The Meeting 3

His right arm tightened around her while his left hand bunched in her hair. The feel of her mouth on his skin was like heaven. He pressed himself harder into her. His calm, the thing he was known for, was slipping from him. He made her stop feeding, sweat covering him. He had to wait until she was ready, and not a moment sooner.

"I will... I will escort you to your next class," he said breathlessly.

She felt like she was on fire, she licked her lips and nodded “I have training” she said in a uneven tone. Her heart was racing in her chest and she felt weak in her knees, she wanted more of him, right here right now and those needs were new to her.

"Then, I shall sit in on the class," he said. "I have not seen the school as of yet. Perhaps you can show me around."

She was so nervous it was unlike her “I’ll be honest with you I don’t think that’s such a good idea because I’ll be frank all I can think about is you touching me and how bad I want to touch you and it’s throwing me off balance, I’ve never had sex before yet I feel like I’m about to burst into flames” she said tugging at her shirt to try and cool down

He smiled at her and said, "It would be strange for you not to find me attractive. However, I never said you would see me in your class." He started to go translucent. "I can watch over you and never be seen unless I wish it."

She stepped forward with her hand out “no wait, I like seeing you it’s just...I think I underestimated my readiness for this, I grew up around your people and I’ve read every book in the Library but it’s still didn’t prepare me for what I am feeling” she said lowering her hand “would it be easier if we finished the ritual?” She asked

"We work through everything together," he said. "I have never been a lifemate before, but I know that everything gets easier when lifemates are together." He took her hand as they began walking. "Finishing the ritual will not change your readiness, and thus the time to wait. When you are ready, and understand more of me as I will come to understand more of you, then I will claim you."

“Um is this ok? I’m a student and your a hunter...” she said looking at their hands “exchanging blood is also forbidden within our classes, mages and Carpathians can’t interact like that and also your making things harder by touching me” she said blushing

"I never knew that rule existed," said Valcan. "I know that there shouldn't be any fraternization between sexes unless mated, but beyond that, it is fine. And since when did children listen to their parents? There are 13-year-old humans having children. At least both of us are of age. And, I will be getting a room at the school so you can finish your studies. Lastly," he smiled down at her, "I cannot help but touch you."

She ripped her hand from his and stepped away from him “ can’t be saying stuff like that either...” she said blushing and looking away “don’t make me go all mage on you to keep you in line “ she said folding her arms.

He chuckled and said, "You may try. My training has prepared me for you, my little chihuahua."

She frowned “why are you calling me that I am not a dog she said making him stop to look at her “and just like I haven’t prepared for you, you haven’t prepared for me , like I said I am not suitable to be a lifemate so you better be ready” she said poking his chest

"I am calling you that because you don't sit still and you have a big attitude for someone so small," he said jokingly. "And I think I can handle a few spells. I've gone up against dark mages before. Though, a light mage is new territory. How do you plan to make it a challenge?"

“If I tell you then you will prepare for it, just know I don’t like you calling me a Chihuahua...” she said as she stopped poking him “and magic is different for everyone, spells are the same but magic is like a snow flake for the users, one dark mages magic will be different from another, give off a different feel or result even if it’s the same spell” She said as they began to walk again “also I think you should know..” her eyes went wide and she suddenly grabbed his wrist and pulled him behind a tree like she was hiding them “Paige! Where are you?” Said a males voice “your not getting out of it this time so come on!” He said.

What does he want with you? Valcan asked.

She jumped at his voice in her head, it was like he was touching her in a very intimate way "a rematch" she whispered "come on paige you promised if I did your alchemy homework that you would teach me that move you used" the boy said and paige sighed " well this is were we part, see you later" she said and went to walk out

You had him do your work for you? Valcan asked. Paige, you will not succeed if you do not do the work yourself. You should know this. I will have to inform the school, my little chihuahua.

That stopped her and she turned around "you will do no such thing it was something I already knew so I found it a waste of time to do" she said in a whispered tone as she tried her best to look intimidating " besides you are not staff here this has nothing to do with you, I have perfect grades and a clean record because I never got caught and I will not have you ruin it " she said as the boy neared "just don't say anything because you have the wrong idea about me..." She said and turned her back to him just as the boy rounded the corner "heyyyyyyyy malcolm what's up" she said in a nonchalant tone. The boy crossed his arms "you know what's up Paige are you planning on going back on your word?" He asked "no of course not" she said making sure to block his view so he didn't see vulcan who was around the tree on the other side "good" he said and his fist became engulfed in flames "come on now and show me, class started soon " he said and lunged for her "wait now is not..." She dodged and the boys fist hit the tree " I know your eager but now is not a good time" she said as they started to spar, she lead him away from vulcan "your like a damn fairy paige, I can never find you and your always getting into trouble so now is the time" he said and he went to kick her and she called upon wind to push him away sending him flying " look if I tell you how will you knock it off!" She yelled "no! I want a fair fight! You never fight fair" he said "there is no such thing as a fair fight" she replied

Suddenly, there was a humming in the air. It was soft, almost intangible. They followed the sound only to find Valcan, meditating under the tree a leaf falling into his lap.

