Hunt begins

Maddox was told to let serenity rest in the ground for a couple of days, so he was surprised when he awoke and found her awake "are you ok?" she asked

"You should be resting," he said, "not worrying about me. But," he sat up, "no, I'm not okay. Yesterday, my sister, Annabelle, gave us a goodbye message. Her body lives, but her soul passed away. All that is left is her shell and her natural instincts. My sister died right in front of me because of what that witch did to her. I could not stop it, nor did I wish to. She was hurting even as she gave us smiles and all the love she possessed. I wish you were there with me, but you needed rest. I did not wish to upset you farther."

She sat up with him "why wasnt i there...why didnt you take me with you...i dont remember what happened yesterday after the healer left me" she said in a worried tone "did i do something wrong?" she said in a scared tone

"No, you were just weak from blood loss," he said. "You helped us defeat a ghoul as well, and protected me, though I did not need it. I simply wanted you to rest. I did not know what would happen. I did not know that Annabelle was..." tears formed, "was going to..."

He couldn't finish. It was too soon. Saying her body lived was like saying his sister lived. But saying the word "die" so much finalized it all. It was like he was losing her again in that moment.

Serenity suddenly yelled out and burst into tears and gripped her chest son, she is taking on your pain without realizing it, dont hold it on or you will make it worse for both of you, let her cry with you, hold her and grieve said his mother

He pulled her close. He began to let tears fall slowly at first, but soon, it was a flood gate. He couldn't stop bawling into her shoulder. He played memories of Annabelle for her to see in their minds. It was as if she had known the woman as well. They were like that for an hour.

When they finally calmed down he felt as if a weight had been lifted off of him, Serenity had feel asleep almost instantly in his arms. She really did need to be in ground yet here she was, tear stain and grieving like he was.

He placed her in the ground to heal once more, making sure she was in a deep Carpathian sleep before he set out to join his family.


When landon had gotten back to the room that night he and Alessia went straight to ground. When he awoke the next night she was not there next to him.

Alessia, where are you? he asked

out hunting she said in a calm tone

I see, he said, rising from the ground. I shall join you in a moment.

no! she said in a urgent tone, he felt fear from her, was she scared of him?

What's wrong? he asked. I'll come to you.

no I want to try this go ahead and go meet up with your family

You are part of the family, Alissia, he said. You were a rock for me during the goodbyes. I could feel you wanted to leave, but you stayed. Thank you for that.

yeah well...ill see you when you get back she felt distant and cold, he also could tell she was hurting physically

Tell me what is wrong before we go meet our family, he insisted.

what? im not going with you, this is your family matter and i wouldn't do any good, besides i thought you said males want their wives away from battle

Some males don't, he said. I'd be an idiot to tell you to stop fighting. This affects you as well. She is your niece too.

He felt her reluctances whatever you want she said in a defeated tone. Something was defiantly off, she was not acting like herself, she is not arguing with him, no sarcastic remarks

We will talk after we find my niece, he said. You are not acting like yourself and you sound injured. It worries me.

im not injured im sore, thanks to you , im done feeding ill meet up with you

Alright. See you soon. He dressed and headed to the meeting place.


Erik knew megahn was already awake and up when he awoke, he could sense her moving around their room. She was putting on her armor, though she could do it by will she always did it the human way, it was like a tradition with her, she believed it was better luck to do it this way and it also helped her straighten her thoughts out like a prewar meditation.

"Do you know how sexy you look right now?" he asked her.

She rolled her eyes "you use to hate when I put this on..." She said as she sat down and started to adjust her boots

"I used to be an ass," he said. "But life helped me to grow. You helped me to grow."

"we grew together" She said standing up "shall i help you with yours?" She said with a soft smile placing her hands on his chest

"I would enjoy that," he said with a smile. "Though, you may have trouble in one area."

"oh? and what area would that be?" She said

He smiled at her and took her hand, saying as he placed it, "This one."

She could already feel he was hard and hot under her hand "after all these years your still able to make me melt in your hands" She said as she began to stoke the area while pulling him down and crushing his mouth to hers

One Hour Later...

"I think I still slightly dislike that armor," he said breathlessly as they lay together. "It's so damn difficult to get off of you when I wish to make love to my lifemate. But now, we must hurry. The children will be waking soon and we have a granddaughter to find."

She chuckled "you dislike it but I always have to put it on twice " She said kissing him and getting up and started to dress again " and your right" She said in a more serious tone "tonight is important and ill do whatever it takes to make sure we lose no one"

"I know you will," he said, putting on his own armor. "We have someone important waiting on us at an orphanage run by nuns. Let us hope no one adopted her in the last year."

"if she takes after anna in any way they would be stupid not too" She said in a bitter sweet tone

"We will find her," he said, pulling Meghan close. "If she is with a family, we will see if they are good people. If they are, we will take their blood to monitor them. If not, we take our girl and wipe their memories of her, placing false ones instead. We will always find the right path for her. Serendipity will not go without love."

She nodded and hugged him back and with that they left hand in hand.

