Hiding out 6

Danielle looked at him like it was a strange question as she said, "Her emotions were not that of a rogue. It was not hostile or angry or anything that would turn a good Lycan into a rogue. It was so heartbreakingly alone, so sad that you felt like you would never be happy again, and so soul-crushing that you felt that there was no hope left. That is not a rogue. That is someone who was betrayed or lost deeply." She shivered and hugged herself. "I know and fear what she is feeling. We need each other."

"You are a guest as such you will remain on the guest area so there should not be any problems unless you leave that area" he said in a serious tone

He suddenly sniffed her "is she with child like you are?" He asked

"I don't know if she is," said Danielle, "but I'm not with child. At least... not that I know of." She put a hand over her stomach. "Do you have a pregnancy test I can use?"

"No need I can smell it" he said confidently "pregnant woman give off a certain smell" he said sitting down "but tell me more about you and your friend"

"She was recently kicked out," said Danielle. "From what I got, it destroyed her spirit. I believe someone betrayed her, someone she loved deeply. If she is pregnant, I don't believe the father is her true mate but rather someone she had human love for. The alpha of her pack kicked her out because the one she loved was his son. She's still rather young, maybe early twenties." She looked at the man. "Me, just know I've suffered and learned to adapt to a sickening environment. If I do anything you or your pack find disturbing, it is how I have learned to survive."

He was silent for a moment, his eyes flashed gold and he grunted "luna will show you to your room, clean clothes are in the dresser, shower and warm yourself" he said before standing up "dinner will be shortly"

"Thank you," she said. "Can I know the rules? If I know them, I can work at not offending anyone during our stay."

"You are a guest as long as you stay in the guest area there shouldn't be a problem but for your safety I recommend you that area unless you're escorted " he said in a serious tone

"Okay," said Danielle. "I'll keep a watch out for the markers designating where I'm allowed to go. I'll go get a bath now."

" The area is fenced " he said in a mild tone " luna will show you the way" he said as a blonde beauty with piercing blue eyes came up to her "hi I'm luna " she said with a smile

"I'm Danielle," she answered. "Um... why do you feel so stretched out? I mean, you feel overworked and under-appreciated."

She laughed "because I am " she said looking back at the male "but don't worry they all know without me they would be like chickens with their heads cut off" she said and chuckled when the male rolled his eyes and walked away

"I see," said Danielle. "Can we please go to the baths? I don't feel presentable."

"Of course" she said with a smile and they started to walk "so what's your story and not the vague one you told the men"

"I can't tell you," Danielle said. "Trust me, it's safer that way. It's also safer for the man I've come to care for. He may have thrown me out, but I will not betray him."

"Women to women it's not about the man...your not the only one that can sense things" she said

Danielle looked at the woman and smiled, saying, "This is between us. I saved that woman against his will. That's why he threw me out. But I couldn't leave her when she needed me. He saved me and I defied him. I begged him to understand but..." She shivered. "I don't like being alone. He knew that. And yet, I was left alone with a woman I didn't know how to save when I don't know how to survive in the forest."

Luna thought for a moment "you know it's sounds more like a test then abandonment, is you mate the kind of guy to test you?" She asked

"That sounds like something he would do," Danielle admitted. "But he would never put me in danger if that were the case."

"So do you think he is abandoning you or testing you?" She asked

"It feels like abandonment," Danielle said after a moment, "but he would use that as part of the test." She looked at Luna. "But he knows I don't know how to survive in the forest. Why would he test me like this? I'd end up dying if your pack hadn't found me and my friend."

"Do you trust your mate?" She asked

"Yes," Danielle said without hesitation. "But I trusted my family to protect me and I got captured by..."

She stopped. Danielle realized she had gotten too comfortable with Luna in so short a time. She had to keep the society a secret from her rescuers. If they knew, they may try to hurt Erik.

