Experimenting 2

"I would have said the same just two hours ago," he replied. "I have yet to master my emotions, Xavier. But please, give me aid this night."

He felt a magic ward go up around them "your unstable brother" he said replying back to him how he sounds in his mind "meditate so she can feel your calm and strength, we will do what we can but it's worse then you think, she is spell bound and the limit to that is when she is no longer a mage" he said

Valcan did not want to meditate. Meditating would mean he would...

"I shut her out of my mind to bring calm," he said truthfully. "I had prepared for many things. Pain, fighting friends and family, even my own death. I did not prepare to see my lifemate endure the fires of hell on my behalf."

"I wasn't asking vulcan, she needs you calm and you need it too, meditate and I will take on her pain" he said

He looked at Paige, who only smiled and gave a small nod. Tears formed in his eyes. Even now, even with the unexpected happening, she gave him what he needed. He kissed her deeply, humbled by her gift when she could have been selfish.

"I will return shortly," he said.

He moved away so the prince could take his place, which hurt to see. He went to the garden just outside the dorm and sat down. He closed his eyes and shut out all things, breathing in a rhythm.

He didn't know how long it had been or how much time had passed . But a hand suddenly touched his shoulder. It was the prince, half of his face had third degree burns and so did half of his torso. He looked pale but he held his head high like nothing was wrong " she has been moved to the healing caves and is in the ground" he said in a emotionless tone "her things were destroyed so I will new things for her" he said and dropped his hand "do not tell anyone you saw me like this" he said and started to walk away

"I offer freely," Valcan said. "It is the least I can do to thank you for taking my place when I was not at my best for my lifemate. I have contemplated it heavily. It is something I should have trained for, but did not because of arrogance. The fault lies with me. Thank you for being with her when I could not be what she needed."

He declined his offer "I will feed elsewhere, go be with your mate, she will need you if she wakes up" he said " make sure to inform me the moment she is up and do not lay with her until I come to check her" he said in a serious tone

Valcan said, "Of course. Seeing the effects and contemplating as I have, I came to the conclusion that there was a reason for your reprimand I could not see beyond my own panicked state. I shall see in two to three days time, unless she surprises us all and rises tomorrow."

"She will" he said in a plain tone "we had determined that her spell bound would break if she was converted, during her conversion, her powers broke free, you put the whole school and her and you both in danger because you did not follow protocol and inform me you had found your mate, conversion is also prohibited on school grounds unless it's absolutely necessary, last night she was not the only one in pain " he said in a harsh tone

"I will take the full blame for that as I should have known better," Valcan said. "However, I believe you were busy with an important warrior's counsel and could not be reached when I first arrived. I should have waited, but I felt that finding Paige and informing her of her sister's death was important, as was the fact her sister made me her new guardian. I had no idea you had returned nor did I know she was my lifemate until I saw her. I let my emotions rule me rather than my logic when it came to this situation. I apologize."

“As a male who has no mate but has felt through others I understand but as prince you did not follow my rules” he said “we will discuss the repercussions of that later go rest you will need it because when she wakes up we don’t know what she will be like and you might have to do things to her you will not like in order to keep her calm, I will also have a mage present at all times until we know her condition “

"I understand," he said, standing. "Thank you. Again, I'm sorry things turned out this way, for you and for Paige."

"Paige doesn't know alot about herself, but the healers say her body is about 550, we must be very careful" he warned

"I understand," said Valcan. "Veri olen piros, Szavéar - Blood be red, Xavier."

With that, Valcan let the prince leave before going to see Paige's healing chamber.

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