cum inside you"

She smiled as she knelt again and cleaned him as she said, "When will the movers be here? I'd rather them not see this." She looked up at him. "This is special, just between you and me."

"The are due in about five minutes, we have time " he said. When she was finished he helped her up "go look around, I'm sure you will have ideas after you do so and we can discuss them later " he said kissing her forehead. He then left back out side just as the movers showed up. He went to the car and opened the door where dani was sitting " well?" He asked

She was curled up, rocking. When he opened the door, the nearly tackled him to the ground as she hugged him. She was shaking.

"I'm sorry," she cried into his chest. "Don't leave me alone again. I'm sorry."

He moved her by her shoulders away from him "I told you not to disrespect me dani or to seem ungrateful and what was the first thing you said after you saw this place? " He said in a unhappy tone

"I insulted you," she said, looking down. "I won't do it again."

"See to it that you don't, now go inside and help bethany" he said closing the car door behind him. Hours had passed and finally the movers left and everything was in place, instead of decorating each room in a large storage their was hundred of different furnishings all of different styles and colors but nothing was the same, he would allow them to choose how to decorate their rooms. The kitchen was fully equipped and full of all different kinds of food, they had a infirmary fully stocked, a gym a pool gardens growing flowers, plants and foods. A full library filled with old and new books in different languages and much more, it would take a whole day to explore the property and even then you could easily miss something "I will be hiring staff tomorrow" he said to them as they sat down to eat

Danielle said, "I'll read their minds for you so that we can pick the best people."

"We should find someone of each species," suggested Bethany. "That way, we have someone knowledgable to ask if another person doesn't understand something."

"First we must make this place as secure as possible otherwise we cannot provide the safety they deserve. Next week the blood vault will be finished and we can start storing for not only our carpathians but for emergency needs, once that is finished I will contact a old acquaintance of mine, a mage I know , you two will not be here when they arrive but they will help with the barriers I want in place " he said taking a bite of his food "bethany I put prenatal things in your bathroom, you start using them tonight and the equipment that will be needed to track you progress will be delivered tomorrow"

"Yes, Erik," she said.

"The study is a bit small for conducting meetings," Danielle noted. "Should I clean out one of the ground floor bedrooms tonight? That way, you and your appointed experts will have enough space to conduct business."

"No, that's not where I will be taking people anyways, my office is almost finished and no one is to enter there unless I say so, not even you two, now finish eating and go relax in your rooms, I'm sure you have already figured out how you want them decorated and are excited, but no heavy lifting for either of you, after I hire them tomorrow you will have help and you will use it"

"Yes, Erik," said Bethany.

"While appreciate it, I don't need a handmaiden," said Danielle. "I'm not pregnant."

The look he gave her let him know she was on thin ice "either I was not clear or your being disrespectful again " he said as he stopped eating "so which is it?" He asked in a cold tone

Danielle looked at her plate and started shaking, so Bethany said, "I think she meant that she didn't want you to waste resources on her. I shouldn't be lifting anything over 50 pounds because I am pregnant, and she likes that you are thinking of her well-being, but she..."

He slammed his fist down on the table "I was not talking to you Bethany....I was talking to dani and though I find it nice you are trying to help her let me assure you she would not do the same for you .she still is acting like and child and is refusing to accept us as the family she needs" he said throwing his napkin on his plate "I have lost my appetite and will be in my office, do not disturb me" he said and then left the room

Bethany got up to clear his plate before Danielle said, "Why would you do that?"

"Erik said we are sisters, so I thought..." Bethany began.

"You barely touched the surface of what I have. Yet, you jump to my defense as if our circumstances were reversed. Why?"

"You were scared."

"And because Erik said so. That's why you are the favorite. You don't talk back."

Bethany sat the plate down next to her and said, "I'm not the favorite. I still hurt him at times, like just now. He has been trying to teach me to be reliable. Danielle, I mean everything I said to you. I want Erik happy, and if it takes both of us to do that, then so be it. Let's help you be more honest with yourself before we worry about what our relationship will be like."

"I've slept with women, as a dom and sub, Beth. I'm sure it will be..."

"No, Danielle, it won't. Because that's not the kind of relationship I want with you. Look, the point is, Erik wants us to be sisters, and sisters protect each other. So, we both love Erik. That's okay. He loves us both."

Danielle clenched her fists. "You make it sound so easy."

"Not at all. It hard, accepting new things. But, we will take it one step at a time."

That surprised Danielle. Bethany started to reach for Danielle's plate, but Danielle stopped her.

"I'll clear the table," she said. "You should go rest."

"You sure?" Bethany asked.


"I think I'll stay." Again, Bethany surprised her. "It's clear the time in the car spooked you. And besides, this place kind of scares me with how quiet it is. Company would be nice."

"Whatever," Danielle said.

They cleaned silently before going to their rooms.

