Paige clapped her hands together and did a little happy dance at his agreement “oh thank thank thank you, I promise nothing too extreme “ she said and grabbed his wrist and started to rush to her room. Her dorm room was private because it had never changed and she was a permanent resident. It was on the bottom level so it was easy to sneak him in since everyone was in class. As she searched her keys she said “oh and your not really allowed to be here so you know hush hush and all” she said as she found the key and open the door to her room “u, don’t mind the mess...make yourself comfortable while I change I’ll just be a minute “ she said rushing into the bathroom

He looked about the room and went to sit on the bed. He noticed that she had several books, plants, and alchemy kits about the room. He saw her in every corner of the room. He found he enjoyed that thought. He laid on the bed, getting comfortable, his arms under his head.

The fabric that covered the top of the bed was colorful and and a herbal smell to it that would make for soothing sleep. The entire bed smelled like her, sweet yet earthy. A moment later she came out her hair was up in a messy bun and she put on glasses that were black And bulky. She had changed into a flower pattern shorts and a loose T-shirt and she had blue fuzzy socks on they came to her midcalf, on her way over she grabbed a pen and a small notebook “ok so... first I need to know how old you are” she asked sitting on the floor in front of him

"15oo," he said, "give or take a few decades."

“Holy shit...I mean um ok and...actually you know what I can do the history thing later, that really personal so um how about we skip to the physical “ she said standing up and going over to her desk and grabbing a sketch book “can I see your fangs” she said leaning down close to his face

He opened his mouth and let his fangs grow long, saying, "This usually means we are hungry, but we can grow them on command. They are used for intimidation in those moments, to drive men away from our woman or to threaten an enemy."

He saw her face turn red and she looked down at the pad at what she was doing “and um...your woman?” She asked “what do they mean for them?” She said tough guy them slightly as she examined them

"They were just a way to feed," he said. "But now, when I get feed from you, they are more. The feel of them brings you pleasure, and they allow me to taste your essence. They have gone from tools to feed to a way to visit Nervana." He took her hand. "The day your fangs pierce my skin, I will be able to go there with you."

His words distracted her so much she nicked her finger on his fang and immediately his mouth closed over it. She felt his tongue sliding her her finger and it sent fire into her. Her mouth opened slightly and she had to give herself a mental shake “well...that won’t be for....along time I don’t think” she said in a breathless tone “we should move on....um....scars...do you have any?” She asked still watching his mouth that had her finger in it

He ripped the shirt off of her in shreds, continuing to kiss down to her breasts. There, he lavished both with kisses and sucking on them until her nipples were stiff with need. He continued farther down until he had to rip her pants off of her so that he could lap up the feast she lay before him.

He sat up and removed his shirt. He had large scars across his back and torso. The largest went from his right shoulder to his left hip.

"Carpathians don't usually scar," he said. "But when we do, it is because it was a mortal wound. Anyone other than Carpathians and Lycans would have died from them, hence the name."

She drew the scars in her book, her talent was realistic and accurate “do you remember what they are from?” She asked and even though her voice was firm, the scent of her arousal put his nose it was sweet and beckoning calling to make a siren

"Just the large one on my back," he said. "The others I do not recall them as well. But the large one came from a Master Vampire. I protected a Monk from him, I told you about him earlier. It was the day I began learning to slow the darkness. The Buddhist form of meditation led me to my own way. It was about 800 years ago. The vampire was following the monk, who had a package for the prince. It allowed us to find several society hideouts and save many lifemates and allies. The scar was the mark left behind when I jumped between the man and the monster. It took me a week of healing to recover. The monk's parcel was delayed because of me, but he did not place blame and even the prince forgave me. Still, he cared for me, gave me blood as needed, and kept me safe from society members. After the delivery was made, he offered to train me until the end of his days. I accepted. When he passes away, he gave me his staff, passing on his legacy of a Warrior Monk to me. I have no need to use it, but when I train, I take it with me and protect it like a treasure." He reached back and touched the scar. "This is my badge from that day."

She wrote all of what he was saying down after she finished drawing the scar “the male warriors are usually very tall and built like houses, I’ve never seen a small skinny one, do you think it’s a genetic thing? Those meant to be warriors or have the aptitude for it will be larger then the other males? I see healers are usually a smaller frame” she said as her eyes scanned over his body “um actually you don’t have to answer that ...I think out loud sometimes”she said moving away from him “my mind seems to be elsewhere so I’ll ask those questions, why can I smell you..wait that sounds creepy, why is your smell like ...addicting, is it a lifemate thing, like how some animals give off pheromones? Also this need to be near you, scratch that, to touch every inch of you and pray that you do the same to me, is that normal or am I just not use to males of your kind?” She asked in a Frustrated tone

He smiled and said, "Build depends on the person. I am a warrior but I specialize in healing. If you look at the male Carpathian students, they are scrawny. This is because they have not battled hard as the hunters have. My scent was meant to appeal to you, and yes, it is because you are my lifemate, though I have not looked into the why. So far, such a thing is unexplained. To be near me and to touch me and all of that, those are also part of the lifemate bond but also your own attraction to me as a man. All of this is normal. As my lifemate you will only be attracted to me as I will only be attracted to you."