Lucy awoke and began sharpening her blades. None of those under her command dared to go talk to her when she did that. It meant she was agitated, ready to stab anyone if they did the wrong thing. Only Sage could do it as the advisor. So it did not surprise Lucy when Sage sat down next to her and began helping her polish the steel.

She didnt say anything for a long time, letting her thoughts be her own, after a while she said "so....who are we killing today?" she said in a srious tone. It was one sentence yet lucy knew it meant a lot, that was her way of saying we have your back.

"As much as I appreciate it," said Lucy, "this is a family thing. I have a niece. We are going to find her and I have been tasked with raising her. No more, no less. My family is united in this. If I call, then the Slayers can step in, but she is in the care of nuns, humans at that. My family and I can handle it, but I would like the Slayers to help me care for my niece in the coming years."

"we have allies who can assist us in raising her, but you do knw we can not keep her hear at the base, it would not be safe for her" She said

"I have had an idea in my mind for the past year," she replied. "I want to have a Slayer course at the school. It would the safest place for Serendipity, and we could find many women willing to join us as well, Carpathian or otherwise."

"we have talked about this before, the slayers are kept secret for a reason, we can not go parading classes for them, i already talked tot he prince and females are now training, and sharah is watching out for potential while she is there teaching, that is the most we can do for now. But we will welcome your niece and take it a step at a time" she said sincerely

"It is a suggestion, as always," said Lucy. "We should have a place similar to the school for trainees anyway. A safe place. If we had one, we can raise other young girls and they could choose at graduation if they want to join or not. Those that don't can be sworn to secrecy."

"oh? and a verbal oath is a good defense over a vampires mind control or the societies torture? Lucy i know you wish things were different but your way would jeopardize us all, or secrets and ways have been passed down to other a specific group of woman, there is only allowed to be a certain amount of us at one time for a reason and there are reasons why only advisor get access to other advisor knowledge " she said sanding up "accept this is how things are and instead of trying to change things why dont you try changing whats really bothering you" she said "good luck on your hunt" And with that she left

Lucy sighed. She placed every blade in their holsters and set off to find her young ward and niece.
An hour later

They all arrived at the meeting point "Lucy take Maddox and go to the church, Landon and Alessia take to the roof and guard the perimeter, me and your father will be on stand by" meghan said

"I'll ask about a child so that the nuns take me to see them," said Lucy. "Maddox, you can search the records."

If our girl was adopted, we will have the address of the parents, he said. You can count on me.

"I'll watch the alley next to the church," said Landon. "It's dark and would attract unsavory guests."

Alessia remained silent at Lardons side. When they all agreed they went their separate ways.

Maddox and Lucy

The church was old but large, the smell of incense was strong and so was the feeling of sacred ground she was is sacred, this would definitely keep unwanted visitors out Maddox said

Just vampires, she said as she walked in. Human butchers and rogue Lycans could easily come in. It doesn't look like this place is bad off. The inside is clean and looks well kept.

"May I help you, miss?" asked one of the sisters.

"Yes," said Lucy sweetly. "My husband and I are thinking of adopting. If you don't mind, I would like to meet the children. My husband is at work at the moment, unfortunately."

"im sorry miss we dont deal in child like that, their is a foster care place here in the city though, you may want to try there or look online " she said

anna never said it was a orphanage....maybe she compelled them to take the child

"I was sent here," Lucy said. "That you had a child in your care that might better suit my husband and me. A little girl?"

"again im sorry miss but i think you have the wrong place, we don't have any children here, none that are orphans"

We need to search the place,

Yes, she said. Using her own abilities, she compelled the woman and to a bit of her blood to easily wipe her memory. Then, Lucy turned to mist to go looking with Maddox. They have no cause to lie, and I felt that she told the truth. What could have happened?

Lucy look at the pictures on the walls Maddox said in a pain-filled tone. She understood why when she looked. On the walls were pictures of all the nuns but one stood out, the priest was holding a a little girl, it was like seeing Anna, she looked just like Anna did when she was that age. She must have compelled the priest, maybe he thinks of the child as his he said obviously still shaken up by the photo

Then, we must find him, she said. The nun, her memories say the priest and young girl with him are housed in the basement.

I’m closes I’ll head there now, stay there and keep look out

Fine, but you call the instant you sense trouble.

becareful lucy, don't let your emotions get in the way tonight, it's too important

I'm not stupid, Maddox. I may tease you while battling and get upset when we are together afterwards, but my emotions do not appear on the battlefield. There is no place for them there. I will not fail Serendipity this night. He heard conviction in her voice, and she had yet to tease him about anything like she normally would have. She wasn't taking any chances this night.

lucy get out of here now, the priest is dead looks like he has been for weeks he is drained dry

Two things, she said. One, I'm not leaving you. Two, I'm the better tracker between the two of us. Let me in the room and see if I can pick up her scent. If I can, we may be able to find her.

the only scent in here is the scent of death but you need to leave now because there is no way the nuns didn't know about this, as soon as they said that all the nuns looked at her , like they could see her

Lucy swore in the ancient language. She tried to move, but their eyes followed. It was unnerving. I'll lead them away from you, she said. Then you can get out undetected. I'll go through a window on the first floor. They didn't do this of their own free will. They are acting like puppets except for the youngest sister. Can you read her mind? Lucy slowly moved up the stairs to a small room. She didn't want good people hurt. But the youngest held back and didn't go into the room. Lucy went through the window through a small crack and outside. She hovered in the tree a moment to keep their attention on her while Maddox examined the rogue nun and escaped.