A few hours later

There was on knock on Dani's door "dani are you awake" Erik's voice said

Danielle opened the door and said, "I haven't been able to fall asleep."
"Come with me" he said and started walking. His room was the master suite on the top floor at the end of the hall,, from the hall you could see his room at the end of it and doors aligned each side of the hall leading up to it. Beth's room was on the right and Dani's was on the left closest to his. Their were a total of twelve rooms on that floor, six on each side. Each room had the beautiful cottage ceilings with branding dark oak beams and its own personal bathroom. He took her next door to his room


Dani followed him in but stood waiting. She looked around and marveled at how he had managed to set up his room so fast. Still, it was extravagant. She imagined a small boy running around with his parents working in their office down on the first floor while the nanny took care of little Erik. But now, reading his mind, she saw it wasn't like that. The beauty around them was not the same grim rooms from his childhood in an orphanage. She looked at the floor, not sure what to say or where to start.

"Dani what have I said about reading my mind without permission" he said in a low tone

"I'm sorry," she said. "I'm used to reading minds so I'm not caught off guard by the men using me. It's difficult to remember I don't have to do that anymore. I'll work on breaking the habit."

"Yes you will and it will be effective immediately, next time you do it will be another strike...now sit" he said gesturing to the bed as he pulled up a chair that sat at the foot of the bed where she sat. He sat down and took a sip of the drink that was in his hands. He didn't speak for a few moments, he just watched her "you did good with Beth tonight after I left... Take off your clothes"

She took her nightgown off and said, "She explained her actions. It was the least I could do for her. Besides, she shouldn't be moving too much. She's exhausted most of the day as it is."

"Careful dani it sounds like your starting to care" he said teasingly looking her up and down "sit down and spread your legs, bare yourself to me" he said in a husky tone taking another sip of his drink

She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide. This was what she was used to... minus the conversation.

"I was repaying her for trying to come to my defense," said Danielle, looking away with a blush. "Besides, you know she tries to take on too much. I wouldn't be surprised if she makes her handmaiden do all the little things while she does all the big parts. She has no sense of self-preservation, but she is quick to defend others. And I don't need any special abilities to see that."

"No you don't, but yet your still blind to many things and still lie to yourself....now start touching yourself...slowly" he said in a low tone

Danielle started playing with her clit as she said, "I don't understand what you mean. I said I love you when I thought such a feeling was impossible for me. What else am I missing?"

"You will have to find out for yourself...now no more talking I want you to lean back close your eyes and really get into it, lose yourself to your pleasure"

She leaned back and closed her eyes. Instantly, flashbacks of him pumping into her in the mirror played for her. It didn't take long for her nipples to get hard and her core to glisten with juices. Her free hand crept up to play with her plump breast so that she started moaning.

"Tell me what your thinking of...say it..out loud" he said in a silky tone

"The... the mirror," she said, slipping her fingers inside. "When you showed me... what I look like in the mirror... while thrusting into me. It was... the hottest thing I've... ever seen."

"Open your eyes" he said in a husky tone

She opened her eyes and saw a mirror above her on the ceiling. She saw her fingers moving feverishly as she pinched and rolled her nipple hard. She saw the blush to her skin, and then watched it dark as embarrassment filled her. Her movements began to slow. It wasn't the same as seeing him inside of her. She was staring at a woman in the throes of passion thinking of the man she loved. How could that woman looking back at her with such lust on her face be the same Danielle who had been the camp toy all those years?

"I..." she began.

"If you stop I will punish you" he said in a serious tone "continue and watch yourself, watch the pleasure you can bring yourself, how your body is young, untainted, begging for release that you are giving yourself" he said

She started over, envisioning her fingers to be Erik's cock. Once again, it didn't take long, and now that she was watching herself, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her hips couldn't sit still and she was creating a wet spot on the bed.

"Please, Erik!" she begged. "I need you inside me!"

"Only if you watch yourself cum....cum dani, see the woman you truly are" he said in a low tone

As soon as he said that, she hit just the right spot. She screamed out loud, her juices flying through the air, almost landing on him. She was twitching with aftershocks. That was the first time she had ever made herself cum, or watched herself do that. She felt embarrassed and empowered all at the same time.

"How do you feel?" He asked standing up and slowly walking towards her. His shirt was opened and his erection was pressed against his fitted jeans

"Embarrassed," she said breathlessly, "but knowing I can do that, without someone else... I feel more confident." She sat up and looked at him. "Knowing that I can do it myself makes me feel as if I have some control on my life again."

"Good ..and remember who helped you see that... don't keep disrespecting me dani" he said and gripped her hair sending a heat wave through her. He grabbed her waist and flipped her over and shoved into her wet throbbing core. He wasn't gentle and began slamming into her hard and deep

"God, Erik!" she moaned. "It feels so good! Don't stop! Please!"

He pushed her head down so she was forced to put her chest to the bed but she could still breath. This position took him deeper. He slammed into her one last time before she shattered with pleasure and he filled her fully. He then let her rest for only a moment before giving her, her clothes "we are don't for the night, you have a lot to think about, send Beth in before you go to bed" he said dressing himself

Danielle left and moments later, Bethany walked in, rubbing her eyes and saying, "You wished to see me?"

He through over the cover to his bed "just for tonight you sleep with me" he said in a soft tone "a reward for how you interacted with dani earlier" he said

She went to the bed and laid down as she said, "I thought you were upset that I tried speaking for her. I'm glad you're not, though. She looked really scared."

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