“I never understood that, as a species your kind are much more flawless than humans, men of your kind are gorgeous and so are the woman, that why I think it has to do with a more natural animalistic system, smell, touch, blood, the soul binding is definitely a factor, they must play apart in the mating for life” she said rubbing the back of her neck, he saw her fingers linger on where he bit her and her heart sped up “and um...I have so many questions and I’ve waited them answered for so long but I’m starting to think this was..dangerous” she said dropping her hand “your on my bed....your smell is in my room..it’s so strong it’s like your surrounded me and marking my room as your territory “ she said taking a deep breath in “I can’t focus on my questions “ she said in a disappointed tone “and I don’t have your will power...” she said biting her bottom lip

He bent down to her level and said, "Willpower has nothing to do with it, though I am fighting my instincts. What you need, I provide. A simple notion for so complex a need. I find that my willpower, as you call it, breaks around you."

With that, he kissed her deeply, making her head spin.

She didn’t know what to do or or where to grab but it didn’t matter because he wrapped his large strong arm around her and kept her up right as he deepened the kiss. She didn’t have time to be nervous about how inexperienced she was because he took the lead which earned him a moan from her. Her hands gripped his bare chest, it felt like fire under her hands and god help her she wanted to burn. More she wanted more, she was usually a very logical person, she just met this man tonight and yet she what nothing more then to give herself to him

He laid her on the bed under him, kissing down to her neck. He stopped a moment.

"How fond are you of this outfit?" he asked, a low rumble in his chest.

It took her a moment to register his words from the high she was feeling “I could care less what you do with it just don’t stop” she said in a breathy and moaning like tone.

He ripped her shirt off of her in rags, continuing to kiss down her until he reached her breasts. He lavished both with kisses and suckled them until her nipples were stiff with need. Then, he moved down again. When he got to her shorts, he proceeded to tear them off of her so that he could lap up the feast she offered to him.

She came almost instantly, her virgin body was sensitive to such new pleasures. She went wild and gripped the sheets of the bed, her body arching and wiggling, not able to stay still with the pleasure he was filling her with. She came a second time when his tongue slipped in her core, she cried out in pleasure and gripped his arms that were wrapped around her legs to keep her open for him, she didn’t think she could feel such pleasure, and just when she thought it was at its limit, he bit into her inner thigh, she came instantly and hard, crying out and arching her back. She shook with the waves of pleasure coursing through her.

He kissed back up her body suckling her breasts once more along the way. When his engorged member brushed her entrance, it was only then did she notice he was also naked. He slowly entering her to the point of madness as pleasure gripped her harder. When he felt the thin barrier of her innocence, he looked at her for a moment before kissed her hard as he surged forward, capturing her gasp. His hands on her breast and finding erogenous zones she never knew existed made the pain minimal as all she could think of was the pleasure he was giving her. He stayed still so that her body could adjust to the size of him.

She slowly adjusted and her emotions swarmed her , this was really happening, she was losing her virginity to a stranger, lifemate or not she just met him tonight, yet she felt safe with him and she didn’t want him to stop, she felt the place didn’t matter anymore it was the person.

He began moving slowly, wanting her to feel comfortable despite his need to bury himself deep within her tight sheath. He loved hearing her gasps. They were her true song. It only broke his control more. He gripped the sheets next to her head, sweat covering him, his teeth clenched.

She didn’t know where to grab but when he went deeper she gasped again and grabbed his back, her nails digging into his skin. She felt like she was being stretched to fit him, like she was being molded just for him

He kissed her over and over, chanting her name in her head. But then, he connected their minds and colors burst around them like a kaleidoscope. He added to it by biting her neck and feeding from her. Feeding had never held this need for him before her, and he never wanted it to stop.

She couldn’t do nothing but hold on to him and give him full control. She was overwhelmed by the mix of their emotions, she felt his need to be in control yet she was nervous about what would happen if he lost control. He was strong and she could tell he was already holding back and yet she felt her body was at its limit. The moment he bit her though all thoughts and fears left her. She lost count of how many times she had already cum and she felt like she was about to shatter again but with him in her head it was so much more intense and she was scared

He closed the bite and cut open his chest. I need you to do this, he said in her mind. His need. She had to meet it. It was not a compulsion, it was a need in her to give this to him. When her mouth locked around him, taking in his essence, he threw back his head. He had no idea that her feeding from him could get any better, but in that moment, it did.

This time his blood exploded in her moan like it was a living thing. She moaned at the taste of it, his pleasure slammed into her and made her moan loudly again, she felt like something was coming, something important was being built up

That moan. That sent him over the edge, taking her with him. He exploded inside of her as her juices covered him. He stopped her feeding and closed the wound. He had to hold himself on his elbows to keep from crushing her.

