Hiding out 4

Beth awoke with a large firm hand massaging her breast, she was on her side and she could feel Erik's hard cock against her ass "don't speak ...." He said sliding his hand up her side and with it her t-shirt she was wearing as a nightgown. He kissed her neck as she instantly became wet. She felt him move her panties aside and slide his large cock deep inside her.

She gasped. Not only did she not remember falling asleep, but he was waking her up like this. She pulled gripped the pillow tightly, screaming his name inside her head.

"This is our time, special for us" he said covering her mouth, firmly but gently "hmmm you feel so good Beth...that's right baby girl squeeze me tighter...you like my cock in you don't you" he whispered in her ear

She threw back her head. She loved having his cock inside her. But not being able to tell him what she felt, what she want, it was torture. She wanted harder and faster. She wanted him deeper. She looked at him, pleading with her eyes for all of it and more.

"What is it Beth...what do you want? Maybe if you too more initiative you could show me" he said seductively as he nibbled her ear lobe

She gasped into his hand. She began to move on her own, taking him deeper and faster. She tried to roll so that she was on top as well, but he wasn't letting her.

"You need to be more confident Beth....fight for what what you want" he said growing inside her

She tried harder until he was on his back. Still, she never stopped moving her hips. She sat up, making him remove his hand from her mouth so that she could bounce on him harder. She had never been so demanding of what she wanted before. She loved it, using his legs to balance himself. She was moaning loudly now, unable to keep quiet.

He gripped her hips tightly ""mmm tell me how good it feels to take what you want Beth"

"So good!" she gasped. "Amazing! I feel like I'm on one, big, long orgasm! It won't stop! I'm going crazy!"

"That's right baby girl...cum on my cock , you want me to fill you Beth? Ask me for it" he said gripping her hips tighter

"Please!" she begged. "Fill me! I want you to pour it inside me!"

He filled her taking her over the edge, at the last second he sat up and caught her so she didn't fall forward and hugged her to his chest, his hands squeezing her breast

She gulped in air and said, "Erik... I liked that very much but," she looked at him over his shoulder, "I love when you take me as you want."

"An why is that?" He asked laying her down gently next to him and touching his hand to her forming baby bump

"Because then I can feel how much you love me," she answered, cupping his cheek. "When you drive me crazy, taking all control like that, I feel the depth of your feelings Erik. Strong, just like you."

"You need to be bolder Bethany , have more courage to speak your mind, giving up control doesn't me love, just like staying silent and submissive doesn't mean your avoiding trouble" he said softly

She started to tear up, and said, "But... I like you having control. And I tell you what I like all the time when we make love." She started outright crying. "Why is it suddenly wrong to want you to love me like always? I'm not one for control! I don't want it! I want you in charge! Always!"

"Calm down Beth" he said softly and started rubbing her belly "just think about what I said, for now breakfast should be ready and you need to take your prenatal regimen " he said

"Calm down?" she said, before glaring up at him. "First, you want me to tell you what I want, then you tell me to calm down?! Make up your mind!" She got out of bed, stomping to the door, clearly mad. "I'm going to shower! Maybe you can figure out what you want by the time I get to the breakfast table!"

She slammed the door behind her. Danielle met her in the hallway.

"Something wrong?" Danielle asked.

"Don't ask!" Bethany yelled.

Danielle knocked on Erik's door.

He opened it fully dressed "yes?" He asked not letting her in

Danielle said, "Breakfast is ready. And I just saw Bethany. Everything okay?"

"Yes she is hormonal, its perfectly natural so be cautious and careful on how you treat her" he said closing his door behind him "now go down and start eating we will be there in a moment" he said and went she left he went straight to Beth's room. He didn't bother knock, he opened the door and went to the bathroom and opened it too. He grabbed a towel a swung open the curtain startling her "I understand you are hormonal and I consider your health greatly but" he said turning off the water wrapping her in the towel and picking her up "it does not mean I will let you get away with being disrespectful" he said carrying her to her bedroom. Once there he sat down on the bed and laid her a crossed his legs, her stomach hung freely between then. Right as she was about to speak his hand swung down spanking her bare ass. It hurt and stung but not enough to harm the baby

She gasped in shock and said, "Erik, I..." He spanked her again, earning another gasp. "Please, let me talk!"

