Hunt begins 2

I don't think it's hear anymore....but i did find a letter addressed to the priest, it came from Brazil, it said they would be picking up the child soon, it was from months ago

Lucy said, That makes no sense... Unless the youngest nun was sent to stay in the church as part of a trap. Someone knew about Serendipity, and is using our girl as bait.

I'm not sure, the scent on the letter is carpathian, regardless we are going to brazil

Scent could easily be planted, said Lucy. Let's get back to everyone else. They will need to know.

The agreed and went to meet the others


"That's sounds....horrible I'm sorry" she said patting his head "oh!" She said trying to sit up again "I need to go I forgot I had an appointment" she said "let me up, if I don't show it will be bad" she said as her cheeks became red "why is it so hot..." She said tugging at her clothes as she began to sweat

"I will look you over," he said. "And it isn't horrible at all. I do it willingly. It may drain me of energy, but I would not give up healing my brothers and sisters in arms for anything, except my lifemate. When I saw my mother and aunt heal for the first time, I was in awe. They gave themselves over to another, without fear or judgement or ego or self involved. I had never seen a more noble act than that. They never asked for anything in return, and never expected it. Yet, everyone offered to let them feed from them freely, a great gift. They sacrificed their energy so that others could live. My aunt had a month long healing session once, and looked pale and near death at the end. I asked her why she pushed herself so hard and she said something I would never forget. She said, 'Because they deserve a second chance at life and to find happiness. What is a little energy when a hunter could find their light at the end of a dark tunnel?' She didn't know if they had a lifemate or not, but she would rather give up her energy than risk them not truly living." He made her lay back down. "Now, until I get this blood off, you can't even walk. It's as if you are drunk. Let me clean you and look you over before we talk about that appointment."

"Fine..." She said and ripped open her shirt with her dagger, her body was still covered in bruises from landon. But also saw some fresh ones on her left rib cage " sorry...I'm sure you have seen worse " she said still looking up at the sky " hey....someone talk to me please.." she said closing her eyes

"Cover yourself," said Landon, holding in a growl.

Erik said, "You didn't have to rip your clothes. I can do a proper healing for you to witness. I have no need for you to expose yourself."

"I didn't not care about exposing and I know I didn't need to but I'm hot...I feel like my skin is on fire..." She said in a uncomfortable tone. Her body was flushed like she was having a heat stroke, sweat formed on her and she grew hot to the touch

"Whatever is in this blood is reacting strongly," Erik said, carefully gathering the man's blood without touching it on her. "Could it be reacting to what already exists in your blood, or just our blood? We will need to look into this. For now, tell Landon how best to get you cooled down. I must take this vial back and study it."

She grabbed his wrist " my blood isn't normal I have..." She suddenly pushed him away and he could see green liquid start to come out of her pours "don't touch me...." She said in a serious tone

"What is that?" Landon asked. "If it's a side effect of that man's blood, we need to study it as well. But is it going to hurt the baby?"

" It's my posion, it's a defense when I'm in pain..." She said in a uneven tone trying to stand up and using the wall to do so

"That doesn't tell me about our child," he said. "You didn't have to hide that news from me, you know."

She looked really drunk and she didn't answer him at first "I've never been pregnant.....I don't know how my body will react to it" she said in a breathy tone "I need to make that appointment" she said grabbing her head like it hurt. He could feel she was fighting to be able to think clearly "stop spinning ! " She said yell and kicked the trash can next to her making it go flying

"You said you were used as a breeder before," he said. "Which is the truth, because my jealousy may have made me not register a lie in that moment. And what is this appointment? You can't go to a human doctor for anything. Carpathian blood cannot fall into their hands."