" It's ok I'm a healer" she said softly " I'm not trying to be noisy I'm just trying to help, I know your hurting" she said with a smile " If it helps I believe everyone has a past that makes them who they are but just remember, you have the power to control your future"

Danielle looked around to make sure they were alone and whispered, "I was captured by the society and turned into a toy for the members to rape daily. I had to prove my worth daily, and that sometimes means others had to die. Then, Er... my mate saved me and one other woman. We were supposed to be a family, but... I was left in the hands of monsters by my family. I was used for my body. It wasn't until my mate found me did I start to use my ability to aid him. He kept me alive, Luna. But he knows my fears, and will use them to punish me if I disobey. That's what happened. I disobeyed and he is punishing me by leaving me alone in the forest."

"That's not a mate then, a mate helps you over come your fears and helps you heal" she said softly

"Every relationship is different," said Danielle, getting upset. "Not every mate will fit your idea of perfect. I may not understand why he is doing this, but I could not abandon someone who was in that much pain. I'll live with what happens or die. That's the world I live in. If I'm not strong enough, I'll die. It happens every day. Survival of the fittest. Me and this woman, we are connected and if it's just me and her against the world, then so be it. But I will not tolerate someone talking bad about the man I love."

"I never talked bad about him I simply said he wasn't a true mate but he might be a good lesson" she said as they reached a beautiful cabin surrounded by a natural made gate

"He's a good man," said Danielle. "He wants to make a home for people like Beth and me. Give us a real family, one that won't let criminals and murderers rape us or worse. He's a real mate, Luna. Did you ever think that maybe the problem is me?" She walked into the bathhouse. "It has to be. All he asked was for me to follow his orders. Not a difficult thing to do and I couldn't. My abilities... I let them control me instead of listening to him."

"Abilities are natural , it's who you are, they are not wrong unless you make them" she said helping her and then making her tea "you need to understand yourself and love yourself before you can love your mate"

"Luna, the girl I used to be died," Danielle said. "I don't know if there is anything to love about me. For years, I was used for my body. That's all I know now. To be a toy for men and women."

"Your body is not who you are Danielle, and you are still here so you didn't die, " she said handing her the tea

"I'll believe that when someone can prove it," Danielle said, taking a sip of tea. "This is good."

"I'm glad you like it, it's a prenatal for witches " she said with a soft smile " I'll let you relax, I'll be in the other room if you need me"

"I'm not a witch," said Danielle. "I'm just a human."

"Your not human, a witch is a general turn for a use, for us it means you are special, not a normal human" she said " it's not a bad thing", magic is magic"

"But witches is a term many use to describe a female mage," said Danielle. "Usually humans and those raise as humans use it."

"Witches to us means you were please by mother nature with one or many of her gifts" she said with a smile

"That's called being psychic," said Danielle. "At least, that's what everyone else calls them."

"Mages and witches are two different things to us but that's us not you , just know it's not a insult if we call you that" she said softly

"Okay," said Danielle. "Um... Me and my friend, we have no home. How can we persuade the alpha to let us stay for a while?"

"Rest first we can talk about such things later" she said and left the room, the sweet aroma filled the bathroom and helped her relax, it was a beautiful smell, like lilac and evergreen

Danielle was close to falling asleep when Luna returned. Danielle then noticed that her water had gone cold.

"Hello again," she said.

"Come on let's get you into bed " she said helping her out and helping her dress " your body feels tired I know, the bed will do you wonders" she said with a smile

"What about dinner?" Danielle asked with a yawn.

"On your bed on a tray waiting " she said with a smile

"Okay," said Danielle as she dressed. "How is my friend? I mean, I don't know her name but still, I need to know?"

"She is alive but in critical condition" she said helping her in the soft warm bed " tonight will be crucial to know if she will live or not "

"She needs to live," said Danielle. "We need each other. She just needs someone to be in a pack with."

Luna didn’t say anything, she just left. Once she shut the door sleep called Dani and her eyes closed.


Beth woke up with a knock on her door “ms Beth, breakfast is ready” said a soft female voice of the new maid

Bethany sat up slowly and said, "I'll be down in a moment. I need to dress."