"A disturbed mind and an idle one," he said. "Have they come to join me in my meditations today? Yes, I see your minds. The young man feels he has been unfairly beaten by someone far more skilled, yet the young woman feels her abilities, intellect, and time are wasted here. Perhaps you should look into why we must do what we are taught before you jump to conclusions. Sit with me, and follow the rhythm of the earth."

The boy looked very confused and Paige's slapped her forehead and then bursted into laughter "oh my God you look and sound so ridiculous" she said leaning over in laugher "paige you know this weird old man?" Asked the boy and that made her laugh harder "not this side of him no" she said and continued to laugh

"I am Valcan Dragonseeker-De La Cruz," he said, standing. "Some call me the Warrior Monk of Brazil." He pulled Paige to his side. "And this one who seems to enjoy slacking off, is my lifemate. But enough formalities. It is time for meditation, to clear one's mind of idle thoughts and become one with the world around them. Before I found Paige, meditation allowed me to gain an extra century or two before my demon claims me. Yet, your minds are troubled. Calming the mind can ease the pain and frustration, letting you see from all angles and from all views."

"Paige? Paige is a lifemate" the boy laughed "oh man do I feel bad for you, you might as well go greet the dawn now and save yourself some trouble" he said sarcastically "hey! Big talk coming from someone who can't fire bend" she said in a nasty tone. The boy glared "you cheated" he said in a defensive tone "prove it" she said in a challenging tone trying to get away from vulcan

"Fighting is not the answer," Valcan said. "Paige, you are idle because you create time that should be spent on studies. Just because you know it does not mean you can't learn more or even a different way. And you, Malcome, must practice harder and quiet your mind. Magic and the flow of energy. They work with our emotions, our state of mind, our skill, our determination, and our intent. Paige may be able to use the abilities, but if a situation comes along where she may have to use those abilities to destroy another, her nature would work against her and prevent her. You, however, might be able to destroy those who wish to destroy you, but you lack the skill that comes with practice." Uttering a spell, he lit the tree aflame, but it did not burn the tree itself, yet a harmful caterpillar fell to the ground. "I have all of these things. I am determined to protect Paige should an enemy threaten her. I have practiced hard and still train as often as possible. I control my emotions and use them to power my attacks or defenses. I keep a clear mind so I can stay one step ahead. And I intend to win, no matter who I must blacken my soul with." He uttered another spell to remove the flame. "I saved the tree by destroying the caterpillar. Neither of you are to that level because you lack one or more qualities. But you are young still. This is the time for mistakes." He rubbed his brow. "Just, be careful of the eyebrows."

She moved away from him “again you judge me without knowing me” she said crossing her arms “piss off Paige at least now that you are a lifemate we won’t have to deal with you anymore” said Malcolm “you can finally stop being a burden and leave” he added. Valcan saw it like it was in slow motion, Paige moved her hand back and whipped it forward, a thick whip mane of vines formed from her hands and was going straight for Malcolm neck

Valcan put himself between the two students and caught the whip, saying, "I have yet to claim her, so you will have to deal with being the third best in class, Malcom. And Paige, you want to ride horses all night, and do anything but go to classes that seem to teach the same things over and over. You feel you know them already, yet, the fields of study change every day with every new discovery. I do not wish you to be board, my blue-eyed girl, but it is these new discoveries that make it so we must learn subjects over and over again. Not only so we remember them, but so our knowledge grows. I know you know this. You are too smart not to. You know the price that comes with ignoring access to power."

The whip disappeared “you really don’t know do you?” Malcolm said “don’t...or I swear you’ll regret it Malcolm “ Paige said in a threatening tone. Malcolm shrugged “it doesn’t matter what she learns because she is spell bound, she will never be able to be a full mage” he said and Vulcan could fell how his words tore at her heart “she doesn’t even have magic of her own, it’s because of that necklace that the head mage gave her that she does, it’s his magic she uses and it’s only so she can become a scholar in the future “ he said in a mocking tone

"Without scholars, you would be unable to learn the minimal amount you have stored in your brain," Valcan said. "Do not mock scholars. All magic and it's histories would be lost without them. If not for those like my Paige, you would be just another human lost in the crowd."

“I’m not mocking scholars if anything she is by not doing the work and wasting the head masters magic” he said “and you two shouldn’t be alone together until you are confirmed and registered as lifemates, I’ll go inform the headmaster for you since you seem to be so attached to your mate” he said as a insult and left. Paige sighed “well I think I’ve had enough for tonight...I lose my sister then you can and now this” she said hugging herself and walking towards the dorms

He walked next to her and said, "It has been a rather turbulent night. Is there a way for me to make it up to you so you do not go to bed so upset?"