"I was a breeder....before they mutated me...I've never been pregnant with my mutation...and the appointment was with a realtor" she said leaning against the wall. Her heart started to calm down and Erik saw a black ooze start to leak from her pores , he saw her temperature start to go down and her body start to level its self out. She sighed in relief and slid down the wall to sit

"Amazing," he said. "It appears that her body automatically expells any poison that enters her body. Normal Carpathians would have to will the toxins out. She is extraordinary. Alissia, may we study your blood? Perhaps we can find out how to allow this to happen for others as well so that our hunters do not have to expand unnecessary energy."

She looked at him with dark eye and landon felt how uncomfortable she was as her trama made her start to panic at his request. But she nodded "ok" she said in a plain tone trying to hide her emotions "landon has my anti bodies already since he has drank from posion would still make him sick but it won't kill him like it would others. Can you take his for now, I haven't feed well"

"That would be sufficient for a base study, yes," Erik replied. "When you feel better, please give us a small vial of your blood. That is all we will need." He turned to his son. "I expect a sample from you by tomorrow."

"Fine," said Landon. When his father left, Landon turned to Alissia. "Three things. One, I have houses already. You don't have to meet with a realtor. Two, I know you don't want to give blood. If I feed enough, I can give them a sample from me with enough antibodies to make their miracle. And three, why did you hide our child from me? Did you think I would not accept them?"

She sighed " one , the realtor was not to buy, two I lied my anti bodies got filtered out the moment you fed from someone else and three........I wanted to wait and see if my body would accept the child before I told anyone" she said looking away from him

He sat down next to her with a sigh and said, "We suck at communicating. I thought we would be telling each other every fear, every hope... everything. Instead, I think we both are so used to dealing with things on our own that we don't reach out when we really need to." He took her hand. "Starting tomorrow, I promise to start relying on you more if you rely on me more. Alright?"

"That sounds like a horrible idea" she said with a chuckle "but I guess it's about time right..." She said leaning her head back and looking up at the sky "I fed well...feed from me so you can give that blood sample, I've cleaned my skin so it's safe" she said

"You temptress," he said, leaning in to nuzzle her neck. "Even like this, you make me crazy with desire and need."

"Really? Next to a church......wait that sounds about right for us" she said putting her hand on the wall and with a warriors quickness was straddling him "besides...his smell is on me and I don't like that...fix it for me" she said with a soft smile

He pulled her down to kiss her deeply. Just as he was about to remove her shirt, he growled and Lucy made a loud bang as she landed on the nearby dumpster.

"Get your heads back on the mission and not on fucking each other where the whole world can see," she said, angry. "We are going to Brazil. Tonight. Maddox is staying behind because of his lifemate. Pack your bags. We are finding who has our girl."

"Hey lucy, get your head out of your ass long enough to realize that two veteran warriors like us wouldn't be doing what we are doing for no reason and give us some privacy, also I don't take orders from you" said alessia in a serious tone

"I'm just going to..." Landon began.

"No!" both women said at once, trapping him where he was.

"I'm sorry, but a little girl could be in the hands of the human butchers," Lucy said. "Being tortured or worse. You were in their camp long enough. Been through that hell. If she is anything like Annabelle, she won't survive. Meanwhile, you two are out in the open where humans can see you." She began walking away. "I see where your priorities seem to be. If you can't focus on what is at hand, perhaps you should have stayed behind." She looked back. "Annabelle trusted us to find her daughter, but I guess that means little to you, brother."

Though he didn't show it, but her words felt like a punch to the gut. Still, he said, "It means a great deal to me, Lucy."

"Then act like it."

Alissa stood up " and again get your head out of your ass lucy, if I want to take a moment to feed my lifemate then I will do so and you lack information about what happened out here which means you are just assuming what you like, going back to my previous statement we are veteran warriors so of we are doing something there is a reason and as far as humans go I find you lack of faith in our abilities not surprising since you seem to always jump to conclusions which also makes you a shitty warrior, so in the nicest way I can I kindly tell you to fuck off because I hate woman like you and if you ever assume and accuse us again you better have fucking proof because if your wrong I will personally lay your ass out" she said in a threatening tone

Lucy launched herself at Alissia. Landon turned into mist just in time, but cushioned his lifemate. He put up a barrier to protect the baby as well. Maddox, Erik, and Meghan appeared as well. Maddox was about to speak, but his father stopped him.