“Do you need help miss?” The maid asked through the door

"I'm not so far along that I can't get dressed by myself," said Bethany with a laugh. "But, if you were told to give aid, please come in. If anything seems amiss, feel free to help."

She opens the door “I have had three children of my own and I know any help is always nice” she said with a smile. The older woman shut the door behind her and helped her out of bed “your far enough I know your body is sore from all the changes it’s going through, mine felt like I was always running a marathon “ she said with a chuckle “my son made me feel like I had the plague for nine months” she said with a joking tone

"To be honest, my ankles hurt a lot," Bethany admitted. "It feels like I've been standing for hours with no rest. And my cravings are starting to get strange. I'm wanting a sour flavor but I can't tell you what it is until I..." Bethany inhaled deeply. "Shampoo. I smell it on you. It smells good."

She smiled “thanks it’s my grandmother recipe actually, lavender and elderberry oil, she was a huge fan of natural remedies “ she said helping her move to the closet to pick out clothes

"I was meaning that it smells good enough to eat," said Bethany. "That's what I'm talking about. I'm wanting to eat things that aren't food. If you could stay nearby to keep me from eating the dangerous stuff, that would be amazing."

“Well you can actually eat lavender, how about I make you some lavender tea” she said with a smile

"Thank you," said Bethany as she began to remove her nightgown. She ran her hands over her stomach. "How upset was Erik today?"

“Sir Erik is not here at the moment he left early this morning “ she said softly “he said he would be back around lunch time” she said helping her slip on a comfortable dress “breakfast is ready shall we go miss?” She asked

"Yes," said Bethany.

The truth was, she didn't want Erik gone, but knowing he would be back kept her calm. She sat at the table and ate a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese and some bacon. There was a side of chocolate-covered pickles, causing her to smile at her nurse.

“They were on of my favorite snakes when my baby couldn’t decide if they wanted sour or sweet “ she said with a smile “mr erik told us to make sure you had some time outside today, so when your ready we can walk the gardens”

"Do I have to walk?" asked Bethany. "I will sit on a bench and read, but walking does not sound fun right now."

“It will help your swelling “ she said softly “walk for a little and they you can rest somewhere you like” she said with a smile

"Only because Erik said I had to," said Bethany, unhappy. "I wouldn't if I had a choice."

The woman didn’t say anything instead she just helped Bethany outside, they walked for about fifteen minutes, after that she found a nice place for Bethany to sit down under a nice shaded tree. The garden smelled of lilacs and roses, variant colors and species were planted around the largest estate, butterflies and bees could be seen in the distance harvesting and enjoying the garden just like they were “it really is beautiful out here” said the nurse

"But empty," said Bethany. "There are no children, no people, no love. After my little one is born, I hope they will come out here and feel love, not empty."

“ i’m sure Mr. Eric will have this place bursting with love in no time” she said with a smile “ I think it’s very nice that he’s making a safe home for single mothers and I think it all started with the charity Organization that he created he is a very smart man for once so young” she said

"Yes," said Bethany, beaming. "I'm lucky he chose me as his girlfriend! I know our child will be the best of both of us but," she looked at her baby bump, "I know they will get most of their greatness from Erik."

The butler came out a little later letting them know it was already time for lunch “ms Bethany mr erik has arrived with a guest and wished for you to meet them, they are in the lunch room” he said softly

"I'll be in as soon as I am able," Bethany replied sweetly. "It's getting harder and harder to move around."

“The tea I am serving with lunch should help with that ma’am “ said the older butler. His hair looked even grayer in the sunlight. The nurse helped her up and they walked in. Once inside Eric was already sitting at the dinner table but there is no other person side “our new roommate is currently sleeping in her bedroom she will be down for dinner eat with me Beth” He said in a nonchalant tone

Bethany sat down at the table and said, "That sounds nice, having another person in the house with us again. I can't wait to meet her."

“You are only allowed to meet her when I’m with you is that understood” he said in a stern yet soft tone

"Yes," said Bethany, her hand going over her unborn child protectively. "Is she dangerous?"