She slowed her walk and at first he felt that Despair she was feeling then it was replaced by mischief “you really want to help?” She asked

He smiled and said, "I do but I somehow feel as if I'm walking to a lovely trap."

She stopped walking and turned towards him “come to my room with me and let me examine you” she said with a ale innocent smile “I’ve never got to get this close to a Carpathian male before, I am curious about many things” she said and he felt her excitement at the thought of satisfying her curiosity

"There it is," he said with a chuckle. "The trap. But I can't deny you this. So long as you have nothing else hidden up your sleeves."


It is alright, he said as they began to leave. I know this must be hard to understand right now, but I am not your master, nor do I wish to be. I am your lifemate, however, but there is much healing you must do first. I will not do anything until you are ready,pequena.

He heard her cry into his head another one....I swear I am not your mate...please please don’t do this...I can’t to this again please! she begged

It's alright, Apollo said. We will talk about it at another time. Do not worry about it now or you'll reopen your wounds. They stepped outside. For now, we can enjoy the night air, away from this place, where it is clean.

He floated into the sky with her in his arms. She could see the treetops below her and sky above her. She also saw the property line fast approaching.

She suddenly slammed her hands against his chest trying to get out of his arms stop! Please stop! she said in a terrified tone

He stopped right at the line. From her reaction, he guessed what it meant. He kept you in so small a space. But he is dead, by my hand. His evil is gone and the barriers down. If you wish it, I can prove it.

Her eyes meant his, there was so much pain there, her memories evaded his mind, the hunts played in his head like a horror movie, except he could feel her fear and pain “please....” she begged “take me back inside” she said in a heartbreaking tone

"That I cannot do," said Apollo. "Besides, your foot is over the line. Does that not show you are free?"

Apollo put her to sleep, her mind is to fragile and broken to understand this right now, we will work on it later but she is in desperate need to be in the earth said erik in his mind

She needs to see she is free, Apollo said. It was her request. If she starts to get further upset and becomes hysterical I will then put her to sleep. Until then, I can indulge this desire.

He slowly crossed the property line before saying, "See? You are free."

She flinched in his arms like she was waiting for pain, when it did not come she didn’t relax but she stopped fighting him. She felt like she was splitting in two again, she was hearing his growls like he was hunting her, she saw shadows move like they were him. She reached up and buried her face into Apollo’s neck out of fear “no one one came your not real....if you are death please take me away from her” she said against his skin. She stiffened as his smell invaded her nose. She took a deep breath in, it was the best thing she had ever smelled, it made her mouth water. She focused on the smell like she was afraid it would vanish, her tongue slowly came out and licked his skin. Erik was suddenly there and instantly put her to sleep “you need to be careful, right now she is not your lifemate, we do not know how long he had her or how broken she is but what we do know is she unpredictable and as a guardian that makes her twice as dangerous “ he said in a caring yet harsh tone “we need to check her mind and learn all we can before we wake her again, for your safety, hers, and others”

"One cannot hurt one's lifemate," said Apollo. "That is a universal truth. I would have been weakened, but unharmed. However, I had no intention of claiming her until she is healed enough to understand what we tell her and that she is free of a monster." He looked at her. "Right now, she wishes for death, for release from hell. She asked to see herself free, and I gave her that, even if she believes it to be a dream."

“You are playing a dangerous game Apollo...I had to learn the hard way that if we are not careful with every move we make when a mind is broken that it could be catastrophic” he said “you know my lifemate was broken, it took years to heal and she still was never the same, we don’t know what has been done there for we don’t know how to help yet, showing her what you did might have made things worse, you don’t know” he said

"I would remind her of it after she healed, Erik," said Apollo. "I heard your story. I will not push her too far. We take it slow. I will be fine if I use your example to guide me. I will follow your advice, but this is one thing she needs, to see that she escaped. For now it is a dream, a fantasy she will long for. Later, when she has become herself once more, whomever that may be, I will give her this gift. By then, I hope I will have time to show her that this is real, one step at a time."

“Be careful Apollo and I am also going to tell you to do something you will not like but if you want her to stand a chance it needs to be done, you need to finished the binding as soon as possible. You can distance her mind from it if you wish but with the way her mind is you will fall fast if you do not” he said in a serious tone

"Then, once her body is healed, I will do so," he said. "As it is an act to save her life, I will repeat the words again once her mind is more healed so that she will remember it. But you are right, I do not like it."

They all left and went to the healing caves, Erik went home to megahn and serendipity and the others went to their lifemates as well. The slayers went later to gather as much information from that place as they could and made a report to the prince.

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