New Starts

Landon smiled and said, "Because you like when I get rough."

“You know I think they have it wrong, your not the dark one your the conceded one” she said rolling her eyes and began walking “as far as I’m concerned your ego and you can stay away from me”

He easily kept step with her and said, "That love bite on your breast says otherwise. And the one on your inner thigh. And your neck. And the one right above..."

She swung at him, but he dodge it with ease and caught her wrist, the moment he did he knew it was on. He had know she was a fighter the moment he met her, she was skilled but not as a carpathian

"What's wrong?" he asked in an innocent tone. "I thought we were being honest with each other. Did mentioning the love bite above your womanhood embarrass you?"

She yelled in frustration of not being able to land a hit on him " your mouth needs to be taught a lesson !" She said trying even harder to land a hit

He caught up her other hand and said, "So, how should I use it this time? Kissing, nibbling, licking, or sucking?"

"If your mother comes anywhere near me you'll regret it" she said in a threatening tone

"You would speak of what we do with other women around to visualize what I would be like in bed?" he asked, his eyebrow raising in skepticism.

She growled "stay out of my head and let me go before I...."

"I wasn't in your head," he said, "and knowing you, you would either try to kick me where it hurts most or kiss me in exasperation." He smiled coyly at her. "Guess which one I'd prefer."

He saw her fangs slowly grow "what about the third option?"

"You can try it," he said, almost like he was taunting her in a game.

He saw her body move in a feline way that made him instantly hot , her eyes darkened " Landon....." She moaned his name

He groaned, covered his eyes, and backed away, "Okay, you win. When you act like that, I'm powerless against you."

He felt her hands on his chest slid up his chest "too late..." She said in a low tone

He stood still, enjoying the feel of her hands on his skin. He could get lost in the feeling, never wanting it to end.

He felt her lips brush his neck " you can't tease me I can't control it yet" she said and he felt her fangs brush his skin " guide me " she said in a desperate tone and he knew play time was over, her need was taking control and she was scared

"With me, you are always safe," he said. "Let instinct guide you. You can't harm your lifemate. You will stop on your own before any harm comes to me. The only issue is the poison glands." He tipped her head up. "Concentrate on those. Close them, let no poison come through. I am as blind in this as you, but we will learn. Trial and error." He cupped her cheek. "You can do this."

She groaned and at the last minute she use her nail to cut his skin on his shoulder, she kept her fangs from piercing his skin and drank deeply. The moment his blood filled her mouth she moaned wrapped her arms around him, she pressed her body tightly against his and ripped open the back of his shirt

He pulled her in close. She could feel his pride in her like a brand on her skin, his hold on her telling her that his faith in her was well-founded. She found a way around a problem.

"One step at a time," he said in her ear, sending shivers through her and made her moan against his skin. She jumped up making him caught her with ease. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her need to get close to him that came naturally with feeding was new to her and made her desperate for the closeness

He sat in a chair nearby. He ripped her shirt off of her, taking the silk bra with it, and massaged her breast. He wanted her. Her instincts had turned her into a temptress, and he fell for her every time, all over again.

He felt her hot tongue run over his skin, closing the cut, but it kept traveling up his neck, her left hand gripped his hair and pulled his head back and her tongue ran a crossed his throat and to the other side of his neck

"Woman, don't tease me," he said. The moment he said that he felt her fangs brush his skin "your the one teasing me...tasting so delicious yet I cant eat you" she said in a seductive tone near his hear as she hip grind against his manhood over his pants

"Then, take what you need," he said through clenched teeth, "before I take over."

He felt her smile against his skin and suddenly she was off of him and waling over to the dresser and grabbing another shirt and he knew he had been messed with

"Woman, you are mean," he said again. "I'm definitely teaching you why I'm the Dark One when we get back from hunting."

"all bark no bite" She said with a smile putting on her shirt and walking toward the door

She suddenly found herself pinned to the wall, his eyes almost glowing. She heard fabric ripping before he lifted her leg. His own clothes had vanished as well, laying is rags on the floor. He did not hesitate. He pinned her to the wall with his teeth as he plunged into her.

her body came to life instantly and she cried out, a part of her hated herself for it but with another deep thrust her mind went black, she gripped the wall trying to steady herself but he was relentless. His iron grip on her kept her in place and made her have to give up control to balance. This was new, he hadn't been this way before and yet some how she knew he was still holding back

Soon, he had both her legs over his shoulders, reaching so deep, it was like he was trying to reach her very soul as he buried himself in her tight sheath. If it were possible, he seemed to grow large at the same time. He had her blacking out from pleasure several times, but her vision soon returned only for it to happen all over again. He knew every pleasure center, every sensitive spot in her, and he hit every one of them.

finally her body gave out and she was unable to continue. She could barely move, her body completely exhausted from head toe, to the point he had to carry her to the bed and she fell into a human sleep the moment her head hit the pillow. His love marks covered her body, some turning into dark bruises but they looked like they belonged there, she wore them well. Even so it meant he was rough, rough enough to make her rest like this

"Told you I was the Dark One," he said. "To make you like this... I'm going to hunt. You will need to feed as well, I imagine, after such love making."