"You think I care what you do?!" Lucy said as she punched Alissia. "I want to find Serendipity and fulfill my sister's last request! I thought family had each other's backs! I thought everyone had their minds as focused on find that little girl, like me! Everything else doesn't matter! Nothing else matters! I won't fail Serendipity like I did Annabelle!"

"Annabelle is dead stop using her as a excuse! As a hunter you have to multi task while keeping your emotions in check" alessia said and she blocked a punch and kicked her in her side. Slamming her into the wall if the church only for her to launch herself from the wall and slam into alessia making the roll together on the ground " and we both know that's not your strong suit, your not upset about what we were doing out here because logically you know I'm right and that everyone does care, but the child isn't here and you need someone to take it out on but guess what" she said throwing her off " I have had many things taken out on me and I will not have you do it to me or landon or anyone else, deal with your own shit and stop taking it out on others and you owe your brother a apologize and if I have to beat it out of you I will" she said as they slammed into each other again

Lucy shoved Alissia away from her and said, "That's rich, coming from the society's whore. A breeder wouldn't care if they lost a child, now would they?"

Before anyone knew what had happened, there was a loud clap and Lucy was on the ground, cupping her bright red cheek.

"That is beneath you," he said in a quiet tone, showing why he was the Dark One just from his anger alone. "I thought you were better than that, Lucy. Go after me if you like, I can handle it. But not my lifemate. She was trying to be a good sister to you. Unlike you."

He looked around, but Alissia was gone. Without a word, he used everything at his disposal to go looking for his lifemate. As he did, rain began to fall heavily.

Maddox was in shock and stood there in disbelief, Erik had to grab ahold of Meghan as she went straight for Lucy “no let me go!” She yelled “I didn’t raise her like that !” She said yelled trying to break his grip. Erik had Maddox take Meghan way so she could calm down. Leaving only him and Lucy who still had not moved.

"What more is there to say?" Lucy asked as she got up. "I said what I was feeling at that time. I understand Landon being pissed but..."

Erik folded Lucy with two memories, the one he had when Meghan was being raped and the other when they had lost there baby, he let her feel what he had felt from Meghan in both, the violation, the pain, the fear,the sickening torment they inflicted and then how she felt when they lost their child. All the while she made sure her soul remain unaffected and her mind did not break, only letting her feel a fraction of the emotions

With how raw Lucy's emotions were in that moment, even that small amount affected her greatly. That pain... she did that to Alissia. Right there, she threw up, sick at what she had done.

“We raised you better then this, I have never been disappointed in any of my children until tonight, you are off this case, go back to your post, I will inform your advisor personally that you need a mind session and are not to part take in anything until further notice” he said in a serious tone

"What?" she said. "No! I was entrusted with Serendipity! I should be there when we rescue her!" She collapsed to the ground. "Please. I have to be there. Please."

“you still think you are in any condition to do this mission let alone raise her? You will do as I say because right now you would do more harm then good and if you care about serendipity then you will agree because you want wants best for her” he said

"I just..." she began, but stopped, saying instead, "There were pictures of her, of Serendipity. She looks just like Annabelle, dad. Same hair, same eyes..." She looked up at her father. "It was like looking at a baby picture. But she wasn't here. One more person I failed to rescue in time."

“The only o e you failed tonight is yourself....feel that rain...feel what’s causing it” he said “listen to her pain”

"I failed Annabelle long before today," she said after a moment. "Long before meeting Victoria. I could have stopped her from being taken. But I was selfish. I wanted to relax, be away from training and battles. I just walked in the forest after defeating a vampire. I should have been with her the day she was taken, but I skipped going back to her. I wanted to be alone rather than spend time with her. I could have saved her or at least let her get to you for aid, but I stayed in the forest." She looked at her father. "I'm scared, angry, hurt, and feel guilty for Annabelle's condition. I can't let myself relax, can't let anyone else hurt my family. But, in trying to keep the outside from hurting everyone, I became the very thing hurting my family."