"I've think you have done enough talking don't you? You may speak after you receive your punishment" he said and continued, he spanked her a total of ten time. Her ass was covered in his hand print. But it was red and nothing that would bruise or leave a mark. afterwards he gently sat her up and placed her on her bed. He then stood up and crossed his arms "now you may speak" he said in a calm tone

"I wanted to say I'm sorry," she said. "I don't know came over me. Your request was perfectly reasonable." She looked up at him, her cheeks flushed. "But... spank me again." He then saw her core was glistening. "I feel like I'm burning up."

He raised his eyebrow "you were not suppose to enjoy that bethany" he said in a low tone, yet she could see his erection through his pants

She stood up, the towel falling to the floor at her feet. She was in full temptress mode. She walked up to him, rubbing him through his pants.

"You want to know what I want?" she asked, her voice alone making him twitch in her hand. "I want you to slam me against the wall and pinning me there, at your mercy while you pound into me." She looked up at him as he unzipped his pants, allowing him to spill out into her palm. "You seem more than ready to do that. To claim me as yours, the way you love doing." She ran her thumb over the tip, rubbing the crystallin drop over the sensitive crown. At the same time, she nibbled his earlobe. "Making me beg for more, beg for release, beg for forgiveness. Doesn't that sound like a fun punishment?"

"That doesn't sound like a punishment at all, but I will award you for admitting your mistakes and for speaking your mind in a respectful manner" he said picking her up making her wrap her legs around him. He pinned her against the wall and entered her hard and fast but he was gentle at the same time

Bethany gasped and said, "Yes! Right there! Oh God! Erik! Fuck me like you mean it! I want more!"

He pulled over head back by gripping her hair. He took her stiff nipples into his mouth and gently bit down on them

She dug her nails into his back, ripping his shirt in her ecstasy. She kept chants, begging just as she described until she could no longer speak for the pleasure of it all. Her grip on his cock seemed stronger than normal, and was nearly strangling when she came as he filled her. She fell limp against him as they caught their breaths.

He carried her to her bathroom after separating heir bodies and laid her down in the large tub and started the water, when it was nice and warm he plugged the tub "relax and wash and then come down for breakfast" he said and left. When he went down stairs he saw dani sitting at the table slowly eating her breakfast. He sat down and began eating " I hope you are ready to help me pick our staff today, they will be coming in an hour" he said taking a bite of food

Danielle looked up at him and said, "That's so soon. Is my outfit presentable?" Wore a short pleated skirt, thigh-high socks, tennis shoes, and white button up sleeveless crop-top. She looked at him expectantly. "I don't have pants, and I'm so used to slutty clothes like these, I don't know if I could wear anything else. Even a bra and underwear sounds uncomfortable to me. I don't want to embarrass you, Erik, so if I need to, I can sit in an adjacent room or..."

"Why do you seem to manage to disappoint me at every turn "he said putting down his fork "I have reached my limit on your excuses, I give you money and you willing buy the clothes you are wearing, you choose them and yet you say you don't want to be a slave or a slut anymore yet you do nothing to change yourself" he said standing up " strike two dani" he said in a threatening tone "and if I don't see you in proper clothes before they get here it will be strike three" he said slamming the knife into the table in front of her, his strength alone made it go half way through the table. With that he walked away and out of the room.

Danielle ran from the room and quickly changed. She was honest with him though. She bought the outfits because she was used to wearing them. They had become comfortable to her. Putting on a full button-down shirt, pantyhose, flats, and knee-length straight skirt, she walked down to the welcoming area. Bethany wore a pink button-up shirt, business slacks, and flats. She looked comfortable as she sat down coasters and snacks for the potential staff members. Danielle felt itchy and like a clown.

"It will be okay," said Bethany looking at her. "Think of the clothes this way. The outfits you are used to wearing are the teen, but these are the adult. Same outfit, just all grown up."