She didn't answer, she was fast asleep, when he left he had the feeling there would be consequences for this later yet he didnt know what they would be. He fed quickly and well, knowing he would have to feed her when he got back, he was gone for about an hour when he started to head back. when he came close to the gate he saw Maddox returning as well, suddenly Maddox stopped and looked around, he knew that look, that was a hunter in search mode look, naturally landon flared out his senses too, trusting Maddox's instinct, he didnt sense anything but he had not had a moment to really search when Maddox went off running to the east


"Andros, I'm willing to learn," she said, "but I don't know if I will be able to. I mean, I don't know the rules of being a Carpathian, and when those girls tried to comfort me after you kicked Morgan out of the classroom... I don't understand the world you come from as much as I thought I did. I want to, but I know I won't be good at anything." She felt a rumble in his chest. "Please, don't be mad. I'm conditioned to think so little of myself and to belittle myself when I talk. It's hard to get out of that so quickly."

“We will work on it until then I will show you anything you wish to know or see” he said gently setting her down on a beautiful mad wooden bench

"Then, can I see..." she blushed and looked away, but the feel of his eyes on her, waiting patiently, caused her to finish her request. "I want to fly. When I secretly used my ability, I often found you flying, but I don't know what that feels like. I longed to feel real freedom."

He smiled " when you are healed I will take you flying so you better heal quickly" he said with a wink

She giggled and said, "I will do my best. I hope I do not disappoint you."

"Never" he said kneeling in front of her, he then started to tell her about the stars and consolations until she fell asleep happily in his arms


Maddox quickly dressed the both of them and moved his hand to her back, sensing her discomfort. He could wait until she was ready.

“I’m sorry....” she said in a sadden tone

"Do not take on needless guilt," he said. "I should have seen to your needs first, not my desires. Everything is still too fresh to get over. In killing him, it opened old wounds in a way and we will work through that pain first. Then, when you are ready, we will make love. If there is any fault in this matter, it is mine as I did not do my duty to you. It is not just your physical health I must worry about, but also your mental health as well. I neglected the latter, and for that, I am sorry."

"Your voice is to precious to say such wrong things..." She said looking down " I had stop it" she said shivering " it's not your just gave me a reason too finally fight back, if anything you saved me"

"You save me every day, Serenity," he said. "I am unworthy to be your lifemate."

" Why? Why are you unworthy?! " She said in a sudden yelling tone "I kept quiet for years out of fear and weak will while you have fought and struggled and lost almost every thing! Out of the two of us if anyone is unworthy it's me! I'm unworthy of being a sister ...a mate or a mother" she said with tears in her eyes

"Because I had all your life to find you and save you, but I did not," he said. "You fought a monster and survived impossible odds to save your soul and your mind. You kept what was most important safe. Yet, while you suffered, I did not save you as I should have. My body got scarred, but not like yours. My heart and soul were nearly lost, but not suffering like you were. I survived because it was required of me to do so. You survived because you wanted to. You may not have realized it, but you wanted to live and knew I was here, the one person that could give you strength. I did nothing to ease your pain while you suffered, and it seems at times, I only add to that suffering. How is that worthy?"

"Your wrong, I didn't want to survive, in fact I tried to kill myself many times. I was selfish, he always told me it's either me or my sister, I still tried to die know he would turn to her but I knew the difference, she would have never allowed him to tough her like that, she would have killed him if he tried" she said sighing " so many abortions....I even tried to ruin myself so I would no longer get pregnant...and now I am...again" she said in a low tone

"Serenity, do not sell yourself short on bravery here," he said. "You wanted to live even as you wanted to die, or you would not be here. You saved those children of living through the same nightmare as you. But this child," he put his hand on her stomach, "our child, was made with love, not sickness. They are half me and half you." He kissed her then. "If they have even half your strength and courage, I will count myself a lucky man."

" not ready...I'm scared" she said in a timid tone " maddox please...please help me"

"We have time, little love," he said. "And if you are still not ready when the baby is born, I will ask another to care for them while I care for you. Simple. In Carpathian culture, every child belongs to every Carpathian, and their parents can choose to let another raise the child or raise the child themselves. If you are not ready, there is no pressure."

She shook her head " no...I can't give her away" she said softly

"I underst..." he began and looked at Serenity in shock, "How do you know the baby's gender? I haven't even looked to check."

