Hiding out 5

Bethany walked around the garden, looking over the plants and different areas. Danielle looked over the structure of the house at first before finding a place to sit. Her head buzzed with the pain of the people they had hired. Unlike at the society stronghold, this pain wasn't rage inducing. Some were small, little arguments with loved ones, some for the lose of family members, and some deep seeded and old but unhealed. If others with worse pain than this were to join them, she felt she would lose herself.

"Why can I only feal the hurt right now?" she asked herself aloud. "I've never had to fight to read people before."

While she was deep in thought a new pain was felt, it was far away but it was so strong she was able to feel it, it was more then fear and loneliness, this person was physically hurting and weak

Danielle got up and started walking. Soon, she was jogging. Before long, she was running. She ran past Bethany and didn't stop to answer her about what was wrong. She made it the edge of the lawn and stopped. She paced, wondering what to do. Someone was in the forested part of the property, if not beyond, and hurting. It was almost a compulsion to go into the woods and hunt for them. But she didn't know the property well enough to make her way back. She had to find them. She pulled out her emergency phone that Erik gave her and texted him. She took the middrift of her shirt and ripped it into small shreds. She tied one piece to a tree limb and began walking into the woods, stopping every few feet to tie another piece. The farther in she went, the stronger the thoughts became. Danielle found herself hardly able to see because she had started crying in pain with the person.

Bella stared at the hanging rope that dangled from the tree, her release, her freedom she thought as she started at it, the tears that fell from her eyes meant nothing to her anymore, just as they meant nothing to anyone else. She couldn't be alone anymore, she couldn't bare it, being kicked out of her pack was a death sentence. Wolves were not meant to be alone. And it had become to much to bare anymore. She put the noose around her neck and without another thought she leapt from the tree. , She was disappointed that the rope had not broken her neck, she knew it would mean her death would be slow and painful, yet as the air began to leave her body still the pain she felt was nothing compared to the pain she had been feeling to lead her to this.


Danielle was down to her last strip. She had been at this for what seemed like hours, but she knew that that wasn't the case. She was about to tie her last strip to a branch when she saw something swinging. She dropped the strip and ran.

"What the hell?!" he said, grabbing the woman but quickly seeing the error in the nonexistant plan. "This isn't going to work!"

She looked around and climbed the tree. As much as she hated it, she didn't have a knife on her and was forced to pull her up by the rope around the woman's neck. She was out of breath but was able to get her onto the branch. She removed the noose and leaned against the tree.

"Why?" Danielle asked. "I can read minds, so you don't have to talk with a damaged throat. Why are you trying to kill yourself?"

Bella didn't know how to react to a random woman in the woods interfering with her death, anger, shock, confusion and much more passed through her. Her glared at the woman and her eyes changed colors to a Autumn gold. She didn't know who this woman was bit she knew one thing psychics were dangerous

Danielle glared back at her and said, "I said, I can read minds. Your emotions are too strong, but that little trick with the eyes gives you away, wolf girl. Now, explain why you are on private property, because I believe the edge of our property is another 20 kilometers away. If you don't tell me something, then Erik will find us soon and deal with you."

Bella's throat hurt too much to talk, but more then that she wanted to get away from this strange girl and fast, even more so now that she knew she was a wolf. She leap down from the tree. She stumbled a bit, still feeling the effects of the lack of oxygen. She went to walk away but found she was having trouble breathing, the rope might have not broken her neck but her windpipe was another story. The woods started to blur and the neck thing she knew her world went black as she passed out on the forest floor.

Danielle sighed and said, "No different than the girls at the stronghold, running a few steps and passing out from exhaustion or pain or damage to their bodies." She pulled out her phone and called Erik. "Hey, we have someone on the property. A werewolf girl. She has an overwhelming pain in her that called to me. Follow the cloth strips. I can't carry her by myself. From what I can see, she has no pack, so she will need a place."

“Leave her there, we don’t know if she has a pack or not, come back to the house, now” he said in a tone that meant she was not to argue

"She tried to hang herself, Erik," said Danielle as she looked for an easy way down. "Does it sound like she had a mate or pack? Does that ring true for your info for werewolves? Because I didn't see where the dogs had a suicide streak for no reason, not even for bullying or depression."

“I said return now “ he said in a demanding tone

"I can't while stuck in a tree with a woman who isn't breathing on the ground!" she yelled back. "You didn't feel her pain! She was so alone, astronauts lost in space have more company than her!"

“Then she is a rogue and will bring nothing but trouble, leave her to die and I will not tell you again, home, now” he said

"I can't!" Danielle said, crying. "You don't know what that kind of loneliness is like! The kind that drives you insane! Rogues don't kill themselves, they kill others! Stop trying to abandon her when she needs me!"

“Remember what I said would happen the next time you disobeyed me Dani....” he said in a threatening tone

"Erik, please!" Danielle said. "When have I ever fought so hard to save someone?! Think about it! She needs me, needs us! I'm in a tree and she is dying, not only from lack of air, but because of her pain! You want to save people, then start with this woman! Please!"

Danielle heard Bethany in the background, "Erik, I can hear Danielle. It sounds like she is begging you to understand, not trying to outright disobeying. Maybe it's like when the Carpathians compel people or a mage spell, like you taught me can happen. She may be unable to move, not disobeying."

The look he gave Bethany made her flinch and she left the room quickly “you are useless to me if you do not obey me, you can die out there with her, if you come back now I will kill you myself. Strike three Dani, your out” and with that he hung up.

Dani put the phone away and tried to slowly make her way down the tree. She was scraped up, but fine otherwise. She went to the woman and tried to save her.

She was breathing, but she could tell she was having trouble doing so. Dani didn’t know the area and she couldn’t take her to the hospital, but the girl had to have come from somewhere.

She tried to pick her up and put her arm over her shoulder to carry her. But she could hardly walk to try get them out of the woods, let alone to help. After what seemed like several hours, Danielle found a cave to set the girl in. She opened her phone and looked up what to do.

Everything she read said to give her medical help which she knew she couldn't do

"I hate this!" Danielle said, holding herself. "I'm alone... with a dying girl. I try to help someone and... why?"


Bethany sat on the bench outside of Erik's room. She knew Erik would want to reprimand her for speaking out the way she did. She had eavesdropped on their private conversation and tried to defend Danielle even she shouldn't have. She looked up as the door opened.

“Come in and sit down” he said in a cold tone and walked away. He sat down behind his desk and gestured to the chair on the other side

Bethany walked in behind him and sat. She looked at him, waiting. She didn't want to make it worse by saying the wrong thing.

He was silent while he finished some paper work, making her even more nervous "do you hate me Beth?" He asked

"No, Erik," she said instantly, shocked he would think she hated him. "I know you are trying to keep us safe."

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