Danielle looked at Bethany. She tried it and, thought the itching didn't stop, she found she could wear the outfit without feeling awkward.

"How did you know?" Danielle asked.

"You aren't really all that great at hiding your feelings," said Bethany. "In fact, you go stone-faced with you are angry, uncomfortable, or annoyed, but all other expressions are easy. Plus, new clothes fresh off the shelves always itch and your shirt still has the tag."

Danielle quickly ripped it off before asking, "Why are you all dressed up?"

Bethany got angry and said, "Oh, so I shouldn't help out? Making people comfortable is my duty because it helps you get into their heads better!"

"It's okay," said Danielle, not recognizing the woman in front of her. "I was just wondering about the clothes, not what you were doing."

Bethany said, "I will be bringing tea for everyone, so they will be seeing me. That's why. You read minds, Danielle. I'd think you'd be able to use yours at the very least."

She sat down the tray of biscuits and stomped out of the room.

About two hours later the meetings ended, everything went well, the we're able to hire on a complete a staff. After the meeting, the new cook prepared a late lunch for everyone. Erik came in as the girls were already eating "how's the food?" He asked sitting down

"The cook is more than willing to give me whatever I desire," said Bethany, smiling. "She even told me that soon, I'll be having strange cravings and not to hesitate to tell her if I wanted anything."

"The maids don't really know what they are doing," said Danielle. "I don't think they have much experience. However, the amount of pain coming off of everyone... I'm having to block it and it's taking a great deal of effort. I almost couldn't eat with how strong it was coming off of the chef."

"Their worries will ease once they get use to their routines, normal humans have different worries then use, until then come to me if it gets to be to much" he said and began to eat "after lunch I want you two to go together and see the grounds, I want your opinions on what we could do to make this more welcoming to our future hurting guest"

Danielle said, "I haven't welcomed people in a... normal fashion for so long. Today was the first in... years. I think Bethany would know more than me."

Bethany said, "Flowers! I think a flower garden would be wonderful! But we sould also have a wall around the property, so that our guests also feel safe. Once we are able to, we can also have a garden area with a fountain, to relax."

"The property already has a large garden and a small lake with a fountain, think for kinds and mother's yet we will need a learning center and a center of physical training" he said still eating "also another place to conduct therapy"

"Then... we will need a playground with slides, swings, playhouses, and the like," said Bethany. "It should have a fence around it to keep the children in that area so that we don't have to worry about them getting lost on the grounds. Mothers can have an area where they can sit and know that their little ones are safe. If they lose sight of them, the mothers will know that their child is in a small area rather than a large one, helping ease their mind. There should be a school room or house away from the main house for learning as well. Some of the children and/or parents would be hunted by those that would hurt them, and having a school on the property would make them feel safe as well. Having councilers living here rather than visiting would be benificial to them, knowing that when they feel safe enough that someone will listen to them. And..."

"Bethany, that's an awful lot," said Danielle. "Let's start off small, with the playground and work our way up to the councilor and school."

"She is allowed to speak as much as she wants just as you are, do not interrupt her." He said in a stern tone

"I was going to say having instructors for health would be nice," said Bethany. "Mental, emotional, and physical. Some people may want to learn selfdefense to feel that they can stop any repeats of the past. Some just need to let their emotions out and exercising that with others will help greatly. Lastly, having Yoga and other activites that strengthen the mind along with the body will build up the person who is hurting and reinstill confidence in themselves. These activities can help before, during, and after talking to the councilor. But all of these things will mean very little if the people coming here don't feel safe. Walls, guards, gates, none of that will be enough."

"What are you suggesting then?" asked Danielle.

"If someone scares one of the guests here," said Bethany, "if they try to harm them and threaten them in anyway, everyone should band together to protect them. We will be their new family, and having a show of force acting as their shield will be exactly what they need. They will need protecting at first, but as they grow into their own, they will soon protect others in return."

Erik finished his meal and stood up "I agree, I have business to attend to , do as I asked and walk the grounds I will see you at dinner" he said and left

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