She stepped back from him ". I.....I'm " she looked like she was panicking" I'm sorry did you not want to know I just....I'm not sure I just feel...I mean when I got hurt I dreamt of a little girl so I just assumed"

"Of course I want to know," he said softly. "She must be like Emeline Kozel, a dream walker. One of few. I have no doubt she will do great things. I trust the feeling you have in the gender, Serenity."

She stopped and looked at him "I don't want you to hate me maddox... " She said in a scared tone and he knew she was keeping something from him

"I could never hate you," he said.

She was silent and then said "we need to eat right...we should go eat..."

"We will feed but it's no use keeping secrets, Serenity," he said. "I am here to share all burdens and lessen them for you. If you have a fear, tell me so I may help you overcome it."

"Please Maddox drop it I don't feel well" she said softly, he knew she was telling the truth, she didn't feel well, she was sore and nauseous

"You need fresh blood," he said. "I can't keep drinking from the bottles to feed you now. I'll hunt. You take a bath. It is already waiting for you. Relax and breathe. I'll be just down the mountain and you can stay in my mind if you must, but I do not want you in danger. There are vampires surrounding us. I can slip past them easily. Traveling would be dangerous for you at this time."

"if there are vampires is there another option?" she asked in a worried tone

"Not without feeding on the students," he said. "We have been forbidden to do so unless it is life or death. The village I am going to is just down the mountain and in Carpathian protection. I will have others with me. I promise. Nothing will happen."

"you cant make that promise!" she yelled with a scared expression, he could hear her heartbeat accelerate and felt her stress start to rise

"I can," he said, touching the necklace around her neck. "Remember when I gave this to you. Touch it, and you will feel my heart. It is a part of me, always with you. And I have a ring that does the same for me, should I worry. You will know I am alright. With your natural abilities, I would not be surprised if you could use it to do more than just feel my heartbeat."

She grabbed his wrist "please....please dont go" she said as tears fell down her face. Her anxiety hit him hard "you can feed from another female here if thats what it takes" She said in a stressed tone, she meant what she said but he also knew it hurt her to think of him doing such a thing

"Serenity, calm yourself," he said softly. "I am not worried about the sex of the human. I am trying to think of how best to protect you and the baby while also keeping my word to the prince. I cannot feed from the students, but you need fresh blood. You cannot leave the school grounds because I will be divided in focus should a battle arise. And to make it back to you, I will speak to the vampires. This is how I can promise I will be fine, that I will come back. Stay in my mind, grip your necklace. Whatever it takes, so long as you stay safe and I do not go against the commands of the prince."

All she did was nod, yet she felt something was wrong. he said something to her she didnt hear and left, what he was saying made sense to her mind but not her heart, the thought of not being near him sent her into a desperate frenzy that she couldn't control or explain, she started to hyperventilate and pace until she found herself in a corner and sat down, pulling her knees up to her chest

Serenity, I'm here, he chanted in her mind. I am not gone from you.

whats wrong with me...

It is natural after a traumatic experience, he said. I will hurry. We will work through this, together. Would you like me to put you to sleep while I hunt?

no....just, let me see through your eyes, maybe it will distract me

He allowed her to see what he was doing. He had lured a group of young men away from some women. The talks were disgusting at best. Serenity could tell he picked the men for their sick plan alone, but the fact their blood was drug and alcohol free was even better. When he got the three men into a secluded area, he made them stand still and drank until they were dizzy. He then planted a strong suggestion in each of them with his voice, ensuring that they would never touch another woman for power ever again. Each walked home, woozy, to write a note of confession before jumping from the top of their apartment buildings. Without any trouble, Maddox made his way back to Serenity.

Just as he was nearing the front gate serenity voice filled him stop! she yelled in a panicked tone

What's wrong? he asked, pausing before the gate. Do you sense something?

Ive seen your right..go now...start running that way before its too late

Maddox began running to the east. He knew his brother was behind him and would aid him if necessary. Lucy joined them about a second later. The hunting party more deadly than any other was searching for a threat, and it did not bode well for their prey. What are we looking for, Serenity? Maddox asked.

there, that tree with the broken branch, it will come from there, you need to hide.....hurry

He signaled to his siblings to hide. They all took the form of forest animals. Maddox took a fox and curled up as if to rest, Landon an owl, and Lucy a mouse. They watched the tree Serenity pointed out, waiting.

A few minute later they heard running, they felt panic, a female, and smelled blood. A second later a auburn red female wolf broke the tree line of the tree they were watching. She tripped and fell hard and rolled and got to her feet. A moment later two ghouls followed, one tackled her and slammed her to the ground. The female fought with everything she had and managed to through him off just as the other ghoul approached her, walking right where lucy was, the other one was thrown right infront of landon

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