Fighting started inside and just as lucy was about to go back in maddox voice rang through the church "stop!" Lucy froze unwilling. A moment later he opened the doors let's break their compulsion he said

You might want to remove your compulsion from me first, she said. You did not warn me you were going to freeze the women.

"I'm sorry your will is your own" he said and she felt the compulsion vanish I had no choice

I know, she said. Now, let's get the wolf in sheep's clothing.


Landon and Alessia

Landon could see Alessia on the roof top across the street, she hadn't said a word to him since they met up, he could see she was in full huntress mode

Don't look just at the ground, he cautioned. Look to the sky as well.

i feel your eyes on me so i know im safe from above, to make things easier why dont you watch the sky and ill watch the ground

I am watching, but the alley is giving me pause, he replied. Go see if you can sense anything. It does not feel right to me.

She nodded and leaped off the roof top and into the dark alley there is no one here but i do sense magic

That's not good, he said. This does not bode well.

actually it might be a good’s white magic, not dark, it also feels Carpathian

It must be Annabelle's doing then, he said. Added protection.

I don’t think feels knew and he knew the second she was in a fight, her mind went full warrior and cut him off

He went to the alley, wanting to be there to aid her if needed.

She stood with back against the wall, she looked up at him and shook her head and put her finger to her lips like she was telling him to be quiet. She ripped her shirt so it fell off her shoulders and messed her hair, she posed in a subjective way, just as a couple of men rounded the corner. They wore the brand of the society " just my luck to handsome men come my way on such a slow night" she said in a teasing tone

Landon held in a growl as he blended into the shadows. He didn't like how she was luring the men in. He wanted to rip both of them apart, and their thoughts did not make it any better. He chose to examine the society brand. A hand holding a wooden stake inside an intricate star enclosed in a circle. Around this circle, making the brand almost like a coin in appearance, was a larger circle that had "The Society for the Preservation of Mankind" written between the lines of the circles. They had adopted the brand/tattoo in the last century, proudly displaying their loyalty. This only made them look stupid to other humans who didn't believe in vampires, but even Landon couldn't deny that the brand was somewhat artistic. But that's all it was, ink under the skin. No magic on it, and no taint. The tattoos were also a little faded, which means that the higher-ups would discuss promotions for the men soon, which would have special ink put on top of the ink already there, designed to protect the men from Carpathian mind probes. Still low ranked members, he said, and still dangerous.

They walked up to her " doing something like this outside a must be a very sinful woman" said the older one. She smiled "well I like to think of my self more of the mother teresa of saving lonely men " she said and the other one can up "make this quick we got places to be" he said and went to the end of the alley to keep a look out. A perfect opportunity for Landon to get ahold of him. The older one ran his hand up her exposed thigh "how much do you charge for saving this old sinner " he said in a breathy tone in her ear " I'll personally fuck you for free" she said and the man grunted and she stabbed him straight in the heart. When the younger man turned around to look she played like he was kissing her neck take out the other one so I can get this asshole off me

The man found a fist through his chest before turning into ash.

She dropped the older man's body away and he turned to ash, his blood covered her chest "gross..." She said and cleaned her self up, she went to take a step towards him and began to sway "landon why are there...two of you" she said and began to fall

He went to catch her when his father used a draft of air to cushion her fall, saying, "It is the blood. I'll get her healed up and examine this. You go to your mother and help your siblings. This was a trap."

" Heyyy it's the famous Erik...did you know your son's a asshole...a handsome one which makes me even angrier " she said pouting " me pregnant...but shhhhhhh don't tell him cause I don't want him to see how scared I am...also do you smell roses..I smell roses"

"What the hell?!" Landon said in shock. "That's not something you keep from your lifemate!"

"Not now, Landon," said Erik. "I have to get rid of the blood and see what components they placed in it."

She grabbed Erik's face "you know what....I could never be like you, a much emotion in it ..I hate emotions .I'm a hunter through and through but I'm a one takes me what if he doesn't take me seriously" she said with a sigh dropping her hand and looked up at the sky "he needs a gently woman to calm his darkness...I'm not gentle...." She said looking at the moon " did you know I like flying, when I was a kid I have flown since...well it doesn't matter..I'm hunger" she said trying to sit up

Erik pushed her back down and said, "I need a sample of this blood first. And Landon does not need gentle. He needs you, a woman willing to knock some sense into him when he needs it."

"Hey!" Landon said.

"He also needs someone willing to fight beside him," Erik continued. "He tries to take on the world for our people, and that is dangerous in more ways than one. Besides, healing isn't about emotion. As a healer, we must give up all sense of ego and self. We put our lives in the hands of the patient and those we trust to guard us. We make ourselves vulnerable so that others can continue the fight."

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