“Not as long as I’m here “ he said in a confident tone “how are you feeling today Beth?”h

"My ankles hurt and I found out I want to eat shampoo," she said. "My nurse is taking good care of me and agreed to help keep me from eating harmful items. But mostly, I'm tired and my mood changes all the time. I don't know what will set me off next."

“ I had someone pick up a new prenatals that should help with the mood swings and swelling you will start taking them immediately and you’ll let me know how they work for you“ he said “ any cravings you have make sure to tell the butler “ he continued while eating “ after you’re done eating I want you to rest“

"Okay," she said, tearing up. Before she knew it, she was crying.

Instantly her nurse was by her side “what’s wrong with Beth are you hurting somewhere where is the baby just having a mood swing” she said softly

"Mood," she said. "Erik's angry with me still. I want to go to my room."

“You will finish your food Bethany, our child is hungry” said erik as he continued to eat a read some paper that was to his side

Bethany ate her food, but didn't enjoy it. She was miserable. When she finished, she stood up and nearly ran out of the room.

When she got to her bed her nurse came in “miss Beth can I get you anything?” She asked softly

"No!" Bethany yelled as she laid down on her bed. "I want to be left alone!"

“Miss Beth you need to calm down, remember what you do effects the baby. If you get stressed out so will the baby and it’s also not good for your body” she said still talking softly to her

"I know," Bethany said. "I just want to make Erik happy. How do I do that when everything I do goes so wrong?"

“My husband and I have been married for fourteen years I have learned it takes respect and communication, instead of running away, talk to him “ she said in a encouraging tone “and don’t always assume you are doing something wrong”

"But I even do that wrong," Bethany said. "I've tried telling him how I feel when we first started dating and I only ended up hurting him. Now, when I tell him, it's the wrong thing. I told him last night the honest truth about how I felt about him, and he said it was a weakness. I don't know what to do anymore."

“Keep being honest and true to yourself” she said and covered her with the blankets “love is not something that is suppose to be easy, but it is worth it, but always remember to take care of yourself because if you break, you can’t love anyone else”

"I don't care about me," Bethany said. "I want Erik and my baby happy. That's all I need."

“ you can’t care for Eric or your baby properly if you don’t care for yourself“ she said softly

"You don't understand," said Bethany. "Just leave me alone."

She sigh “think on my words miss Beth and rest well “ she said and left

Bethany cried herself to sleep. When she awoke, it was night time and the house felt eerie.


A few hours later

Erik unlocked the door and stepped inside, the chains rattled as he closed the door behind him and locked it “I brought you some food” he said holding a blood bag “ I’m sorry for the chains but they are for everyone’s safety, including your” he said going over to the chained woman, she still refused to speak so he didn’t know her name, but the society had traded her to him for some equipment he had made so he knew she had been tortured to say the least “you won’t believe me but you are safe here” he said “or should I speak to you in Romanian?” He asked and repeated it all in Romanian

All the woman did was growl at him. If looks could kill, Erik would be ashes on the floor. It was a testament to her strength and that of the Carpathian race that she hadn't broken despite what was done. But she wanted revenge for what had been done to her.

Erik threw her the bag and it landed softly on the bed next to her “I understand what your feeling, even if you killed everyone of them it wouldn’t be enough, that why I don’t plan to just kill them, I plan to wipe out the society all together, if that is something you are interested in let me know, in the mean time until you feel comfortable I will have a female nurse come care for you, she is human and unaware of our world so be kind to her please” he said in a sincere tone

She didn't trust him. She knew he worked with the society. His actions spoke differently from his words, yet she felt no lie in them. She continued to glare at him as she reached for the bag, waiting for pain or worse to assault her. When none came, she snatched the bag and bit into it. It tasted awful, but she needed strength if she was to escape the society and tell her people what had happened. Whatever they injected her with when they captured her still did not let her call out to her kind. Before she could escape, she had to work out what they had done to her and reverse it."

“I know it’s not the best tasting but it’s the best I could do on such short notice, I wasn’t expecting the society to come out so soon of there hole” he said

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