"Woman, you found a way to get your first blood exchange," he said, with a smile against her neck. "I cannot say I didn't enjoy it. Did you have to play so damn sexy?"

At first she couldn’t speak, she was breathing heavy and letting her body come down from the high, she was still so she could analyze how her body was feeling. She was sore and relaxed, her endorphins were high which made her feel like she was floating and his hot body on top of her was the only thing holding her down “I....didn’t think sexy was a word to describe me” she said in a low tone

He chuckled, sending a new wave through her, and said, "You are the sexiest woman in the world to me. That's all that matters. Now, don't go acting cute or I may just have to make love to you again."

Her eyes widened “you can still go after that?” She asked in a surprised tone

"I will never tire of making love to you," he said. "I could go on all night like this. But, you need to get into a bath with some hot water so you are not so sore later."

He started to separate their bodies, enjoying how her core did not want to let him go.

She bit her lip at the sensation and moaned softly while gripping his hips, not to keep him there but because she couldn’t help it

He surged forward suddenly. He kissed her hard, having to bury himself all over again even as he said in her head, I seem to lose all willpower around you. O jelä peje terád, emnisun scorch you, woman! I'm trying to be a gentleman despite having not followed the plan of waiting.

She cried out in both pleasure and pain, her body still not completely use to him yet stop being a gentleman then since it’s my first time I want the really thing, I want to know what it is really like to be with a Carpathian male

You do not know what you ask of me, he said, even as he began to thrust into her harder and deeper.

Your right...I don’t but I trust you to show me and stop if it’s too much she said sincerely as she began moaning louder at his hard thrust

Her trust. That's all it took for him to lose control. He bit into her shoulder, pinning her, but also allowing him to feed from her again. He thrust so deep, so hard, so fast that Paige experienced what seemed an endless orgasm. When he closed the wound, she was dizzy. He had her feed from him again, one hand holding her head while the other held her hips still for his invasion.

She didn’t expect the blood exchange but then again she didn’t have what it took to think about it with how intense he was. It was boarder line painful but she didn’t mind it. Her body seemed to adjust to him as needed, it was never to much for her or too painful. When he flipped her over onto her stomach it was a whole new sensation that had her gripping the bed and crying out

He pinned her again, thrusting into her hard and massaging every inch of her he could reach. When she screamed his name, he filled her once more. Again, he had to hold himself off of her. He closed the wound on her shoulder and kissed her neck.

"You need that bath," he said, removing himself from the haven of her body. "And we need to talk."

He picked her up off the bed and carried her to the bathroom, where a nice hot bath waited for her. He lowered her into the tub so she could relax.

Love marks covered her body, and her skin smelled like him and mixed with her scent. His blood coursed through her veins which he felt on a primal level that made him prideful. He knew when she was fully claimed that it would be even better and everything in him screamed for him to do it. To make her fully his. She sunk into the bath and let her aching body relax, her virgin blood disarming into the water from between her legs, along with his semen

"We have had two blood exchanges," he said, sitting down on the side of the tub to clean her hair for her. "This means you can no longer eat meat, you will be sensitive to sunlight, and you will need my aid to eat organic foods. So, I will ask you this," he had her look up at him, "do you trust me beyond our lovemaking? Can you say you know enough about me, trust my judgment in areas I have more knowledge and skill, and want me for the man I am? If even one of those things is a no, I will help you eat and provide what you need, but I will not claim you. However, if you can say yes to everything with confidence, I will say the binding words now, tying our souls together for all time. I will save the final blood exchange for another night while you adjust to the two from this night."

She looked at him with honest eyes “I want to get to know each other better, I will adjust to everything and work hard to deal with it until we are comfortable in taking the next step” she said with a soft smile

"Very well," he said, rinsing out her hair and getting dressed. "I will talk to the headmaster. I will need to explain a few things to him. I will also have to join you in some of your classes so that I can watch over you. These next few days will be tough on you and I do not want you to face them alone."

"As a hunter you have more important things to worry about, I will manage on my own" she said in a sincere tone "besides I..." She was cut off when she had a pain in her stomach and she grabbed it

He moved her to the side and placed his own over her stomach. With a growl, he got her out of the water and got her completely dry. He took her to her room, turned down the lights, and held her. He cleared a spot so her things would not be harmed in what was to come.

"You are going through the conversion," he said. "At some point, without your knowledge, someone must have performed a blood exchange. The headmaster is on his way. He has must to answer for."

"What...I'm not ready!" She said in a panicked tone trying to wiggle from his grip "please ...I'm not ready...." She said in a begging tone

"I can take some of the pain," he said, already doing so. "But I can take a bit more if I claim you. It won't feel like it, but you will see I am taking it." He held her as the first wave hit. "You are not alone. We will get through this." When the wave subsided, he looked her in the eye. "I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

She gasped not only from the tying of their souls but the pain. The door suddenly flew open so violently that it came off it's hindges. Walked in the prince looking very upset with the mage house head "vulcan....your the last person I would think to see in this situation" he said in a disappointed tone

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