Landon looked all over the small town and found Alissia in the forest, looking at the water of the lake as the rain made the surface dance. He landed softly "Alissia?" he asked softly.

She didn’t answer or move, he could see the grass around her was brown and not green like everywhere else. Her mind was cut off from his so he couldn’t read her mind or sense how she was feeling

"Talk to me," he said, walking up to her. "I'm here. I stand with you. She had no right to say or act like that. We are all upset Serendipity isn't there waiting for us, but that..." He went to take her hand. "You did nothing wrong and did nothing to deserve what she did."

She moved her hand away “leave” she said in almost a whispered tone

"No," he said. "I'm used to my sister's tantrums and words. Every warrior needs to vent from time to time. But she has never gone that far before." He made her look at him. "She hurt you in an unimaginable way. She hurt you. I don't care if she takes things out on me. I can take it. But not you. She will not do that to you."

She ripped her chin away from him like his touch hurt “we barely know each other, I find no comfort from you, leave me be” she said and he knew all the progress they had made, how hard he had worked to earn her trust and get her to open up was gone. She closed herself once more to him and he knew it would be even harder this time around to change it

"Alissia, don't give up on us," he said, taking her hands. "We can go far away from everyone. Just you and me. I need no other. If you trust no one else, trust me. I will never hurt you, will never betray you, and will never leave you. I stand with you, will fight beside you, and will follow you to the other world if I must to always be by your side. Just, don't give up on our relationship. Tell me how to make it better."

With a growl she stood up “I’m hurt landon! I need space! I’m not like you I didn’t have a family to support me, I was raised in hell I am not use to relaying on others or finding comfort with others, and you make me feel like shit because I am not ready to do so with you!” She said moving away from him “you need to give me the time I require to adjust and learn, you are blinded by are bond and ignore your own knowledge, girls like me who managed to not completely break are not normal, there is a good chance I will never be ok and you need to accept that, now I will bear you children and I will fight along side you and I will care for you and protect you but you have to accept I may never be able to give you the normalcy the other couples have” she said in a tired tone

"Who said I wanted what they have?" he said, backing away. "All you needed to say was you wanted to get your thoughts together. That's it. Simply saying to leave you alone told me nothing and I jumped to my own conclusions. For that, I am sorry. I will go someplace nearby so you aren't unprotected, but far enough away for you to collect yourself. Call for me if you need me."

He started to walk into the downpour, slowly disappearing behind the silver curtain of water droplets.

She didn’t stop him and sat back down, she wanted the memories to stop, but they evaded her mind over and over again, suddenly she felt a calming warmth spread through her “I want to be alone Meghan...” she said in a low tone. But there was no answer just the warmth. She sighted and didn’t fight it. She just curled up and listen to the rain and let it wash over her softly she started to sing as her memories played, the song she sang to each of them before they were taken
“ Hush now, mo stóirín
Close your eyes and sleep
Waltzing the waves
Diving in the deep
Stars are shining bright
The wind is on the rise
Whispering words
Of long lost lullabies
Oh won't you come with me
Where the moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We'll be sailing
Oh won't you come with me
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We'll sing the song of the sea
I had a dream last night
And heard the sweetest sound
I saw a great white light
And dancers in the round
Castles in the sand
Cradles in the trees
Don't cry, I'll see you by and by
Oh won't you come with me
Where the moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We'll be sailing
Oh won't you come with me
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We'll sing the song of the sea
Oh won't you come with me
Where the moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We'll be sailing free
Oh won't you come with me
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We'll sing the song of the sea...” her pain made ripples in the water around her

A low hum accompanied her. She knew it was London, but he also did not come to her, just as she requested. Only reminding her that her pain was his pain.

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