Hunt begins 3

"Then take your time to fix your wounds, we will bring her back and she will need you, but she doesn't need the person you are right now" he said helping her up "go heal my little one and let go of this misplaced guilt" he said rubbing her cheek

She felt his healing warmth and said, "I don't feel it is misplaced. I want to hold Serendipity, to keep my promise. I'm scared for her and angry that she isn't here. I'm normally not like this. I would never have said something like that before." She looked at her father. "Am I going crazy? Or am I just..."

"Young and still learning" he finished " now let's get out of here, go to your advisor" he said

"I am not young," she said with a small chuckle. "I'm older than Landon and he's almost 1400." She backed away from him. "I will go to my advisor but... you know how I am. When I care for someone, I get emotional. I've never had my emotions come with me on a mission or to a battle. Why today? What is so different about today? Why can't I cut them off and do what I've always done?"

"Because a true hunter never cuts off their emotions, they deal with them" he said

"I do that after the battle," she said.

" You need to learn how to control them during the battle then" he said

"I show no emotion so I can be safe," she said. "I don't know why I can't today." She sighed. "Sage always gives me such good advice, building on what you tell me and helping me understand. I'll see her, but I would still like to be part of Serendipity's rescue." She gave him the letter. "It smells Carpathian, but we would have known if someone from South America came here for a child. They would have announced it. I fear someone is using the De La Cruz's scent to make us think a friend has our girl, but she is the bait for a trap." Her empty hand clenched into a fist. "That thought sickens me. She is a baby. It is not right when she doesn't understand."

" Every hunter has moments emotions emerge, you need to train how to control them when that happens" he said

"You never had to," she said.

" The memories I showed you ..were mine" he said in a low tone

"But..." she said in shock. "There was no controlling those feelings. There was no holding it in. I thought it was mother's pain. How were you able to do all of that when so much anger, guilt, and pain were boiling inside you?"

" Your mother......she comforted me and our dying child, and took on all the pain for herself, she was broken for many years after that, almost as bad as annabelle " he said as they started to walk "bit before that I had trouble, until she taught me how to use your emotion as fuel but keep the thoughts that come with them at Bay"

"You had a lifemate," she said. "I don't. You had someone who could be a rock for you. Sage and the slayers..." She shook her head. "They help a bit, but not like how mother helped you."

" But you are her daughter, you have her blood and powers running through you, you can use them for yourself" he said confidently

Lucy said, "No, dad. I am not an empath like mom. I have no special talent as amazing as hers. I am a fighter. If I had a lifemate, he wouldn't know what to do with me. Males aren't too fond of women warriors."

"Really? Cause you were conceived when your mother tried on her armour for the first time" he said with a smile

Lucy nearly tripped at hearing that and said, "Mom was a warrior?"

“She still is” he said with a proud tone and smile “she has fought in many battles by my point is, you need practice with your emotions on the battle field, because as a female yours will never leave, but you have been training like a male, my advice for you is have the slayers train you an a mental battlefield, illusion that would turn on your emotions, don’t fight them, let them flow through you but don’t focus on them” he said just as landon found them

"I'll try," she said. "But I never tell anyone but Sage my personal problems." She looked at Landon, who was giving her a death glare from hell. "I'm... I'm sorry."

"It's not me you should be apologizing too," he said.

"You're the messenger," Lucy said with a smile. "Though, I am sorry for what I said to you as well. For someone as ancient as me, I still have much to learn."

"If you would go to the school..." he began.

She growled at him, and she knew Erik picked up on it. This wasn't a I'm-about-to-lash-out growl. It was a shut-your-mouth growl.

Landon glared at her harder, saying, "You have no right to keep me from speaking after the things you said." He looked at his father. "Her lifemate resides in the school and she has refused to meet him because she overheard him say he doesn't want a warrior woman for a wife."

Erik face was expressionless "this is not news to me, it's just another things I am disappointed in" he said in a serious tone "for someone your age lucy your are childish and it exhaust me" he said as he kept walking " I had already decided that if you did not go to him at the end of this year I would kill him since he is close to turning, but you knew that already which shames your family you would alone him to suffer because of your childish insecurities, another reason why sage is highly consider demoting you" he said

"I was not going to let him fall," she said. "I just... I'm not what he wants. He's 2500 years old, and he says he doesn't want a lifemate like me. But I would never let him fall. I'd rather suffer hellfire than let him fall." She began walking backwards to look at her father's face, expertly moving around things as she did. "You can think I'm childish and Sage could kick me out of the Slayers for not going to him the instant I knew. But do not tell me feeling the pain from him not wanting me is wrong. I am not ready to face him, not as I am. I want to be his ideal lifemate, not the regret."

"Wow," said Landon. "You're a moron."

" I sand by what I said, if you have not claimed him by the end of the year I will send him to our ancestors" he said easily moving around her " now let's move we have a plan to catch and you have to report in to sage"

She clenched her fists and said, "Fine. I explained my reason, hoping my family would at least understand, or give advice. I..."

But she turned pale and disappeared. Landon looked at his father.

"Is he about fall and she going to save him or did you do something to make her think it had?" he asked.

" your sister is stubborn even if I tell her she's wrong and why she won't understand until she experiences it herself"he said in a calm tone with a smirk and then disappeared

Landon followed his father and said, True, but I never guessed she'd stay away from her lifemate. She's supposed to work these things out with him. Do you think that is why she has struggled for the last 10 months? Sage says she's only getting worse.

she is a ancient, woman ancients struggle more with emotions then men in a different way, regardless me and you and two others are going to brazil tonight

Landon could feel she was close to breaking, the pain much for her, he materialized right in front of her just as his mother appeared behind her and put her hand on her foread and over her eyes, making her lean back "shhhhhhh....they are sleeping now, calm yourself little one....landon allow me to care for her tonight, your a good healer but this is not something that can be heal like that, allow me to help her" she said and he knew she was asking his permission

He said, "So long as I can be nearby for protection. At least 50 yards away."

" I understand your need son but let me protect her this night, I promise you with my life she will be safe, go with your father and brother and help them make a plan" she said softly " I know what she is feeling you do not, allow me to help her now while I am still on this earth"

"Alright mother," he said. "I will do my best. Be patient with me. I may try to interrupt. Do not let me. She needs healing I do not possess, you are right. I feel... helpless that I do not possess the healing skill that you do." He straightened up. "Do for her what I cannot at this time. Perhaps, in the future, I will know how to heal her as you do, but in my own way."

"You will my little one" she said putting alessia to sleep and the moment she did the rained stopped. She laid her down softly on the ground on dry grass before walking over to landon. She touched his cheek " the hardest part for me will be leaving you and your siblings" she said with a sad smile

"Mother?" he asked.

She shook her head " now is not the time, go" she said patting his face

"When you leave," he said, "and I pray it is not for a while, but when you do, the hardest part will be letting go. You have guided us when we needed it all our lives, protecting me and Maddox from losing ourselves. I hope I'm half the parent you were, mother." He smiled. "And twice of father."

She smiled " of course you were raised by the best" she said with a wink" and then went and pick up alessia " see you tomorrow night" she said and disappeared

He then went to find his father and brother.

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